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Rachel Bilson Has Long Left Sleeves

Rachel Bilson Has Long Left Sleeves

Rachel Bilson‘s left arm sleeves continue to elongate as she waits for her luggage at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Friday.

The 27-year-old former O.C. actress continues to keep her left hand hidden from pictures amidst rumors that she’s engaged to longtime boyfriend, Hayden Christensen.

RB has been pretty active during Fashion week and during the Zac Posen fashion show, she appeared to be ring-less.

10+ pictures of Rachel Bilson and her long left sleeves…

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rachel bilson long left sleeves 01
rachel bilson long left sleeves 02
rachel bilson long left sleeves 03
rachel bilson long left sleeves 04
rachel bilson long left sleeves 05
rachel bilson long left sleeves 06
rachel bilson long left sleeves 07
rachel bilson long left sleeves 08
rachel bilson long left sleeves 09
rachel bilson long left sleeves 10

Photos: INFDaily
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  • ella

    you can see the ring in the 5th pic if you zoom in i think

  • Noelle

    She is so cute.

  • observer

    Don’t know why the show and tell if you look you can see nuckles under the shirt but, no bumb of a ring but, I DO like the woman who was standing behind her..Whom ever she is that ring was pretty.

  • observer


    You see her nuckles there is NO ring on her hand

  • mimi

    why is she even here, i don’t find her cute nor pretty

  • Hello

    why hide it she told someone on a plane (right!!!) yet she hides it from the public go figure.

  • stupid Rachel

    I hate this PR games.
    Rachel Bilson is Hayden’s beard and a PR W H O R E.

  • s

    Yes, i see it too.

  • stupid Rachel


  • observer

    It’s media attention #6 that is why. Right now I don’t care if they announce it threw press, agent or themselves both are proclaimed liars who wants to trust much on them any more, Don’t care if she has 20 rings on or 2, if he bought it, she bought it or she puts a bone threw her nose. Seems now everything on her is now downsized to RUMOR. Gee does this surprise anyone she performs for the paps at this fashion week and called someones designs shit even with Fabulous in front this woman’s IQ is in the brain damage ranking. And why didn’t lover boy pick them up i’m sure he will appear again he will have to for her benefit.

  • Angi

    She’s so cute

  • melisa

    yep. you can see it in the 5th pic. its there people.

  • observer

    that is what stupid people do, they make wrong choices, like hiding the ring finger

    all this staged publicity will back fire, already has

    still a community college drop out, still a liar, still talentless

    what changed?

  • mary

    I love her

  • trish

    Somethings there, but it could be a tag in the sleeve. I can’t believe how everyone jumped on this because of some supposed conversation on an airplane and a confirmation from a “friend”. Both of their publicists refuse to answer. Until one of thier reps confirms this, I don’t think people should believe it. It seems like some desperate cry for more attention and unfortunately it worked.

  • observer

    there is nothing on the first picture where you should be able to see it if it was there, just a thought

  • kim

    The ring! :)

  • Tiffany

    Actually that could be a finger or something. You can tell in this pic right here that there’s nothing there:

    There’s just enough of that finger showing to be able to tell. And there’s nothing. I agree with Trish, this seems like a very desperate cry for attention. And it worked like a charm.

  • s

    And if they get married, would you still say it`s a stunt?

  • kt

    I see it, there is something there. I’ve been avoiding commenting on these two because I’m just disgusted by all the games they play. The internet has been flooded with “where’s the ring” and I find it disgusting. She played a PR game the whole time in New York when the focus should have been on fashion week, not her. Why hide your hand during the day and then not even wear it at night. They should both be ashamed of themselves. Both of them are to blame and I have no respect for either one.

  • observer

    her eyes give away her very limited intellect, just a plane girl with big pr machine, has absolutely nothing to offer, keeps trying and failing. she must be used to failing. now, how embarrassing is it to have to go to a community college.

  • Lydia
  • observer

    I agree with kt 100%, they are both disgusting.

  • s

    They would make beautiful babies.

  • Sheena

    Yeah there’s something there in the 5th pic. But who knows what it is. Because the pic that # 18 posted she’s right. There is enough finger showing where you could tell. And she has tiny fingers so it would be very noticeable. I don’t see anything in that pic. Whatever is going on best of luck either way. It’s pretty dumb to hide it though if it does exist. Just wear it then not comment on it.

  • gay stays gay

    “And if they get married, would you still say it`s a stunt?”
    Travolta and Cruise are married.
    They are gay and married to women.

  • s

    Travolta is gay?

  • Sheena


    I don’t think Travolta’s gay. I don’t get people say that. Is it because he sings and dances. Hugh Jackman does the same thing.

  • kids have no clue

    “I don’t think Travolta’s gay.”
    Hollywood PR loves naive public like you. You make their job so much easier.

  • Anana

    Love her! :-*

  • alex

    When did she become so popular?

  • elsa

    Looking great..

  • now and then

    @Observer – funny how you comment on her intellect, and you don’t even use the correct form of plain .(plane) Thats hilarious. Maybe you should spend more time on high school grammar and stay off the gossip sites.

