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Jen, Zac & Daniel Party It Up

Jen, Zac & Daniel Party It Up

Jennifer Aniston leaves a party at Cecconi’s restaurant while Zac Efron and Daniel Craig arrive at a Pre-Oscar party in Bel-Air on Friday night (February 20).

Zac‘s girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, was also in attendance. Numerous celebs took advantage of the parties across town, including: Anne Hathaway, Jared Leto, Gwen Stefani, Sarah Jessica Parker, Peter Fonda, Matthew Broderick, Josh Hartnett, Ricky Martin, Helen Mirren and Chace Crawford.

More pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston, Zac Efron and Daniel Craig partying it up…

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jennifer aniston zac efron daniel craig 01
jennifer aniston zac efron daniel craig 02
jennifer aniston zac efron daniel craig 03
jennifer aniston zac efron daniel craig 04
jennifer aniston zac efron daniel craig 05
jennifer aniston zac efron daniel craig 06
jennifer aniston zac efron daniel craig 07
jennifer aniston zac efron daniel craig 08

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  • Veselka


  • http://just.jared sally

    hell yh luv zac

  • sabreen

    I hope Zac brings Vanessa to the Oscars.

    Random Thought: Sophia Bush is Hot!

  • Jo

    I spy Vanessa Hudgens in Zac’s audi

  • Violet

    Veselka….Vanessa is in the car…in picture 5 she’s there.

  • anon.

    #1 in the 3rd pic with zac, white coat. :)

  • huahaha

    green eyed bomb…ROTFL

  • sara

    haha you can see vanessa in the car in one of the pictures!

  • q

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww zac fucking suck

  • Peter

    What is Zac even doing in that picture? haha

  • Suzi

    Again Jen is out without John. They really never seem to go any where together unless it is a staged publicity stunt like the last bunch of staged pictures they just put out. Seems they get together for pictures then have nothing to do with each otheruntill the next staged act.. They are so not together. I believe they are just friends and trying to make it look like they are in a relationship for pr reasons.

  • zac is a rat

    I highly doubt that’s Vanessa in the white coat as that coat does’nt look like the kind of coats that Vanessa wears, also that person does’nt have the ring on . So nice of Zac to go to a pre oscar party and leave his girlfriend at home, then again Megan Fox is also going to the oscars so maybe it’s her in the car in picture number 5 as it certainly does’nt look like Vanessa, would’nt be suprised if Megan and Zac decided to meet up and finsish what they started at the GQ party and the Golden Globes as they seem to be in a lot of the same things just lately and Zac is looking like he’s not to happy about being photograped, then again if you get caught with someone that is’nt your girlfriend it’s no wonder.

    That’s really bad on Zac’s part after all Vanessa is as much a part of the Oscors as he is so she should have been their with or without him.

  • Jen

    VANESSA’S iN THE AUDI .. WHy is she there? she’s not even a worthy actresss .. just a nasal-y snger! lol

  • mayer left Maniston

    WOW! Look at Maniston’s face! Too much alcohol and smoking … I thought that she will be much more careful before Oscar night but I guess she will go like this after all:
    She looks older than 40! Ande where is Mayer, he left her already? Where is Sara with her – all break-up stories -in HW that she saw?!? I am sure she will have a different story about Maniston that the one she had yesterday on J-P thread, being hypocrite right?

  • Jaguar

    Who cares whether Anniston is still dating Mayer. I just want to know WTF is up with her hair?!

  • Anon

    I seriously though that Zac Efron was daniel craigs GF for a second, at a glace they look kinda the same.

  • ju!

    Vanessa is in the car :D

  • TK

    Aniston, tan much?

  • Ted

    This just shows Jen has the biggest PR Team. They set stunts up then take pictures then send them in to the media. Jen and John wouldn’t be nothing with out a massive PR Team faking every movement they make. She is a cr@p actress.

