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Oscars Ratings On The Rise

Oscars Ratings On The Rise

Preliminary ratings show that the 2009 Oscars are up 6 percent over last year, which pulled in its smallest audience ever with 32 million viewers.

NY, LA and Chicago were the markets with the highest Oscars ratings. The always charming Hugh Jackman hosted the evening’s events, impressing the audience with his singing and dancing skills. He was accompanied on stage by Anne Hathaway in the opening number and later in the evening by Beyonce, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Dominic Cooper and Amanda Seyfried.

Watch the big Oscars performance: MUSICALS ARE BACK!

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the Oscars last night???

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# 1

Hugh Jackman made it special and hot! <33

# 3

If I’m being totally honest, I only watched last night to see Rob Pattison and Brad & Angie (as usual). It wasnt a bad show, Anne has an amazing voice, I was quite surprised. But I wished I had more views of Rob and Brangelina…I also thought it was funny how they switched to Angie when Jen was presenting…Jen looked very uncomfortable.

# 4

I watched mainly for Brad and Angelina (even when the camera spanned the audience, I would look for them and always found them!). I just saw Changeling on Sat. night and wow, Angelina really has good acting chops, she deserved all the accolodates and noms for that role.

Found Hugh Jackman likeable, but not as entertaining as I thought he would be. Found some of the presenters like Sarah Jessica and Jennifer Aniston not worthy yet of being there (would have preferred Julia Roberts or Sandra Bulloch or Camera Diaz, real movie stars, not tv wannabes who happen to be lucky with one hit movie).

# 5
I give it 3 0ut of 5 @ 02/23/2009 at 12:17 pm

Very clever movie-making format. Beyonce in tights and corsett… real tacky. Actors praising actors … kinda sweet, a little over-kill, like each one is the greatest person AND actor in the world.

# 6
ms. scarlett @ 02/23/2009 at 12:17 pm

When will they stop taking up an entire evening of tv for this crap??? With all the other problems in the country right now, why should we indulge these people who simply have to memorize lines with little gold statues of naked men?

# 7

GREAT… he IS the sexiest man Alive!!!

# 8

I watched it because of Hugh Jackman… what a man *drools*

# 9

Loved the new flavor to the show. Specially the part of having 5 past winners presenting the 5 nominees. Hugh Jackman did a superb job.

ms. scarlett you need to take a break, and forget about the problems for a while ^_^ don’t need to freak about this

Horrible krap

Found the past winners presenting the new nominees different, but a bit too long and thought it would have been better if the past nominee was tied into the winner somehow (like had played in a movie with them or had some kind of connection), because it seemed so random.

SJP is so annoying, all cutesie little girly when she talks. Jennifer Aniston looked out of place and nervous and why shouldn’t she, it was obviously a PR ploy cuz why the heck would she present (when she has never been in an Oscar worthy movie or had a nomination) on this night of all night, when Brad and Angie were nominated??? That smells of loving an wanting the attention.

I thought Jackman did fine, but I really only watched to see Brad and Angelina, as I am sure many did. Was very disappointed that the Oscars followed the same old same old, was hoping for some new winners. Saw Slumdogs and was not that impressed. Thought the presenters left a lot to be desired. Loved the presenting for best actors, tho!

I liked the Oscars. They are still too long though. The actors stepping out when they spoke of the nominees got old by the end of the show… I was thinking “just give the award already!” Unlike Candy, I thought that the presenters were appropriate, who better to present for costume than SJP? And Jen Aniston has more than one hit movie… Bruce Almighty, Marley and Me, He’s just not that into you… I personally loved Derailed…

I watched for Vanessa and Zac. The ratings went up because the younger crowd. It wasn’t b/c of Brad/ Angelina because they have always gone to the award shows. It was the Zac/ Vanessa fans.

zanessafan4eva17 @ 02/23/2009 at 12:36 pm

i loved the oscars last night i only really watched to see hugh jackman and zac and vanessa though did you guys read that chicago was one of cities with the highest oscar ratings i’m not surprised me and all my friends were watching the oscars last night i wonder did we contribute to the high ratings lol
the oscars rocked

I didn’t watch because I love Hugh Jackman, but I knew it was going to be this song and dance fest that I would hate.

