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Miranda Kerr Dazzles David Jones

Miranda Kerr Dazzles David Jones

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr shows off her legs for days while making an in-store appearance at David Jones in the Hay Street Mall in Perth, Australia on Saturday (February 21).

The 25-year-old is being sought after by Virgin boss, Richard Branson! A spokesperson for V Australia said, “The first VAustralia aircraft is the Didgeree Blue. The aircraft are usually female in persona and will likely be named after inspiring contemporary women,who match the brand personality for VAustralia!”

After SI model Bar Refaeli was plastered on the side of a Southwest airplane, naming an airplane after Miranda doesn’t seem too far off!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr dazzling David Jones…

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128 Responses to “Miranda Kerr Dazzles David Jones”

  1. 1
    Lily Says:

    I Love you, Miranda!!! xoxo

  2. 2
    crystal Says:

    I love the shoes she wearing!!!

  3. 3
    Chris Says:

    FIRST, Bitchesss!

  4. 4
    allspice30 Says:

    The last few weeks she has done show after show in Australia. She is so beautiful!! I hope she gets the plane named after her! How cool is that?

  5. 5
    Me Says:

    Very cute, I love how she’s peeking around the wall.

  6. 6
    dina Says:

    ugly, my least favorite vs model

  7. 7
    not a supermodel Says:

    this girl is a filler model, not a supermodel. she does cheap catalogs and mall store runways and has never worked with the best designers and photographers. please stop insulting the real supermodels by calling this cheap catalog model a “supermodel”

  8. 8
    Lily@dina Says:

    dina, you are right if by ugly you actually mean beautiful.

    wow, some of you haters must have bad taste. the hilary duffs, paris hiltons, lindsay lohans, kate bosworths and the “bbb’s” (boring bland blondes) of the world are not what beauty is. we live in the world of obama not mccain. keep it real!

    unless you live on ‘planet playboy;, any guy would lust over a dark haired girl with beautiful blue eyes and classic yet exotic features like miranda. as a girl, i find her stunning too.

    unless you post a photo of yourself HOW DARE you call miranda “ugly”. you are the one who seems ugly, dina. inside and out, i’m sure of it.

    beauty is diverse. true beauty equals the miranda kerrs, the daria werbowys, the alicia keys, the alexa chungs, the girls on the street who have mixed races, unique features and amazing personalities.

    miranda is one of the most beautiful women in the world and nothing can hide it. if orlando bloom, the fashion industry and countries as far apart as oz, nz, uk, us, japan, etc can see it then obviously your jealousy is clouding your judgement! :)

  9. 9
    shenanyginz Says:

    I’m sorry she’s beautiful but you’re right, she’s not a supermodel. She’s not there yet– it kills me she gets so much attention

  10. 10
    hot Says:

    Miranda looks so pretty.

  11. 11
    omg Says:

    I’ve already seen miranda in person at perth airport! She’s really beautiful, tall, so slim, you can’t see an ounce of fat!

    Hope richard branson won’t make her as his mistress LOL

  12. 12
    Oh please Says:

    This sounds like more of her over active pr team trying to build hype that isn’t there. When Sir Richard Branson says it’s true I will believe it.
    The quote above from the rep doesn’t mention her by name. She has played these stunts before so it isn’t anything new. She is probably just jealous since Bar Refaeli got her whole picture on the side of a plane. Both of her mall gigs were failures this week with Jennifer Hawkins winning by a landslide. She must be trying to get attention again.

  13. 13
    just gorgeous Says:

    Miranda is a natural beauty, hardly any make up on yet she looks stunning, love her outfit, especially the shoes and bag!!

  14. 14
    abc's Says:

    They want to name a plane after a panty model? I though Sir Richard Branson had more business sense then that. She pretty, just a tad cheap looking tough.

  15. 15
    love her Says:

    Such a beautiful girl. A what a sweetie, too.
    She and Orlando will make beautiful babies.

  16. 16
    loon Says:

    This girl is so full of herself, she treats orlando as if her accesory!

  17. 17
    @12.... Says:

    Your jealousy is showing……lol

  18. 18
    @9 Says:

    Uhmmm, isn’t one of the reasons people get labeled with the name “supermodel” is that they start to get a lot of attention outside the world of modelling?
    So if, as you say, she is getting a lot of attention, then she is on her way to becoming “super”. She’s not there yet, but I think that she has potential. She is certainly prettier than Bar, IMO.

