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Miranda Kerr Dazzles David Jones

Miranda Kerr Dazzles David Jones

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr shows off her legs for days while making an in-store appearance at David Jones in the Hay Street Mall in Perth, Australia on Saturday (February 21).

The 25-year-old is being sought after by Virgin boss, Richard Branson! A spokesperson for V Australia said, “The first VAustralia aircraft is the Didgeree Blue. The aircraft are usually female in persona and will likely be named after inspiring contemporary women,who match the brand personality for VAustralia!”

After SI model Bar Refaeli was plastered on the side of a Southwest airplane, naming an airplane after Miranda doesn’t seem too far off!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr dazzling David Jones…

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Credit: BIG Australia; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Lily

    I Love you, Miranda!!! xoxo

  • crystal

    I love the shoes she wearing!!!

  • Chris

    FIRST, Bitchesss!

  • allspice30

    The last few weeks she has done show after show in Australia. She is so beautiful!! I hope she gets the plane named after her! How cool is that?

  • Me

    Very cute, I love how she’s peeking around the wall.

  • dina

    ugly, my least favorite vs model

  • not a supermodel

    this girl is a filler model, not a supermodel. she does cheap catalogs and mall store runways and has never worked with the best designers and photographers. please stop insulting the real supermodels by calling this cheap catalog model a “supermodel”

  • Lily@dina

    dina, you are right if by ugly you actually mean beautiful.

    wow, some of you haters must have bad taste. the hilary duffs, paris hiltons, lindsay lohans, kate bosworths and the “bbb’s” (boring bland blondes) of the world are not what beauty is. we live in the world of obama not mccain. keep it real!

    unless you live on ‘planet playboy;, any guy would lust over a dark haired girl with beautiful blue eyes and classic yet exotic features like miranda. as a girl, i find her stunning too.

    unless you post a photo of yourself HOW DARE you call miranda “ugly”. you are the one who seems ugly, dina. inside and out, i’m sure of it.

    beauty is diverse. true beauty equals the miranda kerrs, the daria werbowys, the alicia keys, the alexa chungs, the girls on the street who have mixed races, unique features and amazing personalities.

    miranda is one of the most beautiful women in the world and nothing can hide it. if orlando bloom, the fashion industry and countries as far apart as oz, nz, uk, us, japan, etc can see it then obviously your jealousy is clouding your judgement! :)

  • shenanyginz

    I’m sorry she’s beautiful but you’re right, she’s not a supermodel. She’s not there yet– it kills me she gets so much attention

  • hot

    Miranda looks so pretty.

  • omg

    I’ve already seen miranda in person at perth airport! She’s really beautiful, tall, so slim, you can’t see an ounce of fat!

    Hope richard branson won’t make her as his mistress LOL

  • Oh please

    This sounds like more of her over active pr team trying to build hype that isn’t there. When Sir Richard Branson says it’s true I will believe it.
    The quote above from the rep doesn’t mention her by name. She has played these stunts before so it isn’t anything new. She is probably just jealous since Bar Refaeli got her whole picture on the side of a plane. Both of her mall gigs were failures this week with Jennifer Hawkins winning by a landslide. She must be trying to get attention again.

  • just gorgeous

    Miranda is a natural beauty, hardly any make up on yet she looks stunning, love her outfit, especially the shoes and bag!!

  • abc’s

    They want to name a plane after a panty model? I though Sir Richard Branson had more business sense then that. She pretty, just a tad cheap looking tough.

  • love her

    Such a beautiful girl. A what a sweetie, too.
    She and Orlando will make beautiful babies.

  • loon

    This girl is so full of herself, she treats orlando as if her accesory!

  • @12….

    Your jealousy is showing……lol

  • @9

    Uhmmm, isn’t one of the reasons people get labeled with the name “supermodel” is that they start to get a lot of attention outside the world of modelling?
    So if, as you say, she is getting a lot of attention, then she is on her way to becoming “super”. She’s not there yet, but I think that she has potential. She is certainly prettier than Bar, IMO.

  • @16….

    Haha……..I bet Orlando loves being her accessory!!

  • @19

    He sure seems to. He spent the last two weeks following her around Australia. It must be love.

  • @12

    You obviously don’t know that jen’s fashion shows at myer’s malls were advertised months ago, as compared to miranda’s last minute noticed(one day precisedly), cause it was unplanned and a sudden decision by DJ management! And it’s not a fashion show that was open to as many people who wanted to go in. Obviously you weren’t there, that the security people were so strict of letting all the pips who wanted to go in cause there was just a slated number, as it is a workshop, not a fashion show!

