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Madonna Packs Heat

Madonna Packs Heat

Madonna (in Dior) brings out the big guns and shows off her muscles while arriving at the 2009 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter held at the Sunset Tower in West Hollywood on Sunday (February 22).

The 50-year-old actress continues to work out hard to maintain her physique!

Madonna recently sent clothes previously belonging to her 3-year-old, David Banda, to his former orphanage in Malawi according to People. In receiving the clothes, the orphanage said, “These are clothes David can no longer use; they say he is quite a big boy now so he cannot use most of the clothes Madonna bought him immediately after he was adopted. The children were excited to receive the clothes!”

10+ pictures inside of Madonna packing heat…

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  • vanessajonas

    ew .. too much muscles for a woman

  • imaginaque

    Think what you will of Madonna – and I think she’s a huge beeatch – but the beeatch looks good! Better than I’ve seen her look in years.


    holy christ.
    who’s she trying to be arnold?

  • Pff

    She’s quite scary isn’t she.

  • Unicron

    Those arms look like they could bend steel. Gross.

  • sheryl

    I’m sorry, her arms do not look attractive. Veiny, muscular arms are not sexy.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!


  • Twifanatic Amanda

    those are her legs! The skirt of that dress is see through! God when is she going to wear something appropriate!

  • lakers fan in boston

    so thats where arod is hiding the roids =]
    hmmm smart of him, he decided to put them in her morning kabblah juice
    ur suck an ugly ass grandma madonna, i seriously dont no how u got a 20 something guy 2 be with he
    must must be a fucking freak or a be fame whore

  • i

    eep! her arms are so manly.. looking like a tranny again

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    she looks great but the arms are too muscular and the cheeks too botoxed but i still love madge!

  • mandy

    oooo plzzz can u put ROBERT PATTINSON after party hes soo hottt

  • mju8

    I can see a hint of Jocelyn Wildenstein in her face, which is not good. Lets hope she stops with the plastic surgery and ages gracefully from now on.

  • R&B

    madonna looks amazin

  • ashley

    who cares about the muscles, she looks HOT!

  • junior

    Oh Madonna is so perfect. love her so much

  • pump it

    My god that’s one hot bit*h. Those arms have become her trademark and aren’t going anywhere. The dedication and hard work it must take for a 50yo woman to keep that up is incredible. And all to look great on stage and deliver brilliant show after brilliant show for her fans. As for being able to see her legs and it not being appropriate……..some people are so beyond everything that if it’s appropriate for them, which in this case it is, then it’s all good. It’s not bare leg. Mind you with legs like hers it’s kind of a shame to cover them up and tease us like this. She looks fabulous but where is that new toy of hers. That’s one very lucky boy.

  • dee

    ugly witch

  • yoyo

    She’s like Skeletor with makeup on.

  • maddison

    We get that you’re more fit than the average granny Madge, but stop with the ridiculous hands-on-hips posing! You can usually catch the insecure, self-conscious women on the red carpet by this type of pose.

  • lindsay

    M looks hot, we chatted at her and Demi’s private afterparty, every other celebrity gets nervous around her! She’s a goddess.

  • Lilly

    That’s not healthy. Or attractive.

  • Deborah

    she looks like an effing freakshow

  • Deborah

    # 21
    lindsay @ 02/23/2009 at 9:55 pm

    M looks hot, we chatted at her and Demi’s private afterparty, every other celebrity gets nervous around her! She’s a goddess.
    They got nervous around her, because she’s a freakshow.

  • jane

    Plastic surgery overhaul. When menopause hits her ass, cosmetic surgery will not do much good.

  • regain some dignity wh*re

    Old nasty sl*t.

  • You Tell ‘em

    Deborah @ 02/23/2009 @ 10:05 pm
    They got nervous around her, because she’s a freakshow.

    You are so right on target with that comment, no woman should look that muscular without steroids, maybe that’s why she dated A-Rod!

  • ihavenolife

    i think she’s fabulous!