So, instead, I will read what you guys think of the show. It sounded like it was a hot mess. But not because of Hugh Jackman. Hugh is perfect *s*

The opening act was FANTASTIC. Anne Hathaway rules!

The musical part was good with Zac & Vanessa. But Beyonce ruined it. She didn’t have any chemistry with Hugh on stage and she gave the same boring performances she does everywhere.

The Brangelina Mayeriston “catfight” was a total let down!

shoes4life @ 02/23/2009 at 12:42 pm

I never watch any of these award shows but since Brad & Angelina were nominated, my interest was peaked. I watched the whole show and it was cool. I did like seeing the prev. Oscar winners presenting the top awards. Hugh (with his HOT self) did a nice job and the stage was very nice. Brad & Angelina were like the King & Queen of the ball, very poised, elegant, & beautiful as always.

I did think Beyonce looked kind of bottom heavy in her dance outfit, was I the only one?

By the way I laughed something silly at Anne’s Richard Nixon impression, totally unexpected!

Thought it was a great show…loved the new format!
Hugh Jackson was one of the “Best Host” in a long time…
Loved all the dancing and signing…Musicals are back, and what
a great pick of a host! Beyonce was wonderful!

Surprisingly, my favorite part of the show was when the guy who wrote Milk won. I thought it was the most touching, and 2nd to it was when Kate won. Brad & Angie were a let down to me, he still has that horrid mustache and she’s still wearing black dresses… errr.

where is leo dicaprio pics from the oscar? he was there last night?

sarah says @ 02/23/2009 at 12:48 pm

If Michael Douglas was on stage why not ask Catherine Zeta Jones
to do it. Why do Grease ,”Your the one I want” That had nothing to do
with the Oscars. The Musical segment is meant for Oscar nominees
And how tacky was Vanessa and Zac ..Why not have Hugh do his numbers with Beyonce who thought she was with Obama. At Last
what the hell does that have to do with this. And Benji Button was
cornball too

was Beyonce really needed? NO!

Who does she sleep with and she is all over the place?

Okay shes got talent (personally I don’t agree) but there are so many beautyful famous girls with talent.

I’d rather see drunk Britney in there

bambamswife7 @ 02/23/2009 at 12:50 pm

I enjoyed it very much for a change. Hugh Jackman was great. Never will see the big deal about Pitt and jolie. Josh Brolin and Diane Lane make a lovely looking couple. Nice to see Jennifer Aniston there, but don’t care for John Mayer all that much.

I normally don’t watch the Oscars, at all. I watched it for Vanessa, and I admit….I turned it off once their performance was done.

It also helped that Angie was there. I love these two women.

to be honest. i only watched for zac and vanessa. they did great. the whole thing was alright


Love it! Best presentation EVER!!!

I think it was great!
it was actually the first time I watched the oscars, but I really liked it.
it was very emotional and I enjoyed to see Jenn in front of Brangelina XD I thought it was funny

i agree. i only watched it because of Rob Pattinson & Zanessa but then I was like “hey this show is really good”. so i saw the whole show and i wasnt disappointed at all. Oscar is back in a better way than ever!!

Beyonce the lip synch drag queen.

Thanks to the Twilighters and younger demo that made the Oscar rise a teeny bit add the classy Hugh Jackman. At least his night was more interesting than boring Australia and flopped movie.

