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Gerard Butler Parties Oscars-Style

Gerard Butler Parties Oscars-Style

Gerard Butler attends the 17th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Academy Award Viewing Party held at the Pacific Design Center on Sunday (February 22) in Hollywood.

The same evening, the 39-year-old Scottish stud hit up the 2009 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by VF editor Graydon Carter held at the Sunset Tower in West Hollywood.

Gerry arrived late to the bash, telling E!, “I want to sing at the Oscars. I just don’t think they’d have me.”

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler partying Oscars-style…

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Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Michael Buckner/Getty
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  • smart head

    webmaker: Hi Gerry I love you!

  • Yily

    he’s so cute. the man is very charming. Gerard Butler is someone I think would sweep a woman off her feet. Such a gentleman that man! Love him to death.

  • Tanja

    Foxy eyes hehe

  • Arwen


  • Crazy4Gerard

    Gerard is without a doubt, the sexiest man alive…!!

  • jc

    If you sing at the Oscars, I’ll be your date! I mean, since we’re both wishing;) Haha! too funny!

  • zzzzzz

    Awww Sing at the Oscars!! Cool! I’d love that!! Gerry looks great in his suit. Love it.

  • ‘Mandise

    oh! that would be great!! first Hugh Jackman, now Gerard Butler, two of the sexiest men alive! Do it, puh-lease! <3

  • Jaguar

    Gerry should offer to host next year. He’s witty, he can give Jackman a run for his money. Looking good, dude.

  • Swansong

    He looks dashing, but a little tired around the edges, I would say. I am dying to know why he seems to be growing out his sideburns again. We have not seen them that long since he was the Phantom. It’s always fun to see new photos, because you never know how he will look from one week to the next! He’s allowed some of the salt and pepper to shine through, so I suppose this is one of his looks for LAC.

    Handsome man, and I would love to hear him sing again for something… anything!

  • Koko Brown

    Is it just me or are the late night trolls/alcohol binges getting to him? He’s STILL sexy, but geesh Gerard is looking rough and he’s not even 40 is he.

    And yes, the Oscars should let him sing. If they let Hugh -with his fine aXX giving Barbara Walters a lap dance – then he would be just as good.

  • nyob

    He would be pretty to look at, but otherwise a disaster as the oscar host.

  • postwatcher

    Hey Gerry …..Zach Efron called, he wants his suit back!

  • Wha?

    Jaguar are you playing with a full deck? Butler ain’t even close to being in Jackman’s talent pool!

  • anonymous

    Looking rough….and blotchy.

  • pafan

    Gerry is a combination of good looks and sex appeal. And his personality just makes him irrestible. Love to hear him in interviews.

  • kayla

    Not feelin’ it.

  • Suzy

    That’s all right, Kayla. I’m feeling it enough for both of us.

  • Swansong

    I always “feel it” when it comes to Gerard. It’s not only about what he looks like. Just like the rest of us, there is more to him than a face and body.

  • bailey

    so gorgeous.

  • Ks

    Koko Brown –

    Mr. Butler does not drink and has not for several years. He also recently (within the past year) quit smoking. I happen to have first hand knowledge as I work for his publicist.

  • Kimberly D.

    lurv him, but he seriously needs to have his teeth bleached.

  • baloney

    #21 – baloney you work for his publicist. Why would an employee come on this board and talk about a client? Loser.

  • someone told me to

    Looking forward to see Gerard transforming into Robert Burns..
    He is such an amasing actor..
    Good pictures from the weekent..


    Gorgeous as always!!

  • persephone pittstop

    How long is this dude going to coast off the success of “300?” His name’s in the tabloids every day. Hard to believe people were hailing him as the new Russell Crowe when his career bears more of a resemblance to Kim Kardashian’s. He’ll be on Dancing with the Stars or Celebrity Apprentice in a couple of years.

  • tiana

    #23 You seem to be the loser here and not #21… you know nothing about Gerry…
    And about Hugh… he was cool that night…. But Hugh is Hugh and Gerry is Gerry!
    Gerry’s voice is very sexy!

  • Jaguar


    Yes I do believe I am playing with a full deck, thanks for asking! ;)

  • bla85

    Actually, how about Hugh and Gerry together (singing of course)….now I just might be interested in that!

    But I don’t know Hugh has children and Gerry dates…sorry one nighters…with them. :)

  • wha!


    I’m sure you do

  • Jaguar

    Take your Valium, I’m a Jackman fan as well.

    As for your vocabulary, everyone knows “ain’t” is redneck for “isn’t”.
    Head on back to English 101.

