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Kate Bosworth is Very Vanity Fair

Kate Bosworth is Very Vanity Fair

Kate Bosworth (in Alexander McQueen) arrives at the 2009 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter held at the Sunset Tower in West Hollywood on Sunday night (February 22).

The 26-year-old actress recently helped host Bally’s Hollywood Domino party to benefit The art of Elysium at the Andax Hotel in Los Angeles on Friday. She was also seen at Chateau Marmont last week with her mom and producer/financier Ryan Kavanaugh.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth getting very Vanity Fair…

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Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty Images
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  • Andrea

    what is up with her hair?! makes her look manly

  • shialove!!

    i thought she was getting bold

  • devon

    Girlfriend isn’t doing any movie, so she’s busy attending parties left and right…

    Isn’t it a bit shameful that an actress is attending so much parties, but can’t prove herself as a real actress?

    Girlfriend imo isn’t really an actress, but more of a model!
    But heck, she’s so short to be considered one! Anyways, if ever so, she’s perfect for runway, like those anorexic looking models!

  • mimilala

    She used to be so pretty…

  • eliza

    Pretty face but the hairdo is much too severe.

  • loda

    Yes, she’s so pretty especially in superman returns!

    But, it seems that she lost all her glow since breaking up with bloom,
    and that includes physical looks, as well as career!

    Kate really seemed so affected by their break up!

  • eliza

    Pretty face but the hairdo is much too severe

  • loda

    She used to be so pretty especially in superman returns! But, it seemed that she lost all her glow since breaking up with bloom, and that includes physical looks as well as career!

    She seemed to be really affected by their break up!

    Hopefully kate makes another good movie!

  • NSL

    ewwwwwwwwwww…granma looks more younger than her.

  • rose

    She looks like julie andrews on the above pics…

  • oh dear

    Physically, she looks better than she has in a while, but what did she do to her face and hair? She looks like a man. And I’ve always thought that she was a beauty.
    She just looks so awkward.

  • dadum

    Maybe she’s trying to reinvent herself by making fashion statements!

    But sadly, fashion doesn’t agree with her!

  • britney blah

    Ew, that hairdo looks like a 12 year old boy’s!

  • coolen

    Here’s someone who gets attention for being a “fashionista” and not having any talent.

  • lorraine

    She’s stunning. . .a real beauty! Love her dress, hair, and makeup. With a dress like that she was smart to keep everything else clean and elegant.

  • Casey

    what’s up with her eyes? one eye is always blue and the other is always brown in all of her pics…?

  • Malicious

    For someone who attends as many events as she does networking, she sure doesn’t get much work. Probably because she’s a terrible actress and contrary to what she thinks, not everyone wants to sleep with her. I, for one, am not charmed. I don’t find her pretty at all.

  • @all miranda fans

    Get away from this thread…

    Your cabbage patch idol has her own thread here, so go there and praise her with all your craziness!

  • marie

    she needs to stop posing with her hips thrust forward like that. It looks aweful.

    And Miranda has fans on this site? Most of the people seem to hater her actually, so lol at that comment.

  • @marie

    Yes, most of the people that hates miranda on this site are the jealous fans of bloom! Just like how they were treating kate when she’s still dating bloom!

  • http://justjared Delphi loons

    More prof that Delphi members if not all a lot of them are KATE BOSWORTH FAN (if she has ) they call Miranda names I can’t repeat 24/7
    And they complain if someone leaves negative comments abut their precious Kate ?????????????hahahahahaha .Is James being played or what poor James .

  • that’s hideous

    hate her hair
    and she kinda looks like an alien

  • dianel

    Vert chic I’m so glad Kate won and she is talented

  • http://justjared tan

    Not a good look K.B. I agree with no.8 and no. 12.
    I think she’s got good fashion sense, but NO talent whatsoever.

  • @23

    Uhm, wrong Kate, BB.
    BOY! do you have the wrong kate.

  • marie

    I don’t think people are still jealous of her because of Bloom. It’s been two years and the moment negative stuff comes out, it’s her fans that always brings up him. Why? Can’t they get over it already?

    Face it, the world doesn’t worship at her feet and people who don’t like her or find her pretty or interesting may have nothing to do with Bloom.

  • LolaSvelt

    Bad hair!

