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Shia LaBeouf Rings the Bell Cab

Shia LaBeouf Rings the Bell Cab

Transformers star Shia LaBeouf hops into a Bell Cab in Hollywood on Monday (February 23).

The 22-year-old star will be returning for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which has a tentative release date of June 24.

According to IGN, screenwriter Roberto Orci ahs confirmed that a character who died in the first Transformers film will be back! Apparently, Megatron will return!

No more Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey, Shia?

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shia labeouf rings bell cab 05
shia labeouf rings bell cab 06

Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • tatum

    I LOVE him but he looks kinda thin.

  • stephens

    u mean february 23?

  • stephens

    and i love him.
    and met him

  • ihavenolife

    did he get scrawnier? and wow, his hand sure is taking a long time to recover.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Americans don’t take care of their physical part.
    “HEALTH” that is!!
    They only care for the looks, folks!!

  • nINA

    I love him, he’s so good looking.

  • uglysexy

    he’s got to be so depressed about how controlled he’s been by the spielberg ….gas giant empty transformer’s movie set….
    probably going to continue to blow gaskets and gain
    mug shots…should be a fun decompression to watch
    …he already looks jaundiced and sweaty…like he’s
    on 3 nicotine patches plus a bad poly sub hangover
    watch out for good guy gone bad ;p

  • Ivana

    What in holly hell is going on here??! I used to defend him endlessly & always praise his good looks, but i can’t do that with this one!! OMG! Why is his head getting rounder & rounder by the day? Why does he look like he hasn’t showered in DAYS? Why does he look so sick & pasty all the time? Not to mention undernourished??! Shia, babe, I love you but it’s getting hard defending your acting skills not to mention your heartthrob status when you look like a chewed up old dishrag. PLEASE start taking care of yourself. K THANX BYE.

  • shialover

    WOW HE LOOKS HOT, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooo f-ing sexxxxy

  • ‘Mandise

    so hot <33333333

  • angie

    Is he right by Social? from what i can tell from the blurry background and the event cables, it would seem so.

  • dash

    the guy is so fugly

  • meme

    i think its sexy wen shia sits at the back seat…
    and yes he does look thinner

  • jade

    I ♥ Shia

  • ginny

    LOL @ Shia singing in the back seat of a cab.
    I love this kid, he always cracks me up.

  • BE free

    I can’t help falling for him. I think he looks good, though. He just looks a bit tired, that’s all.

  • shialove!!

    thank god finally we saw a little bit of our handsome baby:)
    thank god:)
    love him cant wait to see tranformers 2 …pitty that his hand hasnt recovered yet :(

  • Grace

    Well I think it’s wonderful that he’s saving all that money he made from Spielberg movies instead of wasting it on silly things like: BELTS, FOOD, JEANS THAT FIT AND ARE CLEAN.

  • meme

    shia was delighted when a 6ft rattlesnake was discovered on the set of ‘Transformers: Revenge’, despite the rest of the cast scattering in horror when it slithered into view.
    was delighted when a 6ft rattlesnake was discovered on the set of ‘Transformers: Revenge’, despite the rest of the cast scattering in horror when it slithered into view.
    was delighted when a 6ft rattlesnake was discovered on the set of ‘Transformers: Revenge’, despite the rest of the cast scattering in horror when it slithered into view.


  • meme

    ok ignore wat i wrote ^^

    this is the story:
    while shia was filming transformer 2 he saw a 6ft rattle snake

    Shia said: “Hey, look at that snake. This is great! Hi Barney!”The actor then grabbed a broom handle and started gently poking the snake, while still referring to it as “Barney”.

    Shia became incensed when a crew member fetched a spade and moved to chop off the serpent’s head, shrieking: “No! Don’t do that, don’t hurt Barney!”

    he refused any1 to get near the snake he insisting producers call a qualified snake handler to remove the animal from the set.
    and wen the pro came shia made him promise that the reptile will be back to the wild he said ”please dont kill barney”

    we cant get enough of him <3

  • meme
  • Mrs. Labeouf

    I’m so in love for him, he’s gorgeous !!!!

  • R&B


  • hmm

    why even wear a belt?

  • Bree

    aw yay i missed shia news. lol

  • jaye

    Megatron will return? Well, who didn’t think that would happen? Otherwise who would the autobots fight against; the rest of Megatron’s crew are not interesting enough on their own.

  • GetUp&Boogie

    I am wondering if Shia has gotten addicted to his pain killers and that is why he is so thin these days. He looks to me like a stick. He does not look that healthy in his face either. Alot of people are saying that he is very depressed because he misses China his ex. I do see the depression too. I hope that this will not effect his acting. Also the guy needs to get his laundry done, and buy a new belt while he is at it. Geez one day his belt will break and down comes the pants…. :D

  • moo

    You know how some people need to be on a diet or they get fat? Maybe he needs to always be eating or he gets skinny. I wish I had his problems….