  19. 19
    @16.... Says:

    Haha……..I bet Orlando loves being her accessory!!

  20. 20
    @19 Says:

    He sure seems to. He spent the last two weeks following her around Australia. It must be love.

  21. 21
    @12 Says:

    You obviously don’t know that jen’s fashion shows at myer’s malls were advertised months ago, as compared to miranda’s last minute noticed(one day precisedly), cause it was unplanned and a sudden decision by DJ management! And it’s not a fashion show that was open to as many people who wanted to go in. Obviously you weren’t there, that the security people were so strict of letting all the pips who wanted to go in cause there was just a slated number, as it is a workshop, not a fashion show!

    Well, that’s your opinion, and you can live by it!
    I’m just basing my comments based on facts, cause me and my cousin were there at DJ mall at adelaide, but couldn’t get in, and it just lasted for 1 hour!

    Regarding the Vplane thing, you should read and carefully analyse what’s written. Everything that was said didn’t came from miranda(like what you are stating) but rather from the representative of Vplane. Again, you can add colors to it, and believe what your mind is saying, cause afterall, that’s your right LOL

  22. 22
    @21 Says:

    There is no direct quote above that is from VAustralia that mentions Miranda. Where is a quote from them saying they considered her for this?

  23. 23
    who am i? Says:

    Adore her! I hope they do name a plane after her – that would be great!

  24. 24
    mila Says:

    i love miranda. she deserves all of her success. she works so hard. every time i spritz on my clinique “happy” perfume i think of her and her beautiful smile. :) i can’t wait for her book to be released! :)

  25. 25
    psychobilly Kitten Says:

    Over rated model. Cute in a bubbley way, but she lacks something…can’t put my finger on it. Good luck to her though! She must be rolling in the cash!

  26. 26
    mila Says:

    ^ the only thing missing is the scandal. she’s a role model/ good girl. no drug scandals a la kate moss, no eating disorders, no tantrums, no diva-like personality, no anorexia, no extreme partying.

    a clean-living, down to earth, sweet, healthy young model who has had a lot of success as a model. she’s not a malnourished coat hanger on a high fashion runway in paris. she is a mainstream model who has a personality as well.


    i love miranda!

  27. 27
    lina mae Says:

    hey y’all! just wanted to post a list of miranda’s runway achievements to those who say she is just a cheap panty model. girl has worked her **** off and has walked for some top designers!
    love, lina mae

    Autumn/Winter 2005 {Heatherette}

    Spring/Summer 2006 {Alex Perry, Alice McCall, Bare by Rebecca Davies, Bettina Liano, Cohen et Sabine, Heatherette, Jayson Brunsdo, Kate Sylvester, Leona Edmiston, Lisa Ho, Nicola Finetti, Zimmerman}

    Autumn/Winter 2006 {3.1 Phillip Lim, Amuleti J, Baby Phat, Betsey Johnson, Blugirl, Evisu, Jason Wu, Joanna Mastroianni, John Richmond, Just Cavalli, Lela Rose, Nanette Lepore, Paola Frani, Project Runway, Sass & Bide, Sweetface, Trovata, Twinkle, Venexiana}

    Spring/Summer 2007 {Akiko Ogawa, Amuleti J, Baby Phat, Betsey Johnson, Blugirl, Cia.Maritima, Enrico Coveri, Esteban Cortazar, James Coviello, Jason Wu, Jenny Packham, Joanna Mastroianni, John Richmond, Just Cavalli, Lewis Albert, Nanette Lepore, Pamella Roland, Paola Frani, Pin Up Stars, Rachel Roy, Rock & Republic, Sabyasachi, Threeasfour, Twinkle}

    Autumn/Winter 2007 {Baby Phat, Betsey Johnson, Chris Han, James Coviello, Jason Wu, Jenni Kayne, Nanette Lepore, Pronovias, Rock & Republic, Tracy Reese, Twinkle by Wenlan}

    yeah… sorry it’s long… i just wanted to show that she’s definately done some very highly desired (high fashion) shows.