    @ Everyone else – you should leave Hayden out of the comments about playing PR games., etc. SHE is the one that is constantly teasing the public with sly comments, wearing the H necklace then playing coy about it. He has always said he does not comment on his personal life, and he sticks to that. He doesn’t throw hints and teasing comments around like she does. She is the one that wants the attention, not him.

    @ all you people who say Hayden is gay, as well as T Cruise and Travolta. What makes you so infinitely wise on the subject? There is more evidence to support them being straight than gay, so just wondering how you intelligently come to that conclusion? Sounds like a huge stretch.

    Also, I’ve seen pics of Rachel at the fashion event wearing gloves on her hands with a noticable bump poking out on her left hand, ring finger. If I can find them again, I will post a link.

  • Ball & Chain

    Who cares if she has ring on or not? I don’t see nadda. But, I did take notice of her ugly little fat hands. I never seen such ugly short stubby finger’s in my life! They look midget or troll hands. Eeewwww!! :shock:

    They won’t have beautiful babies if, they keep toking the weed. LOL!

  • Tatiana

    I love her glasses!


    I’ve combed over every picture of her wearing gloves at her fashion events because I’m pretty obsessed with her style right now and there is no bump. These were huge HQ pics also. He’s seems like a jerk to her. I hope she doesn’t marry him. Everyone here walks around like hayden is gold.

  • Sara


    Whatever. Who cares if her fingers are stubby. Find something else to harp on. She looks great.

  • Ball & Chain

    Another reason for Hayden and Rachel not to have children! Eeewwww!!!

  • observer

    there is a picture of Sienna Miller right above Rachel and there is no comparison, Sienna is much more beautiful and a better actress i might add, of course, Natalie Portman is the top of all 3

    Pity hc could not get Natalie

  • observer

    i noticed that when i misspell people actually read my posts

  • OB#!

    Seems someone liked my name I was the first observer and I didn’t post on certain numbers but, anyway guess someone else liked the name better then me..@ 34 since I’m not totally sure which obsever you wanted I’m not #1 but, don’t raz people for spelling your’s I’m’ sure isn’t always perfect either. if you like the woman find knowone cares. she is a celeb placing her self out there for all the world to witness and she LOVES IT..

    As for the gay issue or married and gay PLEASE Rock Hudson, Elton John even Michael (god knows what he is) Jackson all have been married and had been gay or questionable lifestyles marriage in show business has a life expectancy of like 3 years or less who knows with these two but, right now I don’t believe ANYTHING either one says they are known to lie and my guess fact here or fiction we all am on the same page that most of this is because both have less then promising careers and no real movies and a 5 min part is not empowering them in entertainment industry.

  • gay is ok

    “@ all you people who say Hayden is gay, as well as T Cruise and Travolta. What makes you so infinitely wise on the subject?”
    Gay men know about gay men.
    Smart men don’t believe everything they read in tabloids and everything coming from Hollywood PR teams.
    Rock Hudson was married too.

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    Bad actress, just like her supposed fiance.

  • Gasol_fan16

    By all means! @ Now and Then.

    Post the pictures or send us a link. I would love to see the pictures. I see no ring bump. Also.. If some minor typo or grammar mistakes bother you so bad then, why are you even wasting your time posting on a public board then? Oh! I see your mother superior! Oh! We should bow down and believe what ever your claim then? You have the inside scoop I see?? Then show us then! Go on! I bet you don’t have have diddly squat! :D

  • OB#!

    Excuse me I did make a spelling error I mispelled fine and had find there and am should be are…lol my bad for typing too fast

  • s

    I am so tired of reading about Natalie here.

  • tania

    Love her style

  • shawna

    Ring Gate 2009! LOL. Hmmmm, let me take a crack at it for once, seeing as how I’ve avoided this topic like the plague. Let’s talk about pics. In one pic you can see that there’s something there. Who knows what the hell it was. Could have been a ring or not. Could have been a finger or something else. In another pic that someone else pointed out, you didn’t see anything on the finger. What baffles me is if this girl has been engaged for two months why does this info come out just as she’s at Fashion Week? And why now does she start wearing long sleeves that cover her fingers? This week? I don’t care if they’re engaged or not. If they are good luck to them. But uh, something just doesn’t add up here. Especially since I keep seeing people say that they didn’t even spend the holidays together when they were supposedly engaged. Can someone bring me up to speed? Because this is confusing.

  • observer

    are you tired of reading about sienna?
    neither natalie nor sienna wanted hc, otherwise, bilson would never have had a chance

  • zoe

    why is she news worthy anyway???????

  • OB#1

    @ S
    I don’t see a post on Natalie but, she is top in her field and did work well with HC. I do not wish this man on her ever unless he cleans his ass up..

    Now and Then
    At fashion week she wore NO RING and the glove hand was for the outfit she sported why play cover up games, then not wear a ring the rest of the time, be it the fact she wants the rumors and assumptions to continue on, she loves it and adores it all. W/O the rumors or innuendos of her impending marriage knowone would care about her anymore, she can’t afford to loose points on the fan boards if she expect to get any work in the future. As for HC the last pic of him looked as if someone was holding him up at gun point he didn’t look like a man who was thrilled to be engaged (if he even knew he was).