    Well, that’s your opinion, and you can live by it!
    I’m just basing my comments based on facts, cause me and my cousin were there at DJ mall at adelaide, but couldn’t get in, and it just lasted for 1 hour!

    Regarding the Vplane thing, you should read and carefully analyse what’s written. Everything that was said didn’t came from miranda(like what you are stating) but rather from the representative of Vplane. Again, you can add colors to it, and believe what your mind is saying, cause afterall, that’s your right LOL

  • @21

    There is no direct quote above that is from VAustralia that mentions Miranda. Where is a quote from them saying they considered her for this?

  • who am i?

    Adore her! I hope they do name a plane after her – that would be great!

  • mila

    i love miranda. she deserves all of her success. she works so hard. every time i spritz on my clinique “happy” perfume i think of her and her beautiful smile. :) i can’t wait for her book to be released! :)

  • psychobilly Kitten

    Over rated model. Cute in a bubbley way, but she lacks something…can’t put my finger on it. Good luck to her though! She must be rolling in the cash!

  • mila

    ^ the only thing missing is the scandal. she’s a role model/ good girl. no drug scandals a la kate moss, no eating disorders, no tantrums, no diva-like personality, no anorexia, no extreme partying.

    a clean-living, down to earth, sweet, healthy young model who has had a lot of success as a model. she’s not a malnourished coat hanger on a high fashion runway in paris. she is a mainstream model who has a personality as well.


    i love miranda!

  • lina mae

    hey y’all! just wanted to post a list of miranda’s runway achievements to those who say she is just a cheap panty model. girl has worked her arse off and has walked for some top designers!
    love, lina mae

    Autumn/Winter 2005 {Heatherette}

    Spring/Summer 2006 {Alex Perry, Alice McCall, Bare by Rebecca Davies, Bettina Liano, Cohen et Sabine, Heatherette, Jayson Brunsdo, Kate Sylvester, Leona Edmiston, Lisa Ho, Nicola Finetti, Zimmerman}

    Autumn/Winter 2006 {3.1 Phillip Lim, Amuleti J, Baby Phat, Betsey Johnson, Blugirl, Evisu, Jason Wu, Joanna Mastroianni, John Richmond, Just Cavalli, Lela Rose, Nanette Lepore, Paola Frani, Project Runway, Sass & Bide, Sweetface, Trovata, Twinkle, Venexiana}

    Spring/Summer 2007 {Akiko Ogawa, Amuleti J, Baby Phat, Betsey Johnson, Blugirl, Cia.Maritima, Enrico Coveri, Esteban Cortazar, James Coviello, Jason Wu, Jenny Packham, Joanna Mastroianni, John Richmond, Just Cavalli, Lewis Albert, Nanette Lepore, Pamella Roland, Paola Frani, Pin Up Stars, Rachel Roy, Rock & Republic, Sabyasachi, Threeasfour, Twinkle}

    Autumn/Winter 2007 {Baby Phat, Betsey Johnson, Chris Han, James Coviello, Jason Wu, Jenni Kayne, Nanette Lepore, Pronovias, Rock & Republic, Tracy Reese, Twinkle by Wenlan}

    yeah… sorry it’s long… i just wanted to show that she’s definately done some very highly desired (high fashion) shows.

  • agot@21

    So we’re both australians? I’m from perth…

    I was kinda pissed off with that DJ workshop with miranda, cause they advertised it so late, and they didn’t allow everyone to come in cause according to security pips, the venue is just for limited number of people. I guess you have to come early to secure a seat. And you’re right about jen’s fashion show in the mall, it’s for everyone!

  • rose@18

    Shenanyginz is not a fan of bar(imo) cause she’s not included in bar’s fan list! IMO, she’s also a die hard fan of orlando who dreams that one day he will be hers, like what some leo fans dream!

    Besides, bar fans are not obnoxious by making derogatory comments to other models, even gisele. GET IT. We’re just happy for what’s currently happening in bar’s career.

    I also like miranda, and i sometimes post on her forum at bellazon, but bar is my top favorite!

  • jaded

    Miranda is a slut who sleeps with every man that can make her to the top of her career!

    Wasn’t there a rumor before that she slept with one of the big bosses of VS to give her the job!