  • UGH

    First off, big fan of Butler…love him! But, I dunno, in these pics, I don’t see that look in his eyes that I usually see in his pics. He actually doesn’t look well? Wonder if he’s sick? Hope everything’s well anyway.

  • someone told me to

    32# You are rigth about his eyes, but the body and how it looks in a suit.. nice..

  • Swansong

    To me it looks like he might be fighting a cold, but photographs don’t always tell the whole story… could be he looks fine and the lighting or camera are bad. He looks better in the Elton John benefit photos taken on the same night.

  • jilleroo

    @UGH et al

    I agree. something about these pictures seems a bit off. GB looks good and on the whole I think he looks better as he ages than he did as a young man. But in these pics he does appear kind of tired, jaded and uncomfortable. He seemed the same when he presented at what? Golden Globes was it? I’ve already forgotten. Of course, these are the usual H-wood party pics, very stilted, posed against ad backgrounds and such. He looks as if he is just going through the motions…yet again. As someone commented earlier here, GB seems to spend an awful lot of his time gallivanting around to celebrity events and his social life has stimulated much more attention than his acting for some time now. Since he made Hollywood his home in fact. Since 300. Makes you wonder how happy he really is and who he really is and whether he will accomplish what some of us thought he would after that blockbuster success. Almost overnight, he went from being labeled “Scottish actor” (a very respectable term) to Hollywood hunk, hottie, stud, beefcake, heartthrob, etc. I missed the Oscars, damn it; my TV wasn’t operational. I like Hugh Jackman very much, have never seen him sing or dance, am told he is very talented, think he is very handsome and sexy, and he seems to have a stable marriage and personal life (in spite of some past tragedies. ) Maybe that really does make a difference. As to whether #21 works for GB’s publicist or not, or would comment if s/he did, I don’t know. If you know a star personally and see a lot of false gossip being bandied around, it must be tempting to try to set the record straight anonymously even if it’s NOT strictly professional to comment on a client. Hell, I don’t think GB OR his publicity people are doing such a bang-up job with his image anyway judging by some of the truly awful rumors about him.

  • amen

    Jilleroo – you can catch Hugh on YouTube! Search HJ and Anne Hathaway Oscars 09 and then the great one with Beyonce Hugh Jackman… enjoy !

  • Victoria

    I wonder why Gerry didn’t go to the actual Oscars. Does anyone know the format, like, do you get invited to go or is there a ballot system etc. Anyway I have a dream, that one day Gerry will win himself an Oscar, he needs to get himself that special movie role, like why did Sean Penn win it, because he played a real person, I’m noticing that the movies and roles that are making it, are based on real people, true stories, Gerry needs a real story, hopefully its “Burns”. Anyway, about the Oscars……… Hugh Jackman, what a guy…..did a fab job on the Oscars and he’s an aussie and the musical dance routine with Beyonce was done by Baz Luhrman, who’s also an aussie, Nicole Kidman was one of the 5 women to present the Best Actress Oscar and she’s an aussie, maybe it should have been called Auscar Night.

  • jilleroo

    @amen and Victoria

    Thanks, Amen, for the tip on where to find Oscar related stuff on YouTube. I thought there must be something out there but didn’t know where to look. Victoria, I like your Auscars. Tee hee.

  • cubedweller

    Persephone and Jillyroo – great posts. I believe a lot of us were really hoping for something substantial with LAC, but he seems to have spent all his time at fashion shows and parties the last 2 weeks. Can’t imagine why a person would not want to be more involved in the day-to-day of a film shoot. especially if it is your first venture with your own production company.

    But then – what do I know of the film biz – not a thing.

  • justsayin

    He will never win an Oscar because he is a mediocre actor….at best.
    If the perks weren’t attached to the job, bet he wouldn’t be an actor.


    He sings? Maybe he should just stick to standing there anf looking fine!!

  • Angelina’s real nose

    I have to agree with everyone about his party hopping. He should probably take his job more seriously. He’s a party boy going every where he’s guaranteed to be seen. It has nothing to do with his job. He’s almost 40 years old and he has the same habits of the celebutard brat pack. Flying across the country JUST to go to a party? He’s producing a movie. People are not going to take him seriously if he doesn’t take his business seriously. And I hope he grows up. There’s nothing more than pathetic than an old guy who thinks he’s young.

  • amen

    #42 so sad, but a valid observation. He’s spending his cachet’ and whor*ng himself out in the tabloids… what awful judgment from someone who has been around Hollywood for a while. I’m hoping that he soon will be off to Scotland to film the Burns project and he’ll be out of the public eye for a good long while.

