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Nicole Kidman Pays Tribute to Angelina Jolie

Nicole Kidman Pays Tribute to Angelina Jolie

Nicole Kidman (in L’Wren Scott) takes the stage with four former Oscar-winners (Shirley MacLaine, Sophia Loren, Halle Berry and Marion Cotillard) to honor the nominees for Best Actress. In the same vein, Adrien Brody, Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kinglsey all paid tribute to honor the nominees for Best Actor.

The 41-year-old Aussie actress paid tribute to Angelina Jolie for her role in The Changeling.

She ended her tribute with, “Angelina Jolie – You are unforgettable!”

Check out the video below!

Nicole Kidman pays tribute to Angelina Jolie – 2009 Oscars

15+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman paying tribute to Angelina Jolie

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  • Sheryl C.

    She didn´t mean a word!
    Meryl Streep is the one you trully is unforgettable!”

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    All praise to the Goddess Angie! A true star. She was the best dressed woman there and a true star. Such talent and beauty. Angie and Brad are A listers. You saw how everyone just stopped to stare at them. Thanks Nicole for such a lovely tribute to our Angie.

  • Anak

    she read he speach. She would like to say: LOOSER!

  • ok

    I liked what she said about Angie. It was nice and it seemed heart felt and sincere. I loved the changeling it is something anybody can relate to even if they don’t have children.Angie was great in it but I am happy for Kate.

  • myobservation

    Nic looked pretty tonite, less tight maybe in the face…nice soft hair style, pretty dress and not too terribly painfully thin…
    Angie needed some lip color.

  • Cookie

    Nicole only said it because she had to make up some BS to say. Angelina doesn’t deserve the Oscar, it’s rightfully Kate’s.

  • mary

    I actually liked nicole dress.

  • smellycat

    A loser?
    Angelina is ALREADY an Oscar winner… Even if she doesn’t win again in her lifetime, ACADEMY AWARD WINNER will forever be attached to her name… Now, don’t get me started on WHO IS a TRUE loser… Because I know one and she was a nervous wreck on stage at the Oscars! lol!

  • smellycat

    I both admire Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie – real talented actresses in HW along with Winslet and Streep. With that said, I don’t think Angelina was expecting to win anyway. She was clearly happy for Kate and if you watch it again, Jolie stood up right away when Kate’s name was called to acknowledge her win. Kate even shook Angie’s hand before accepting her award..

  • LuckyL

    Sweet woman, as usual. She isn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing unlike some people.

  • Leslie Anne

    wow how nice whatever nicole said to Angelina! :) but I wondered what did nicole say to angelina? anyone? Pls? because I cannot hear caused I’m deaf so thanks anyone!

  • mertz

    the oscar belongs rightfully to meryl. obviously. two bad movies for kw. also nicole kidmans suck presentation made me so angry tonight. it was only redeemed by the everfescent SOPHIA LOREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who wore GOLD! atleast angie looked gracious listening to that fake spiel. nicole kidman looks better than she did at the grammys.

  • synda

    I thought Nicole looked very pretty. Very soft and feminine. Loved her dress. And what she said about Angie was very sincere. More-so then some of the others. I think Angie and Nicole could be good friends if they ever hooked up.
    Angie looked happy and gorgeous as usual!

  • magnolia

    oh my god guys check out this coment from the yahoo summary of last night….

    Best Reaction: Jolie looking totally charmed by her Kung Fu Panda costar Jack Black, who was onstage presenting with that actress from Friends.

  • jennifer

    I didn’t like the way they had actors/actresses address the current nominees. It seemed too contrived and rehearsed.. or in some cases ill-rehearsed. You could definitely tell some were just reading and going through the motions.

    I also hated Ben Stiller as Joaqiun.. it was inappropriate to have people laughing while showing some serious footage from films about murder and molestation. Tacky, tacky.

  • danna

    Angelina IS NOT a loser. She has an Oscar……….. and Brad AND little Brad babies AND a very hot movie career.
    Nicole is pretty great herself. I’m glad to see both women looking so happy with their families and hunky husbands.

  • pineapplesundae

    These “tributes” were written by the show’s writers. You can tell when some of the presenters went off script. Nicole was not one of them.

    Nicole however was one of the best dressed of the night. i couldn’t believe how tame and boring many of the stars were, including Angelina.

    I am very happy for Kate. She certainly deserves the win. Too bad JJ you didn’t include the lovely shot of Kate, Nicole, and Sophia holding hands as they walked off stage. Or is that somewhere else?

  • eme

    OK JJ… did you fail to notice how stunning Halle Berry looked???? WHERE ARE THE PICTURES OF HER IN THAT KNOCKOUT DRESS????

    You’ve already done plenty of coverage on Angie and Brad! It’s overkill….

  • Blair

    Nicole and Angie both looked beautiful, what she said about Angie was lovely and seemed very sincere

  • the truth

    She’s only unforgettable because she’s beautiful. If she only had her acting skills to rely on she wouldn’t be famous. Same for Brad.

  • RUBI


  • ‘Mandise

    Hey Jared, I wanna see some pics of Halle Berry PLEASE!