Last night, Kate was as beautiful as in The Reader:

The Batman geeks cant take the glory because the People’s choice award even with the awards for The Dark Knight,Best picture,Ledger etc still had no improvement from the previous ratings so I would say the High School Musical and twilight crowd helped a lot.
Overall the award was so so but it was Hugh and his musical nos.that were memorable. The rest were boring and predictable.
I miss the old days were more music and Disney nos. were done now its all so timed and rushed.

office fan @ 02/23/2009 at 1:27 pm

I thought it was awesome. Hugh Jackman was amazing!! I thought the acceptance speaches from most all the winners were wonderful. LOVED Kate’s shout out to her dad to her dad and then he whistled, lol. And Sean Penn speach was very funny and heartfelt. Oh, and I have to say Tina Fey and Steve Martin were hilarious!!

Is it me or is Beyonce a clumsy dancer. When she doesn’t shake she doesn’t really know how to dance!!! She looked awful in that red outfit she has a humongous as# and humongous legs. I’m tired of seeing her everywhere, she needs to stay away from hollywood she cannot act. I’m afraid they are going to give her more musicals she can sing awright but acting phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, she can stink up a movie house.

a total fan @ 02/23/2009 at 1:35 pm

I have to be honest and say I watched because of J-P. And I wish they would have gotten someone else beside Beyonce to sing and dance with Hugh.

It was great. Hugh Jackman did a great job! Lots of fun and I loved the previous winners all presenting as a group – that was a great idea.
Anne Hathaway is an amazing singer! Who knew.

Some of it great, some of it cringe worthy. Opening number, FOLDING CHAIRS?!? Not cute, just lame. Loved the multiple former winners naming the nominees. Even liked the Song Oscar montage although I thought I wouldn’t. But what do they do next year when there’s no Bollywood numbers? HATED THE DANCE NUMBER. Do these people even watch modern films? Give us some rap or blues or even jazz, but not top hats and canes. COULD NOT SEE THE STAGE SCREEN WHEN THEY WERE HONORING THOSE WHO DIED. WTF was that? Rating: 3-1/2 stars out of 5.

I thought they were extra good this year. Loved the stage—that Swarovsky crystal curtain was gorgeous, lovely, really unique. They should ask to keep it permanently. Really beautiful!
Hugh Jackman was elegant, talented, really into the audience enjoying themselves. I thought he was the quintessential host, best yet!
I loved the the opening presentation for best supporting actress. I got tears in my eyes, and I noticed the audience was totally affected by the ladies, too. I loved it, and the best actress, best actor (Deniro was hilarious) and supporting actor. The Academy should do this type of presentation every year. I learned a lot about the character the actors were portraying, brought it more alive to me, actually got a lot of insight.
Frankly, I enjoyed it more this year than ever before…Hugh Jackman was the best…Beyonce singing was great…Queen Latifah…so happy for Bollywood…glad Hollywood musicals are back….we need the happiness factor!

Beyonce go away and get knocked up or something!! She is not the only performer in the world. Sick of seeing her!!!

dia from mirza @ 02/23/2009 at 1:58 pm

“Carla” the lip singing drag queen !! And” Laila” the seeker sh*t of the world !!!! Beyonce you the best !! Cheez everyone!!

I cant wait for Transformers and New Moon. New Moon is filming soon.

vancrazed @ 02/23/2009 at 2:12 pm

They were phenom this year. Everything from real entertainment, to the way nominees were introduced. It was personal and drew in the viewer so we could experience it as well.
they need to bring Hugh in again, and never forget to bring a broadway or a movie producer in to help plan it. i am so tired of comedy routines. What a breath of fresh air.

I honestly didn’t like Queen Lati’s voice, it was rather weak.

The best Oscar.
It’s was Just perfect.
Congrats ugh!

it was perfect !!!

thought it was one of their best…too long with the top four awards (it got a little much at the end of a long program)…didn’t like the second number with Beyonce et was a mess to me! It sounded disjointed….loved the opening and loved the intimate type setting…everyone seemed very emotional and sincere and happy to be alive – that was nice. The Indian song segment (with Wall-E’s song thrown in) was refreshing and fun.

I haven’t watched the Oscars for years but tuned in simply because of Vanessa and Zac.

