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Adriana Lima is Married to Marko

Adriana Lima is Married to Marko

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima confirms to People that she secretly got married (to basketball player Marko Jaric) on Valentine’s Day! JJ reported on their engagement in June of 2008.

The pair eloped in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in a small, private civil ceremony.

Adriana said, “We are so excited about our future together. And we are really looking forward to a big romantic wedding this summer with all of our friends and family.”

The happy couple will look to celebrate next in Adriana’s native Brazil or Marko’s native Serbia.


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117 Responses to “Adriana Lima is Married to Marko”

  1. 1
    Liza Says:

    Obviously she is pregnant.

  2. 2
    Lilly Says:

    So she’s pregnant. She’s not so smart huh?

  3. 3
    dri Says:

    I’m happy for adriana.. Congrats to you dear!

    At least she’s not an unmarried mother, and still believes in the sacred of marriage!

  4. 4
    sam Says:

    they should get merried in Serbia.
    great wedding parties there!

  5. 5 Fan Site Says:


    yes, she get married, BUT SHE DO NOT HAVE MYSPACE.

  6. 6
    The Shiznack Says:

    I was gonna comment that she is up the duff until i read the whole post and she basically answered my question

  7. 7
    quake Says:

    Almost all the VS angels are married and have kids now…

    Hhmm, who will be the next lucky one who will get hitched?

    Congrats adriana… Best wishes!

  8. 8
    ellie Says:

    Congrats to them both! What a beautiful couple, wish them all the happiness in the world.

  9. 9
    grizzlies Says:

    What happened to the commitment that “I’ll stay a virgin until i get married”

    Obviously, she’s pregnant now, and hurried to get married. But, anyways, i still admire adriana for believing in marriage!

  10. 10
    vamp Says:

    Why is it that almost every year there’s a VS angel that gets pregnant LOL

    I’m waiting for the next one…

  11. 11
    sam Says:

    What’s so honorable about believing in marriage?

  12. 12
    JULIA Says:

    Shut up #9!

    SHE’S A ROLE MODEL.. she is just SO cute!! why the whole pregnant thing? nobody knows it for sure! so be quiet, pleease.

    and i think you should get married in Brazil, cause seriously, no offenses, but SERBIA? wtf?

    eu te amo adriana, toda sorte do muuuuuuuuuuuuundo! voce é lindíssima =)

  13. 13
    faye Says:

    A virgin she is not…

  14. 14
    Angelx Says:

    Adriana is not pregnant.
    And the wedding will be in brazil

  15. 15
    sam Says:

    Hey Julia, what the hell do you know about Serbia? I bet you couldn’t tell me one thing without googling it. Brazil is great, but serbian is just amazing!

  16. 16
    grizzlies Says:

    Sorry guys but, she’s indeed pregnant!

    No one is forcing you to believe it, but you will just see…

  17. 17
    The Shiznack Says:

    whoever believed she was a virgin is a fool

    she made that comment well after her relationship with Lenny Kravitz

    Lenny Kravitz ppl…….

  18. 18
    uma Says:


  19. 19
    hmmm Says:

    I guess that Miranda is next, huh?

  20. 20
    @17 Says:

    Of course it’s for pr..

    And look what happened, the gq mag saled like cupcakes, and she really did become famous after that proclamation!

    The great thing is she still believes in marriage, and doesn’t want her child to be born out of marriage.. So kudos to her!

  21. 21
    ihavenolife Says:

    where does it say she is pregnant? well if she is, by summer when the wedding is scheduled she would be showing.

  22. 22
    sam Says:

    What’s wrong about having a baby without being married?

  23. 23
    @19 Says:


    It’s possible, look at the girl, so desperate to be engaged, and continuously commenting about her future life in the farm and having kids. I will not be surprised if she’ll be the next one. The only question is to whom!

