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Ben Stiller Spoofs Joaquin Phoenix at the Oscars

Ben Stiller Spoofs Joaquin Phoenix at the Oscars

At the 2009 Oscars on Sunday, Ben Stiller hilariously spoofed Joaquin Phoenix‘s infamous appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman.

The 43-year-old comedian poked fun at Joaquin‘s facial hair, his spacey moments and gum-chewing. At the show, Ben spit out his gum and put the wad on top of the podium. During rehearsals at the Kodak Theater the day before, I watched Ben stick the wad of gum underneath the podium, more true to Joaquin sticking his own piece of gum underneath Letterman‘s desk.

Watch the must-see video below!!!

Ben Stiller Spoofs Joaquin Phoenix at the Oscars
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  • britney blah

    LOL Ben Stiller is a riot!

  • Lauren

    Lmao He Is Brilliant xD.

  • Lauren

    Ben Is So Funny :L

  • Malicious

    It was HILARIOUS! Although I can’t help but wonder what Joaquin Phoenix thinks/feels about being made fun of.

  • dianel

    I did’nt think it was funny at all

  • Kari

    I loved how the beard was a different color than his natural hair color! So EPIC

  • meme

    lmao that was so funny;p

  • lol

    Best part of the show.

  • Bearotic

    That performance pales in comparison to the Joaquin’s interview on Letterman!

  • fed up with shit like this

    They should of impersonated Ben Stiller for his loser movie! Or Heath Ledger coming out with his long greasy hair and slurred voice.

    Better still have Cuba go after Stiller instead of Robert Downey Jr. Since that piece of shit wrote the script. Embarass the hell out of
    him. No one deserves to be made fun of. Some one in the
    audience should of said unabomber and yank him off the stage
    now that would be funny

  • blu-ray

    Ben was hilarious and they should have done loser Bale.

  • gueststar

    Loved Ben and Natalie both did great in the skit..

  • me

    Great, Ben and Natalie were very funny, the funniest part of the show.

  • sunnydayz

    Joaquin acts as though he may be mentally ill… ridiculing him wasn’t funny.

  • lonestar

    I’m a big fan of Stiller but I thought it was cruel and didn’t appreciate the humor at all.

  • raquel

    He didn’t spit the gum out. He took it out of his mouth.

    It was sooo funny!

  • lucy and Ethel

    Kind of creepy comedy
    We think Joaquin is going through something pretty serious.
    Drugs or mental illness.
    What is going on with Stiller?
    We usually think he’s pretty funny but not this.

  • vanessajonas

    i was LMAO while watching that…
    hilarious.. ben rocks

  • Dunny

    My brother and I were laughing our asses off when he walked out.

  • thats_right

    not funny at all what if something happen to Juaqin? what if he has a serious problem then are you guys all going to laugh? this was so stupid why do you make fun of someone who has real issuees instead of making fun of him stupid Academy should of thought how to reach and help him. And I was upset that no one said anything about Patrick Swayze like get well instead of making fun Juaqin they should of said some prayers or wishing well thoughts to Patrick.

  • sheryl

    Hey, if Joaquin’s been putting on an act, as in some recent claims, then how do we know that Stiller didn’t collaborate with him on this?

  • LOLA

    I thought it was in bad taste and bad timing. They should have done this skit during something less serious. Having people laughing away while showing clips from some pretty serious movies was lame.

  • ibeokay

    I know some people found this offensive, but I have to admit I thought it was the best part of the Oscar show last night. Ben’s impression was dead-on, and it was hysterical when he wandered away from the podium and was staring up at the walls. Just because I laughed at this doesn’t mean that I don’t feel for Joaquin, I hope he gets his act together because he’s a good guy with some serious problems.

  • Shakira

    Ben Stiller was too funny. That was a great piece and it was well received.

  • nh

    It actually failed n comparison to the spoof Steve Coogan and Frank Coraci did the night before at the Independent Spirit Awards. Coogan as Christian Bale and Coraci as Joaquin.

  • boogie

    I saw his interview.