I really loved and enjoyed their musical performance and I actually enjoyed the whole event. Some parts were tedious and could have been skipped but I loved the presentations. Some pairings worked more than others (Tina Fey + Steve Martin = hilarious!) but I was moved with the whole bringing previous winners to present the best actress/actor etc.

I think Hugh did great and the atmosphere seemed relaxed and intimate. Ultimately, as a fan, the highlights of the evening for me were Vanessa and Zac but I thought the whole event was well put together and great. I hope they keep improving year on year and that the ratings reflect that.

Everything was just perfect!!
I loved it…!!!!
loved Jackman singing and dancing
I really thing he should host the oscars again next year!!!:)
loved itttt love itt loveeeeee it!1

shoes4life @ 02/23/2009 at 2:52 pm

Steve Martin: Don’t fall in love with me.

Sooo funny.

i couldn’t watch most of it.
but i did catch the ‘musicals are back’
performance with hugh, beyonce, zac, vanessa, amanda, and that other dude.
which the only reason i watched it was because of zac and vanessa<3

greattt performance hugh jackman!!!


zac efron and robert pattinson were the two reasons that made me watch it… and i think it was a great strategy from the producers to catch the young audience with such eyecandys!
it actually worked out extraordinary well!

the first time i watched it unitl the very end!

i’m starting to think only kids post on this site!

Elizabeth @ 02/23/2009 at 3:33 pm

I watched it and of course set a side time for it because Jollie and Pitt. However JH did real well as a host.

One of the WORST, if not THE WORST.

Get Billy Crystal back no matter what it takes. Oh and the In Memorian, wouldn’t it be nice to actually see ALL of the names instead of just most of them??

The new format was agile and more interesting. That was good. But the jokes were bland, presenters looked uneasy and the musical numbers were really, really, really boring.

ms. scarlett @ 02/23/2009 at 12:17 pm When will they stop taking up an entire evening of tv for this crap??? With all the other problems in the country right now, why should we indulge these people who simply have to memorize lines with little gold statues of naked men?

Shouldn’t you be out reading to the blind or working in soup kitchen instead of bitching online about the Oscars that you don’t watch?

Beyonce always ruins the oscars

vanessajonas @ 02/23/2009 at 4:29 pm

the beest oscar ever
thnks to zanessa

Some of you are saying that Jennifer Aniston looked nervous in front of Brad and Angie ~ I couldn’t disagree more! She was poised, funny and totally comfortable and handled herself very well. Hugh Jackman did a great job ~ and it was a nice, sentimental touch having the five former winners hand out the new awards. All in all it was great ~ but I thought most of the dresses the women wore this year were odd and rather blah. Only Natalie Portman had the best dress in my opinion.

incognito @ 02/23/2009 at 4:45 pm

Finally, the academy awards decided to do something unique with a bit of flair and style. And of course who else with the package like that, other than our own Hugh Jackman….charming, charismatic, cool, calm and collected.

Watching a bunch of Hollywood celebutards slober all over each other is not a show I’d be interested in watching. Can’t think of anyone I enjoy enough to watch that awful show. I think the last one I watched was Mel Gibson winning for Braveheart. I think you have to really enjoy a person or be rooting for a movie to get into this. Or be really BORED!

no beyonce didn’t ruin the oscars…she and hugh were the highlight.

i think you all are mad because she stole the spotlight that was supposed to be on zanessa and none of the oscar coverage is really talking about them. they are talking about hugh and beyonce and that makes you kiddies mad…LOL

i loved this years ceremony, was really entertaining and interesting, the new ideas really worked out for the show :D

House of ugly dress was awful @ 02/23/2009 at 5:46 pm

Loved Hugh last night. He did a fantastic job. One of the best. Latifah was awesome. Halle looked gorgeous as always. I loved the Bollywood segment, the props on stage, the presenters (someone fix the teleprompter)The only low point for me was Penn and Cruz winning. Rourke and Henson were robbed. Penn is sanctimonious. His poor wife. Can’t stand him.