  24. 24
    JULIA Says:

    Sam, come on… i’m not talking that Serbia’s BORING or something like that… i’m just saying it because i think that people would rather to see her getting married in Brazil.. just as Gisele’s gonna get. I PREFER to see them getting married in Brazil, and I KNOW THEY WILL.. and i do believe that people from Manhattan (where i live) are with me.

    well for you, if you’d rather them in Serbia GOOD LUCK.. it’s gonna be Marko, Adri and some paparazzi.. NO family..

    oh, and YOU sure =)

    kill yourself

  25. 25
    may Says:

    The term VS ANGELS should be replaced with VS MOMMIES lol

  26. 26
    sam Says:

    Oh, I’m not serbian, I’m brazilian. But I’ve been to Serbia a few times and have been to weddings there.
    And Mike, that is very unlikely to happen in Serbia. When was the last time you read the news? That was actually a very ignorant comment ;)

  27. 27
    JULIA Says:

    ta bom, Sam.. se voce é brasileira, vamos conversar em portugues. ;)

    Can you answer me that, please? i`m getting confused.

  28. 28
    sam Says:

    Quanta desconfiança, menina. Confusa pq?

  29. 29
    rose Says:

    A virgin on disguise!

  30. 30
    Rubiana Says:

    Marco looks like a lab experiment gone wrong, poor thing. Adri must be blinded by love cuz he ain’t no easy on the eyes, eww

  31. 31
    sam Says:

    hahah yeah, because there are no wars or diseases in Brazil! people, people, do your research!

    julia, minha querida, tá tarde aqui no rio e não vou ficar de papo aqui.
    mas teu comentário foi bem preconceituoso. fico puta quando brasileiro faz isso, pq a gente sofre muito preconceito e devia saber como é ruim. continuo tendo certeza que vc não sabe nada da sérvia.
    boa noite

  32. 32
    @32 Says:

    It must be love.. Or maybe adriana likes big men wtih big ehem..

    Look at those men she previously dated! LOL

  33. 33
    @31 Says:

    Ignorant jack*ss

  34. 34
    chico Says:

    alguém me explica pq td brasileiro na internet precisa se auto afirmar o tempo td?! isso queima nosso filme galera, fica ridículo!

  35. 35
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    “PRIVATE”-wedding is another word for “BUDGET”-wedding.
    This because americans aren’t allowed to become “SMART”-persons.

  36. 36
    Ivana Says:

    “…he is from a country where they have wars and gangs, diseases, no running water and stuff, they are like Russians, totally poor. they should definitely do it in beautiful Brasillllllll…”

    I’m guessing the only thing you know about Brazil is that Giselle Bunchen Sports Illustrated cover you must have framed above your bed.

  37. 37
    kate Says:

    obviously you ugys are idiots. dont ya’ll know she was saving her virginity till marriage
    guess she can have sex now

  38. 38
    I LOVE YOU Says:

    Adriana Lima married him… HIM??? As long as she’s happy… but come on Adriana you’re HOT!…

  39. 39
    Cheery Says:


  40. 40
    Ivana Says:

    Serbia is a beautiful country with rivers, lakes, spas, mountains, good music, excellent food and beutiful people. Media is something else.
    Sorry, but she knows what`s best :)

  41. 41
    Ivana Says:

    and one more thing, when you think of Serbia think of for example:
    Ana Ivanovic
    Mila Jovovic
    Novak Djokovic
    Catherine Oxenberg, her royal princess of Yugoslavia
    Constantine the Great, Roman emperor born like 14 other Roman emperors born in this country
    Nikola Tesla, if you are at least educated you`ll know that electricity had not existed before him. So, when you see US cities sparkling at night think of that
    and many many more…
    So, do not be illiterate, just open your mind. it`s 21 cent, for god`s sake!

  42. 42
    YES! Says:

    Another South American model got prego on purpose – so shocking!

  43. 43
    ralph Says:

    Isn’t Serbia one of those countries in Eastern Europe rich in prostitution and not much else? That being said, I hate Marko, lucky *******!

  44. 44
    liz Says:

    Mila Jovovic is Ukranian, Tesla is Croatian, and I wouldn’t know who the other ones are, are they supposed to be famous?