    Could not figure out what was wrong with him!

    Did he bump his head or something?????


  • normalita

    I think it’s just a joke. I like it, not to many funny moment that night. Ben & Natalie part is one of my favourite.
    Natalie and Ben are friends with Joaquin, I don’t think it matters.

  • lakers fan in boston

    rofl, i was dying
    he really looked like him
    especially loved the part when he was roaming around

  • Halli

    Its been done.

    They already made a better spoof the night before at the Independent Spirit Awards. But it was ok.

  • april

    Ben Stiller impersonating Joaquin Phoenix was absolutely tasteless. No one knows what is wrong with Joaquin and making fun of other people’s misfortunes is really stupid especially one of your peers.

    I am a fan of both – but Stiller has me guessing as to what kind of person he is to go on camera and mock someone who is obviously not in very good mental health.

  • Cals

    It was sooooooo FUNNY!!!!! I loved it!!!!!!! My favorite part was when he put the gum back in his mouth hahahaha

  • MsUnreliable

    I’m fairly sure Joaquin is in on the joke, there’s a documentary being made about him so I’d guess that he’s fairly clued in to what he’s doing, even if he doesn’t appear to be on the surface.

    Anyway, thumbs down to Channel 9 here in Australia who edited out this and many other segments when they replayed the Oscars in prime time (i.e. when most Australians were at home to watch it!).

  • jennifer

    I thought it was funny at first i didn’t know if that was really him, how ben stiler was but then i remembered hey, he’s making fun of joaquin and i had seen the video of joaquin on letterman the other day! I thought oh no, here we go! YET,i thought it was very funny and he did a good job. Though Natalie was eh…

  • ryan



  • Sarah

    hahahahha he was hilarious!
    and people, lighten up,why so serious? it’s just a parody…for fun,
    you can’t even relax when you’re watching the oscars?
    lets just hope Joaquin Phoenix will not turn out the way his brother did.

  • luci

    what did reese say about it when she presented?

  • Jen

    I love Ben, but i thought he was cruel, making fun of someone who is at a low point in his life?.. like hes immune to having mental health issues?… i dunno but the word Karma comes to mind, and it can be a bi.tch sometimes! i thought it was low

  • Cali

    I really couldn’t believe that Ben was actually making fun of Joaquin like that at the Academy Awards. That was not the time or the place for that kind of humor and besides, when is it ever a right time or place to make fun of someone who is going through some dificult times in his life?

  • Gary

    I believe Phoenix is fooling us all, I HOPE, but possibly he is going thru the cliche Jim Morrisonesque phase that millions of males go thru, either he will flow like brother river or someday it will all be revealed, either way I like Phoenix and Stiller , its all great entertainment

  • Scout

    Joaquin’s publicist said he wanted to mocked by the Academy. His publicist is finally doing her job….but I don’t think so. He’s the laughing stock of Hollywood. Ben was Ok. Also, Joaquin has been working at the Raliegh Studio in LA. It’s mostly for editing film, producing a movie…etc. So he must be working on his documentary….not rapping.


    This was wicked funny..I can’t believe they made fun of their own kind. Do you think Joaquin even noticed?

  • dirk

    I agree with you #30. The Stiller skit was played out. I don’t know why Stiller is heralded as a comedic genius. He’s boring, cliche, and too short for Hollywood or a real woman.

  • Aimee

    Please, it was funny. Actually, it was hilarious.

    And people make fun of celebs when they have meltdowns. Who could forget Britney?

    Joaq will bounce back sooner or later if this isn’t a giant act. If it is an act, however, Joaquin is bloody brilliant

  • lu melendez

    Achei essa”brincadeira”de péssimo mal gosto!! Devemos considerar tudo que joaquin fez pro cinema. Não acho graça nenhuma,pra mi o joaquin continua sendo meu ator favorito e nada nem ninguem vai mudar isso.

  • Sue

    Hey Lu melendez….this is America. We speak English here.

  • Trine

    damn you ben……. I have never in my life liked him…

    Love you Joaquin !