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Lisa Rinna -- Oscars 2009

Lisa Rinna -- Oscars 2009

Lisa Rinna smiles and poses for photographers on the red carpet at the 2009 Oscars held at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (February 22).

Lisa Rinna was covering the event as TV Guide’s co-host. Joey Fatone worked the event alongside Lisa. Check her out in action!

Hugh Jackman is hosting the 2009 Oscars. Performers for the night also include: Anne Hathaway, Beyoncé, Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens and Amanda Seyfried & Dominic Cooper.

15+ pictures inside of Lisa Rinna at the 2009 Oscars

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110 Responses to “Lisa Rinna -- Oscars 2009”

  1. 1
    sarah may Says:

    OMG what has she done to her lips!. They were overdone before, this looks gross. like a flappy va jay jay or something.

  2. 2
    b chick Says:

    her lips are creepy!
    this is a clear example of too much botox.

    and it looks like she is wearing a wig!!

  3. 3
    megs Says:

    Whoa! What happened to her face? I thought she was going to lay off the plastic surgery for awhile??

  4. 4
    Russian girl Says:

    O my! What with her face, what with her lips? Is she a women? Looks like…gremlin.

  5. 5
    Olivia Says:

    She looks b-e-a-u-tiful. Not so sure about the hair, but she looks good. She was a good hostess, too. Lisa Rinna rocks!

  6. 6
    loyal Says:

    She is a lovely woman but she needs to take it down a notch.

  7. 7
    Russian girl Says:

    But her dress is nice))

  8. 8
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    she’s a joke.

  9. 9
    not me Says:

    oh, my. What’s with those lips? What happened?

  10. 10
    Jill Says:

    Too much eye makeup and they overdid the collagen injections in her lips.

  11. 11
    pup Says:

    My my my my my!

  12. 12
    jaye Says:

    Good Grief, this woman has had too much surgery. Someone stop her.

  13. 13
    holy shit!!! Says:


  14. 14
    Matt Says:

    Why this woman insists on paying money to deform herself is beyond me. She would be better off aging gracefully, then at least she wouldn’t look like a sad circus freak. She must have a completely pathological body image.

  15. 15
    trina Says:

    so trannie looking
    stop it lisa r
    she is gross
    she is gross

  16. 16
    Serephina Says:

    So many negative comments and yet no moderating…what’s up with that? We can have negative observations for anyone but the ONE actress? Amazing.

  17. 17
    JAYE97x Says:

    great dress

  18. 18
    shenanyginz Says:


  19. 19
    LIPS Says:

    OMG-a tranny with gigantic lips!! Disgusting!!!

  20. 20
    mertz Says:

    i’ve seen worse from her so maybe i should be thanking her that she atleast tried to look good tonight. her botox/plastic surgery isn’t new but really some the hell on. that’s why you pay people to do your makeup so that you don’t look like this. is she serious? i know this may be mean but she should definately get the cake face award for tonight. i mean couldn’t someone have used that concealer that she obviously has on and cover some of that lip job and redraw out her lips. i mean her face shape is nice (she’s lucky to have been blessed), but she messed up her face. ugh. i love the earrings but this isn’t the dress for it. idon’t mind the dress. she could have totally worn a herve leger dress in a different colour and looked way better.

  21. 21
    andrea Says:

    she looks horrible!!
    but love her dress

  22. 22
    Katie Says:

    Looks like a duck.

  23. 23
    bdj Says:

    Now that’s just wrong. Just say no to the next Plastic surgery visit.

  24. 24
    justareader Says:

    Ugh, there is nothing attractive here. She is heading down the path of Joan Rivers…

  25. 25
    ******** Says:


  26. 26
    ihavenolife Says:

    what’s up with those lips? omfg.

  27. 27
    sara Says:

    Omg whats up with her lips.

  28. 28
    Denise Says:

    She looks terrible. :( I bet she’d have been very beautiful without all the botox, plastic surgery and makeup.