  45. 45
    Ivana Says:

    `Mila Jovovic is Ukranian, Tesla is Croatian, and I wouldn’t know who the other ones are, are they supposed to be famous`

    Tesla is Serbian, sorry (Serbian Christian if you did not know,google it)
    Mila Jovovic`s father is Serbian

  46. 46
    Ivana Says:

    `Isn’t Serbia one of those countries in Eastern Europe rich in prostitution and not much else`

    No, Serbia is European country that existed 2000 years before US was found…somewhere…

    North to Greece and Italy and south to Hungary. Geography was poor, wasn`t it?

  47. 47
    Adriana Says:

    congratulations adriiiii, you are so beautiful wish you all the best..ur man is sorta fug though, I don’t know what Serbia is but it looks like they are some ugly people haha. Jared I hope you will get her wedding photos this summer, she will look so beautiful as a bride!

  48. 48
    Nena Says:

    Serbian men are pure gentlemen and Brazilian women are so sexy
    good match

  49. 49
    lUCY Says:

    One hot coupple! Basketball player and a MMMMMM model!
    PERFECT :)

  50. 50
    mrs hugh jackman Says:

    ugly ugly ugly his eyes are only one inch apart

  51. 51
    Wayne Says:

    She’s married to a Cyclops.. sad..

  52. 52
    Not impressed by JA Says:

    LOl, as a mixed raced with afro and portuguese background i love Brasil but there are several Brasils. One is full of beautiful girls, great weather, great soccor players, food, sea, s*x, beach and music, the other one is full of poverty, favellas and drugs, child prostitution, gangster and violence, child murderers, corrupted police and tranny prostitutes.
    So for those who slam Serbia while praising Brasil, think twice. There is no such country as paradise. Every one of them have some hellish spots include beautiful Brasil that is a country with many urban violence with many child poverty on the street, many prostitution too, including male prostitution and trannies.

  53. 53
    katie Says:

    Right on Wayne, he does look like a cyclops

  54. 54
    lola Says:

    adriana is beautiful but her man is funny looking

  55. 55
    Ivana Says:

    Is this ugly for you?×0.589×912.jpeg

    Men from Serbia are MEN

  56. 56
    onlooker Says:

    apparently she likes big ones!

  57. 57
    Brazilianbabe Says:

    Serbia isn’t even a real country, serbes looks like monkeys and their country doesn’t even belong to them it belongs to albania I hate our Brazilian beauty marrying a serbian monkey

  58. 58
    Alex Says:

    Although I must admit Marko Jaric is not the best looking guy out there, don’t bash him because of his nationality. You guys, Kendra, Nick and others are being racist and i hope you know better than that.

  59. 59
    BE free Says:

    My BF must be in tears! LOL! Adriana Lima is his so-called “ideal” woman.

  60. 60
    Alex Says:

    Quite a few pissed Brazilians we have here. Don’t be mad I’m sure you guys have a plenty of hot lookin’ babes left back home.

  61. 61
    Jelena Says:

    OOOO PLEASE, STOP don’t be so judgmental, do have respect for all people, all countries, races and cultures, and I hate when people write things they even don’t know anything about, and very ugly and offensive, this is so sad, that you people think like that. Please inform before you go and write such things, how can you even name a whole nation to be criminals. monkeys…, am so sorry for you people,do you have any education

  62. 62
    MIMI Says:

    SERBIA is great.I m from serbia and it isnt america but its great and please dont let that comments becouse you dont now about serbia enything;like i now english!!!!!!!xexe

  63. 63
    MIMI Says:

    serbia rocks!!!and please do not coment about serbia if you dont now something,im from serbia and its not like you sed its awsoome abd we have wather and evrything so plz don talk craps….ps:
    sorry for english

  64. 64
    WOW Says:

    Seems like all vs angels are either married or got pregnant…

    Who will be next that will join the club?