  28. 28
    agot@21 Says:

    So we’re both australians? I’m from perth…

    I was kinda pissed off with that DJ workshop with miranda, cause they advertised it so late, and they didn’t allow everyone to come in cause according to security pips, the venue is just for limited number of people. I guess you have to come early to secure a seat. And you’re right about jen’s fashion show in the mall, it’s for everyone!

  29. 29
    rose@18 Says:

    Shenanyginz is not a fan of bar(imo) cause she’s not included in bar’s fan list! IMO, she’s also a die hard fan of orlando who dreams that one day he will be hers, like what some leo fans dream!

    Besides, bar fans are not obnoxious by making derogatory comments to other models, even gisele. GET IT. We’re just happy for what’s currently happening in bar’s career.

    I also like miranda, and i sometimes post on her forum at bellazon, but bar is my top favorite!

  30. 30
    jaded Says:

    Miranda is a **** who sleeps with every man that can make her to the top of her career!

    Wasn’t there a rumor before that she slept with one of the big bosses of VS to give her the job!

  31. 31
    @30 Says:

    No. Only in your own mind. Which means that as a Delph-idiot, you will be convinced that it is fact if you repeat it enough. Pathetic bunch of losers with nothing better to do in your lives than search for threads about a woman you claim to hate having “shoved down your throats”. I can’t wait to see on your site how fast that you will claim that this idiotic rumor is gospel. Go ahead. Run with it. Prove to us once AGAIN how sad you people are. Go ahead. I can’t wait.

  32. 32
    @31 Says:

    Of course miranda fans won’t accept the fact their idol is a trollop. It will be a shame, won’t it?

    And wasn’t she still in a relationship with her fellow oz bf when she jumped on orlando’s bed? Oh wait there’s still the lawyer…

    The fact is, miranda is using everyone she can to help her be on top!

    And that includes sleeping around! And her new prospect now is the ceo of virgin airlines! Way to go miranda…

  33. 33
    Jaded Says:

    OMG!!! I made it! I finally became annoying enough for the delusional to use my shipperworld-wide known nick and post fake comments in my name! I’m finally in the same hater league as FroFro! Thanks a lot, nr 30!

    And now, the next goal of uglyfatjellush8ers: the death list of Matty! Here I come!

  34. 34
    greta Says:

    Funny that most miranda fans are claiming the all who disagree with their idol is jealous/hater…

    We are just basing our comments based on facts, and you miranda fans couldn’t accept it! Go on defending her till you drop! LOL

  35. 35
    @34 Says:

    Please look up the word “fact” as you seem to have no clue what it means,
    Rumors, gossip, and innuendo are NOT facts.
    And no matter how many times that you repeat the rumors, they NEVER become fact.
    And #34
    No one called you guys “jealous/haters”, we called you sad and pathetic. Please keep it straight.

  36. 36
    greta Says:

    Miranda will never be a “supermodel” like what you most fans call her..

    And that’s a fact LOL

  37. 37
    @34.....Greta Says:

    JEALOUS = means being envious of Miranda Kerr just because she is
    beautiful, successful, famous and Orlando Bloom is her

    HATER = means having an irrational hatred of a person you have
    never met and don’t know, in this case Miranda Kerr. All
    because Orlando loves her and has told the world she
    holds his heart in her hands.

    In other words a jealous/hater…!!!!

  38. 38
    Too Funny Says:

    All of you make my day with your obsessions of each other and trying to get in the last word. Keep at each other, it’s way too funny!!

    *laughing at you*


  39. 39
    @36 Says:

    The fans aren’t the ones that started calling her that. The media (reporters, editors, journalists, etc.) is the one that christened her a “supermodel”. It has never come out of her mouth, either.

  40. 40
    @37 Says:

    Not Jealous= wouldn’t want to get attention for prancing about in cheap panties, being thought of by the world as nothing more than a coat hanger and being so desperate for fame to use someone else’s name for attention.

    Don’t Hate= calling someone out for lies, manipulations and famewhoring is not hate, it’s pointing out the obvious. Truth and honesty =/= hate.

  41. 41
    greta Says:

    Why won’t miranda fans accept that she is a liar and a cheater?