  29. 29
    lori Says:

    her lips look like a dried up ******…not a good thing to have on your face…and your hair and eye make up are a disaster..try again.

  30. 30
    lori Says:

    va gina was the word i posted that got bleeped

  31. 31
    JOsie Says:

    I think AnnaLynne McCord will look just like her in 20 years…

  32. 32
    Frogman Says:

    wow… i wouldn’t kiss those lips

  33. 33
    cecile Says:

    Oh MY !!! she looks like a freak ! she’s scared me !
    Lisa, don’t ask why you don’t have a real job, no one wants to see a freak in a show, say by to the Melrose remake, i hope they don’t take you in !

  34. 34
    mertz Says:

    lol lori, her top lip right? her hair hurts my eyes. her makeup hurts my eyes. i hope she did it herself and didn’t pay someone to make her look this bad. please jared post more pictures of people we care about, or maybe post more about the brange. when does this show end. it’s never ending. atleast it’s better than some oscars of the past, but come on.

  35. 35
    zzzz Says:

    Whoever does that to Lisa Rinna’s lips should lose their license to practice medicine.

  36. 36
    babes Says:


  37. 37
    eek Says:

    That mouth looks like an infected, roidy ********.

  38. 38
    yuck Says:

    hemorrhoid lips, grossssssss

  39. 39
    cecile Says:

    i’ve always thought Halloween was in October… not in February…

  40. 40
    hannah duncan Says:

    Her lips are frightening!

  41. 41
    Angie Says:

    omg is she serious??

  42. 42
    dee Says:

    the sad thing is that she thinks she looks hot. Poor thing.

  43. 43
    haha Says:

    Nice ass, but what’s wrong with the hole?!

  44. 44
    kate Says:

    I wonder if she’d have hemmorhoid surgery if her pooper looked like this?

  45. 45
    steph Says:

    WTH has happened to her? She has successfully managed to do just the opposite of what she intended to do with all these injections and plastic surgeries-she looks like a decent -looking- when- all- done up- 65 year old. Sad.

  46. 46
    a Says:

    holy jamoly look at those lips!!

  47. 47
    um Says:

    What a mess!
    How can someone make themselves so ridiculous looking??

  48. 48
    Ely Says:

    Wow, I seriously got scared when I first looked at this picture. She looks like a villan from a Disney movie.

  49. 49
    Ges Says:

    Gosh…am I seeing ****** on her face?

  50. 50
    Kayla Says:

    This doesn’t even look like Lisa Rinna.

  51. 51
    myobservation Says:

    OMG Carol Channing Junior. SCARY. I’m gonna have a bad nightmare tonite.
    She goes to my Dentist and in person she is a horror. Her lips come alive and could attack a whale.

  52. 52
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    If her mouth was designed as some sort of V*GINA.
    ………………………………………IT SUCCEEDED, folks!!

  53. 53
    Shannon Says:

    GROSS!!!! eww!!!!! my eyes hurt after looking at her! lol

  54. 54
    Raichill Says:

    She looks like a hiddy-beast.

  55. 55
    BB Says:

    Lisa Rihanna looks freaking scary! Very bad plastic surgery. I don’t know how she comes out into the daylight like that. Harry please tell your wife to stop.

  56. 56
    sue Says:

    it’s not just her lips…. she’s had cheek implants and all kinds on injections into her face. She is now in a league of “special people” (that’s code for FREAKS!!) … Joan Rivers, Mickey Rourke and Lisa Rinna. Dear oh dear, OH DEAR!! She’s a monster! MODERATE THAT!!!

  57. 57
    Jaguar Says:

    I think she’s going to the Jolie Giant Mouth effect and she’s succeeded. And how!
    Attention plastic surgeons and dermatologists everywhere: If you’re doing THIS, you deserve to lose your license!

  58. 58
    dabu Says:

    Is this woman delusional when she looks in a mirror? Her lips look grotesque. Absolutely awful. Like a puckered a–hole.

