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Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Sunday Day Out!

Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Sunday Day Out!

Joe Jonas and his girlfriend Camilla Belle enjoy a Sunday day out at Larchmont Village taking in lunch at Cafe du Village in Los Angeles on Sunday (February 22).

The pair recently had another date in the meat-packing district of New York City last week. And if you missed it, Camilla had a stunning spread in GQ magazine!

10+ pictures inside of Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle Larchmont lovers…

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# 1

he is definitely not a “virgin” anymore

# 2
sarah says @ 02/23/2009 at 12:55 pm

Quick send this to Barbara Walters after her interview last night. Asking
the boys about there rings that they wear and is it realistic

# 3

Did he dump Taylor (who’s much prettier) to date Camilla because she looks like him? =P

# 4

She doesn’t look like anything special. Did she go to the oscars?

# 5

They look like siblings.

# 6

If you’re a fan of him why aren’t you supporting him? Come on! And you’re not together with someone beacuse their good looking, it’s how they are! The inside! She is so pretty and hot! I’m not a fan of Camilla or Joe but respect their choice!

# 7

They do look a lot alike, but she is way better looking than Taylor Swift!

By the way, Joe’s got a hairy chest in progress!

# 8

Are these twin sisters?

# 9

as much as i try to like this couple because i love joe.
But i do like Joe
and i do like Camilla
Just no them together.

i love joe but him with her is just not good

i actually thinkcamilla is pretty. haha, they do look a like alike, but i’m a fan and i support joe and whoever he dates.

i actually think camilla is pretty. i support joe and whoever he dates :)

i love joe sooo frickin much :) but not wih her….joe go back single lol !
im tryin 2 like them but cant, there just soo look & like…. why joe i mean her she’s pretty but i just dont like her grr


Why does he always walk ahead of her? They act like two strangers on the street instead of a couple dating.

Um they look like twins???

Is it just me or in the pics it looks like he’s not even looking at her or smiling or it could be that the paps are there.

Oh, cute…………….they have matching eyebrows.

Camilla is far too thin and has a wrinkly face lol

I feel bad for joe but i think camilla loves the attention.

they look more like brother and sister

He’s so short, or either she’s really tall. Haha they do look just like brother and sister, even twins. weird>

He looks like her post-op transsexual sister.

He looks like Michael Jackson … lol … what is wrong with having curly hair! :DDD

They look alike.

vanessajonas @ 02/23/2009 at 4:23 pm

THIS couple is completely odd

SHOWSTOPPER @ 02/23/2009 at 4:47 pm

they look related!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love them together! ahh camilla is gorgeous

He has no junk, you can’t see anything in those TIGHT pants. I’d be worried if I was Camilla.

i think they’re serious nd they’re going public slowlyyy

ew he’s so hairy!
hair everywhere yuck

They really do look ALOT alike. They can just look at each other and it is the same as if they are looking in the mirror. Guess that works for them.

Also, the Jonas’ brothers are not very tall… I think Nick is 5’5″ and Joe is 5’7″

I feel bad if these two have kids. That kid is going to be nothing but eyebrows!! Its strange that they also happen to look related :-/

lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala @ 02/23/2009 at 6:39 pm

I personally think she’s using him for fame. And she needs to take her trashy ass back to wherever she came from (Y) or she can go out with Robert, it suits her more. Plus, no, she isnt pretty she looks like a 45 year old with bad taste, and The only thing I can see what Joe would see in her is himself. He needs someone better, or open his eyes to the fact SHES only using him for fame. And its very obvious too, I hope she doesnt get far.


HAHAH I love how their guitarist, John Taylor, is there with them. I personally am happy for them but I am not a fan of Camilla. I mean she looks so OLD for just being 21 or 22 however old.

doubledisaster @ 02/23/2009 at 7:58 pm

looks to me like he is trying to look prettier than her! camilla deserves someone better than joe. he’s a loser!

lakers fan in boston @ 02/23/2009 at 8:21 pm

altho i find it disturbing how much they look alike….
i think she’s looking really cute
loved the outfit
the eyebrows still distract me but ima try 2 get over that
she really is pretty girl

gabby garbowsky @ 02/23/2009 at 8:41 pm

I love Joe SO MUCH but, camilla is USING his fame. AND HE’S GOT HIS EYES CLOSE!!! POOR JOE.