    Evidences are all for grabs, and why don’t you miranda fans believe that she sleeps with another men while she’s still on a relationship…

  42. 42
    Delphi loons Says:

    The song who let the dogs out comes always in mind when I thing of the sad creatures that are the two Delphi members

  43. 43
    @41 Says:

    Because there’s no proof. Next.

  44. 44
    @41.....Greta Says:

    Show us your PROOF, and that doesn’t mean made up gossip, speculation and rumor from jealous irrational Delphi idiots who
    live in a fantasy land of elaborate delusional conspiracy theories…lol.

  45. 45
    greta Says:

    Wow kate looked really beautiful at the oscars after party!

    I’m just wondering why miranda is never been invited to some prominent fashion show parties…

    Simple, she’s a dlist model, who is by the way the least popular among vs angels!

  46. 46
    @45 Says:

    Yeah! The fact that she is on the cover of the Swim Catalouge is PROOF that they don’t like her. Oh, wait.

  47. 47
    greta Says:

    I’ll bet she’ll be the next one who will be sacked by VS… tick tock tick tock

  48. 48
    @45 Says:

    Kate? really?
    So you think that someone looks “really beautiful” when they wear hair so severe that they end up looking like a man?
    Ummmm, OK.

  49. 49
    Lucky man Says:

    Beautiful girl. Her features combine angelic with exotic, a very striking combination. Love her figure – so lithe and toned, slim and supple. Orlando is definitely a lucky guy – and he seems well aware of it too.

  50. 50
    @47 Says:


    Miranda has been working for vs since 2006, and last year, they made her an official angel, and being a vs angel means another 3 years contract! Get your facts straight sweetie!

    p.s Here’s the official VS angels as of 2009

    HEIDI ADRIANA ALESSANDRA DOUTZEN MIRANDA MARISA (to be fair, that’s according to seniority)

  51. 51
    @Greta Says:

    Did you get lost on this thread when you meant to go to Kate’s? If not, why are you here? Still bitter that Orlando doesn’t want Kate back?

  52. 52
    greta Says:

    Miranda is a dlist model, and no designer wants her! That’s the main reason why she dates famous people, for her to be noticed!

    And haven’t you miranda fans heard that her contract won’t be renewed by VS… That’s sad!

  53. 53
    @greta Says:

    Are you fooling yourself for posting all these comments?

    I’ll repeat this to you…
    Miranda started working for VS in early 2006, and that’s mainly for the pink line cause she is the spokesmodel for it. Now, behati prinsloo is the new spokesmodel for the pink line. And in the last quarter of 2008, VS announced that they’re making miranda as one of their official angels!

    Now, you will ask how do i know that her contract will be renewed…
    Simple, once you become an official angel, you’ll get a 3 years contract!

    Maybe the rumors you’re implying to about unrenewed contracts are those of karolina, izabel, and just lately selita.. That’s kinda sad cause i for one like them as well..

    Stop hating other people ok!

  54. 54
    beautiful Says:

    She looks great love her purse and her hair is incredible

  55. 55
    josh Says:

    holy…miranda kerr is slammin’ hot! why oh why are girls in real life never as hot as she is? whhhhy?

    hahaha all the haters – i imagine you all to be overweight, toothless, bitter and gorging on twinkies, with fingers so fat you need to use a pencil to type your hate filled lies.

    stop being so bitter! miranda rules. the only bad thing you can say about her is that she slept with people she most likely did not sleep with at all. they’re called lies, sweeties! now hit that treadmill! :D

  56. 56
    So true! Says:

    Hey, Bro. Right on man. I agree 100% with everything you said. LOL the overweight tubbies always hate on these gorgeous chicks that don’t bust the scales at 200lbs. plus!