  • zup

    God, i’m so tired of those disney puppies that’s not even funny anymore. i wish they would get the **** away

  • Leeza

    Daniel is hot looking for a old guy.

  • zac is a rat

    If Zac is supposed to be arriving at the party then why does it look like he is getting into his car rather than getting out of it to go into the party. And I love how other people have their partners their but Zac does’nt but no doubt when he appears on the night he’ll be full of smiles but that will be no suprise as Megan will be in the room know doubt in something low cut and revealing mind you it’s probably nothing Zac has’nt seen before of her’s.

  • sarah WALKER says

    So where is the John and Jen OSCAR WEEKEND DATE! DIDN’T HE
    SAY THAT! I am going to be her date for the Oscars this weekend.
    So don’t look for John and Jen on the red carpet together either.
    That man is all talk no action. Remember the engagement ring
    at a diamond store only to be fake. Well who cares she just
    calls John when she needs him . Kevin Huvane makes sure of
    that. And where are the nominees for the Oscar Party? And why
    is there only Dlisters at the event.

  • K.G

    Here comes the Brangelina loons and here comes the Aniston hate. Wait till mayer left maniston post more pictures or aniston photos and wait still she posts photo shopped Angelina ones.

  • justme

    Jennifer looks bombed, think she really likes to get her party on, she’s not that innocent.

  • Wut wut

    Right Suzi, they’re never together. All of those vacations must be staged! Ha. I can always tell that you loonies have zero experience in romantic relationships by your juvenile comments. Funny that you call Aniston clingy yet when she goes out without him you accuse her of faking her relationship. Adults in relationships don’t need to spend every second together.
    Jen doesn’t need to fake anything. In case you’ve been living under a rock (or not leaving your basement, more likely): Aniston has had two hit movies in the last two months. John Mayer just won several Grammys. They’re rich and successful.
    And if you need any evidence of how much the public cares about Aniston, all you need to do is pay attention to the excitement over her presenting at the Oscars!

  • Sissy

    zup @ 02/21/2009 at 1:10 pm God, i’m so tired of those disney puppies that’s not even funny anymore. i wish they would get the **** away

    I feel that way about Jennifer Aniston’s tired old face. I wish she would drop off the planet. Then we all would be better off with out this ugly crow.
    At least Zac and Vanessa are cute to look at than old carpet face.

  • peggy

    Vanessa is in the car and there are other pixs of hewr.

    God forbid JJ should stick to the fact instead of trtying to start controversy.


    Stop giving us your opinion of yourself. ZAc didn’t star in HSM3 alone and Vanessa is on the Oscar show as well.

  • mayer left Maniston

    K.G @ 02/21/2009 at 1:12 pm
    I am sorry but I don’t post pictures of Angelina Jolie, you crazy Man’s fans are doing that! Not me, go and check last two threads! I only post pictures of Maniston, what is wrong with that? This is her thread? Why are you so scared of her pictures that are not photoshoped? Don’t be insecure like your idol, ok? And for your information, I don’t hate Maniston? Why would I hate her? I dislike her as an actress (always Rachel Green) and as an person, her interviews are saying lots about her, selfish and desperate woman, and this is internet and I have a right for my opinion, if you don’t want to see those pictures of Maniston than don’t look at them!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    it’s good to see jen has friends… unlike that bish-faced bish. hahaha

  • Violet

    ZAC IS A RAT…….whether you like if or not…Vanessa is in the car…..enlarge the pic and you’ll see her!!!
    end of story.

  • Danica Patrick is right

    Jen, Don’t stand next to Angelina or get your pic taken with her. You will look like an old hag in comparison.

  • voe

    Wut wut @ 02/21/2009 at 1:17 pm

    Adults in relationships don’t need to spend every second together.

    Please, go to Jolie’s threads and tell those who have been selling the idea that Pitt and Jolie went here and there separately therefore are splitting. And while you are at it, please let them know that they are juveniles who have not a slightest idea about romance too.

