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Taylor Momsen Milks It

Taylor Momsen Milks It

Gossip Girl cutie Taylor Momsen poses for photographers at the Jen Kao 2009 Presentation Event at the Milk Studios Penthouse in New York City on Thursday night (February 19).

The 15-year-old actress was at the Anna Sui show on Wednesday night and wore a leather jacket paired with a short dress.

Now with a blossoming TV career and a start in modeling, what’s next? Music? More Movies?

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Momsen milking it…

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taylor momsen milks it 01
taylor momsen milks it 02
taylor momsen milks it 03
taylor momsen milks it 04
taylor momsen milks it 05
taylor momsen milks it 06
taylor momsen milks it 07
taylor momsen milks it 08
taylor momsen milks it 09
taylor momsen milks it 10

Credit: Demis Maryannakis; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Wtf

    She tries way too hard.

  • The Shiznack

    isnt that courtney love?

  • Cali

    She looks more like she’s twenty-something…I still can’t believe she’s FIFTEEN.

  • ali

    she needs to calm down with all her eye makeup! makes her look like a raccoon… not attractive!

  • Stunning SB

    She used to be so simple and pretty… she needs to lighten up her makeup. Looks like she’s in late 20s

  • francesca

    she’s so much prettier without all the make up.
    and #2 i completely agree! everytime i see her i think courtney love.
    she’s really talented though.

  • serena

    i admire her for being so fashion forward at 15!
    love the boots!

  • Lachick25

    She needs to be home in bed. Where are her parents? Future rehabber.

  • let it begin

    and the hater comments should be on their way. this poor girl always has tons of people saying the rudest stuff about her. must make people feel good to tear a kid apart :)

  • Halo

    Like I said, she’s a poser. She tries too hard to get the drug addicted look. She’s only 15 for goodness sakes.

  • Kayla

    I’m 17 and I think this girl is very pretty. But, personally my parents would never let me go out like that. I don’t want to hate but she dresses/acts/and parties like she’s in her twenties or thirties. I agree that her parents need to get a hand on her. She’s a cute girl with a lot of talent. I just wonder. What happenned to Cindy Lou Who from the grinch. lol

  • morgan

    1. what on earth is she wearing?
    2. everyone is right, she does try too hard
    3. courtney love is her near future, as is rehab, acting classes to improve her little skills she has, and the purchase of makeup remover.
    4. her parents need to steal all of her makeup so she doesn’t look so nasty all the time.
    5. i guess she went from 14 to 40, she’s deffinitely not fifteen or anywhere close to it. she looks older than her early twenties co-stars.

  • lulu

    I cant help but notice her bony shoulder and collarbones. They have like no fat, she looks all skin and bones. Im worried, she should eat something, wipe off that make up, comb her hair, smile, and act more like a girl her age :(

  • lulu

    She should also put on a bra. She’s got saggy tits.

  • tom

    She should act and dress her age. Why does she flaunt her chest around when she’s not even of legal age? Her eyes makeup is too heavy; it makes her look cheap.

  • shannon beckham

    oommggg seriously! her eyes…someone tell her no

  • begumselin

    she’s just 15

  • begumselin

    she’s just 15 and look at her

  • LolaSvelt

    I actually like her style. It’s the hair and makeup that throws me off.

  • Yar

    That girl is weird and not in a good way.

  • nadia

    Let her be for god’s sake! She’s nor showing half of her boobs nor half of her ass and she doesn’t act like a 15 yrs old girl with no class which is most of the girls these days! She looks awesome!

    #20 She used to be so simple and pretty… she needs to lighten up her makeup. Looks like she’s in late 20s

    Maybe because people thought she was a cute and innocent girl and she doesn’t want to portray what she’s not.. she went to a darker look which probably represents her personality as of now.

  • bleh


  • sam

    i’m two years older…
    really ?!?

  • lillian

    She always looks like such a hobo. She’s hideous, just disgusting!

  • Isis

    She looks older than 15.

  • whoa

    Where are her parents? Why is she always out late at night ? She’s 15, not 25.

  • linda

    What a hideous look, but then again, she does always go for the cheap, heroin-addicted prostitute look. Not to mention, she looks like she’s practically too high/drunk to stand upright. Way to keep it classy at the NY Fashion Week, Tayor. Look forward to seeing you in rehab soon.

  • peta

    Do her parents let her run wild or is she legally emancipated?

  • f.c.u.k Yuuh !!!

    She looks like a crack whore.

  • octo mom

    We’ll read about this one in rehab soon.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    a FARMER’s wife?

  • Jessica

    Poor girl. She’s only 15 but she looks like a crack addict.

    Someone needs to get this girl help. She does not look or act anything like a 15-year-old.

  • Jump

    Is Taylor’s dad still around? I’ve seen pics of her with her mother but not the father.

  • Matilda

    I love her look! its so unique they way she’s doing it. Simply great, love her eyes, her shoes, her hair, looks fantastic!

  • ashley


  • anne

    soooo creepy looking! go home gollum!

  • anne

    what’s with the Manson family look in her eyes? creepy!

  • Amy

    Maybe she is pretending to be 15 for her career hum hum
    just like Anastacia the singer did

  • queen bee




  • dover7838

    Am I the only one who thinks she is a homely girl? She creeps me out!

  • boogie

    shame on her parents to allow this. Guess they are a bunch of losers.

    15 years old and she dresses, acts, wears a ton of makeup…trying hard to look like a s l u t. and it’s working.


  • anj

    She pisses me off. What is she always wearing ? She’s trying too hard to look like some awkward wanna-be rockstar with loads of eyeliner. She’d actually look pretty if she would dress decently and have good hair and make-up. Someone HELP HER.

  • jilli

    I wonder why in almost every pick her sweater is hanging. She can’t fix it or something that’s like a big pet peeve of mine.

  • jilli

    I wonder why in almost every pick her sweater is hanging. She can’t fix it or something that’s like a big pet peeve of mine.

  • Ashley

    It’s not just these pictures, but she just gives off an i’m-on-hardcore-drugs vibe.

  • lily

    she looks like she is 20 years old !! i prefer her when she was playing at spy kids

  • Custom T

    She’s so young, I never woulda guessed it!

  • groovacious

    very pretty and i love her style and makeup.

  • ok?

    She’s so ugly.
    She’s younger than Miley Cyrus and is worse than her, wtf
    At least Miley doesn’t go out partying and shit like a damned whore….

  • rachel

    what’s wrong with her bloody hair color?