  • http://justjared hahaha

    hmmmmmmmmm She is out with the producer FOR THE THIRD TIME WITH HER MOTHER NOW .If the Delphi loons say this is for a new project I am gonna throw up .
    If they are doing a movie together they would be news of it by now it’s not like she is doing anything now except parting so she would love that new out there before she becomes from d-list to z-list oh wait .She is sleeping with producers for movies now and still doesn’t get any offer and the Delphi loons say she is classy
    She is out with the man she was linked weeks ago while her boyfriend is out of town and the Delphi loons have the nerve
    to call Miranda a cheater .

  • Betina

    I love Kate :)

  • I like Kate

    I like Kate she has grown up so much in the last few years. She is much more mature now than she has ever been a few years ago, and she is very hush hush about her relationship. She probably has learned not to talk about her private life after she and OB broke up. Anyways good luck to her and any of her future jobs.

  • Go Kate!!!!

    She looks beautiful and healthy, I’m so happy for her, 21 was awesome!!!!

    oh and #28 you seriously have this weird grudge thing going on dont you?

  • lalalove

    I can honestly say that this is the first time I found this woman attractive. Her forhead is a turn off though.
    Kinda like that Rihanna chick. Speaking of that Rihanna girl, can we get a break from her f-in story!?

  • She needs a softer look

    Why oh WHY does this woman insist on skinning her hair back like that? It is NOT flattering – makes her head (and especially her forehead) look huge! She also has prominent ears that stick out and that hairstyle accentuates them even more. In her favor she has lovely skin, eyes, and a very pretty smile (when she’s not pursing her lips). She can be really pretty with the right ‘look.’ She should play up her best features and de-emphasize others. ‘Severe’ definitely isn’t a flattering look for her.

  • Jill

    Love the dress and the shoes.

  • cris

    She looks kinda old for her age!

  • @28

    What? You mean to say that the Delphidiots are acting like hypocrites?? NO! I don’t believe it! Say it ain’t so!
    Just another example of the double standards that they are so well know for. We can add this one to the list. The very loooooong list.

  • please

    Will someone please teach this pretty girl how to stand for pictures. Please.

  • dri

    Why is that kate fans keep calling the relationship of ob and mk a showmance, while their beloved kate and her bf are also prancing around. And when ob or mk is pictured alone, they say that they’re really a fake couple, and don’t care about each other.. while kate is hardly pictured with james!

    Also, why some kate fans are calling miranda a slut and a cheater, wherein there’s no real evidence aside from gossips, hearsay, rumors
    while kate can hang around with a producer for many times(which is actually kinda malicious, and very close to the truth) while her bf’s away.

    Wasn’t kate supposed to be the big thing in hollywood 3 years ago? What happened?

  • @38

    “Wasn’t kate supposed to be the big thing in hollywood 3 years ago? What happened?”
    Orlando dumped her.
    Even her *ahem* relationship with Kevin Spacey couldn’t help her after that.

  • @38

    Oh i see… isn’t the term slut or sleeping her way to the top more accurate for this girl than miranda, who most kate fans labeled her!

    Wow, i think kate fans are just trying to reverse things around cause they’re afraid that their precious kate is the real slut.

    I pity miranda for being called upon by so many nasty names by some kate/orlando fans! LOL

  • katefan

    Never mind those cabbage patch fans.. They’re just jealous of kate!

  • junot

    I could care less about the OB, Miranda, Kate silliness. All I have to say is Kate looks gorgeous. She, Nicole Kidman, and Natalie Portman had the most beautiful looks of the entire evening!

  • @42

    I agree #42. They were all gorgeous.

  • marrissa

    The best I have seen her look.
    Classic beauty.

  • @42 and 43

    I agree with both of you. They had that movie star thing going on. Good for them. I often think Natalie and Kate look somewhat alike.

  • jamie

    this girl gets it right every time on the red carpet.

  • Lark

    She looked so much more healthier in the surf movie she did.

  • elsbeth

    She seems to have about 6 pieces of greasy blonde hair that she just sort of pulls off her face. She needs to either get some extensions for her hair or have her ears clipped. Her head always looks so big she almost seems deformed in most of her pictures. I mean I guess she is pretty enough but shes like that old man with the one piece of hair on his otherwise bald head she looks not so good to me. Sorry

  • drake

    How old is she?

    Heidi klum even looks younger than her! LOL

  • kelly

    i’ve always thought she was beautiful, but that hair is NOT flattering.