  • ‘Mandise

    Btw I love Nicole…………….. I would have liked to say the same about Angelina..if you know what I mean

  • Elizabeth

    What she said about Angie was really nice. Nicole is one of prettiest in HW

  • ace tomato

    That was lovely. I’m pretty sure Jolie knew that Changeling was not going to be her Oscar. Kate Winslet cleaned up for best actress for her roles this year and it is her year – and well deserved. That being said, Jolie looked lovely, unsurprised and graciously happy for Kate.

    Kidman looked really beautiful. I still don’t know why so many people hate her, she always seems nice and like someone who is very shy.

  • ayj6m6l

    for the firdt time in her life nicole’s right.Angie’s unforgettable.
    love love love u Angieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • abcd

    she looks pretty. nice intro by nicole

  • hallefan

    if you want to see some pics of the stunning Halle Berry, just go over to
    the pics are way better than here LOL

  • Sami

    God bless Nicole for saying that. Angelina is lovely and doesn’t do anything wrong to anyone yet cops a lop of sh1te which is completely unjustified. She is a good woman. And so is Nicole for saying it.

  • Kati

    That tribute Nicole gave to Angelina was just beautiful. It wasn´t just another actress giving praise to another. It was a mother talking to another mother. I´m sure that Angie and Nicole would have had a lot to talk about the children if they met backstage. After all Nic and Angie have almost same aged babies (Sunday Rose and the JP twins) are all 7 months old. Nicole looked really beautiful in that dress but so did Angelina. They both are beautiful women and have beautiful partners (Nic her husband Keith Urban and Angie has Brad). Finally I have to say:Nicole and Angelina. You both are unforgettable.I really appreciate you both as actresses, mothers, partners and humanitarians. You both are doing good job. Nic as an ambassador for UNIFEM and Angie for UNHCR. Keep up the good work!

  • Love it

    Thank you Nicole Angelina is amazing in that movie.

  • lavagirl

    Well I’m glad it wasn’t Sophia Lauren who introduced Angie as she was very upset to have been upstaged by Brad and Angelina on the Red Carpet earlier on. Look at this video and fast forward to 1.18 and just watch Sophia’s face expression, it’s priceless lol

  • lylian

    Very nice comments from Nicole Kidman. She looked mighty fine, less tight around the face and all.

  • Grace

    Nicole handled herself with class after her divorce.She is not a vindictive woman.

  • angel

    you loonies are so transparent.

  • Blah!

    Hello!? These speeches are never from the heart. Presenters rehearse and read from a tele-prompter!

  • angel

    hey jared all i said was glad you don’t hate nichole any more because they did until the speech she gave , why do you moderate that that’s not bad. hey sensership again.

  • jim


  • from europe
  • Victoria

    I saw Kidman snub Jolie at some opening about a year ago. It’s clear she’s jealous of the younger and way more vibrant and beautiful star.

    Can’t stand Kidman. Worst. Actress. Ever. Right up there with Sean Young.

  • phoebe

    nicole got a text for the show which she should present. you seriously think she meant it?! LOL
    JJ is such a Jolie temple…its disgusting. be a fansite or be fair……
    Aniston was great. she had the guts to stand up there and face the media and stupid people like you. she did great and she even smiled at Brad and Angelina. she has more class than all of you losers on here together. you are right Brad and Angelinaare no losers – you with your hateful comments are.

  • Beautiful

    Nicole looked gorgeous!! What a beautiful dress-you looked stunning and classy!!

  • Mini

    Phoebe its about time at least ONE site was for Brangelina fans, since the whole of the internet is sickening anti Angelina and Brad and filled with bitter and hateful gullible people who beleive everything they read and slate good innocent people on the basis of tabloid LIES. I am SO sick and tired of everywhere else being anti-Angelina and pro-Lunifer and Mayer playgrounds. One site, and you whinge? give us break!

  • taco

    JJ – how much is Kidman paying you on her payroll? You show the video of Kidman announcing Angelina – why not show the video of Kate being announced since she won the award? Kidman can’t read, much less act on a stage. For those on here that were glad to see the red hair back, are you getting it? That was a wig the other day.

  • mollywoo

    I don’t think this couple “are feeling each other ” anymore.

  • lol

    Oh yes I could see spankle in Nicoles eyes when she was looking at Angelina.Nicole is a class act and beautiful woman.

    As for Jen all that tough talk in magazines but when Angelina was in front of her with Brad she was so shaking in her prom dress.Angelina’s smile priceless,jolie rules.It must have hurt deeply to know she cant do anything to the great love that is Brad and Angelina.

  • from europe

    I think that it was great that Nicole payed tribute to Angelina! I liked her tribute a lot. They know each other for years … I think it is especially funny because Nicole was the one that could’t do Mr&Mrs Smith because she was filming some other movie, so Angelina got a role! I think also that Aniston fans are just jealous and it is sad that they can not move on finally. This “fight” story doesn’t exist, only tabloids create stupid stories and Aniston fans believe in them! I thougt at least from tonight that triangle will be over for them also, but I guess I was wrong!

  • briseis

    Phoebe: go to femalefirst, dlisted, perezhilton, popsugar and usweekly sites, and complain to them why they are all so pro-aniston. Besides, JustJared became a well-known site riding on the unfailing support of Brad/Angelina fans since 2005. If you don’t like it here, go to those other sites. No one’s stopping you.

  • Kuky

    Ty JJ ;)


    Nicole looked stunning as did Angelina. Love them both :)