I loved this years Oscars! The look back to Hollywood greats and wonderful films and musicals was amazing. Those actors in the audience DID get the point that those greats that were highlighted are the very actors that they are trying to emulate in the movies and musicals they do today! Beyonce, Anne, and Queen Latifah were perfect for their parts! And how awesome for Hugh Jackman to be such a man of grace that he chose to mentor some young actors by allowing Zac, Vanessa, Amanda and Dominic to be a small part of such a great evening! That is paying it forward. And aren’t we all glad that someone believed in us and gave us a chance! Hugh Jackman … excellent……and thank you Oscar for a wonderful evening!

HUGH pHORIAN @ 02/23/2009 at 6:05 pm


olddanfan @ 02/23/2009 at 6:13 pm

Only watched it to see Hugh Jackman – amazing job with the dancing and singing and nice to see a guy who looks absolutely fantastic in a suit/tux…could not care less whether I saw Brad/Angelina/Angelina looking at Aniston/Aniston possibly bumping into her ex/etc/etc/etc. So boring and pointless.

Hugh Jackman was great. I liked it much and the new changes and the musical format. For me, it’s been one of my favorite OSCAR ceremony.

Are you freaking kidding me? Zac and Vanessa sucked. Well, Zac was ok, but Vanessa couldn’t even carry a note. What have this world gone to?

“I watched the Oscars because of Zac, Vanessa, and Rob Pattinson”

They’re not even real actors. Zac is the best one. I have respect for Zac, but Vanessa, she can’t sing, she can’t act. The only reason she was there because they decided to do a number for music. She didn’t even sing. I couldn’t even hear her. Don’t even get me started on Rob. Just because he was in Twilight doesn’t mean he’s Oscar-invitee-worthy. His whole presentation sucked!

For your information, I watched for all the talented actors. That means Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, James Franco, Heath Ledger, Brad, Angelina, Kate Winslet, ect.

Also, I thought Beyonce did a great job last night. She always puts on a great show. I love her and Hugh Jackman. They did great.

musicals* not music

Just a thought @ 02/23/2009 at 6:58 pm

To Someone #73 &74

I don’t know bout u but I hear vanessa voice very clearly.
If you really listen (which I doubt since you are aready bias), you will see that vanessa and zac are singing in harmorny. Zac is singing the leading melody while vanessa is backing him up on the harmony notes. For anyone who sings( which I doubt you do)they will know that it is very difficult to sing that harmony part especially in live show.
That I have to give Vanessa credit cause she didn’t go out of tune and blend in very nice with Zac.
Which I have to say very much better than mama mia cast cause both of them just sing the leading melody together.

What a nightmare. The opening was terrible and the musical number featuring Beyonce and Elfron was unwatchable. Like eye rape.

i hated all that music, was this the oscar’s or the grammy awards?

i only watched whether heath would win, i think a lot of tdk fans did too

I get sick of having to see Beyonce’s FAT AS@

I wanted to see the Disney kids …but Beyonce’s FAT AS@ was in the way!!!!!!

Beyonce is a BIG FATSO!!!!


samasutra @ 02/23/2009 at 8:10 pm

The Oscars are still a little long and sometimes I feel that some of the awards would be better presented off screen. Though I can appreciate most people in film want their moment of recognition. I loved Hugh Jackman and thought he was a breath of fresh air after all the comedians with their sometimes very boring jokes. He was in his element with his Broadway skillset. Ann Hathaway was a delightful surprise. Despite everyones complaints about Beyonce, I thought she did a good job and I do not like her music personally. . I loved the Kodak theatre and the format. The crystal curtain was gorgeous. The intimacy of the setting was lovely. I like the actors speaking to the actors who were receving nomiations for best actors. However, it would have been nicer if some of them could have kept their remarks more concise to avoid becoming over the top. Other than that, I felt the Oscars this year were much better than years past though the usual complaint…too long.

