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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Oscars Rehearsals!

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Oscars Rehearsals!

Get excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out this exclusive shot of High School Musical stars (and real-life couple) Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens singing and dancing their hearts out on stage at LA’s Kodak Theater while rehearsing for one of the biggest musical numbers of tonight’s 2009 Oscars.

There are a number of other singers and dancers that pop on stage during their performance including one gorgeous dream girl and some blingin’ dancing queens. Let’s just say musical worlds collide!

Later on in the night, you’re in for a real treat with another LEGENDary collaboration. Nudge, nudge!

The 81st Academy Awards will air TONIGHT @ 5PM PT/8PM ET on ABC. Australia star (and upcoming Wolverine star) Hugh Jackman is responsible for hosting duties. Don’t miss it!!!

UPDATE: Bigger pics inside…

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  • curious

    Okay, Jared….please, crawl out of their ass!!! You get so f*ing excited for ANYTHING Zac and Vanessa, it’s sorta sad…

  • ZVfan

    OMFG I CAN’T WAIT ,I CAN’T OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anna

    OMG *-*

  • lynn

    can not wait to see this

  • Rose

    OMG! Can’t wait to watch it!

  • elenee

    IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherie

    Are you kiddin that High School musical actors are going to be on Oscar?
    what shame.

  • nessa

    OMFG. i can’t wait to see that!!!

  • K.G.

    I actually can wait. Jared how old are you? 10? I’m more excited for Hugh jackman!

  • Just a thought

    Can’t wait for tonight show!!!!!!

  • emma


  • emma

    Well at least these stars were in a box office hit. That’s still currency in any industry. They bring the eyeballs. They are both well like and Zack has some big important films coming out soon. I can see why Zanessa is there but why will Megan Fox be there?

  • Serena


    and I’m so excited for the Oscars!!!!

  • sjk

    HELLO…………….yeahyah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Can’t wait to see this!!!

  • Jo

    I am so tuning in! yay

  • http://ZAcEfron MARIE

    Tonight is going to be amazing,

  • mylabs

    That looks HOT. Can’t wait to see this tonight. I’m curious about the legendary collaboration.

  • joss

    ewww HSM is so overrated, espcially zac and his lame girlfriend who can’t really sing or dance without some choreography…
    oscar ruined by some lame stars

  • kc


  • Sherie

    Zac and vanessa aren’t stars.
    They can’t even act, sing or dance.
    Shame on you Oscar.

  • anna

    omgggggg, i am going to tape it on all three of my tivos lol

  • tara schwarz

    im in the uk and im way way too excited

  • april

    love it !! can’t wait to see them ! Thanks, JJ

  • ‘Mandise

    this pic of zac and van is sexy but they’re both s.k.a.n.k.s. Hugh Jackman is HOT <3

  • LolaSvelt

    Oh my god, this is horrible! It’s like my worst nightmare. Are they that desperate for viewe

  • LolaSvelt

    Oh my god, this is horrible! It’s like my worst nightmare. Are they that desperate for viewe

  • ‘Mandise

    Can’t wait to see the Oscars winners and the whole ceremony btw ! =)

  • Jo

    don’t hate. then why the hell is robert pattinson there? relatively unknown, he starred in one hit movie, then he’s at the oscars? bringing in the viewers, duh! oscars want some ratings! and hugh Jackman is sexy

  • feebz

    great move, old-tiring-oscars!

  • Jennifer w

    zac and vanessa look great and i can’t wait to see what all they do together tonight

  • Ingrid

    This really is a travesty. These talentless c_nts performing at the Oscars? I hope Vanessa trips down the stairs and reveals her vag. Oh sorry wait, she already did the last part.

  • fahad

    i must say there is no point in getting this excieted about this. oscars are way boring and i dont thik vanessa and zac are going to change that. wat r they performing anyway??? the ‘dance’ song??? all i can say is that Vanessa looks Hot as usual.

  • RedBaron

    OH MY GOD.


    First Miley Cyrus on Golden Globe, being a total bitch, now this?! On the most prestige awards in Hollywood?

  • Madeleine

    That looks hot. I’m going to have to stay up and hopefully catch it on GMTV lol.


    omggggggggggggggggggggg i had a heart attack goooooosh

    omg omg i can’t even speak ahhhhhhh i’m screaming right now ..

    i can’t wait

    haters .. just shut the fuck up

  • ThatGirl

    Jared, sometimes you have really good taste. You post pictures of Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway, even Brangelina have some talent, but when you post about how excited you are to see these twits perfoming, it makes me think “Really?”

    This is starting to turn into the MTV Movie Awards. If Sean Penn, Mickey Rourke, Meryl Streep etc… weren’t in attendance, I’d say it definitely was.

  • zane

    ZANESSA all the way!!!!!!!!!!! so excited to see them perform live at Oscar!!!

  • JodieFosterFan

    ‘Fahad’, you would say that.

    I bet you’re a fan of fast cars and explosions or watching ‘Zanessa’ dancing in some horrid Disney film, but when it comes to good films, you think “Oh that’s so boring, My taste in films is so blahblahblah, I suck.”

  • MOMO


  • Athenais

    they are so amazing and sweet … I want to watch oscars tonight …

    It’s hard in France

  • Meltem


  • SheandHim

    What a f_cking joke. Jared, you’re actually anticipating? Oh I forgot, you cream all over the teenboppers.

    I usually don’t comment on these teenyboppers, but when they start to invade the Oscars, I have to give my two cents!

    What next? Miley Cyrus hosting the Lead Actor award instead of Marion Cotillard? The Jonas Brothers instead of Daniel Day-Lewis?! Tilda Swinton given a smaller category in favour of Eva Longoria? Javier Bardem replaced by Adam Sandler? Selena Gomez announcing Best Picture?

  • vancrazed

    You guys do realize that everyone has to start somewhere. They really wouldn’t have asked them to perform live if they totally sucked. Your precious Anne was also a disney tween love at one point and look where she is now. Give these two a chance to grow up and into their careers. They are growing and emerging. They will do great. I am proud of them. For two kids that have come from nothing, they deserve what they have gotten.

  • Joanne

    JARED you’re awesome don’t listen to these people. I hope you have fun at the oscars! i’m jealous! =)

  • elenee

    these comments are hilarious.
    you know, if they didn’t have any talent?
    then why the f_ck would they have them perform there?
    they are actually good.
    Zanessa did not ask to perform.
    the people who organize this did.
    so suck it up.
    and watch it or don’t.

  • Ale

    I was expecting it was a joke, It is not.
    cheap trick Oscars!

  • emine

    omg i’m dead

  • mej1031

    i cant wait(:
    i also cant wait for robert pattinson and kristen stewart either.
    ahhh i want the day to go by fastt(:
    hehe i cant waitt. haha. WAHOOO!
    wooww! its gonna be a good oscars!
    i think at least(:

  • Rosa

    this is goin to be the BEST oscar EVER ..

  • The Shiznack

    Q. Is Jared a teeny bopper?

    He seems to get awfully excited over these two