Isn’t she a little old for him?

i support Joe and whoever he dates, and i think everyone should so its easier on him and his brothers. they dont need the added stress of all the girls going “KILL THE GIRLFRIEND, KILL THE GIRLFRIEND”. They look pretty cute together, they do look very much alike, but i guess it doesnt really matter. Why would you wish joes single? so YOU can date him? thats a little selfish… all three boys are going to date, theres nothing you can do about it, i just hope they find the right girls, and i dont think shes the one for him…not because i dislike her, she just isnt right for him from what i see.

i just hate how he wasn’t allowed to go out in public with Taylor and then he’s always seen out and about with Camilla. Like come on, what’s wrong with this management? Is it because she’s older? plz………

Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick.

leave them alone!!!! it’s their life, if camila is dating a guy that is 3 years younger than her, it’s because he probably is a lot more mature than all of you idiots who keep saying they look alike!!!! and what, are girls not supposed to have eyebrows anymore????!!!

i’m a jb fan, and i support joe and every decision he ever makes, so just leave them alone!!!! they look great together!!!!

They’re gonna have VERY HAIRY kids

they have the same eyebrows

i agree with the first comment
but then again the JONAS family
is really religous so i dont know

wow, I really like Camilla Belle at the moment. She’s so pretty.

Pollywaffle @ 02/24/2009 at 5:15 am

I have 2 say. I dont think they r dating.
They dont have much proof, they could just be friends?!?
They have alot ov pics of her and Rober Pattison, She looks alot happier around him, Joe looks more in pain to be around her if yuu ask me.
Anyone agree with me?!?
**Im not favouring anyone btw**

I feel bad for joe but i think camilla loves the attention.

apparently this is getting serious because they are starting to get public bit by bit..oh well..i agree that they do look a like however as long as they are happy its all

Whachagunnadoboutit @ 02/24/2009 at 11:33 am

this girl is NOT pretty, who are you guys kidding with all the photoshopping

Joe Jonas is a sissy girl and Camilla Belle is seeking attention to boost her fame!

They are both hot!!!! and talented… I wish them well.

Nossa eu odeio essa garota acho ela MUITO FEIA e ela traiu ele com o lindo (mais bonito que o joe) Rob Pattinson !!

She is wayyyyy too cute for him.

I think camilla is pretty, to be honesty yes taylor swift looks better her!!!
Shame on you for picking a ***** over taylor joe!!!
And I agree showtopper they do look related!!!!

i hate joe jonas for choosing camilla… isnt it obvious that taylor swift is much beautiful than her???? duhhhh…

and i hate him…because he is too hairy now…
is he still taking a shower????

yuck… i cant believe he choose camilla… its too obvious that taylor swift is too pretty to be dump like that…right???

eu naum axu q eles estejam juntos eu li q ela tava com o Robert Pattinson do crepúsculo

Obs: ela eh muuuuuuuuito feia

well, its his choice. belle over swift.

but seriously, did this guy dump taylor swift, the beautiful talented young country princess for this girl…i mean, woman?

pandanater @ 03/01/2009 at 6:32 pm

that look 2 much alike! and joe doesnt even look happy, im not saying shes ugly or anything but they dont click. joe sould try someone less….. old. and why is he walking ahead of her? show some love!
really. they arent ment 2 be.

#23: ahahahahahaha! he looks like M.J.
this couple is BORING.
and does anyone else notice that they never hold hands or kiss? they must feel a little uncomfortable together….i’ve seen pictures of kevin kissing his girl but not joe and camilla.
they are not going to last as a couple for long.

meganjblover @ 03/07/2009 at 9:08 am

i like joe and all but camilla? i hate her she should date someone else they are 3 years apart she 22 he 19? camilla date someone ur own age!

Idk…I mean..kay that’s his decision & i don’t want to talk bout him, cuz i love him as much as milla do!
But i think she’s not the right for him!

this just shows how narcissistic he is, you know..he can’t stand to look at anyone he feels is as “good-looking” as himself, so he picks a girl that looks like she could be his twin sister so he won’t have to hold up a mirror to look at himself…she just has to stand in front of him

ashleylynne @ 03/14/2009 at 10:53 pm

i love the jonas brothers, but honestly camilla is prob just with him to get attention. I never even heard of her until the whole dating thing with joe. and they look like brother and sister lol. doesnt matter, i still love the jonas brothers no matter what :]

Omg!! Joe go back to taylor’s heart…I dont really like camilla she’s so..,umm..Nevr mind!……..

