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Daniel Craig -- Oscars 2009

Daniel Craig -- Oscars 2009

Quantam Solace star Daniel Craig and girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell keep close together as they arrive at the 2009 Oscars held at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday night (February 22).

Daniel, 40, presented Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design and Best Makeup with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Hugh Jackman hosted the 2009 Oscars. Performers for the night included: Anne Hathaway, Beyoncé, Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens and Amanda Seyfried & Dominic Cooper.

25+ pics inside…

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Photos: Nikki Nelson / WENN, Kevin Winter/Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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  • Yily

    He looks so handsome. Very dashing.

  • afadf

    the color is nice, but the dress design is wooooooooow.

  • wtf

    horrible dress, she looks rough, no jewellry, very bland
    he looks tired

  • dress

    he looks hot, she NOT! how did he allow her to walk out like that?

  • No Sparkle

    He looks tired and fed up. No sparkle between these two really.

  • getty pics
  • I see

    the gum is still stuck to the shoe. I guess Sats has never seen jewelry before. Daniel, why don’t you buy the lady some sparkle to make up for the ill fitting curtain she is wearing. I guess no one told her it was the Oscars. Daniel, get some rest!

  • Isla

    I’m so glad she is there with him way to go Daniel.

  • OMG

    Does she not own a mirror? How could she put that on and either of them thinks it looks nice? Someone should tell her that 80′s is not vintage……What Penelope wore is vintage!

  • observations

    the color looks different in other pics, hard to tell what shade it was but it was too fussy. she needs to stick to simple lines.
    and she needs to stay away from red lipstick, really red..make her look like a clown
    their interaction is strange too. only one pic of him looking at her and they seem kinda bored really.
    he seems to relax at the bar, i see he couldnt get away quick enough from the oscars to go and relax but he worked the room as these things are for business really
    i wonder is satsuki worked it too?
    she looked as if she was enjoying the champagne and laughing at the bar when he was just sitting there with seinfeld
    why do i get the feeling that daniel was a little awkward with satsuki laughing at the bar?

  • prediction

    Someone on the last thread predicted she would wear a red one shoulder dress.
    Wonder how they knew?
    Wonder what else they can tell us?

  • Dan

    SatsMonkey should not have been there. She does not deserve all this. Oh what a nightmare of a dress. Even Jolie who was nominated was so elegant and understated. This idiot has no sense and no class. Daniel was very good. Glad to see him on stage with SJP presenting.

  • 11

    That was me that predicted the dress color and style. I just knew because she had become so predictable it doesn’t take a genius to see she is trying to get noticed ie St Barts. She gets it wrong 90% of the time because she is dressing with the wrong reasons.

  • more pics
  • nice job if you cant get it

    some comments here
    all i know is satsuki is living a good life and he is paying for it

  • to daniel

    Daniel you disappoint me in allowing this woman to wear this monstrosity.

  • ick

    I give up trying to understand why he entraps himself with her. The dress is horrific with her massive ginormous bun on the back of her head and adams apple.

  • to 13

    Satsuki made the basic mistake of wearing a dress that overpowered her.
    She has a slender frame and needs to stick to dresses that are sleek and simple.
    I think I even preferred the german Ball lace thing she wore to this creation.
    I don’t think she knows what works and has a stylist that is giving her the wrong advice. That’s if she has one at all.
    I feel she doesnt and chooses these things herself and as one poster pointed out, she chooses them to be trendy and in the know when it comes to fashion, but it doesnt work.
    She tries to hard.

  • to 13

    I’ve taken a look at the Getty Images and WireImage too, Sorry to say, I think he looks slightly embarrassed by the dress but most likely didnt have the balls to tell her.

  • wtf?

    the full dress in motion..SILVER SHOES???
    then she had a black bag too?

  • OMG

    She tried to look like Ogla at the CR opening.
    This is not a BASIC mistake as stated this is someone who is around fashionable and sylish poeple and has access to the top and best of everything and this is the best she can do ohhhhhh plelllllesassssssss.

  • the point

    one of the reasons why some men should leave their gf’s home

  • ewwwwwwwwwwwww

    Lost for words. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • tp omg

    Agreed. This is tragic. NO excuse this time. I havent heard ONE good comment about this dress on other places either.
    As the CNN commentator said “interesting choice of dress”..I think she was being nice..LOL

  • hugh

    hugh was good.

  • OMG

    I give up….
    I don’t know what else to say other than he must really really love her.

  • pic on 20

    Her face isn’t even remotely attractive and her adams apple is quite evident for everyone to see??? I don’t get it. That is why she seems more male than female in appearance in my view. Why wouldn’t he want to be with a pretty , well put together, elegant woman instead?? I must be missing something.

  • well

    Maybe he just prefers homely manly women with atrocious taste in clothes and hairstyles

  • leo

    that’s so funny our german papers cut satsa out-hehe

  • Puffy

    Maybe the puffy tied-on dress is in style in the tranny world?!! Horrible dress-embarrassing outfit. Fugly gf get a mirror!! He looks nice.

  • Big event

    Did someone forget to tell the fugly gf this is an important event in showbiz? What is she wearing?-Did they tie red curtains around her body to distract everyone from her wrinkley face and large adam’s apple?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hairnet?

    The gf’s looks like she is wearing one of those hairnets that people in the food service industry wear. Is the recession so bad DC’s gf has to serve food at the Oscars?

  • pink ?????????????????????????

    webmaker: jezus maria, what the hell satsuki wore?? Pink dress??????!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god !!! It´s not impossible !!!!
    Hehehehehehehehahahahahahahahahqah!!! Jezus María!!! Shame and shame !!!! Daniel is miserable !!! another woman for him!! Immediately!!!!

