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Adriana Lima is Married to Marko

Adriana Lima is Married to Marko

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima confirms to People that she secretly got married (to basketball player Marko Jaric) on Valentine’s Day! JJ reported on their engagement in June of 2008.

The pair eloped in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in a small, private civil ceremony.

Adriana said, “We are so excited about our future together. And we are really looking forward to a big romantic wedding this summer with all of our friends and family.”

The happy couple will look to celebrate next in Adriana’s native Brazil or Marko’s native Serbia.


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  • Liza

    Obviously she is pregnant.

  • Lilly

    So she’s pregnant. She’s not so smart huh?

  • dri

    I’m happy for adriana.. Congrats to you dear!

    At least she’s not an unmarried mother, and still believes in the sacred of marriage!

  • sam

    they should get merried in Serbia.
    great wedding parties there!

  • Fan Site


    yes, she get married, BUT SHE DO NOT HAVE MYSPACE.

  • The Shiznack

    I was gonna comment that she is up the duff until i read the whole post and she basically answered my question

  • quake

    Almost all the VS angels are married and have kids now…

    Hhmm, who will be the next lucky one who will get hitched?

    Congrats adriana… Best wishes!

  • ellie

    Congrats to them both! What a beautiful couple, wish them all the happiness in the world.

  • grizzlies

    What happened to the commitment that “I’ll stay a virgin until i get married”

    Obviously, she’s pregnant now, and hurried to get married. But, anyways, i still admire adriana for believing in marriage!

  • vamp

    Why is it that almost every year there’s a VS angel that gets pregnant LOL

    I’m waiting for the next one…

  • sam

    What’s so honorable about believing in marriage?


    Shut up #9!

    SHE’S A ROLE MODEL.. she is just SO cute!! why the whole pregnant thing? nobody knows it for sure! so be quiet, pleease.

    and i think you should get married in Brazil, cause seriously, no offenses, but SERBIA? wtf?

    eu te amo adriana, toda sorte do muuuuuuuuuuuuundo! voce é lindíssima =)

  • faye

    A virgin she is not…

  • Angelx

    Adriana is not pregnant.
    And the wedding will be in brazil

  • sam

    Hey Julia, what the hell do you know about Serbia? I bet you couldn’t tell me one thing without googling it. Brazil is great, but serbian is just amazing!

  • grizzlies

    Sorry guys but, she’s indeed pregnant!

    No one is forcing you to believe it, but you will just see…

  • The Shiznack

    whoever believed she was a virgin is a fool

    she made that comment well after her relationship with Lenny Kravitz

    Lenny Kravitz ppl…….

  • uma


  • hmmm

    I guess that Miranda is next, huh?

  • @17

    Of course it’s for pr..

    And look what happened, the gq mag saled like cupcakes, and she really did become famous after that proclamation!

    The great thing is she still believes in marriage, and doesn’t want her child to be born out of marriage.. So kudos to her!

  • ihavenolife

    where does it say she is pregnant? well if she is, by summer when the wedding is scheduled she would be showing.

  • sam

    What’s wrong about having a baby without being married?

  • @19


    It’s possible, look at the girl, so desperate to be engaged, and continuously commenting about her future life in the farm and having kids. I will not be surprised if she’ll be the next one. The only question is to whom!


    Sam, come on… i’m not talking that Serbia’s BORING or something like that… i’m just saying it because i think that people would rather to see her getting married in Brazil.. just as Gisele’s gonna get. I PREFER to see them getting married in Brazil, and I KNOW THEY WILL.. and i do believe that people from Manhattan (where i live) are with me.

    well for you, if you’d rather them in Serbia GOOD LUCK.. it’s gonna be Marko, Adri and some paparazzi.. NO family..

    oh, and YOU sure =)

    kill yourself

  • may

    The term VS ANGELS should be replaced with VS MOMMIES lol

  • sam

    Oh, I’m not serbian, I’m brazilian. But I’ve been to Serbia a few times and have been to weddings there.
    And Mike, that is very unlikely to happen in Serbia. When was the last time you read the news? That was actually a very ignorant comment ;)


    ta bom, Sam.. se voce é brasileira, vamos conversar em portugues. ;)

    Can you answer me that, please? i`m getting confused.