lakers fan in boston @ 02/23/2009 at 8:15 pm

first time watching it
i really liked it, im pretty sure ima watch it again next year
the only award shows i really hated was the emmy’s
yawn was that **** boring

It was okay, I thought Hugh would have been more entertaining The sound seemed off for the show, it wasn’t loud enough or Hugh’s voice didn’t seem to have alot of power behind it. I liked the presentations from previous oscar winners and the overview of each nominees performance. I would give Hugh another chance for next year, I think he has great potential.

loved some of it
loved Hugh =wish he would have had better material to sing
loved when the five actors came up and presented
hated the musical number with Hugh and Beyonce
she can’t move and had no chemistry with hugh
West Side Story, high school musical Mama Mia and Lady marmalade!
come on
it was an eye sore

I loved the musical number –

all you zanessa fans are like 5 – you have never watched the oscars because you are 5. Zanessa were terrible…they sang for 2 secs and she sounds like a baby…

It wasn’t boring and Baz Luhrman is amazing…..beyonce doesn’t lips sinc and sounded awesome…Hugh is great!!

People who didn’t like this, need to grow up and add some variety and culture to their lives…It had class, and some great oldies in there… i could appreciate it and im in my 20′s…

it was AMAZING
i was shocked with how awesome it was.
compared to the rest of the award shows, the oscars win by far

i loved hugh jackman as the host, but i feel like he was barely in it. he and anne hathaway were great in the introduction. i thought the pineapple express skit was utterly hilarious! i was so happy that heath ledger won best supporting actor, i think he really deserved it, and when his family accepted his award i almost cried. i felt bad for jennifer aniston when she was presenting, she was really awkward and if she was trying to show up angelina i don’t think it really worked. i liked how the past winners said things about the nominees, it made everything a lot more dramatic, even though it made it longer. although i have to say, i don’t understand why miley cyrus or robert pattinson were at the oscars, they are an embarrassment to hollywood.

overall i think it was a pleasant presentation but nothing really memorable.

i admit i only watch because of Zanessa.

I only watched it for Robert Pattinson, the handsomest man of the evening. A true star is born!

I watched because of Angelna and Brad. They were both nominated!!

Hugh was great, loved his little dig at New Zealand, too. “We’ve downgraded because of the recession, next I’m going to be doing a movie called New Zealand,” and “I’m an Australian and I played an Australian in a movie called Australia… I’m hosting.” Man I laughed.

nancy napier @ 02/23/2009 at 11:10 pm

The best Oscars I have ever seen. I hope that Hugh Jackman will host again next year. Brad and Angelina were beautiful as usual…I watched to see them but loved the whole show.

Most of the time I watched only Oscar if I have bets for best actress & best actors nominees..

I didnt come to work because I wanted to watched it from the beginning to end because I am curious on how Hugh Jackman will perform.. He proves it that he is a versatile & a FANTASTIC host & performer.. he rocks the theater last night..

Above all I did watched it because of ZAC & VANESSA ‘s perfomance. It was a great one for them… To let billions of people know that they were deserving enough to be invited out there by OSCAR. I agree to # 15 fans of ZAC & VANESSA contributed a lot for the ratings..

They were the only the young couple as well as rob who made the event intense because of the new crowd generations…

ZAC & Vanessa performance was quite short, Beyonce got the whole spotlight… Indeed, ZANESSA FANS were the proudest people for their idols…

Littledani @ 02/24/2009 at 5:00 am

I loved it. Hugh Jackman surprised me with his voice. I already liked him as an actor, but that man has a beautiful voice too! I hope he will be there next year as well. I also loved the actors coming up and presented. I am only wondering: where was Jack Nicholson? I think he should have been there to say something about Heath Ledger.
Anyway, I will definitely be watching next year!

I only watched it because Robert Pattison was there and also Beyonce, ZacEfron and VanessaHudgens.
But lets admit it, I’ve never watched a witnessed a better performance than this musical.
It was fun, energetic and amazing.
Hugh Jackman was fantastic as well as Beyonce.
The best Oscars !