  65. 65
    Mima Says:

    I just love it when people are so thickheaded they can’t see past their own backyard. Common misconception is that Serbia isn’t much different from Afghanistan or any other similar country in terms of corruption, crime, disease and so on and so forth. Trust me, you couldn’t be more wrong. Just because the country is in Eastern Europe does not mean it’s poor or that its citizens live in constant war and gang battling and what not. Especially the north part of Serbia. I mean, would I be speaking English this well if half of the population was living in cardboard boxes or whatever you picture in your mind when you think of Serbia? Do you honestly think I would be sitting here, in Novi Sad, one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia and looking up if the people surrounding me were dying from TB or plague or whatever? Please.

    I’m sorry you feel that way about my country, but if you actually took some time to Google it (and by that I mean something other than its political troubles, because if that’s all you judge it on then I have a thing or two to say about USA and it’s unfortunate economy crisis) or if you came to visit, you’d see that we are actually a group of welcoming, warmhearted, albeit slightly loud people who definitely know how to throw a good party.

    But wherever Marko and Adriana decide to have their wedding will be fine with me, just as long as they’re happy.

  66. 66
    chico Says:

    bando de brasileiro babaca aqui! ê povo burro! quando alguém fala merda do Brasil é atacado, mas a gente pode ter preconceito com outros países?!?! isso é muito feio, gente!! feio e ignorante.

  67. 67
    chico Says:

    I want to apologize on behalf of the brazilians on this forum. You would think that a people that suffers a lot of prejudice themselfs would think twice after throwing it at others. Shame, shame…

  68. 68
    - 23 Says:

    actually all international crime from Bosnia, not Serbia, I just remind you about it.

    and Marko are beautiful but Adriana is very beautiful than him.
    but the vision of himself that it must be true that man must be more beautiful than the woman? I saw no vision to write something like this with whom most beautiful and who is not. you love one another Because of personality is not beauty.

    I can look at Adriana and Marko that they love each other and that they would welcome they had engaged each other. so i should be happy getting the love each other and do not find errors on the ugly and the beautiful

    I think that the wedding will be in Serbia. Marko is the man and then the wedding should be in Serbia. Serbia has a good attitude to their weddings and I know that if there are pictures of the wedding if it is in Serbia, so will love to see it. I visually determined that it beautifully.

    but if it is in Brazil will certainly beautiful. and they also have their own opinion which I unfortunately do not know. but because Marko is the man in the house, visually I think it should be in Serbia.

  69. 69
    Jelena Says:

    Tako je Mima,sugradjanko, lepo receno:)!

  70. 70
    - 23 Says:

    fantastic said mima

  71. 71
    11 Says:

    adriana _ marko!!!

  72. 72
    Ivana Says:

    Well, if I may say I haven`t expected this sort of hatred and negative illiterate thoughts towards my country Serbia.
    So sorry for your lack of knowledge and behavior.

    Ivana, just one more English literature teacher from that scary place called Serbia

  73. 73
    JELENA Says:

    Ok..shut the hell up!!!! They are adorable couple and they’ll get married anywhere they want!!! It is not up to you!!! And I am from Serbia and what is wrong with Serbia… It is just small smaller country then Brazil, it is not so dangerous as you think and is nice and not like with terorists or something cuz you’ve been listening too much to some stupid jerks on tv!!! If you wanna judge Serbia then first come there and see your self, believe in what you see not what you hear!!!!
    Brazil is sooo overrated, come on! It would be cooler if they come to Serbia, so maybe you could finnaly see how it looks to get married there….. Ps. Do you even know where Serbia is??? cuz you look stupid to me……:))

  74. 74
    carla Says:

    I´m from Brazil and agree with all the serbians here!
    Brazil is much more dangerous then Serbia anyway… and I´ve heard great things about wedding celebrations in the balkans, so it must be fun!
    beijos nas crianças

  75. 75
    Nataša Says:

    OMG, stop with the bashing…

    Great posts chico and Ivana :)

    Sve čestitke Adriani i Marku!