  • jilleroo

    o mg. People actually agree with me. That’s new, because I get contoversial at times. I want this man to grow up and do what we thought he was destined from, not throw it away in Hollywood. I just watched Hugh Jackman on YourTube, having missed the Oscars and he was great. I lived in Australia, mostly wonderful experience. Jackman is so talented. I love the accent of my late husband,

  • Swansong

    Gerry is not a mediocre actor. That would be someone like Brendon Frazer. Gerry has given some very fine, nuanced performances, and I believe his best work is ahead of him.

  • pafan

    Hugh is ok as a song and dance man, but I think his looks are overrated. He’s beginning to look wizened.
    Gerry, on the other hand, just keeps getting better and better.
    #41 were you joking about ‘he sings?.’
    Did you ever see Phantom of the Opera, PS I Love You or his version of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face? And, he was in a rock band in college, a rather rowdy one at that.

  • jilleroo

    @ pafan If you think Butler is that accomplished a singer you don’t know singing, sorry. I’ve had family involved in opera and his ill-trained voice hit some terrible raw notes. But he also hit some good ones, and he tried, and sang with passion we could respect and admire. cubedweller I agree with you. He’s become a party boy. I don’t know whether this is his desire or his advice from his publicist to get out there and known. He admitted he was shaking in his shoes about doing the Phantom role, but he DID IT. I admire him for that. That kind of moxie was was what attracted me in the first place. If I had that kind of gumption I would be way ahead of where I am in my own career, which is not acting btw, So he became, for awhile, a role model on my inspiration bulletin board, along with others. Don”t think I am completely down on him. He’s a human being not a god. He just seemed to be such a powerful man after 300, to have so much to build on, but seems to be throwing away the advantage as amen seems to agree. Jackman has a better singing voice, and a more confident presence, and I don’t think he looks wizened. He looks younger and much less “wizened” than Butler, Jackman is more handsome and they are roughly the same age. Jackman seems to have it together personally and professionally. He was very impressive at the Oscars. Has anyone noticed that the hottest male stars around are all around 40 or pushing it? The female hot stars seem to be mostly in their 20s. I don’t know where they come from, these girls. I’m older and not in the business and Hollywood seems to me insane. The smartest stars seem to be the ones who stay out of sight of the paparazzi and live in other places. So my sympathy for Butler’s complaints about paparazzi is very limited. When he flips the finger at a paparozzo ( please note the singular and plural in Italian here) it looks as if he is giving the bird to the entire American country that has embraced him and made him rich and famous. I dislike him for that. He could stay off the radar if he really wanted to. Note that #21 if you are indeed part of his publicity staff. There are some very nasty, ugly rumors about GB that I would not repeat. He seems to want to present the image of a “bad boy.” Number one, at close to 40, he’s a bit old for this gambit, number two, my personal experience as a woman with self-styled “bad boys” is that they are full of bullshit, not the man in bed or anywhere else that the real men are. Mostly “bad boys” are covering up their inadequacy. So I am skeptical. That’s all.

  • pafan

    #47 Save your breath. It’s to each his own. To me Jackman is wizened, Butler is forever a babe. It’s how we individually each see these peeps and no amount of BS will change the chemistry in each of us.
    And in my book, there has never been anyone to compare to the magnificent Mr. B. He makes my teeth sweat.
    Someone said his picture should be in the dictionary to represent sexy. I agree.

  • tiana 1


    If Gerry’s voice is pleasure to my ears, than he can sing.. if he expresses himself singing and he touchs my heart, then he can sing……and I love it.
    The problem with some people is that they can’t live and let live… always trying to control other’s people life. Gerry has his way to live and he’s not supposed to live Hugh Jackman’s life or any other star.
    I live my life the way I want and let my neighbour lives his life just the way he wants.
    Why can’t Gerry go to the places he enjoys? What make people think that only the very young people have the right to party?
    Gerry is constantly invited to the parties because he’s kind, funny, well mannered and gorgeous.
    Why would he stay at home when he has beautiful places to go? And he goes to the events, etc , because he is invited, right? …
    About his work… he never neglects it and he’s a great professional…
    He has the time for parties and the time for work…
    And the finger to a paparazzo (not paparozzo) or paparazzi (plural)…
    they deserve it… and has nothing to do with USA, the country that he loves and respects…
    You admire Hugh Jackman and I admire and love Mr. Gerard Butler…

  • —————–

    He’s got the face of a fat football hooligan. To complete the look, all he needs is an Arsenal shirt, a can of lager, and a patio chair to fling. Ugly b@stard.