I haven’t watched the Oscars in 20 years. The only reason I watched this year was because of Robert Pattinson. Wasn’t interested in the rest. Hugh Jackman was great though :-)


Hugh made it amazing! Beyonce sucked though! Did like the way they presented the awards with the 5 actors! Kinda annoyed Slumdog won it al, it wasnt even that Good.. I felt bad for Jen when she was presenting, Angeline and Brad looked fake as hell, by the way they were smiling when she was talking.. I did think that Jen and Jack were fun! I think its great Jen presented, unlike some people, if everybody had to have been nominated to present than the awards would sure lack presenters! I dont get how people make Jen to be the bad one! Australia was awesome btw, i read somewhere on here that it flopped, i thought it was visually stunning!

They were different, but not in a good way
the past winners and their little speeches got really tiresome.
I doubt i’ll watch next year
E’s Live on the red carpet is so much more better

To be honest i watched this year to see Brangelina and Kate Winslet win that Oscar
Jennifer Aniston was annoying and shouldn’t have been there, so was SJP ( what on earth was she wearing)

Oh and i am so tired of Beyonce!

I only watched it because off Hugh Jackman. I was not dissapointed!!!
He did a great job. As i thought he would.!! I only wished i’d seen him more on stage

I only watched it because off Hugh Jackman. I was not dissapointed!!!
He did a great job. As i thought he would.!! I only wished i’d seen him more on stage

Not fooled @ 02/24/2009 at 9:33 pm

Beyonce was lip synching…watch, it’ll come out that she was.

I watched the awards to see the” Charismatic ” Zac and Vanessa. I thought it was one of the best Academy shows in probably 10 years. The only problem was the length of time Zac and Miss “V” were asked to perform.–Not nearly enough for such talented people!! Hey, we need Disney in charge of the Musical numbers, maybe then we can enjoy the duo who made 350 Million for the INDUSTRY!! That speaks loud and clear what the paying public like to see on Oscar Night!! Zac and Vanessa can dance the shoes off anyone on that stage!!

The dance number was the best part of the oscars. It is about time that those in charge came around to the real world. Beyonce clearly was the best the best singer in the preformance. Those hsm kids and moma mia kids sure could learn a thing or two . Now that is how you are suppose to sing. Hugh was good also. Beyonce cleary stole the show there. Keep is up Beyonce would like to see more of you . You are the best.

I thought they were amazing. Before I was dreading them but it’s something that you just have to watch. I enjoyed them!

Hugh Jackman was great. He was the only reason I decided to watch it. I was annoyed by a constant attention to Brangelina. She looked like she is above all, and Brad got a nomination for what?
I would survive without those young additions. Pattison can´t act and now, he showed he can´t even present anything.
But, as much as I hate Highschool musical, I like musical generally and I think the musical number was, from the most part, very good.
I missed spots of actors in their nominated roles. It was clever, to let present the previous Oscar winners (I was really suprised when they appeared for the first time) but nobody probably saw all nominated movies.
And Anne Hathaway is cool :-)
And Hugh was the best! But I would love to see him more next time, he deserves it

kimilykaye @ 03/02/2009 at 6:08 pm

Steve Martin should host the Oscars next year. Hugh was voted the sexiest man of the year but that doesn’t mean he can sing and dance. I loved the duct-tape and the recycled/recession theme of the props in his numbers, though. As for the musical is back, it really is, but shoving it down our throats isn’t an advertisement for it.

Really, the musicals of the year were more hinged on the music than on the acting and script-writing…the mamma mia girl has a bit of a goat bleat in her vibrato, her co-star was more of anextra and the high school musical kids should not have been showcased because they aren’t even close to being oscar material! Maybe someday those 4 will be, but this is not the MTV Video Awards…

Endnote: Showcase real talent, please, instead of going for ratings. Anne, Kate, Meryl, Amy, Sean, Penelope, etc…that’s where it’s at.

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