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Miranda Kerr Dazzles David Jones

Miranda Kerr Dazzles David Jones

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr shows off her legs for days while making an in-store appearance at David Jones in the Hay Street Mall in Perth, Australia on Saturday (February 21).

The 25-year-old is being sought after by Virgin boss, Richard Branson! A spokesperson for V Australia said, “The first VAustralia aircraft is the Didgeree Blue. The aircraft are usually female in persona and will likely be named after inspiring contemporary women,who match the brand personality for VAustralia!”

After SI model Bar Refaeli was plastered on the side of a Southwest airplane, naming an airplane after Miranda doesn’t seem too far off!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr dazzling David Jones…

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Credit: BIG Australia; Photos: FlynetOnline
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    I’ll re-use some now to send your way…
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  • @99

    It can be true that the pips who have worked with her got a bit of the details..

    Fashion industry is also like showbiz.. Take a look at those pips who have worked with VS, they’re spilling the beans about every model they’ve encountered on different threads, and it doesn’t necessarily to be straight off the mouth of a model to know some details about their lives.

    You surely haven’t worked in the fashion business to know what’s going on.. Most models know what’s happening in the lives of other models, especially the famous ones!

  • @99

    Yeah, sure. And all of those super secret insider posts have been proven false, haven’t they?
    You can’t believe any “insider”. Good or bad.
    But I imagine since this site is one of the more popular gossip blogs, people do come here to post about their encounters. It happens with most celebs. Not just Kerr/Bloom.

  • too funny

    You are all just getting better and better at this. Things are stepping up! Keep it coming.

    *pass the popcorn this way mate*

  • @102

    Yeah, there was a blog from one of the dressers who works on the VS shows. She was one of Miranda’s dressers this year, and talked about how nice and down to earth Miranda was. She even had backstage pics of she and Miranda on her blog.

  • @99….

    You really are delusional if you think MK posts on here, are you 12 or just dumb?…lol.

  • @106

    Or both?

  • therese

    leave my daughter alone!!! she is lovely sheila with a big heart! if it wasn’t for her i wouldn’t be living in my multi-million piece of land in the outback! my son works at dennys in canada and i love him too. i love my family! miranda is the best daughter ever. i am so proud! next time you spread hate about her, just think of how you would feel if she was your daugher. have a heart! she is going to rise above the hate! she will win an oscar one day, you’ll see. love, therese kerr. xo


    I love Miranda. I’ve worked with her several times and she is the sweetest girl. Pick on someone like Jessica Stam, who is nasty to everyone and has had more nosejobs and botox injected in her face than an Olsen. Miranda is rare in the model world – beautiful inside and out and not vain at all. I wish her all the success in the world. She wouldn’t hurt a fly. -J.M

  • @106

    Maybe little miss makes sense to me is both of those! Peace young girl!

    Is it official now that miranda will be joining the inaugural flight of Vairlines on friday with mr branson? Anyone..

  • @101

    I only know my IQ. And I have no doubt it would kick your’s ass. Tell me your degrees, and I will tell you mine!

  • @106

    Go to google news and type in Miranda Kerr. All Miranda news stories are in there. :D

  • agot

    Some fans will have a headache again cause orlando is still in OZ LOL

  • @113

    Not really, she has him trained well. Wait until he sits up and begs for his food, maybe she has him roll over and play dead, kinda like his career. I wonder if she sticks him the cargo hold when they fly?

  • @114

    So you’re implying that orlando hasn’t got a career no more? LOL

    Where have you been lately? Besides, there are special forums where you can exhale all your rants, ayt?

  • @111

    Well obviously one of yours isn’t in English grammar.

  • Duffy

    Miranda is my top favorite model, followed by doutzen!

    Best of luck to both of you girls!

  • nova

    Adriana is indeed pregnant, and that’s the main reason why she resorted to a quickie wedding! To cover up her claim about virginity, and chastity! Congratz..

    Hopefully, miranda will be the next who will join the club of VS MOMMIES..

  • Caitlin

    I was at this exact Perth signing, she was really cute popping her head around the corner, she answered loads of questions and I went about 11am for the 12 pm runway talk and there were plenty of seats, sh signed hundreds of autographs and was really nice and friendly, and even had photos taken altho the staff asked us not to. It was under publicised so not many people knew about it but thats not her fault, she looked amazing and really knew her stuff about the clothes, the range and what looked right.

  • @caitlin

    You’re lucky you could get in! I wasn’t cause i came in late, and the security pips didn’t allow us cause they said it’s already full inside!

    And yeah it’s a very short notice by dj management! I only knew it on the morning of the said event!

    I guess it wasn’t really planned, just a last minute decision to compete with myers long planned mall show! LOL

  • @120

    Both of her store visits were held with very short notice, but were still well attended for what they were.
    Workshops are OK, but I still think holding a true fashion show, with press in attendance was rather low rent for Myers.
    David Jones had two runway shows, and held them in proper venues, not crowded into a mall store, low ceilings and all. Tacky.

  • bob dylan

    i love miranda!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zulu

    Miranda is a skank who has a reputation of being a slut and manipulator just to get dlist jobs LOL

  • @123….

    Zulu you should stick to the “Delphi for idiots forum” were you can rant over and over again about your shared Miranda envy……lol.

  • kala

    miranda is sooo naturally gorgeous. no wonder orlando is obsessed and experiencing the most intense love in his life for her.

  • acasha

    I don’t want to say anymore nasty things about orlando or miranda…
    cause i don’t want to be called hater/jealous… cause why would i rant about them if i’m not feeling any of those emotions… it’s insanely crazy and kinda psychotic if i say it’s just for fan!

    I would like to say my heartfelt apology to orlando, especially to miranda for saying all those hurtful and disgusting comments…


  • lola

    thank you, acasha. love and karma to you. xo

  • Nadia

    @Lily@dina: excuse me! but I think you need to realize that everyone have different opinion.
    I think everyone have their own special charm. I agree with everyone saying that Miranda Kerr is beautiful, but she is not one of the most beautiful person in earth.
    Miranda Kerr has her own special charm, especially her dimples, but that doesn’t mean that other people can’t have their own opinion about who being pretty and who is not.