  59. 59
    p!nk Says:

    seriously, move her head sideways and wham you got a dried up old puss*y to look at! eww!

  60. 60
    jade Says:

    omg….she reminds me of tropical fish you can find in a pet store.

    geez…..more idiot celebrities trying too hard

  61. 61
    L kathryn Says:

    Uhhhh….her arms look great! But…her face & lips are horrendous, bordering on freakin’ scary! Somebody stop her before she ends up like that “Cat Lady”! Rinna…you are beautiful…! STOP with the “maintenance” on your face! Choose to age gracefully, like those incredible & classy beauties….Sophia Loren & Meryl Street!

  62. 62
    GymJammer Says:

    Rinna…you are already beautiful! STOP with the facial “maintenance” already…you are beginning to look like that “Cat Lady” and she’s freakin’ scary! NO MORE injections….!!!!

    Please choose to age gracefully like those incredible, classy beauties…Sophia Loren & Meryl Streep!

    PS….your arms are fabulous!

  63. 63
    Juliet Says:

    WTF? Haha!!! No comment!

  64. 64
    hyde Says:

    **** what’s up with her face, she’s more prettier without those surgeries.

  65. 65
    vanessa Says:

    Gawd shes creepy looking! kinda like a cat human mixture haha. not cute. not cute at all.

  66. 66
    nina bella Says:

    Lisa Rinna is beautiful; however she is detroying her looks with all the botox, plastic surgery, collagen, etc.

  67. 67
    Fanny Steinburg Says:

    Lisa’s wearing a WIG, and her face????What happened to her face?
    and her LIPS??????????
    Lisa Rinna looks like a monster, and she is still young.

  68. 68
    perla Says:

    poor lisa she use to be so beautiful look at her now.. !!

  69. 69
    peaces Says:

    Im Scared!!!

  70. 70
    Kathy Says:

    Good god! JJ you should take that close up down….
    scared the crap out of me!!!!
    she looks bad…really bad!!!

  71. 71
    izzib Says:

    If you are rich and going to have PLASTIC SURGERY, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go to Demi Moore’s plastic miracle doctor or risk looking like a freak. Some people need to lay off the enhance cheeks.

  72. 72
    gladys Says:

    omg! what the hell she looks horrible, scary , she is young and she looks so old with all that botox. I guess all the people that work with Tv Guide channel has to look like Joan Rivers, at least she’s funny.

  73. 73
    Harry Says:

    Good, that woman did some bad things to her face.

  74. 74
    Howard Says:

    Yep, like two hotdogs taped to her lips/

  75. 75
    cdn Says:

    oh my. she’s turning into the cat lady. and judging from the lack of press/attendees in the background, she was there very very early. so sad.

  76. 76
    SHARON Says:

    she should have looked in a mirror before she left ,but then it would be a funny mirror like the ones at carnivals.

  77. 77
    barzzini Says:

    Wow my brain hurts from this pic. Scary as hell.

  78. 78
    Jules Says:

    WOW, she really needs to lay off the botox. Hey Lisa, its not called plastic surgery for nothing.You’re beginning to look, well plastic…

  79. 79
    Ginifer Says:

    She used to be somewhat attractive (not pretty) minus the huge lips…

    She really embarrassed herself here. A lot less makeup and a lot less botox would have helped.

    She looks like Mickey Rourke’s sister.

    What a waste of a good figure. Take the head off and she looks better.

  80. 80
    WTF? Says:

    The Bride of Juvederm! Frightening!

  81. 81
    alex p Says:

    just about the WORST hairstyle i’ve seen in ages

  82. 82
    missa jane Says:

    HOLY LORD – Please fix those lips — i almost threw up when i saw this picture – JEZZZ !!!!

  83. 83
    ****** Says:

    what in the world happened to lisa????

  84. 84
    gjc Says:

    Oh my God…..