  57. 57
    JAMES Says:

    delphi loons = simple minded fatties. shudder. it’s a miracle any of these unfortunates have the mental stamina to be able to form sentences in able to post comments on jj. they obviously just look at the photos and explode with jealousy. every time they see a pic of miranda they scoff a bag of cheetos for every hate-filled comment they submit. it’s a never ending lard cycle of jealousy! :D

  58. 58
    SCOTT Says:

    HAHAHA miranda is a babe!

    all the haters: orlando would be repulsed by the sight of all of you, as would most men. orlando especially, since he has sex with the hottest babes with the best dna in the world – hello miranda!

    my advice would be to buy miranda’s book, read up on her gym workouts and eating plans and read a few books. go outside into the fresh air for a while and grow some brain cells.

    remember, all the junk you gourge yourself on comes back as your cells, eyelashes, thighs, etc. all those deep-fried treats are making you ugly. apples are good. apples = vitamins. vitamins = hotness.

    miranda = who you should worship. she is perfection. no wonder you all hate her. :D

  59. 59
    alegra Says:

    miranda is the least used vs model.. wonder why that is?

  60. 60
    Custom T Says:

    That girl is all legs!!

  61. 61
    frankie magazine Says:

    because she has david jones commitments and has endorsements with about 6 other brands…

    when in the states, she works 3 times a week for VS.

    girl has gots to have a life too, you know. she is paid well enough to be a bit picky with what she does.

  62. 62
    makes sense to me Says:

    Not as picky as Giselle.

  63. 63
    @59 Says:

    Would the “least used” models usually be heavily featured in the latest swim catalogue, AND have their picture on its cover? Or to have just finished another VS commercial? That sure is a funny way to not use her. Silly VS.

  64. 64
    allegra Says:

    Miranda is a trying hard dlist model who is known to some for being a ****! And why didn’t she have any participation in the recently held ny fashion week? wherein almost all prominent models were there…
    simple dlist

  65. 65
    frankie magazine Says:

    i think Gisele is in a league of her own, really. no-one will probably be as sucessful as she has been ever again, in my opinion. it was pretty much a fluke/ good timing.

    miranda has has tremendous success in what she has done. each model is different, and the reality is most models never get a break at all. they are lucky if they earn a designer cashmere sweater and $400 in their entire time as a model.

    miranda has done pretty well for herself.

  66. 66
    @64 Says:

    Were Adriana or Doutzen at fashion week in NY? Did they not have other commitments? Did they work the runway? Or were they just hangers on?

  67. 67
    @64 Says:

    If i’m not mistaken, miranda was/or still in oz until now due to some commitments, when the ny fashion week took place, so obviously she couldn’t be in ny at the same time.. I remember she did fashion week last year when she’s still not doing more david jones. She has a contract with dj, and they required her to be in oz for promotions, which is also in time for ny fashion week!

    Hey if you’re a fan of other models, there’s no need to hate/bring down other models ayt? just for the sake of making them better!

  68. 68
    Jealous nutcases Says:

    LOL. Allegra is one of the main ‘loon toons’ over at Delphi. Wouldn’t pay much heed to anything she has to say. She’s delusional/obsessed with ‘Miranda envy.’

  69. 69
    miranda Says:

    Hello everyone,
    Thanks so much for your support.
    I have had so much fun in Australia – it will always be home to me. But I am looking forward to going back to New York to see my lovely Frankie – I have missed her so much!

    As per usual, I have so many jobs lined up. By the looks of the schedule my agent sent to me today, it looks like I will not be getting much free time in the next few months! Which is why it was so special for me to spend so much time with my family and friends down under.

    Keep an eye out for my book “Treasure Yourself” which will be released in August. The publisher I have signed to is amazing and will be making this book exactly how I envisioned it to be. I hope young girls will treasure it forever and pass it down to their daughters.

    Have a safe and happy year (and I hope your dreams come true too!)


    P.S: Keep checking my official website.


  70. 70
    luci Says:


  71. 71
    @69 Says:


  72. 72
    @69 Says:

    Weren’t you ashamed that all your mall shows were flops.. LOL

  73. 73
    @69 Says:

    Weren’t you ashamed for having both flop mall shows? LOL

    A **** will always be as lut like miranda herself!

  74. 74
    @69 Says:


  75. 75
    Awww Says:

    Tut-tut-tut now ladies. Your ‘green-eyed monsters’ are showing and GROWING! (Best wishes for a wonderful 2009 MIranda! You’re a real sweetheart!)

  76. 76
    makes sense to me Says:

    Wow miranda! You just couldn’t resist making a cameo after you flooded your own thread with glowing remarks and intimate details about yourself. You seriously need to seek help. Real celebrities don’t spend all their time on message boards winding up posters that don’t like them. This is a sign of a serious problem. What are you teaching all those young girls who look up to you?