  • K.G

    Actually Angelina looks like an old hag. too much botox. and some of you haters are mentally crazy if you want her to die or something. At least Jen has a nice body and isn’t just skin and ones. And infamous is right. Does Angelina has any friends at all? After stealing woman’s husbands? No! her only friends are her babies and brad.and at least aniston doesn’t sleep with married men and wear billy bob thorton’s blood around her neck and make out with her brother.

  • alice

    vanessa is in the car because after the party zanessa went to hard rock coffee :
    pics in!

  • lakers fan in boston

    yah where is vannesa, damn jared u tricked me, usually when u post about zac she’s always with him =[
    btw he looks kinda wasted

    i hope megan fox is at the oscars tomorrow!! =D

  • gerard Vandenberg

    METALLICA said so………………………………………….KILL ‘EM ALL, folks!!

  • mayer left Maniston

    I guess contract that Maniston has with Mayer is only for Oscar night, so sad, she had to be alone! … Well her friends said, when Mayer left her in front of paparazzi, that Maniston was paying for everything and that Mayer loved movie star life that he had with Maniston, he never payed for anything. Her friends said that. So it was probably too expensive for her to pay this evening also.

  • Georgette

    John Mayer is not her real b/f…it’s PR…
    he said he’ll dissapear after the Oscars for 3 mos.
    (why is he at the Oscars anyway? or her)

    she is the sneakiest liar & most of America thinks
    she’s America’s sweetheart….LOL

  • Suzi

    @wutwut, What the he!! are you talking about. I have never call Jen Aniston clingy. When did I call her clingy?
    Where are the pictures of the vacation? all we see are people at a airport snapping pictures. I believe they just walked up and posed for pictures then went their separate ways like the came for the few minutes. The rest is just talk about a vacation. We never seen them in the middle of a vacation. I don’t know what you mean by loonies but you are the only one that seem to be psycho around here.

    I know Jen got movies no one want to buy. I know John didn’t do any work in 2008 to earn two Grammys. May be you live under a rock and only come out as a paid Publicity poster with your head in the ground. You don’t know what the he!! you are talking about.
    Look fake pr nobody is going to take your pathetic mind games. You people are so old and disgusting.

  • ashlee

    “zac is a rat” as usual you sound like an insecure ten year old kid. do you know how stupid and illogical your comments are? seriously, I didn’t think it was possible for any human with a brain to be as lacking in confidence as you are.

    what kind of parents do you have? do you have any friends? i can’t imagine anyone wanting to be around someone who is dripping with insecurity the way you are. do people run from you?

    you need to get “the relationship handbook” and read it from cover to cover before posting any more of your blithering brain dead insecure comments on any web site.

  • Ann

    Who cares where it is. You people must have x-ray vision to see into a dark car. Zav needs to take a bath/

  • lol

    Jen looks fat I never thought she will sink this low to upstage Brad.

  • ashlee

    pictures on other sites show vanessa. jj just wanted to stir up some trouple. he knows how to get comments.

    bty, who is zav?

  • Violet

    Ann…..I’ve see the HQ of that pic on another site…..that’s why I can asure you that’s Vanessa in that car.
    But you are free to believe whatever you want.

  • Horse face

    Where are Jen’s friends we dont see them,all her friends are cox’ thing Brad dumped her for her friends

  • Naomi

    That’s Vanessa in the car. Zac seated her first, then was crossing over to his side of his car when the cameras caught him. They went to Hard Rock Cafe afterward.

  • mayer left Maniston

    Yes, of course only Maniston fans are hating children just like their idol Maniston! And only Maniston fans could attack woman that has children for spending time with them instead with friends smoking, drinking and showing too small bikini! Yes only Maniston fans are that shallow!

  • Tiffany

    You ever notice Aniston freak heads mess up every thread. So sick of those crazy SOB!

    I love Zac and Van I saw the pictures of them at hard rock coffee. They are so cute together.

  • Naomi

    I’ve got to say, both he and Vanessa are looking gorgeous and happy.