  85. 85
    Lisa Says:

    Lisa Rinna was always a bubbly and super fun actress to watch as Billie on DOOL…but she should have had confidence in how she looked before because she is morphing so much that it doesn’t resemble the old Lisa at all….dress is beautiful….no more injections anywhere, PLEASE.

  86. 86
    mel Says:

    I turn on tv and there she is ALL lips. I said what happened to her.
    She just looks tooooooooo pulled together. She is such a pretty
    lady…… What did Harry think?

  87. 87
    ericka Says:


  88. 88
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    wtf is wrong with her lips….she’s looking so damn ugly!!

  89. 89
    baby daddy Says:

    she wants fat lips to take care of Harry’s Hamlin ha ha ha…

  90. 90
    yeah Says:

    no question she is dysmorphic. her and michael jackson and joan rivers need to start their own bdd support group.

  91. 91
    brie2009 Says:

    Seriously Lisa needs to get over with her self thinking she is beautiful cause she isn’t. Her lips just did the job by effing her face up.

  92. 92
    Custom T Says:

    She’d look nice if you chopped off her head!

  93. 93
    vicki Says:

    She looks a HOT mess!!! Is she trying to be cast as the first female joker in a new batman film??? She use to be so beautiful…..I guess she has been hanging out with Joan Rivers too much!

  94. 94
    Molly Says:


  95. 95
    Browntala Says:

    This is scary. Is she replacing Joan Rivers, because that’s who she’s starting to look like. Great body, beautiful dress, decent make-up, but the botox overdose is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much. Where is her husband? He should have stopped her.

  96. 96
    jack Says:

    She looks like some sucker fish! She ‘s deformed looking.

  97. 97
    jack Says:

    She is horrific looking.

  98. 98
    carey Says:

    those lips looks like an ass turned sideways

  99. 99
    KC Says:

    Ok, how did she get the job of Fashion Police?? Whoever gave her that job needs to see these pics!!! Gross!!!

  100. 100
    Thebreaks Says:

    She looks absolutely horrible, its like a Joan Rivers twin.

  101. 101
    susu Says:

    She has become a FREAK…..I can’t stand to look at her now. I had to turn her OFF!! Too bad she felt it necessary to destroy herself. Her career will be caput….right along with that face

  102. 102
    jj Says:

    eww her lips look like a va jayjay

  103. 103
    insight82 Says:

    HELLO EVERYONE, I AM NEW HERE, I AM VERY EAGER TO SHARE SOME THOUHGTS WITH YOU ALL HERE, ANYONE WATCHED 81ST OSCAR? I WOULD LIKE TO SAY IS : OMG, lisa rinna’s lips color and shape just awful, make me felt like vision torture entire host, another lady host is pretty but smile is so weired , what hell that channel’s boss thinking to put those two on the show? no taste.

    her lips gross,

  104. 104
    insight82 Says:

    oh, Lori, thanks to speak out what i thinking. high 5 to you

  105. 105
    thats_right Says:

    Lisa Rinna you are the best I really miss you in Days of our Lives
    Bo and Billy Forever Lisa Rinna and Robert Kelker Kelly Forever :)

  106. 106
    Kim Says:

    Bring on the Freak show. She does look like she is growing an **** on her face in place of her lips. I am her age and that christ I don’t look like the elephant man. Boxtox, lip concrete, hair, makeup all disasters!!! – she looked shiteous

  107. 107
    sammy Says:

    what a sin! She could be the reason botox becomes out instead of in. Looking natural with wrinkles and looser skin looks better than this. She doesn’t look younger but older and trying WAY too hard. I’d rather look my age than look like a freak.

  108. 108
    XXX Says:

    This is Katie Holmes after she reaches OT3

  109. 109
    aj Says:

    she looks like the puppet on mr. roger’s neighborhood, lady elaine fairchilde. all she needs is mr. rodger’s. God rest his soul.

  110. 110
    aj Says:

    she looks like the puppet lady elaine fairchilde on Mr. Rodger’s neighborhood.

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