  77. 77
    @76 Says:

    You’re also stupid enough like some loons who keep on believing that she’s posting here…

    Anyone can post here with different or same names… IDIOT

  78. 78
    Too Funny Says:

    Bring it on! You are all just too funny!!

  79. 79
    quake Says:

    Almost all the VS angels are married and have kids now…

    Hhmm, who will be the next lucky one who’ll get hitched?

    Congrats adriana… best wishes!

  80. 80
    makes sense to me Says:

    Just like you idiots who quickly jumped all over that “allegra” idiot who didn’t even bother to spell her name right. You tards aren’t helping this girl in the least.

  81. 81
    @ 42 Says:

    Oh Please, do tell!

  82. 82
    loon Says:

    Now i know why the cabbage patch kid is so eager to get engaged, married, or pregnant…

    Yeah almost all the VS angels are married or have kids now…

    So sad that orlando isn’t the type of guy who wants commitment or kids..

    My advise to you girl, find a rich old man who is willing to give you all those things.. I’m sure you can get easily, right RICHARD BRANSON!

  83. 83
    LOL! Says:

    These idiots are stupid enough to believe that was really her.
    Oh, that’s too funny.

  84. 84
    @82 Says:

    I’m sure miranda will do that, but not now, cause she’s still using orlando to capitalize on her fame and success!

    I guarantee you, one day she’ll be with somebody regardless of looks, age or status, so long that he’s rich! And will agree to live in her cabbage farm in gunnedahobag…

  85. 85
    @82 Says:

    Actually, Orlando has often said that he wants kids. He’s said that from early on in his career. In fact, he is now in a better place, career wise, to raise a family than he’s ever been in. Financially secure (to put it mildly), and in a comitted relationship.

  86. 86
    loon Says:

    I bet miranda will be the next who’ll get pregnant huh.. And her career will be over!

  87. 87
    @83 Says:

    Are you so sure about that?

  88. 88
    @86 Says:

    Yeah! Like Heidi and Alessandra’s careers.
    Oh, wait.

  89. 89
    @83 Says:

    I 80% believe it is the cabbage girl…


    Because adriana is brave enough to post on her blog that she’s married, so why not do the same here on JJ, right cpk?

  90. 90
    @26 Says:

    a clean-living, down to earth, sweet, healthy young model who has had a lot of success as a model. she’s not a malnourished coat hanger on a high fashion runway in paris. she is a mainstream model who has a personality as well.

    exactly how far is you head up your ass. At least I got a good laugh from that fairy tale.

  91. 91
    to all Says:

    You guys are all funny making crazy comments to one another!
    Anyways, it’s such a good read!

    I like the names loon tuns, and cabbage patch kid!

    Miranda must name her kids after those beautiful names LOL

  92. 92
    @27 Says:

    In 2000, she became the fourth model to appear on the cover of the music magazine Rolling Stone, when she was named “the most beautiful girl in the world
    Since her debut, Bündchen has been the face of a variety of advertising campaigns including several seasons of Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Mervyn’s, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, Versace, Céline (brand), Givenchy, Bvlgari, Lanvin, Guerlain, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Earl Jean, Zara, Chloé, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and Victoria’s Secret. She has appeared in advertisements for Nivea lotion and is the face of several Brazilian brands including Vivo, Multiplan (Shopping Malls), Colcci, Credicard (Citibank) and Volkswagen do Brasil. After C&A Brazil hired Bündchen as a spokesmodel and began airing television commercials, sales increased by 30%.[14]

    Let me explain, the ones listed above are top designers, the ones you listed not so much, but I guess if you are having to cling to something with the dingho, you got to work with what you have.

  93. 93
    @89 Says:

    You said it. Adriana posted on HER blog. Not on JJ’s.
    If you really believe that Miranda took the time to post something here, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  94. 94
    @92 Says:

    There’s a new thread of gisele here on jj, you can post your appreciation on her own thread! LOL

  95. 95
    @94 Says:

    Just explaning what supermodel really means. Gisele, yes, Miranda no.
    And I think all the Delphi haters are hysterical. You are making judgements about well over a hundred people who you don’t know at all. But Miranda who has made a complete ass of herself many times (lapdance anyone) is a good down home girl. I think you are all the jellushaters. The combined IQ of the Delphi posters would blast your collective one out of the sky.