  76. 76
    pratifox Says:

    Wow, the amount of ignorance, bigotry and plain stupidity of some people here is just astounding. People, do not believe everything you see in the media. No country is perfect, and anyone stating otherwise is beyond foolish. That said, Serbia is a wonderful country with some of the kindest people around. And anyone who’s actually been there, would know it.

    Lepo receno Jelena, Mima, Ivana i ostali :)

  77. 77
    tamara Says:

    I hate when people think we’re some kind of morons here…It’s not true at all…We’re not guilty for other people’s actions…

    SRBIJA DO TOKIJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. 78
    Milosevic junior Says:

    Congrats Marko and Adriana!

  79. 79
    Anne Says:

    First of all. It’s stupid to turn this happy story into the hate talk against Serbia or Brasil. But sorry I must comment. I am not from Serbia,I’ve been there for the great Exit festival. Amazing and beautiful people, great hospitality, amazing food and the atmosphere. Must say it’s quite similar to Brasil. Not very “ritch country” where people know how to have fun without spending a lot of money. So, don’t be full of prejudice, live your life and let them do what they want. Can’t belive how people are close-minded in the 21 century.

  80. 80
    Ivana Says:

    Svadba svadba svadba hej
    Svadba svadba svadba opa bato

    Zapevajmo braco mila ovu pesmu svi
    Podignimo uvis case drug nam se zeni /2x
    Uzmi me za kuma. ili starog svata
    Ili za devera ako nemas brata
    Zapevajmo braco mila ovu pesmu svi
    Podignimo uvis case drug nam se zeni /2x

    Zapevajmo braco mila ovu pesmu sad
    Ozenismo naseg druga iako je mlad/2x
    Uzmi me za kuma ili starog svata
    Ili za devera ako nemas brata
    Slusaj dobro zenu svrseno je sve
    Od danas ces brate prati sudove
    Zapevajmo braco mila ovu pesmu svi
    Podignimo uvis case drug nam se zeni /2x

  81. 81
    mattchew Says:

    I believe she recanted the whole virgin story, or said she was misquoted. Something like that.

  82. 82
    bong Says:


  83. 83
    Duffy Says:

    Whoever believes that she’s a virgin must be fooling themselves…

    She dated derek jetter, and was in a serious relationship with lenny kravitz… Come on guys, you aren’t born yesterday, ayy?

  84. 84
    bong Says:

    Svadba svadba svadba hej
    Svadba svadba svadba opa bato

    Zapevajmo braco mila ovu pesmu svi
    Podignimo uvis case drug nam se zeni /2x
    Uzmi me za kuma. ili starog svata
    Ili za devera ako nemas brata
    Zapevajmo braco mila ovu pesmu svi
    Podignimo uvis case drug nam se zeni /2x

    Zapevajmo braco mila ovu pesmu sad
    Ozenismo naseg druga iako je mlad/2x
    Uzmi me za kuma ili starog svata
    Ili za devera ako nemas brata
    Slusaj dobro zenu svrseno je sve
    Od danas ces brate prati sudove
    Zapevajmo braco mila ovu pesmu svi
    Podignimo uvis case drug nam se zeni /2x

    hahaha tairad.

  85. 85
    yeah Says:

    Adriana is indeed pregnant.

  86. 86
    Amanda Says:

    A Serb? That’s the best she could do?

  87. 87
    Bojan Says:

    Yeah, the best choice of course

  88. 88
    malfoy Says:

    What happened to virginity/chastity/sex is for marriage/i’m very religious/i’ll remain a virgin till i get married… when you got knocked up before marriage!

    But it did great wonders on adriana’s career ayt? THE WORLD’S MOST VOLUPTOUS VIRGIN!

  89. 89
    Dunny Says:

    I can’t believe she married this UGLY mug. That’s so sad. She lost her virginity to someone who looks like that.

  90. 90
    Samantha Says:

    He kinda reminds me of Weird Al Yankovic. I think all Serbian people look the same. They’re all fu**n’ fug as hell.

  91. 91
    @dunny Says:

    Adriana is not a virgin long before she made that claim on GQ mag..
    Get real ok..

