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Heath Ledger Wins Posthumous Oscar

Heath Ledger Wins Posthumous Oscar

Heath Ledger posthumously won an Oscar (Best Supporting Actor) for his role as the Joker in the Dark Knight.

Ledger‘s parents and sister accepted the award on their son’s behalf and said that his 3-year-old daughter, Matilda would receive the award.

Here are the acceptance speeches:
Kim Ledger: First of all, I have to say this is ever so humbling. Just being amongst such wonderful people, such a wonderful industry. Firstly, I’d like to thank the Academy for recognizing our son’s amazing work, Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan in particular, for allowing Heath the creative license to develop and explore this crazy Joker character. To Steve Alexander, Heath’s mentor, special friend and agent for 10 years. We love you, Steve. This award tonight would’ve humbly validated Heath’s quiet determination to be truly accepted by you all here, his peers, within an industry he so loved. Thank you.

Sally Bell: Heath was such a compassionate and generous soul who added so much excitement and inspiration to our lives. We have been truly overwhelmed by the honor and respect being bestowed upon him with this award. Tonight, we are choosing to celebrate and be happy for what he has achieved.

Kate Ledger:
Heath, we both knew what you had created in the Joker was extraordinarily special and had even talked about being here on this very day. We really wish you were, but we proudly accept this award on behalf of your beautiful Matilda. Thank you.

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  • cate

    I consider his Oscar win to be gravy on a brilliant body of work. Delicious, delicious gravy.

  • lis

    well deserved, bet he’s smiling down from heaven right now

  • yup

    With all due respect, I do not think he would have gotten an oscar if it weren’t for his death. A tad bit overrated that film. Oh well. That’s show bizz.

  • Diana

    That is a well deserved Oscar. I’m glad that he won, since he most certainly deserved it! We all love you Heath!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    (we have a dead body here, WAKE UP!!)

  • dani

    Totally deserved oscar. It was such a emotional moment when they were reading the speeches.

  • Cat.

    I’m really happy… Heath deserved this award for all his career because he was one of those actors with such talent rare to find.. To all the other nominees… keep doing a great job and I’m sure you’ll be rewarded for you hard and good work ;)

  • cheninator

    wow like this would have honestly came as a shock to anyone.

    if he was alive i doubt he would have gotten an oscar nomination let alone won one for the role.

  • cheninator

    wow like this would have honestly came as a shock to anyone.

    if he was alive i doubt he would have gotten an oscar nomination let alone won one for the role.

  • good

    he really did do a brilliant job with this part. well deserved award.

  • Jan

    Now let him rest in peace. Enough is enough.

  • Angels in Heaven

    Congrats Heath! We put your statue on a cloud, so everyone can see it.

  • didi

    i really think Heath won the award because of his masterpiece work as The Joker. i mean, i can’t think of any other name who can act as The Joker better than him. he did a wonderful job after Jack Nicholson’s appearance as The Joker and he made such a great change into the character itself.
    whatever you say, people, Heath deserve the award not because of his death!!
    we love you, Heath.
    and Matilda.

  • Russian girl

    I was just crying. Heath, you are deserv it! You are in our hearts and our memory forever!

  • laura

    Cheninator, yup – have a cry. “Overrated” is not a fitting word for a film that has received over 90% positive reviews from critics, even if it was snubbed by the academy. AUSTRALIA was overrated, but the Dark Knight wasn’t.

    Heath would have been nominated and won regardless of his death. He breathed life into a character that has long been outdated and needed a revival.

  • kris

    This award to some people may have been due to sympathy.. But if you watched his performance in DK you would truly be amazed by his performance ! he was absolutely incredible and unrecognizable and amazing in his role as the Joker.. I think it’s a well deserved Oscar award and all the other awards he’s gotten.. When his family made that speech there wasn’t a dry eye in that room ..

    Very well deserved.. And i hope he rests in peace proud of his accomplishments.

  • Shakira

    Keith did a brilliant job with the Joker. He electrified the screen. Not since Adrian Brody in the Pianist has anyone deserved an Oscar more.

  • ally

    well deserved well accepted… congrats go out to Heath’s family and his daughter

  • ********


  • Shakira

    Heath Ledger did a brilliant job with the Joker. He electrified the screen. Not since Adrian Brody in the Pianist has anyone deserved an Oscar more.

  • laura

    Heath will always be loved and remembered forever. His beautiful little girl will have the Oscar to remind her of her father and his wonderful work. You’re very missed Heath, God bless you.

  • mia

    @ #17…keith?

  • jennifer


  • office fan

    I am so glad he won! I honestly believe he would have still won the award if was still alive. He was amazing as the Joker.

  • Jaguar

    Heath was brilliant in Brokeback Mountain, he really deserved the award for that.

  • Chris

    For all those out there who think Heath did NOT deserve this Oscar, F@#$ YOU!
    He most certainly deserved the Oscar for best supporting actor in The Dark Knight!
    The Dark Knight was and is an incredible film and no one, absolutely no one embodied the psychotic side of the Joker like Heath!
    RIP Heath, you are truly missed by all who loved you and your work as an actor and father.

  • Lizzie, [:

    Sympathy? how dare you say that. I didn’t know Heath Ledger was dead until two weeks after I saw the Dark Knight and I thought he was incredible in it. Truly Riveting Roll. Dead or not dead, it was something that was extremely haunting and yet pleasurable.