  • sam

    Quanta desconfiança, menina. Confusa pq?

  • rose

    A virgin on disguise!

  • Rubiana

    Marco looks like a lab experiment gone wrong, poor thing. Adri must be blinded by love cuz he ain’t no easy on the eyes, eww

  • sam

    hahah yeah, because there are no wars or diseases in Brazil! people, people, do your research!

    julia, minha querida, tá tarde aqui no rio e não vou ficar de papo aqui.
    mas teu comentário foi bem preconceituoso. fico puta quando brasileiro faz isso, pq a gente sofre muito preconceito e devia saber como é ruim. continuo tendo certeza que vc não sabe nada da sérvia.
    boa noite

  • @32

    It must be love.. Or maybe adriana likes big men wtih big ehem..

    Look at those men she previously dated! LOL

  • @31

    Ignorant jack*ss

  • chico

    alguém me explica pq td brasileiro na internet precisa se auto afirmar o tempo td?! isso queima nosso filme galera, fica ridículo!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    “PRIVATE”-wedding is another word for “BUDGET”-wedding.
    This because americans aren’t allowed to become “SMART”-persons.

  • Ivana

    “…he is from a country where they have wars and gangs, diseases, no running water and stuff, they are like Russians, totally poor. they should definitely do it in beautiful Brasillllllll…”

    I’m guessing the only thing you know about Brazil is that Giselle Bunchen Sports Illustrated cover you must have framed above your bed.

  • kate

    obviously you ugys are idiots. dont ya’ll know she was saving her virginity till marriage
    guess she can have sex now

  • http://Goawaybeyonce I LOVE YOU

    Adriana Lima married him… HIM??? As long as she’s happy… but come on Adriana you’re HOT!…

  • Cheery


  • Ivana

    Serbia is a beautiful country with rivers, lakes, spas, mountains, good music, excellent food and beutiful people. Media is something else.
    Sorry, but she knows what`s best :)

  • Ivana

    and one more thing, when you think of Serbia think of for example:
    Ana Ivanovic
    Mila Jovovic
    Novak Djokovic
    Catherine Oxenberg, her royal princess of Yugoslavia
    Constantine the Great, Roman emperor born like 14 other Roman emperors born in this country
    Nikola Tesla, if you are at least educated you`ll know that electricity had not existed before him. So, when you see US cities sparkling at night think of that
    and many many more…
    So, do not be illiterate, just open your mind. it`s 21 cent, for god`s sake!

  • YES!

    Another South American model got prego on purpose – so shocking!

  • ralph

    Isn’t Serbia one of those countries in Eastern Europe rich in prostitution and not much else? That being said, I hate Marko, lucky bastard!

  • liz

    Mila Jovovic is Ukranian, Tesla is Croatian, and I wouldn’t know who the other ones are, are they supposed to be famous?

  • Ivana

    `Mila Jovovic is Ukranian, Tesla is Croatian, and I wouldn’t know who the other ones are, are they supposed to be famous`

    Tesla is Serbian, sorry (Serbian Christian if you did not know,google it)
    Mila Jovovic`s father is Serbian

  • Ivana

    `Isn’t Serbia one of those countries in Eastern Europe rich in prostitution and not much else`

    No, Serbia is European country that existed 2000 years before US was found…somewhere…

    North to Greece and Italy and south to Hungary. Geography was poor, wasn`t it?

  • Adriana

    congratulations adriiiii, you are so beautiful wish you all the best..ur man is sorta fug though, I don’t know what Serbia is but it looks like they are some ugly people haha. Jared I hope you will get her wedding photos this summer, she will look so beautiful as a bride!

  • Nena

    Serbian men are pure gentlemen and Brazilian women are so sexy
    good match

  • lUCY

    One hot coupple! Basketball player and a MMMMMM model!
    PERFECT :)

  • mrs hugh jackman

    ugly ugly ugly his eyes are only one inch apart