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Mickey Rourke -- Oscars 2009

Mickey Rourke -- Oscars 2009

Mickey Rourke looks sharp in his all white tux at the 2009 Oscars held at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday night (February 22).

The 56-year-old actor was nominated for his role in The Wrestler for Best Actor. Sean Penn took home the award.

Hugh Jackman is hosting the 2009 Oscars. Performers for the night also include: Anne Hathaway, Beyoncé, Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens and Amanda Seyfried & Dominic Cooper.

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images, Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images
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  • lauraa

    booooooooooooom 1st comment!

    he looks alright,
    was he smoking on the red carpet tho? haha

  • April

    poor Mickey, I really wanted him to win. Hopefully he’ll be able to pull it around for next year or the year after

  • x

    He should have won for best actor. It was unfair.

  • the ram

    NOOOOOOOO!!! Mickey shouldve won this award!!! so so dissapointing…. deja vu and exactly 10 years when cate blanchett lost the oscar to gwyneth!!! outrageous injustice!!!

  • good god

    as much as i don’t really like him, he should definitley have won the award. his performance was incredible, and there was no doubt that he WAS that character. i hope he knows how touching his performance was despite the fact that he didn’t win.

  • laura

    Mickey should have won. That necklace of his dog is so sweet. God bless Mickey and his sweet little dog Loki who I’m sure is in Heaven watching down on him.

  • ********


  • gerard Vandenberg

    the big question:
    …………………..WHERE DID IT GO WRONG?
    (you have a week or two to listen?)

  • Gasol_fan16

    Yeah MIckey!!! You rock!! You keep on going and making more movies. You will get your Oscar soon!! Glad to see Mickey back!! Love him! :D

  • dee

    so unfair, give the Oscar to Sean Penn just because he played a fag.

  • Ben

    He should have won. It was unfair.

  • Denise

    He could have used a pair of underwear, and I’m not sure why his hands are often down the front of his pants (or near that area).

  • jennifer

    It’s nice to see him back and he did an amazing job. I’m just wondering what other type(s) of roles can he play or will he get? I don’t know why he was out of work and under the radar for so long, but hopefully more people will see him as an option when casting.

    I watched his speech at the Independent Spirit Awards and when he mentioned his little dog it was so sad :( My heart goes out to him for his loss, animals for some are family and he seemed to love Loki so much!

  • Lizzie, [:

    Rourke was robbed.
    his role in the wrestler was very good and a wonderful film in general. it was a comeback as well. On and off screen Rourke is vibrant. and Penn? off the camera’s blends into the wallpaper.

  • Chihuahua POWER

    This is bullshit….the man plays the most convincing role and loses wtf?
    Hollywood is full of shit and Rourke said it soooo often.

    Sorry for his dog…i understand his love for his little friend.

  • Jessica

    i Want Mickey to win but, hell, he lost. Anyway, he looks so fabulous in this outstanding white tuxedo. He has style.

  • Amy

    Jerkface for dropping out of Iron Man 2 because he decided the money he’d already agreed to wasn’t good enough.

  • uglysexy

    Sorry you didn’t win Mick….I voted for you in the
    SAG awards….hope SAG survives the latest
    onslaught by the producers…with the collapse of
    talks this weekend….


    As much as I admire Sean Penn, Mickey Rourke deserved the oscar last night. Glad he is back and with a vengeance. I am certain his best work is still ahead of him.

  • AalaA

    Despite the fact that I wanted Sean Penn to win this, but I felt so upset seeing Mickey Rourke going home empty-handed, I mean there’s alot of actors whose their chances of winning Oscars are so little, and unfortunately Mickey is one of them, it’s not him actually it’s the way the Academy chooses their nominees…

    Hopefully he will be able to come back with another nomination-oscar-worthy so he can win.

  • Sarah

    I rooted for Mickey Rourke and was devastated when Sean Penn won the award. I love Sean Penn and loved his performance in Milk, but as a lot of you have mentioned above,I think the miraculous comeback of Mickey Rourke, just that makes him the on who deserves this award the most! I hope he will do even better films in the future, I know he will.
    Sean Penn did give respect to Mickey during his speech,and that was pretty touching for me.

  • Sassy

    MICKEY: your portrayal of Randy the Ram was perfection. My husband is still talking about bits & pieces of the movie and telling his buddies to go see it. Just the right balance of all emotions. You deserved the Oscar, period. Just know that your fans will be at the theater when your next movie comes out en masse. The statue would have been great but it’s us fans who will speak loudest at the box office with our dollars. Well done!!!