  96. 96
    matt Says:

    fat delphi loons. i bet your stubby fingers are covered in sugar. orlando would throw up in his mouth if he was ever unlucky enough to be in your presence. ugly hags. :)

  97. 97
    luci Says:

    ^ i’m sure orlando enjoyed the lapdance.

    oh, to be young, beautiful and a successful model. (yes – MODEL. miranda laughs at the idea of any one calling her a supermodel.)

    i love miranda may kerr! xo

  98. 98
    @95 Says:

    It’s the media that starts calling her with that tag, not her fans, or even herself! Maybe she’s getting there, cause she’s so driven!

    Are you saying that she’s a homebuddy? You’re crazy, that girl is a **** who sleeps with every man who can make her to be on top of her career!

  99. 99
    makes sense to me Says:


    You sure about that? So who do you think is behind all the very specific posts about her private plans and Orlando’s allegedly wanting to tell the world about their make believe engagement and other fairytale lies about their twu luv? How do you explain how everyone who has an encounter with her knows to come straight and spill the beans? Is it a coinkydink or is it the fat, toothless loons from delphi? It could be the obssesed shippers who think delphi is going to shut down just because they mention delphi every other post.

  100. 100
    orlando bloom Says:

    news flash: none of you will ever have the charmed life of ms. kerr/ mrs. bloom. i love her with all my heart. in fact, her heart is in my hands. ;)

    go back to your boring, minimum wage jobs and your binge-eating, hags! :)

  101. 101
    @95 Says:

    No No No. The words ‘IQ’ and ‘Delphi’ can never be used in the same sentence. Unless you use the word ‘low’ as a prefix for ‘IQ’. Then it would work. Unless you meant that if you combined the IQ of ALL the Delphi members, it would equal the average IQ of one normal person. Yeah, that’s what you must have meant by “combined IQ”. You just misused the term “collective”. Otherwise your statement wouldn’t make any sense at all.
    But “hundreds”? HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAH!! Nice try. How ’bout ten. Maybe eleven actual posters on that site. All with the same small brain. All using the same old lies. All using the same insults over and over.
    I’ll re-use some now to send your way…
    Sad, judgmental, ignorant, pathetic loons. How’s that?

  102. 102
    @99 Says:

    It can be true that the pips who have worked with her got a bit of the details..

    Fashion industry is also like showbiz.. Take a look at those pips who have worked with VS, they’re spilling the beans about every model they’ve encountered on different threads, and it doesn’t necessarily to be straight off the mouth of a model to know some details about their lives.

    You surely haven’t worked in the fashion business to know what’s going on.. Most models know what’s happening in the lives of other models, especially the famous ones!

  103. 103
    @99 Says:

    Yeah, sure. And all of those super secret insider posts have been proven false, haven’t they?
    You can’t believe any “insider”. Good or bad.
    But I imagine since this site is one of the more popular gossip blogs, people do come here to post about their encounters. It happens with most celebs. Not just Kerr/Bloom.

  104. 104
    too funny Says:

    You are all just getting better and better at this. Things are stepping up! Keep it coming.

    *pass the popcorn this way mate*

  105. 105
    @102 Says:

    Yeah, there was a blog from one of the dressers who works on the VS shows. She was one of Miranda’s dressers this year, and talked about how nice and down to earth Miranda was. She even had backstage pics of she and Miranda on her blog.

  106. 106
    @99.... Says:

    You really are delusional if you think MK posts on here, are you 12 or just dumb?…lol.

  107. 107
    @106 Says:

    Or both?

  108. 108
    therese Says:

    leave my daughter alone!!! she is lovely sheila with a big heart! if it wasn’t for her i wouldn’t be living in my multi-million piece of land in the outback! my son works at dennys in canada and i love him too. i love my family! miranda is the best daughter ever. i am so proud! next time you spread hate about her, just think of how you would feel if she was your daugher. have a heart! she is going to rise above the hate! she will win an oscar one day, you’ll see. love, therese kerr. xo

  109. 109

    I love Miranda. I’ve worked with her several times and she is the sweetest girl. Pick on someone like Jessica Stam, who is nasty to everyone and has had more nosejobs and botox injected in her face than an Olsen. Miranda is rare in the model world – beautiful inside and out and not vain at all. I wish her all the success in the world. She wouldn’t hurt a fly. -J.M

  110. 110
    @106 Says:

    Maybe little miss makes sense to me is both of those! Peace young girl!