  • hugo chávez

    webmaker: jezus, she has no boobs in dress! she looks like a missis of poodle in pink dress! Ugh these dress!! shame and shame !!

  • Wasted picture

    JJ why are you wasting picture space on DC and his monkey gf? Where is the gorgeous Kate? Sean? Where are the people who matter?

  • Hangersats, skin&bone

    maker of sites for sats monkey:
    Daniel has excellent taste for his mode style but he doesn´t see how Satsuki is dressed stupidly?

    He doesn´t care for her look and he agreed with her clothes? She has ballons pink dress and totally no boobs in dress, she is like a clothes-rack, hangersats, victim famine or what.

    What then Daniel has in bed ???? Nothing ! Only ribcage, scrag!! Daniel has in bed skin and bone!! Manly woman with an adam´s apple, horse teeth and monkey mouth , no more !!

    He said about her she is his Bond girl! He is disgusting and he dissapointed many fans. His fans have seen satsuki at the premiers and they hate her because she walks like a bigheaded countess.

    At the Oscars she is ridiculus and Daniel has a shame now more because other people (moderator CNN, stylists, bystanders) noticed how she is embarrasing. We are seeing this awkward situation, but Daniel isn´t. Nobody will say to him about dislike/hate for Satsuki because nobody has courage.He is friendly and nice person to people, and he always is dressed good, accurately he has ugly girlfriend with bad taste.

    I think other woman must have courage to come to Daniel and get over him, he needs a woman who is not calculative like satsula, who has simple but nice mode style, who has nice appearance and mainly who is friendly and sympathetic. This other woman is that one which people will be loving.

    Daniel is not bad man, he has stupid taste in women (actually only Satsuki, because Heike, Harley, Sienna are nice women), there must exists any other woman for him. Daniel was able to dump Heike after 7 years, he will be able to dump Satsuki after 5-6 years too.
    Only that other woman will must to have encourage come to him.
    Maybe it takes any time yet.

  • hugo chávez,query for all

    webmaker: so friends, is my english better and better ???

  • Agree with 21

    She is definitely trying (unsuccessfully) to look like Olga. His gf really is an exercise in futility-she is not attractive so no dress will hide all the defects. I like the pictures of Dan alone as he looks so handsome!!

  • susie

    my god! i never thought i would say this but this red thing is almost as bad as the yellow dress she wore in australia. where on earth was her stylist. she wore red because she wanted to be noticed. i get that but this dress!! i was hoping for something elegant; this isn’t it. in any case; i think it’s also obvious that daniel and sats are still together. look at how he has his arm wrapped around her waist.. have to wonder if these two are going to get married in the next 6 months or so. wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

  • whoami

    Oscar night for him; prom night for her. Prom night 1985. Geez.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • Love is blind

    I agree with the person who said he must really love her to be ok with that look. Love is blind as they say and in this case Daniiel is very blind.

  • Meet Lainey
  • scarlet o hara did better job!

    Scarlet O’hara did a better job, and much more beautiful outfit. when she pulled the green curtains/drapes down from the windows and made a dress from it !
    this g/f has no person al style. no taste, no signature.
    Dan looks bored out of his mind with her.
    I thinkhe just drags her along.
    her dress, no excuses.
    It was all ripped and shredded on the upper part- near the collar-
    no shape.’
    looked like a sack- or a curtain, drapery she pulled down from the windows.
    Atrocious. shamful.
    she seems just to not care that she is with one of the most well dressed men in the world!
    no care for presentation.
    she is way out of her league.

  • to 44

    The dress would have looked better on her if she left the curtain rod in then something would hold the dress in place. Holy crap she really wore that OMG

  • thread head

    You are right. No designer dress will look good on her. Those clothes are designed for people who are above average in looks. It is impossible for her to be glamorous because she is plain looking, even odd, and has a bad figure, no boobs, no butt, no hips; clothes alone cannot make you glamorous or attractive.

    P.S. thread head now replaces my old moniker: this thread is dead

  • susie

    to 44
    i just saw gone with the wind for the first time last night, believe it or not. i have to say you’re right .scarlet did do a better job making a dress out of the curtains. i’m not sure what satsuki was thinking if anything. what was daniel thinking letting her leave the house looking like that.

  • dread

    Never thought I’d say this, but I dread seeing pictures of Daniel now because she will be draped over his arm.
    Terrible really as I think he is quite hot but being tied to her makes him less and less hot. I judge someone by the company they keep.

  • satsuki is ugly
  • article

    comments on satsuki on british paper

    I’ve never seen a picture of Satsuki Mitchell (Daniel Craig’s girlfriend) smiling. With plenty of dosh and a handsome man on her arm, why so glum?
    memo, Kent, UK, 23/2/2009 0:59

    The pictures of Daniel Craig & Angelia & Brad look like waxworks – Daniel Craig in particular
    alan l, Scotland, 23/2/2009 0:04
    They were all lovely but I never liked Jessica Biel’s & Satsuki’s dresses. Also I wonder why was the so called golden couple were not smiling despite arriving arm in arm? Were they worried of bumping on to Jen & John?
    Portia G., Milan, Italy, 22/2/2009 21:54
    have to say I adored Satsuki Mitchell’s dress! She is one truly lovely-looking woman but always looks so sad.
    Tess Fenwick, London, UK, 23/2/2009 1:42

    Satsuki Mitchell looking stunningly beautiful as always.
    Jess, Sussex, 23/2/2009 2:02

    (last one must of been a friend, lol ;) )