    Sympathy? It should be for Christian Bale who clearly was a mere shadow in Heath Ledger’s performance.

    Congratulations to Heath, His family and his beautiful daughter Matilda

  • Ivana

    I am Glad for him… he definitely deserved.. but i like to think he won Oscar for BBM instead for Joker who bring him only bad..

  • vmars111

    What’s disgusting is that stupid protesters had a sign that went like:

    “Heath went to Hell,” in reference for his work on Brokeback Mountain.

    I really hope they got run over by Karma!

  • kim

    Heath definitely deserved to win for this. He did such an amazing job. I think he woulda won none of the other supporting actors were as good as he was.

    I hope those damn protestors go to hell. I live in CA and I seriously can’t believe that there are so many hateful people here! This is CA for christ’s sake not Mormon Utah!

  • Jaguar

    @ kim: whether you live in Utah, California or Timbuktu those idjits who protested are ignorant fools. Sometimes people act like they’re still stuck in the fookin’ dark ages.

  • Blair

    It brought a tear to my eye, he deserved this award so much, Congratulations Heath, you have made all Aussies very proud

  • Mary

    Poor, dear Heath.

  • Lou

    this just made me cry!

    so deserved, so right.

    RIP Heath, we all miss you so much xxxx

  • j

    it’s not unfair that he won. what’s unfair is that people are questioning his win because he died. whether he deserved it or not, some people automatically assume that it was a sympathy award. he died, hence they gave him the award.

    which i think is stupid. forget for a moment that heath is gone and watch the movie. you have to admit that he gave a brilliant performance. there was a buzz about his performance already even before he died. and let’s not forget his brokeback mountain performance which earned him an oscar nomination.

    i hate that people are tainting his win with their cynicism.

  • TP

    I am so happy that he won this award. No one could play the part anywhere near how he did it. Love Heath!

  • Diijana

    he deserved this so much, he was one of the greatest actors of our times, he was incredibly talented.
    heath, we love you and we miss you so much.
    i´d wish we could let him know this…

  • sara

    He deserved the awards soo much, I am really happy that he won. And to all of you who say that he won because he is dead or for some other reason, let me remind you that he is the second actor to have won an oscar after having died, there are a lot of actors that have died and have been nominated and have not won such as James Dean, why didn’t he win? well maybe he wasn’t that good or it was another reason but in this case Heath did an marvelous job portaying the Joker and I truly do believe he deserved it.
    R.I.P. Heath Ledger

  • Nancy Von

    Can any one tell me why he was not reconized in the Grammy’s, Golden Globes and now the Oscars for his death during the “those who have died” ceremony?

  • Nancy Von

    To number 16. I agree with you. I think Heath did an outstanding job and this is the first batman movie I actually liked – loved. I guess what I think is maybe there should be an acknowledgement award for an actor who has passed away because it’s kind of disappointing to see those who are living and deserving not getting it. I think Heath is deserving but maybe if there was a different way to reward his trophy and then dismiss those who believe he’s only getting it because he died.

  • Dan

    I thing he definintely deserved to win his portrail of the joker was outstanding. Yet there will always be the question of would he have won if he had not died. No one will really be able to answer that question, there have been alot of other great performences that have been overlooked for an oscar because the fill they where in was to big a blockbuster or more action oriented and less drama oriented. The question will always be there if he had not died would the acadamy have given him the oscar.

  • Dan

    I definitely think he diserved to win considering what an amazing job he did playing the joker. The question that will always hang over the win is whether the acadamy would have given him the award if he where still alive. I’ve seen alot of great performers get overlooked for an oscar and in some cases not even get nominated because their role was in a big blockbuster film or because it was a more action film as opposed to a drama film. So the question is would they have overlooked him for this role if he where still alive or would they have actually rewarded him for his performance as he should have been.

  • Nancy von

    You are right on Dan. I don’t think anyone watched wondering who would win because we all knew however, he truly was enchanting. I personally loved everything he did in the movie but some what feel it is unfair for the others whom as you have said were also worthy.

  • skip

    We all love you Heath

  • Juliana

    He trully deserved this award. He was such a gifted actor. I love all his holes and the joker one was one of his best performances on the big screen – for sure. It was bittersweet seen his family accepting the award on his behaf. Of course we all wish he was there. And for the sweet people out there who thinks he got the award because of his death…FUCK YOU! Heartless people will burn in hell.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i never really watched any of his films
    but still congrats, he did a great job as the joker, honestly best actor in the dark knight

  • liy

    he deserves the oscar, I’am so Happy for HEATh and his familly. i’am pretty sure that if he were still alive he will win the oscar.

  • Custom T

    He is well missed but definetly will never be forgotten. What an amazing person and actor he was!

  • kt

    That was very touching. I’ll admit I shed some tears.

  • Loona

    He deserved this oscar so much, dead or alive his joker was a masterpiece!
    But anyway it makes me sad as well, for sure the oscar was his final curtain, and the “Heath”-hype will calm down from now on…
    I will always keep special memories for him, I am absolutely convinced that he was the best actor of his generation and I am truely sad the we will never experience his amazing talents again.
    Will never forget you. RIP