    Not all serbians look like marko, just like any other races, there’s pretty, and not so pretty pips LOL

    Ex is the PEJA STOJAKOVIC, he’s also serbian, and a nba 3 point all star champion! So handsome, even more handsome than eric bana, which are lookalikes!

  92. 92
    Queen N Says:

    No she’s not virgin, common, she’s sexy and can be a virgin??
    I don’t like this man, he’s ugly, but serbian people aren’t looklike him
    Look at Novak Djokovic, he’s hot
    look Ana Ivanovic she’s hot, beautiful and I think more beautiful than many models

    Cons Adriana and be happy :*

  93. 93
    Queen N Says:

    No she’s not virgin, common, she’s sexy and can be a virgin??
    I don’t like this man, he’s ugly, but serbian people aren’t looklike him
    Look at Novak Djokovic, he’s hot
    look Ana Ivanovic she’s hot, beautiful and I think more beautiful than many models

    Cons Adriana and be happy :*

  94. 94
    Mima Says:

    Hvala svima! :)

    And on a side-note: Even though I’m Serbian, I don’t find Marko particularly handsome… :s I just think there are a lot of hotter Serbian men out there… Starting from Nole :) But, hey, whatever makes Adriana happy, right?

  95. 95
    Catherine UK Says:

    And this you call democracy and modern world ?? ?
    When you say bad things of one nice country somewhere in the world? It is only because you have heard smth on media….
    Yes, great deal. Bravo!

    Congratulations to beautiful coupple

  96. 96
    Jen Says:

    congrats to her, but yikes he is soooooo ugly!

  97. 97
    Fernanda Says:

    Parabéns para os dois, afinal eles se amam e independente de quem é mais Sexy e de quem é o mais feio deveríamos todos respeitar esse momento único e simbólico na vida de duas pessoas. Adriana AMA Marko e Marko AMA Adriana, isso não é o bastante???

    Com certeza marko tem muita sorte, pois além de linda Adriana é um amor tive o prazer de trabalhar com ela aqui no Brasil em 2006 e vi o quão linda ela é e pelo o que ouvi falar na Marlyn Marko também é um homem muito romântico e dedicado (fama dos homens da Sérvia).

    Parabéns e que Deus os abençoe o Brasil torce pelos dois!

    PS: E que Adriana traga logo Marko para conhecer o Brasil!

  98. 98
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    u broke my heart adriana =[
    i love u so much, i cant believe this dumb ass looking guy
    his eyes r so small and he’s not even a good player, he’s bound 2 run out of money
    =[, im so sad
    i hope ur not pregnant, that would make my pain even worse

  99. 99
    rc Says:

    Congrats! She is so beautiful. One of my favorite VS models.

  100. 100
    paula Says:

    TINHA QUE SER CARIOCA… merdinha neh.

  101. 101
    canadian gal Says:

    There are some unbelievably ignorant comments on this site. It is obvious that some of them are made by Croats/Muslims/Albanians. So, their negative comments are not surprising. If, however, the ignorant commenters are regular Americans/Brits/Other, then they are just naive/ unintelligent people who believe everything they see/hear/read from news outlets like CNN/BBC/Al Jazeera/Fox News/etc. [outlets that peddled an image put out by the PR Firm Ruder Finn (a company employed by the Croats/Muslims/Albanians)]. I’m sure you were all very outraged when the Iraqi army was throwing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators back before the first Gulf War, too. Yeah. Remember that? Remember how you all fell for a hoax perpetrated by the PR firm Hill and Knowlton? Remember how angry you were on behalf of that poor, brave Kuwaiti nurse who tearfully told her story before Congress to get your support for that war? She was the Kuwaiti ambassador’s lying daughter–she hadn’t even been in Kuwait. I think you people need to read “Manufacturing Consent” before ever watching the news and forming opinions on any particular group again. There are no “angels” in the Balkans, but you’re an idiot if you demonize any of the groups there or attach yourself to the cause of any particular one (unless of course you are some sort of Muslim or Roman Catholic or Orthodox person supporting any of these particular groups out of some sort of religious solidarity. Then it is understandable, although still stupid).
    Milla Jovovich is half Serb, I’ve read interviews where she herself has said this. Nikola Tesla is a Serb, the son of a long line of Serbian Orthodox priests and officers on both the maternal and paternal side. But, I guess if Wikipedia is your main source of information, we can’t expect you to come up with accurate facts.
    That said, Marko is the ugliest Serb I’ve ever seen. Love is blind.
    Also, I would rather party in beautiful Brasil than anywhere in CENTRAL (yes, Central–not Eastern) Europe. Can’t beat Brasil for beaches and partying.

