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Freida Pinto Has The Hots For Leo DiCaprio

Freida Pinto Has The Hots For Leo DiCaprio

Slumdog Millionaire stars Dev Patel and Freida Pinto leave their Los Angeles hotel and catch departing flights out of LAX airport on Tuesday (February 24).

On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week, Freida shared who she crushed on as a young school girl: “I had a big crush on him back in school. I had this little Leonardo DiCaprio scrapbook with his picture on the front. Now he’s going to think I’m a creep after this!”

It was announced earlier today that Freida will star in Woody Allen‘s upcoming film project. 15+ pics inside…

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freida pinto leonardo dicaprio 02
freida pinto leonardo dicaprio 03
freida pinto leonardo dicaprio 04
freida pinto leonardo dicaprio 05
freida pinto leonardo dicaprio 06
freida pinto leonardo dicaprio 07
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Credit: Barnsley, Symons; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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    and shes taking some jimmy choos with her! lucky gal.
    they look cute.


    and shes taking some jimmy choos with her! lucky gal.
    they look cute.

  • mike

    i think she is beautiful!!! :)

  • @@@@@


  • @@@@@


  • lola

    she sure would make a hotter girlfriend than Bar

  • just me

    IMO she is prettier than Bar but just as overrated as B is

  • saudia

    ahh I love them, amazing actors and great people ! congrats!

  • googlie

    dev is hotness <33

  • ‘Mandise

    every girl had a crush on Leo when he was young……but he kinda lost his looks now. Freida is a pretty girl but there’s something in her that I really don’t like… she’s getting full of herself, fame is getting into her head or she acts all sweet but must have another face behind. Aishwarya Rai is definitely prettier tho, Freida can’t compete with an ex miss world. I know, this is not about Aish and I shouldn’t throw it into your faces but it’s just that Aishwarya is better somehow. She seems to have a better personality than Freida. However, it’s pretty sure that in the business, Freida played in a movie well-awarded but have you all noticed that she is just a pretty face in the movie and that she’s not that much of a main character? seems like they got her to walk the red carpets just for her looks or something……I guess, that’s Hollywood……….looks are more important than talent. I could mention lots of celebs but I prefer not to XD

  • luanna

    i love dev since skins… he’s awesome

  • jilli

    I love Dev…I mean I like Dev….lol

  • Cali

    Freida seems so normal and down to earth.

    Love her and Dev!

  • K.G

    The Leo haters on here like #4 are probably little teenybopper girls who want him to look like the same skinny teenage boy he did in Titanic or just obsessive Brad Pitt fans. Appreciate him for his acting not his looks dumb asses. Anyway, Freida looks nice!

  • Angie

    i love leo ! && i love dev, hes cute and so down to earth.

  • anon

    Freida is more beautiful than that Bar Rafaeli that’s for sure. Freida and Leo would make a hot couple.

  • not me

    I guess Frieda is hoping to do a Katie Holmes, you know when Katie said she had fantasies about marrying Tom Cruise two weeks later a call comes through and the rest is history. Well, to get Leo out of that ugly Bar’s arms even Frieda might do.

  • @17

    Well said.
    Frieda is the pretty girl from the movie who managed to steal Dev`s thunder. Now she has the chance to prove herself in that Woody Allen movie. We`ll see…

  • gerard Vandenberg

    A new group of fakers is born, folks!!

  • taya

    i love freida and dev, thank you
    they are so cute! can you find out if they are dating

  • betty

    I love Leo too! I still think he’s hot, just a different hot. Anyway, u teeny-boppers should get over it, good-looks doesn’t equal good-actor (cough, cough, Brad & Ange …….not that Brad is hot anyway, i find him DISGUSTING)

    Dev & Freda are great!

  • uglysexy

    she’s cuter than bar but bar wears my friend’s jewelry so…
    go!!! Bar!!!

  • Nora

    Oh look, another Hollywood wannabe cutthroat bi*tch wanting some attention. Get a few movies under your belt, honey, before you jump up and down flashing paps fat smiles.

  • elsa

    awww, they’re leaving :(, it was fun while it lasted, loved the film, loved them, sad to see them go out move on from this

  • ogal

    too bad Leo’s taken. Maybe she’ll find another hottie to hook up with.She seems ambitious.

  • Halli

    Jared, Frieda Pinto is MARRIED. Or she just recently dumped her husband since she hit the jackpot.

    Why aren’t you talking about that?

  • trina

    she was engaged not married number 26

  • shongashongangjen

    dev cutie…

  • Kathy

    Leo and bar are engaged leo wants to marry bar. He wants to get married have children.

  • Halli

    #27 – she still dumped her fiance once she got famous and only afetr he paid for her home, amenities, photo-shoots, etc.

    She milked him for all he was worth and than she bolted.

  • hedda

    I hope Dev gets plenty of project offers as well – I really enjoyed him in Slumdog.

  • zoe

    very pretty. enjoyed the movie too. hope she’ll have a successful career in woody allen’s film. same for dev!

  • Courtney

    Hope Freida will able to restore her place in future.

  • @29

    Who told you that? Bar? LOL! Don`t believe everything you read…

  • tom

    Thank god for Slumdog for introducing us to .Frieda Pinto. She is so pretty.

  • shialove!!

    i love dev..he is cute and down to earth guy!

  • justonecomment

    #29 mazel tov to them since they are getting married. i wish them all the best, let it happen already i have been hearing this since 2007.

  • @29&37

    I have to ask again: how do you know that they are getting married? You must have inside info so, please share it with us.

  • @38

    ignore them(#29+37)! they know nothing(the person from #37 ‘has been hearing this since 2007′…would #37 have insider infos would s/he know it for sure and not just ‘hearing’ since 18th century or so, ya know, lol). this two are just troublemakers w/o any clue about Leo’s future plans, so I’d say just ignore them.
    Leo will get married but definitely not to Bar. Oh and LOL, not to that Freida Pinuto(she’s a fake cuttie, some ppl know umpteen stories about this arrogant attention wh*re), mark my words!


    looks like another Indian moving to America!! whats new.

  • Sabrina

    #30 you dont even know her personal life.

  • not me

    # 29 Kathy

    You are hallucinating.

  • ms. d

    Leo is ugly as sin nowadays! He lost his looks long ago, now he is just a talented actor and an activist for environmental issues, which is more important in the grand scheme of things anyway. She would look out of place standing beside Leo, for she can do much better!

  • ~*HoT PiNk PrInCeSS*~

    She’s gorgeous. Love her.

  • ~*HoT PiNk PrInCeSS*~

    She’s gorgeous. Love her.

  • jjk

    LOL “INSIDE INFO” Please haters pretend they know what’s going in these people’s personal lives. Tabloid trash readers. Good for you.

    Freida is beautiful and she did very well in her first film ever. Dev is talented and very charismatic.

    I’m sure they won’t lose any sleep over the “internet tough guys”. Good for them.

  • @43

    No he’s hot you’re just crazy! I know woman that would kill to marry/date Leonardo so shut up! When he doesn’t have facial hair he’s f*cking hot!


    How original. Who isn’t in love with Leo??

  • OXA

    Freida has been busy traveling and doing promos for the movie.
    The fiance got his knickers in a twist and was all kinds of jealous of the attention she was getting. This jealousy was turning ugly and shw was right to dump him. Jealousy destroys any relationship.

  • Alyssa

    I was right there!
    I saw her getting her bags checked while I was getting mine checked.
    We were on the same flight.
    She’s absolutely gorgeous!
    Freida looked so sweet and was smiling at everyone.