  • @30

    No. Only in your own mind. Which means that as a Delph-idiot, you will be convinced that it is fact if you repeat it enough. Pathetic bunch of losers with nothing better to do in your lives than search for threads about a woman you claim to hate having “shoved down your throats”. I can’t wait to see on your site how fast that you will claim that this idiotic rumor is gospel. Go ahead. Run with it. Prove to us once AGAIN how sad you people are. Go ahead. I can’t wait.

  • @31

    Of course miranda fans won’t accept the fact their idol is a trollop. It will be a shame, won’t it?

    And wasn’t she still in a relationship with her fellow oz bf when she jumped on orlando’s bed? Oh wait there’s still the lawyer…

    The fact is, miranda is using everyone she can to help her be on top!

    And that includes sleeping around! And her new prospect now is the ceo of virgin airlines! Way to go miranda…

  • Jaded

    OMG!!! I made it! I finally became annoying enough for the delusional to use my shipperworld-wide known nick and post fake comments in my name! I’m finally in the same hater league as FroFro! Thanks a lot, nr 30!

    And now, the next goal of uglyfatjellush8ers: the death list of Matty! Here I come!

  • greta

    Funny that most miranda fans are claiming the all who disagree with their idol is jealous/hater…

    We are just basing our comments based on facts, and you miranda fans couldn’t accept it! Go on defending her till you drop! LOL

  • @34

    Please look up the word “fact” as you seem to have no clue what it means,
    Rumors, gossip, and innuendo are NOT facts.
    And no matter how many times that you repeat the rumors, they NEVER become fact.
    And #34
    No one called you guys “jealous/haters”, we called you sad and pathetic. Please keep it straight.

  • greta

    Miranda will never be a “supermodel” like what you most fans call her..

    And that’s a fact LOL

  • @34…..Greta

    JEALOUS = means being envious of Miranda Kerr just because she is
    beautiful, successful, famous and Orlando Bloom is her

    HATER = means having an irrational hatred of a person you have
    never met and don’t know, in this case Miranda Kerr. All
    because Orlando loves her and has told the world she
    holds his heart in her hands.

    In other words a jealous/hater…!!!!

  • Too Funny

    All of you make my day with your obsessions of each other and trying to get in the last word. Keep at each other, it’s way too funny!!

    *laughing at you*


  • @36

    The fans aren’t the ones that started calling her that. The media (reporters, editors, journalists, etc.) is the one that christened her a “supermodel”. It has never come out of her mouth, either.

  • @37

    Not Jealous= wouldn’t want to get attention for prancing about in cheap panties, being thought of by the world as nothing more than a coat hanger and being so desperate for fame to use someone else’s name for attention.

    Don’t Hate= calling someone out for lies, manipulations and famewhoring is not hate, it’s pointing out the obvious. Truth and honesty =/= hate.

  • greta

    Why won’t miranda fans accept that she is a liar and a cheater?

    Evidences are all for grabs, and why don’t you miranda fans believe that she sleeps with another men while she’s still on a relationship…

  • http://justjared Delphi loons

    The song who let the dogs out comes always in mind when I thing of the sad creatures that are the two Delphi members

  • @41

    Because there’s no proof. Next.

  • @41…..Greta

    Show us your PROOF, and that doesn’t mean made up gossip, speculation and rumor from jealous irrational Delphi idiots who
    live in a fantasy land of elaborate delusional conspiracy theories…lol.

  • greta

    Wow kate looked really beautiful at the oscars after party!

    I’m just wondering why miranda is never been invited to some prominent fashion show parties…

    Simple, she’s a dlist model, who is by the way the least popular among vs angels!

  • @45

    Yeah! The fact that she is on the cover of the Swim Catalouge is PROOF that they don’t like her. Oh, wait.

  • greta

    I’ll bet she’ll be the next one who will be sacked by VS… tick tock tick tock

  • @45

    Kate? really?
    So you think that someone looks “really beautiful” when they wear hair so severe that they end up looking like a man?
    Ummmm, OK.

  • Lucky man

    Beautiful girl. Her features combine angelic with exotic, a very striking combination. Love her figure – so lithe and toned, slim and supple. Orlando is definitely a lucky guy – and he seems well aware of it too.

  • @47


    Miranda has been working for vs since 2006, and last year, they made her an official angel, and being a vs angel means another 3 years contract! Get your facts straight sweetie!

    p.s Here’s the official VS angels as of 2009

    HEIDI ADRIANA ALESSANDRA DOUTZEN MIRANDA MARISA (to be fair, that’s according to seniority)