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Hilary Duff: Chow Chow!

Hilary Duff: Chow Chow!

Hilary Duff attends the 1st Annual “Night To Make a Difference” Oscars Viewing Party At Mr. Chow on Sunday (February 22) in Beverly Hills, Calif. The 21-year-old actress wore Jimmy Choo “Glenys” watersnake sandals.

The live event, which streamed live on the web, included amazing musical performances by Grammy Award winning R&B songstress Thelma Houston, David Foster protégé and YouTube phenomenon, Charice Pempengco, DJ Steve Aoki, and surprise guest, Michael Buble.

Other celebs in attendance: Jessica Biel, Mel. B, Teri Hatcher, Tony Hawk, Paris Hilton, Mario Lopez, Jane Seymour, Cindy Margolis, Terrell Owens, Suzanne Somers, and Keisha Whitaker. 20+ pics inside…

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hilary duff mr chow 01
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hilary duff mr chow 04
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Photos: John M. Heller/Getty
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  • katherine

    More like Woof Woof!

  • JAKE

    White trash personified.

    America does not need another no talent bimbo with bleached teeth, bleached hair, fake nose, fake chin, fake boobs and well, obviously, very bad legs.

    Her roots are showing, she’s the daughter of a hick town convenience store clerk which is affirmed every time she opens her mouth.

  • LIana

    absolutely stunning her dress is beautiful her hair is pretty natural little or no make up just very natural looking

  • Jasmine

    wow Hilary looks amazing love her sexy dress

  • rickster

    Seriously heinous legs.

    Where are the calves?

  • All Paid for

    A stylist was paid $$$ to choose the nice dress, the hair, the jewels,everything.

    Still, it doesn’t work, she appears to be a 32 year old game show host. Not a fresh young 21 year old.

    Too much botox and plastic surgery, capped teeth, lip injections, the works.

    This girl is as original as a Las Vegas casino host.


    Dear Lord,

    Deliver us from yet another talentless starlet, hand on hip, hoping to make the first pages of the OK tabloid.

    PLEASE, walk into the party, just walk, pause briefly for the press and continue on your way. YOU are Not a model.

    Repeat daily!

  • any

    i think is the hair style and color that makes her look older!

  • Stunning Sophia Bush

    Hill looks so different these days… probably because of all the works she’s been doing to her face. I wish these young folks look/dress/act more their age… she’s only 21 but she looks so much older

  • Llana is blind

    It’s obvious that Dullery is wearing full face foundation, silver and grey eyeshadow, liquid black eyeliner, false eyelashes, blush, lipstick, and gloss.

    That combined with flat ironed bleached hair and capped teeth is anything BUT natural!

  • Liana

    To the hater above me it does look natural it doesn’t look like she’s wearing much. She doesn’t have a clown face full of make up that looks unnatural…

  • mike

    omg she’s always GORGEOUS!!!

  • katy

    she is beautiful! i think she looks natural and the same as always, but just more mature. and she only got veneers because she chipped her front teeth in the past….

  • Hillary (attempts ) to speak

    Like, she ummm, tries to speak English, but, umm she like cannot….

    “”.. they’ll be like ‘Mike sucks!’ Or try to rile me up,” Duff told Rachael Ray on the set of her talk show. “And I’m like, ‘Hey, watch it! I’ll come up there, you know.’”

    “The first couple of games I went to, I’m like, she says. “They are, like, so into it.”

    Hillary then added either a lie or her confused idea of “the high road” regarding the Faye Dunaway debacle.

    “I have always taken the high road when it comes to people talking bad about me”

    Yes, um, like, ya know, Hillary, cuz, like ya know, insulting someones appearance is like, sooooo, the high road.

    Excuse my bales of laughter at Ms. Duff’s idiocy!

  • Dear Llana

    “Hater” is not a noun.

    it is instead lower class street slang appellation exemplifying the bad language skills of those raised in housing projects.

    Also, I am not a “hater” I am a professional photographer with a skilled eye regarding maquillage.

    Further, if the word “hate” is used correctly, as a verb, clarifying make-up application is not in anyway relative to”hate”.

    It is simply written clarification of the obvious by the experienced.

  • dIANA

    i wonder if she mad the cops put her father in jail so she would buy her that dress. LMAO
    she is such a has been wanna be. all her movies are straight to dvd.
    she should just wear a sign that says will work for food!!!

  • Liana

    to diana she doesn’t need her father’s money the girl is rich for life she has over 100 million dollars and is banking up cash she already filmed 4 movies, has 2 new movies in the works, a show, a new perfume, and a brand new clothing line can we say mogul…. To seek a has been search for lindsay lohan

  • cher

    oh no, i need to see a birth certificate. no way is she 21. maybe 32. that i will buy.
    no talent, no friends. why don’t you go insult another oscar winning actress why don’t you. it will do wonders for your career.
    she must really be a b itch because all theIT girls hang out, they may be frenimies but they still take pics together and pretend to like each other. but no one even her own sister want to be photographed or be friends with hilary.

    she is an outcast and deservingly so. no wonder she started a feud with the amazing faye dunaway. thats the only way she can get attention now. l-o-s-e-r!!

  • lizzie

    Jake u a badass ! That girl is better than stupid Lohan for example !