  102. 102
    DIGITI Says:

    hahaha He looks like a goofy version of Keanu Reeves!

  103. 103
    xcvzxczxczx Says:

    who cares where the weedding is! with the amount of money they have they will probably have 2 celebrations since they are already married. and who says she’s pregnant? they announced their engagement a while back and she’d be showing now- especially because even if she was pregnant they didn’t decide in a few days to get engaged.

  104. 104
    Petar Says:

    ajde bre sisajte ga….pa sta ako je srbin.

  105. 105
    NO NAME Says:

    l dont understand whay you dont love serbia….serbia is nice..
    pozdrav tebi marko..
    PS:kakvu si ribu smuvo.Svaka ti čast

  106. 106
    m Says:

    wish them all the best anda lot of beautiful kids,as beautiful as both of them are !!!
    Serbain ppl are the coolest ppl in the World!
    Rubish posted by some Not Serbian ppl here is a PURE JELOUSY.

    Adriana and Marco are one of the hotest couple in the World !

  107. 107
    mila Says:

    That’s right! I’m too from Serbia and I really don’t find Marko particulary handsome(in fact he’s weird-looking) but I wish them all the happiness! As people say, love is blind, and if Adriana loves him than that’s the only thing that matters.
    As for you people who don’t feel disgrace for saying absolute lies about Serbia, I only have to comment one thing – TV made you stupid. Maybe you should start reading some good booksand actually find the real truth before saying such rasistic nonsence. By being like this you make yourselves no better people than the nacis in the World War II and we all know how they ended.. century
    So maybe our politicians weren’t capable enough to deal with Kosovo problems but we’re moving on. Everybody in Serbia is happy and normal, we throw the best parties(believe me, lots of Brits, Australians, Americans itc that I know have said that) and we are a very intelligent people.
    So please don’t be blinded by lies you hear on TV..check it all before you judge. And Kosovo is a land where Serbia started to exist in 11th or 12th century(no sign of America then), the oldest monasterys of our kings are on Kosovo and there is nothing muslim or albanian there. Now how would you feel if someone tried to steal the center of your history, then killed many innocent people and burned churches some of whom are even from the period of the empire Vizantija and it’s great empirer Constantin. And for the really really ignorant ones Albania didn’t exist either. That country was created in 1912 by Austro-Ungarian empire to stop Serbian country from spreading to the sea. Before that Albanians lived in tribes and were as savage as you imagine us, probably even more(like when you see wild terrorists in desserts in Hollywood movies) so, again be absolutely postive that the things you’re saying are true…don’t let tv destroy your brains…

  108. 108
    NaR1 Says:

    she is from albania you mother fuckers

  109. 109
    Alina Says:

    Yeah u serbians live still in the centary where u dont know what does it means democracy. U were the one who killed alive pregnant women,babys ,burned people u can not compare a church with a human being. Luckuly we live in the 21-th centery tv exists the freedom of speech exists. serbians always provoke wars. I feel so sorry about u,that you are so young and u think like this. Its bad for your country. KOSOVO IS KOSOVO. just belgrade its a nice city the others or not developt at all. U are not intellegent at all. if U had been u would care about your own country. The politicans blinded U. sorry for U. In Montenegro all speak serbian why u didnt fight for that country but for kosovo who all speak albanian and are muslim. Kosovo is a very rich land with minerals thats why u need kosovo,thats why america helped them. U are just victims

  110. 110
    ducana Says:

    Boze, ja se bas pitam kako je ona njega uopste smuvala ????