  • lindsay

    okay you guys, what i’m saying is this: madonna hung out with guy oseary most of the time, she was drinking her favorite drink, a lemon drop–anyway every single person was talking about how stunning she looked.

    also, i do not have an eating disorder and sam and i are fine–stop with all the drama PLEASE. i dont get why everyone cares this much.


  • lindsay

    also, jared i love your website, and how you’re not as biased as perez..thank you

  • mel

    holy shit i cant believe lindsay lohan is writing on this?!?!?

  • Jaguar

    Why do people get nervous around her, she’s just a person like anyone else. Acting/singing etc is their JOB, they don’t deserve to be worshipped for it. Sure, you can admire someone’s work and/or talent but that’s where it ends for me.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I’m damn curious about the shape & strenght of her V*GINA, folks!!

  • tim gunn

    Your five minute was up…ten years ago.

  • Lily

    And to imagine I used to be a big fan way back when. Now I can’t even look at her. Kinda like when I see Mickey Rourke.

  • lee

    amazing that so many pay to see this no talent woman who is incredibly weallthy because people paid to see and listen to a person who could not sing. same for britney. no range, no nothing.

  • ewwwww

    She gave Davids old clothes to the orphans and that was made public because……?! PR anyone? Why not donate new clothes? Why is vadge at the Oscars anyway. She’s hardly an actress.

  • Ruth

    I really admire her. An average looking woman with no singing or acting talent who has created an enormous career and fortune from being a nothing. The “gorgeous” face – a good plastic surgeon and daily treatments, easy to do with her income. Ugh, I just feel sorry for her children who have to watch whilst her latest affair with a 22 year old man is splashed all over the press. How on earth did she get custody of them?

  • p!nk

    yeah, i met madonna before my Im Not Dead tour! She’s my inspiration for FunHouse! You guys Fruckin Rock!!!!!!!!!! ♥ p!nk xoxo

  • Atrium

    Love Her Arms
    Role Model…

  • Tinaverse

    Big deal she sent used clothes to Africa. Most moms give away their kids outgrown clothes. This is not news especially for one of the richest women in the world. She should be buying new clothes for the kids in Africa. This confirms the rumors that even though she is a billionaire, she is still cheap.

  • izzib

    Women with strong presence aren’t usually the type to have many or even a few girlfriends. They love to hang out with men platonic or not, because they feel less judged, so they relax.

    Madonna, Sharon Stone, Angelina Jolie, Vivica Fox and a few others are intimidating women even to other successful women because of their strong presence. This would explain why some may feel nervous around Madonna. The pictures of Madonna doesn’t look very feminine, but there are many 50 year old who which they had that body. Does your grandma have a body like that? Everyone can’t have everything, unless your perfect… Are you?

  • hayden

    mandonga can’t accept getting older, granny vadge madge needs to lay off the plastic

  • raquel

    With ALL her freakin money she can’t send NEW clothes to the orphanage? Can’t stand his woman!!

  • jules

    Lindsay- not sure if this is the real you,but I totally agree with your comments about Madonna… i bet she would put 99% of women out there to shame with her unbelievably toned body and healthy glow…. you’re looking amazing too these days by the way- keep it up!!

  • bedtimeboy

    Some people are full of envy.
    She looks stunning!!!!

  • Justin

    LOL @ people saying she takes steriods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Holy shit, I saw this woman front row this year at her concert. She is a TINY, PETITE woman, with extremely DEFINED muscles, due to mostly to a low body fat. She does not look at all butch.
    And she looks better now than she has in a long time. Im really impressed. Her face is really pretty. Btw – I’m a 22 yr old male, and I completely see how easy it was for her to land that Jesus guy…I still definitely would!

  • r

    The child’s last name is Ritchie

  • mary

    she looks amazing!!!! love her skin, it looks so soft and moisturized… and the arms are great, ok it’s not common for a woman to have such muscles but they look great in her… besides, she has always have them, I don’t understand the surprise!

  • vyvy