  • Jakelovesshia

    i wasn’t always a fan of his or thought he was cute at first. but he won me over. i am a shia fan and i think he’s sexy and handsome.

    despite that he dresses poorly or has a scruffy face. maybe he doesn’t want to dress fancy or isn’t into designer brand expensive clothes.he always wears skinny jeans and tight tee shirts. so maybe that is why he looks so thin.

    and if you ever seen pics of him on the beach in shorts and no shirt, you’d see how hot of a bod he has. and the facial hair or beard he grows sometimes doesn’t bother me.

    some people make think he’s a dork or nob ’cause of the mistakes he’s made. but i think he’s a sweetie and a cutie. i’d date him or have sex with him anytime (if he was gay). i love shia!

  • ms. d

    I’ve always been attracted to ugly men such as Shia. They seem to try harder to please women in general because they have little else to offer, except in LaDouche’s case, a fat bank account.

  • alicee

    aww… poor guy, everywhere he is, papparazzi follows him

  • alicee

    poor guy, everywhere he is, paparazzi follows him

  • Lucky1-NOT

    Shia gets flip with the paps and flicks them off and then throws shi-t at them look at this;

  • My thoughts on that link:

    Here are my thoughts on the link from poster #33 ^, about Shia Labeouf:

  • see

    Not very good pictures since some.seem to have the light or something on them. I bet it’s hard to do anything decent with his fingers liked that. Wonder how much longer it’s going to be liked this…

  • stupid is as stupid does


    The paps were totally out of line. They were rude and they were pushing his friend back and they hit Shia’s hand when he flipped them off which completely crossed the line.

    His friend was mad and when the paps threw the water bottle into the car and hit Shia’s hand..he stopped and fired it back at them in anger. Then he realized he was trapped and they were going to have the paps basically standing 2 inches from them taking pictures.. by moving the car back and forth.. it kept the paps at a distance while making it really clear to the car blocking the exit to get the hell out of the way.

    Shia had no control over his friend driving. I can’t fault him for his friends frustration with the slime that call themselves paps.. as for him I would be frustrated too if someone harassed me and my friend and then reached into my car to hit me.

    Ultimately it is the paps that have lost all sense of morals, personal space and decorum.

    When Shia said no pictures.. back the @uck off and wait for Paris to flash her vagina at you. They chased on purpose.. they escalated on purpose. They took it too far on purpose just to be assholes.

  • stupid is as stupid does

    #34.. you are exactly right.

  • more thoughts on this…

    #36 This whole thing makes me shaking mad they had NO F;UCKING right to harass Shia and his friend like they did, NO RIGHT. DAMN those paps need to back the f’uck off. I personally think it is beyond sickening!!!! I hope that they did NOT do any damage to Shia and his friend, IF SO they need to pay ever DAMN penny for the damage!!!
    I hope that Shia keeps his chin up and not let these thoughtless as’sholes get to him. Bottom line, Shia came out of this looking good as did his friend, they are the ones who look like pure %100 dumba’ss!!! I mean they called shia and as’shole JUST BECAUSE he did not want to get his photo taken, OMG….SOME PEOPLE..I think that Shia handled the situation really well. I say Shia don’t worry about the STUPID idiots, you are far better, man!

  • breee.

    tech. it mite not be megatron . b/c didnt one of the autobots got torn apart by megatron and died. i hope he comes back not megatron.

    anywho. LOVE YOU SHIA !

  • meme

    33.. i agree with 34 because it is disgusting an when i saw the paparazzi hitting shias hand i was breathless. im glad he did have a friend with him and that they did handle it.. i think the paparazzi took this way too far, and i think if i was shia i would of punched evry pap ONE-BY-ONE..


  • jeez

    ……………………….what ?????
    where is my comment?? shia don’t let those pestering paps agitate you. they are not worth worrying about. the paps should be illegal

  • SoSad

    Damn, I hope that Shia gets some sleep, he looks very tired. As for that video, very revolting, I feel sorry for Shia and his friend.

  • no-no-no-no-no

    Megan and Brian had split up I hope that shia does not do something stupid and get hooked up with Megan, that would be horrible. But by the time transformers 2 comes out in the summer who knows we might unfortunitly see the two of them hand and hand, and this time it is because they are dating, good god I hope not, I will lose all respect in Shia!!!


    I agree the papz have no right invading his space. They need to back the f*** up and let this guy live his life.


    What is the purpose of that thing on his hand? haha.

  • dowhaaaat

    #45 you are kidding right?!……………..OMG!

  • OMGNO!!!

    This is so all over the place about how Shia’s long dream has come true for the chance to get hooked up with Megan Fox, this guy is plain out dumb for this woman I can not stress how much of an idiot Shia is if this is really true. Or he likes her so much because she looks like China Brezner and he is still NOT over the breakup. I hope that Megan did not break up with Brian cause of Shia Labeouf. This is like the Isabel Lucas thing all over again. Gotta see this about what people are saying about Shia’s “dream come true…”

  • MenSuck!

    Here is why:

  • Justin

    Shia’s belt is going to split, and then his pants will come down.:D He needs to buy a new wardrobe, or at least a new belt.