  111. 111
    Anastasija Says:

    Alina is either a jealous balija or a shiptar.

  112. 112
    new yorker Says:

    As an American who has been fortunate enough to live and work in a lot of countries around the world (including Brazil and Serbia), I can only come to the same conclusion as Canadian Gal. The people from Brazil bashing Serbs and Serbia must be Brazilians of Croatian, BosnianMuslim or Albanian descent. I have never met a more welcoming and accepting people than Brazilians. Such wonderful genuine people – I cannot believe such comments would come from a Brazilian. As for Serbia – I went there slightly fearful of how I would be treated as an American. I could not believe the welcome I received there as well. Thankfully, there are people in this world who differentiate between a government and a people. Although the US government was critcized everywhere I went in Serbia, not one Serb I met held anything against me personally – and only treated me with the utmost of respect. I wish all Americans could learn from that small country. Oh – and what great parties! Fun fun fun people!

    Concentrate on the good … you’ll feel much better about yourself and others.

  113. 113
    The Truth Says:

    I am very shocked and saddened that our beautiful Brazilian Adriana was seduced into a marriage and pregnancy with a man who is clearly NOT on her level.

    What worries me more is the mentality in which she will be trown based on the fact that her now husband belongs to infamous genocidal nation – Serbia.

    If you research political situation, Serbia is led by nationalist who are well known in Balkans as trouble makers who love to kill and cause wars with neighboring countries.

    Knowing that Serbia is genocidal nation and that 99% of Serbian society denies genocide committed in Srebrenica and Bosnia when innocent, men, women and children just like Adriana … beautiful people…. were killed because they were not Serbs.

    And knowing the way they teach their kids to hate everybody who is non-Serb I am afraid that this marriage won’t meet Adriana’s satisfaction.

    If Adriana feels that marriage is forever then she could be lost forever.

    Serbian Church is totally flown. They blessed chetnicks ( killers ) just before genocide in Srebrenica.

    This symbol with 4 S is a nationalistic genocidal symbol that carries bloody memories of people tortured and killed in both Bosnia and Croatia.

    Adriana needs to know that many Serbs are thought from the very young age about some historical people who are in reality war criminals as to be some kind of heroes and Saints.

    I see here people mentioning a few Serbs making it look like what is not. I wish if it was…. but unfortunately I see this marriage as tragedy.

    When we think of Serbia, I get these people pop up:

    Arkan, war criminal ( you can google him )
    Radovan Karadzic, war criminal
    Ratko Mladic, war criminal
    Slobodan Milosevic, ex president… war criminal

    and there are thousands and thousands of people who just like these above even NOW believe these people are their heroes.

    I feel Adriana will be fooled into believing that the orthodox church is as genuine as her catholic church.

    It is not. Orthodox church supported these murderes and is a problem because it teaches Serbs that it is ok to kill.

    Very sad news, but good luck Adriana. I wish you all the best. May God save you from Serbian nationalism…. and your children.

    Do not let anyone poisen them, it is a shame to be a Serb these days.

  114. 114
    Luana Says:

    Novak Djokovic is the hottest Serbian male I’ve seen, he’s amazing. I wonder if the rest of Serbians look like that. Ana Ivanovic is a babe too.

  115. 115
    Lover Says:

    She look like megan fox

  116. 116
    Monica Says:

    wow cynical much, people? sometimes people are really really in love, and can’t wait to get married, so they elope! it doesn’t mean she’s pregnant! when you actually wait to have sex, your engagment is exciting, because you’re going to make love for the first time. why have a long draw out engagment and torture yourself!?

  117. 117
    John Says:

    Albanians did not live in tribes before, 1912 and were not created by Austro-Hungarians to stop Serbians. They are an ancient civilization, that lived at the same time as ancient greeks. Most likely they are of the same origins. I don’t have anything personal with the issue, just randomly saw it and thought of correcting it.

    ps: I am a historian specializing in Balkan History

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