  • kate

    That photo necklace with his little dog was so cute! I googled and came up with a site that sells that stuff. I am going to get my lilly put on a necklace.

  • http://jared elle

    MICKEY ROURKE SHOULD HAVE WON, HANDS DOWN. we all know why sean penn was “voted” in. mostly actors vote and they ALWAYS vote for the “right to fight” PREDICTABLE, human rights movies. votes should be for the best performance, not the “human rights” flavor of the month film.

  • maribelle

    you can also have one made at they will do it all for you without having to buy all that stuff. they do all the photo resizing too so you don’t have to (that is a pain in the rear)

  • miyanovich

    You know, a man doesnt WANT to re-enforce stereotypes and say that the tides of Hollywood are subject to the dictates of the Big Jewish Cats, and the Gay cats…

    And then WInslet beats Meryl Streep in a movie about the Holocaust…

    And Penn wins over Rourke in a movie about Americas first openly gay mayor…

    Its Meryl Streep for Christ Sake! That performance was spotless!

    And Rourke put forth one hundred times the effort that Penn did to get his beautiful result!

    Its Horsesh*t.

  • Tony francio

    Mickey is an old Drinking-Pal of mine! I gave him the Idea for the Tux, it’s bad that Sean Penn take the Goldenboy Home! :(

    This means that Mickey and I had do go out in Vegas and drink again!

  • Winchinchala

    Hollywood is too political and conservative to have actually given it to Mic–but f’ing LOVE his sweet, sexy, commando, hand-in the pants style and the fact that he was man enough to kiss Aronofsky right on his mouth! We hoped against hope-come on..Hollywood is too conservative and political to have voted for him THIS time. And as Jackman said–to Mickey, they were on a” 7 second delay but if you win, we go to 20 minutes.” Ha Ha Ha Mic rocked da threads- “Jean Paul Gaultier” and “a lock of Loki’s hair,” just like the Victorians used to do. What a romantic. Besides–Oscar Schmoscar. “The Wrestler” won the coveted “Golden Lion” award in Venice AND “Independent Spirit Award.” Those come from much broader communities, you know, the whole world, not just LA–and they gave a huge nod to the film and Mic. However, I did think Sean Penn was the shiz for mentioning Mickey and his comeback at the podium. Class act from a class actor one awesome f’ing guy who all of us are rooting for. We love ya Mic!!!

  • dianel

    Mickey should of won the oscar what do they base their judging on

  • pro-wrestler

    100% Mickey Rourke should have won.

  • K.G.

    He got robbed. PERIOD!

  • Ramona Zavala

    I was disappointed in the Academy for not honoring Mickey with the statue he so deserves. I agree that Sean Penn did the right thing by recognizing his friend and colleague. I hope Mickey knows that he has many fans out here who truly care about him, and are saddened by the loss of his Loki. I feel that Mickey’s personal story is most inspiring, and it shows us all that redemption is the greatest achievement of all. He has completed a journey culminating in an Oscar nominated performance while saying goodbye to his Loki – the stuff of which great screenplays are made of. A new journey begins, and your fans will be waiting to see how it unfolds.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i just like him cuz he seems to be a cool guy
    always says something stupid as shit =]
    btw i had a feeling sean penn was gonna win

  • brie2009

    Sorry for the loss of his dog. I was really expecting for Mickey after hearing high expectations. But Mickey sure did win the top spot for my list of Best Dressed Men at the Oscars!

  • Custom T

    He actually looks semi-normal for once!

  • winchinchala

    Oh wait a minute- above I wrote “Oscar Schmoscar. “The Wrestler” won the coveted “Golden Lion” award in Venice AND “Independent Spirit Award.” AND I forgot THE BAFTA AND THE GOLDEN GLOBE!! Hello?! That pretty much covers everyone in the world except for the small closely knit LA network which votes for the Oscars. I’d say what everyone else has, “Mic’s back!” Let’s hope someone gets him some material now.

  • sboyamber

    It was a BIG Cheat! Mickey should have won the Oscar. Damn to the Oscar Mafia, they just could not see Mickey to win. It sucks . . .
    Everyone deserves in his life a Second Chance, and this man has shown he can master it.

  • Jokergurl

    Mickey Rourke should have gotten the Oscar, no doubt. Just an amazing, raw performance, charisma people seem to forget what he looked like in Body Heat, 9/1/2 Weeks THUD! Rumble Fish, just one hell of an actor, it’s so cool that he thanked his dogs in Golden Globe Speech, just precious.

  • Carl

    if he played a gay wrestler he would of won….ugh