  • Liana

    Faye came out of retirement home because she was tired of people forgetting who she is so she said that comment to get some press where the hell have she been all these years? lol time for some botox again Ms. Dunaway she’s so insecure that she has to battle on a feud with a 21 year old to get some attention desperate hag

  • Apple*

    Why do people feel like they have to come and criticize ? I mean … None of you is standing in the front of the computer , someone with a gun who’s threatening to kill you?
    So , why do you come to criticize ? If you don’t like her , just don’t look at the post related to her.
    By criticizing , you look like stupid haters who wanna be like her.
    That’s what kids do. So, grow up people.
    Who cares if she has no friends, fake boobs , fake nose and all the rest ?
    Except her , nobody…
    The worst is probably that by posting comment , you pay attention to her …

  • Liana

    To apple I agree i think it’s lame for people to negatively criticize someone on their post where fans come and just want to talk to other fans…

  • Dear Llana

    Save all of your money.

    Pay someone to teach you to write and speak English.

    Then pay for an education. You are a perfect example of the lack of education in the modern world.

  • bill

    WHOA!!! Hilary Duff looks really good
    and she is very humble, she doesn’t sit in the box because she is just another fan, she’s not trying to steal the spotlight
    wow is she looking good

  • ‘Mandise

    wow, I love the dress and especially the shoes <3

  • Jaguar

    Most of these young celebrities look years older than their actual age. There is no way Hilary looks only 21, the same with Hayden Panettiere. I’m not saying anything about their talent ability, just that they look like late 20′s early 30′s to me. Hollywood seems to expect a certain level of “perfection” that people younger and younger are having work done.

  • Josh

    God I love this girl she’s so gorgeous very talented and has a good head on her shoulders, I can’t wait for all her new projects she looks amazing in these pics love the hair.

  • jules

    it’s actually a top and a skirt..i have that top!!!!!!!!!! its really flattering and from Intermix.

  • claire

    She did her own hair and make-up here, she said so in an interview on tv.

  • The Pundit

    tHE CONTRAST BETWEEN A no talent

  • The Pundit

    The contrast between an UNTALENTED and CLASSLESS piece of Disney fluff like Duff and a young, respected actress like Anne Hathaway is striking. Hathaway sat like a YOUNG PROFESSIONAL at the Oscars as she RESPECTFULLY listened to her ELDERS pay homage to this year’s nominees. She showed the kind of grace and CLASS that comes from good breeding. In interviews, she is articulate, unlike Duff who can’t get through a single sentence without uttering the word “like” at least five times. She is SORELY in need of an education as well as a lesson in professionalism. Duff is a HORSE-TOOTHED little idiot who can’t speak, can’t act and is incapable of understanding the kind of civility that is required if she ever wishes to be taken SERIOUSLY as an actress. Like her fans, she is a stunted adolescent at the very bottom of the intellectual heap.

  • mick

    To Jake(comment2)

    leave her alone and dsnt her dad own a chain of convinient stores ur a loser get a lyf and shes no white trash thats lindsay lohan

  • mick

    her and mario lopez make a cute couple I wana have a threesome with those 2 I love hilary u can tell she would b kinky in bed

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • uglysexy

    mmmmmm….hillary has the dreamface from my jr. high nocturnal emission fantasies…now there’s an admission….;o

  • gerard Vandenberg

    They desperate need somebody with “TASTE” of clothing there!!!

  • Caroline

    The Pundit: Do you even know what this event was for? It was to recognize different charities!

    While Annee Hathaway sat at the oscars looking all pretty, Hilary was at this event spreading awareness about the charity she is involved with, Blessings In A Backback.

    Stop hating on Hilary, you don’t even know her. Grow up.

  • The Pundit

    You should be telling inarticulate Hilary to grow up, buy a dictionary and a thesaurus, and learn to speak a full sentence without use of the word “like.” She sounds like a middle-schooler each time she opens her mouth. As for the charity, Hilary is too DUMB to raise the awareness of anyone on any subject, except perhaps on the relative merits of the various brands of lip glosses. And the only reason Horse-teeth Hilary wasn’t at the Oscars is because she WASN’T INVITED — only REAL actors were. The Academy doesn’t even know she exists, and they never will.

  • urbanprincess93

    omg….i used to adore her!!!what a fake pose!gosh…..

  • honey

    she doesn’t look like hilary at all

  • Loren

    Stop hating on Hilary, you don’t even know her. Grow up.

  • The Bad Rabbit

    Yeah, she looks older than she should but…one of the most fun concerts I ever saw was Hillary Duff (about 4 years ago). No stage-humping or leather bustiers…just solid girl power pop.

  • LolaSvelt

    Her style is so tacky and those Viewing Parties always attract the talentless z-listers because they couldn’t even get into the after-parties let alone the ceremony.


    She has definetly had better days!

  • Linda

    Faye looks better at 70 this this girl looks now, can you imagine her at 70 ? “shudders”.

  • Trina

    Geeeze you guys….I WISH I looked THAT TERRIBLE!!! You are just haters! If she came up to you, and asked you out…YOU WOULDNT HESITATE FOR A MOMENT!!!!!!!!! NOT THAT SHE EVEN WOULD.

  • http://4231005012 gonza

    hola eres muy ermosa y te amo