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Oscars Ratings On The Rise

Oscars Ratings On The Rise

Preliminary ratings show that the 2009 Oscars are up 6 percent over last year, which pulled in its smallest audience ever with 32 million viewers.

NY, LA and Chicago were the markets with the highest Oscars ratings. The always charming Hugh Jackman hosted the evening’s events, impressing the audience with his singing and dancing skills. He was accompanied on stage by Anne Hathaway in the opening number and later in the evening by Beyonce, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Dominic Cooper and Amanda Seyfried.

Watch the big Oscars performance: MUSICALS ARE BACK!

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the Oscars last night???

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109 Responses to “Oscars Ratings On The Rise”

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  1. 76
    Scamp Says:

    What a nightmare. The opening was terrible and the musical number featuring Beyonce and Elfron was unwatchable. Like eye rape.

  2. 77
    essie Says:

    i hated all that music, was this the oscar’s or the grammy awards?

    i only watched whether heath would win, i think a lot of tdk fans did too

  3. 78
    Blip Says:

    I get sick of having to see Beyonce’s FAT AS@

  4. 79
    Blip Says:

    I wanted to see the Disney kids …but Beyonce’s FAT AS@ was in the way!!!!!!

  5. 80
    Blip Says:

    Beyonce is a BIG FATSO!!!!

  6. 81
    Blip Says:


  7. 82
    samasutra Says:

    The Oscars are still a little long and sometimes I feel that some of the awards would be better presented off screen. Though I can appreciate most people in film want their moment of recognition. I loved Hugh Jackman and thought he was a breath of fresh air after all the comedians with their sometimes very boring jokes. He was in his element with his Broadway skillset. Ann Hathaway was a delightful surprise. Despite everyones complaints about Beyonce, I thought she did a good job and I do not like her music personally. . I loved the Kodak theatre and the format. The crystal curtain was gorgeous. The intimacy of the setting was lovely. I like the actors speaking to the actors who were receving nomiations for best actors. However, it would have been nicer if some of them could have kept their remarks more concise to avoid becoming over the top. Other than that, I felt the Oscars this year were much better than years past though the usual complaint…too long.

  8. 83
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    first time watching it
    i really liked it, im pretty sure ima watch it again next year
    the only award shows i really hated was the emmy’s
    yawn was that **** boring

  9. 84
    bla85 Says:

    It was okay, I thought Hugh would have been more entertaining The sound seemed off for the show, it wasn’t loud enough or Hugh’s voice didn’t seem to have alot of power behind it. I liked the presentations from previous oscar winners and the overview of each nominees performance. I would give Hugh another chance for next year, I think he has great potential.

  10. 85
    trina Says:

    loved some of it
    loved Hugh =wish he would have had better material to sing
    loved when the five actors came up and presented
    hated the musical number with Hugh and Beyonce
    she can’t move and had no chemistry with hugh
    West Side Story, high school musical Mama Mia and Lady marmalade!
    come on
    it was an eye sore

  11. 86
    Loved It Says:

    I loved the musical number –

    all you zanessa fans are like 5 – you have never watched the oscars because you are 5. Zanessa were terrible…they sang for 2 secs and she sounds like a baby…

    It wasn’t boring and Baz Luhrman is amazing…..beyonce doesn’t lips sinc and sounded awesome…Hugh is great!!

    People who didn’t like this, need to grow up and add some variety and culture to their lives…It had class, and some great oldies in there… i could appreciate it and im in my 20′s…

  12. 87
    mary Says:

    it was AMAZING
    i was shocked with how awesome it was.
    compared to the rest of the award shows, the oscars win by far

  13. 88
    megz Says:

    i loved hugh jackman as the host, but i feel like he was barely in it. he and anne hathaway were great in the introduction. i thought the pineapple express skit was utterly hilarious! i was so happy that heath ledger won best supporting actor, i think he really deserved it, and when his family accepted his award i almost cried. i felt bad for jennifer aniston when she was presenting, she was really awkward and if she was trying to show up angelina i don’t think it really worked. i liked how the past winners said things about the nominees, it made everything a lot more dramatic, even though it made it longer. although i have to say, i don’t understand why miley cyrus or robert pattinson were at the oscars, they are an embarrassment to hollywood.

    overall i think it was a pleasant presentation but nothing really memorable.