Esmeralda @ 04/04/2009 at 9:20 pm

oh my gosh!
just leave them alona already! who cares if they are going out! i fell bad that people are constantly bombarding celebrities on what goes on in their personal lives.

joe i hope you will happy wiyh her… i’ll be very happy if you will happy because i love you so much…. i love you not just a fan i love you like girl loves boy

they dont look alike they look cute together it doesnt matter taylor swift or camilla belle is fine there both pretty.

ahahahhaha they look like brother and sisterr

i dont like camilla for joe…. it seems like camilla is only joe jonas big sister… i think joe jonas is very compatible to demi lovato…
age doesnt matter!!!…. they have chemistry!!!! … i love jemi…
I hope joe jonas and demi find each other…

..well…i just wanna say that…im not mean or anything…but..i guess..they really have the same characteristics and morals but…im just saying this not because i am really a big fan of their relationship..but what im saying is that wherever their relationship would take them…im always here and..4ver a fan of joe jonas and their band too…
i just wanna say again..that..he maybe camilla’s boyfriend..but i guess we don’t have to do anything about’s joe’s life and it’s also his privacy.cuz for me..i will respect joe..and cmilla belle…especially their relationship..and..yeah it’s true…why would joe date a girlfriend..who is..a year older than him..but..we can’t control his offense..but..i guess it it better right to just respect his life and support him..lets just see where their relationship would take them..:)

..i also wanna add that..i think….camilla is just..too mature for offense:([joe dont get mad]..and..i think it is really complicated for them to hve a relationshp lke that…joe is 19 and camilla is 21 or 22…he and his brothers would date the right person or the right girl..but i think..for joe..camilla is the right girl for him..we can’t let joe..break up with her..and let joe to be single’s just too hard for mov on and be single again..if he really gave her love for camilla./if he really love camilla..if u think camilla is not the one for joe..who do u think it is?let’s jst rspect joe and camilla.if they really love each other.lets just be happy for joe .rather to see hurt again..after a broke up..with her ex-gF.i hope u could understnd joe..and camilla..and we can’t do anything about it.lets jst respect them…cuz i will..and i lve joe jnas.

..well…guys..if u thnk camilla is nt right fr joe..we cant force joe to be break up wth her and be single again…’cuz i knw its jst too hard fr him to do it..and it’s really wrong…for u guys to do it..lets just be happy that they loved each other rather than to see joe being hurt again…after a breakup with hs ex-gF.if u really love joe jonas…lets jst be happy…lets jst support him and camilla..cuz im happy..tht joe is happy with his life that he have right now..and..if u really love joe..then..why u guys..say something like that to him…where’s the support for him?..oh well…i just hev to say..goodluck to joe and camilla..and..i hope they will hve a good relationship..cuz im alwys be here supporting joe…(:

I liked him better with Taylor. But whatever makes him happy, I guess.

i dont like sorry joe! i just dont like her idk y … gut feeling perhaps?! im not sure i like him dating an older woman either… shes 22 and hes 19.. 3 age difference (i know it doesnt seem like much but to me IT IS), and please dont go aroung sayn that joe isnt avirgin anymore.. thats just wrong..

Vivien takács @ 06/08/2009 at 1:36 pm

she is *****

joejonasgrl97 @ 06/15/2009 at 5:26 pm

i dont get it why camilla i mean taylor is much better than camilla (aka it) i mean way better

julie frye @ 12/21/2009 at 10:05 am

joe is my twin brother i love him with all my heart he is my life i listen to him always he is the man in the relationship, hes asleep

julie frye @ 12/21/2009 at 10:07 am

@Joanne: dang right 79 station in marysville

camilla belle is just a common prostitute

jonashugefan @ 08/29/2010 at 4:52 am

shes so ugly and joe is so better looking and im a really big fan of the jonas brothers i think theyr’re super HOTT!!!!!!

I don’t think he’ll be settling for her, it’s how it really is. Joe Jonas is still looking for he’s one & only! He’s still searching…

How about her friendship with Maria Sharapova? I haven’t seen them together for a long time.

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