    Is it official now that miranda will be joining the inaugural flight of Vairlines on friday with mr branson? Anyone..

  111. 111
    @101 Says:

    I only know my IQ. And I have no doubt it would kick your’s ass. Tell me your degrees, and I will tell you mine!

  112. 112
    @106 Says:

    Go to google news and type in Miranda Kerr. All Miranda news stories are in there. :D

  113. 113
    agot Says:

    Some fans will have a headache again cause orlando is still in OZ LOL

  114. 114
    @113 Says:

    Not really, she has him trained well. Wait until he sits up and begs for his food, maybe she has him roll over and play dead, kinda like his career. I wonder if she sticks him the cargo hold when they fly?

  115. 115
    @114 Says:

    So you’re implying that orlando hasn’t got a career no more? LOL

    Where have you been lately? Besides, there are special forums where you can exhale all your rants, ayt?

  116. 116
    @111 Says:

    Well obviously one of yours isn’t in English grammar.

  117. 117
    Duffy Says:

    Miranda is my top favorite model, followed by doutzen!

    Best of luck to both of you girls!

  118. 118
    nova Says:

    Adriana is indeed pregnant, and that’s the main reason why she resorted to a quickie wedding! To cover up her claim about virginity, and chastity! Congratz..

    Hopefully, miranda will be the next who will join the club of VS MOMMIES..

  119. 119
    Caitlin Says:

    I was at this exact Perth signing, she was really cute popping her head around the corner, she answered loads of questions and I went about 11am for the 12 pm runway talk and there were plenty of seats, sh signed hundreds of autographs and was really nice and friendly, and even had photos taken altho the staff asked us not to. It was under publicised so not many people knew about it but thats not her fault, she looked amazing and really knew her stuff about the clothes, the range and what looked right.

  120. 120
    @caitlin Says:

    You’re lucky you could get in! I wasn’t cause i came in late, and the security pips didn’t allow us cause they said it’s already full inside!

    And yeah it’s a very short notice by dj management! I only knew it on the morning of the said event!

    I guess it wasn’t really planned, just a last minute decision to compete with myers long planned mall show! LOL

  121. 121
    @120 Says:

    Both of her store visits were held with very short notice, but were still well attended for what they were.
    Workshops are OK, but I still think holding a true fashion show, with press in attendance was rather low rent for Myers.
    David Jones had two runway shows, and held them in proper venues, not crowded into a mall store, low ceilings and all. Tacky.

  122. 122
    bob dylan Says:

    i love miranda!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. 123
    zulu Says:

    Miranda is a ***** who has a reputation of being a **** and manipulator just to get dlist jobs LOL

  124. 124
    @123.... Says:

    Zulu you should stick to the “Delphi for idiots forum” were you can rant over and over again about your shared Miranda envy……lol.

  125. 125
    kala Says:

    miranda is sooo naturally gorgeous. no wonder orlando is obsessed and experiencing the most intense love in his life for her.

  126. 126
    acasha Says:

    I don’t want to say anymore nasty things about orlando or miranda…
    cause i don’t want to be called hater/jealous… cause why would i rant about them if i’m not feeling any of those emotions… it’s insanely crazy and kinda psychotic if i say it’s just for fan!

    I would like to say my heartfelt apology to orlando, especially to miranda for saying all those hurtful and disgusting comments…


  127. 127
    lola Says:

    thank you, acasha. love and karma to you. xo

  128. 128
    Nadia Says:

    @Lily@dina: excuse me! but I think you need to realize that everyone have different opinion.
    I think everyone have their own special charm. I agree with everyone saying that Miranda Kerr is beautiful, but she is not one of the most beautiful person in earth.
    Miranda Kerr has her own special charm, especially her dimples, but that doesn’t mean that other people can’t have their own opinion about who being pretty and who is not.

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