  14. 89
    mhay Says:

    i admit i only watch because of Zanessa.

  15. 90
    Larice Says:

    I only watched it for Robert Pattinson, the handsomest man of the evening. A true star is born!

  16. 91
    Ginger Says:

    I watched because of Angelna and Brad. They were both nominated!!

  17. 92
    hayley Says:

    Hugh was great, loved his little dig at New Zealand, too. “We’ve downgraded because of the recession, next I’m going to be doing a movie called New Zealand,” and “I’m an Australian and I played an Australian in a movie called Australia… I’m hosting.” Man I laughed.

  18. 93
    nancy napier Says:

    The best Oscars I have ever seen. I hope that Hugh Jackman will host again next year. Brad and Angelina were beautiful as usual…I watched to see them but loved the whole show.

  19. 94
    mykamicks Says:

    Most of the time I watched only Oscar if I have bets for best actress & best actors nominees..

    I didnt come to work because I wanted to watched it from the beginning to end because I am curious on how Hugh Jackman will perform.. He proves it that he is a versatile & a FANTASTIC host & performer.. he rocks the theater last night..

    Above all I did watched it because of ZAC & VANESSA ‘s perfomance. It was a great one for them… To let billions of people know that they were deserving enough to be invited out there by OSCAR. I agree to # 15 fans of ZAC & VANESSA contributed a lot for the ratings..

    They were the only the young couple as well as rob who made the event intense because of the new crowd generations…

    ZAC & Vanessa performance was quite short, Beyonce got the whole spotlight… Indeed, ZANESSA FANS were the proudest people for their idols…

  20. 95
    Littledani Says:

    I loved it. Hugh Jackman surprised me with his voice. I already liked him as an actor, but that man has a beautiful voice too! I hope he will be there next year as well. I also loved the actors coming up and presented. I am only wondering: where was Jack Nicholson? I think he should have been there to say something about Heath Ledger.
    Anyway, I will definitely be watching next year!

  21. 96
    Merrrr Says:

    I only watched it because Robert Pattison was there and also Beyonce, ZacEfron and VanessaHudgens.
    But lets admit it, I’ve never watched a witnessed a better performance than this musical.
    It was fun, energetic and amazing.
    Hugh Jackman was fantastic as well as Beyonce.
    The best Oscars !

  22. 97
    keiti Says:

    I haven’t watched the Oscars in 20 years. The only reason I watched this year was because of Robert Pattinson. Wasn’t interested in the rest. Hugh Jackman was great though :-)

  23. 98
    j Says:


  24. 99
    Jen Says:

    Hugh made it amazing! Beyonce sucked though! Did like the way they presented the awards with the 5 actors! Kinda annoyed Slumdog won it al, it wasnt even that Good.. I felt bad for Jen when she was presenting, Angeline and Brad looked fake as hell, by the way they were smiling when she was talking.. I did think that Jen and Jack were fun! I think its great Jen presented, unlike some people, if everybody had to have been nominated to present than the awards would sure lack presenters! I dont get how people make Jen to be the bad one! Australia was awesome btw, i read somewhere on here that it flopped, i thought it was visually stunning!

  25. 100
    lulu Says:

    They were different, but not in a good way
    the past winners and their little speeches got really tiresome.
    I doubt i’ll watch next year
    E’s Live on the red carpet is so much more better

    To be honest i watched this year to see Brangelina and Kate Winslet win that Oscar
    Jennifer Aniston was annoying and shouldn’t have been there, so was SJP ( what on earth was she wearing)

    Oh and i am so tired of Beyonce!

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