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Kate Winslet Is Oscar-Worthy

Kate Winslet Is Oscar-Worthy

Kate Winslet shows off her wrapped-up Oscar just after arriving to JFK Airport from Los Angeles on Monday (February 23).

The 33-year-old actress won the Academy Award for Best Actress for performance in The Reader.

“I’d be lying if I haven’t made a version of this speech before,” Kate said while accepting the award. “I think I was probably 8 years old and staring into the bathroom mirror and this (Oscar) would be a shampoo bottle. But it’s not a shampoo bottle now.”

“My kids are waiting for me to bring home an Oscar,” Kate later said. “It’s great because with my husband’s Oscar we now have a pair. They love playing with my awards and this means they get to hold one each. I might just try and hang on to it for a while myself though.”

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  • giz

    she definetely deserved it

  • just confused


  • Jaguar

    Kate’s a terrific actress, it’s great she won. But I think the Oscar was wrapped, not warpped. ;)

  • liz86000

    Good for you Kate!

  • Matteaam

    i love how she is so dressed down…finally, kate…you deserved it!!

  • Smilehexe

    My deepest congratulations and all the best for your future, Kate! Finally it worked! :-)

  • cheryl

    I’m so happy she finally won the award, she really deserved

  • cheryl

    I’m so happy she finally won the award, she really deserved it

  • zk

    Kate the great!!!! Finally gets the recognition she deserves…

    But it does make me wonder about the public’s taste……why on earth are there so many comments for someone like Jen aniston, but so few for Kate the Great?!?! That is just warped….

  • LolaSvelt

    I don’t think she deserved the Oscar. She’s given better performances, plus I thought Anne Hathaway and Melissa Leo were better.

  • ihavenolife

    congrats kate! u’re a phenomenal actress.

  • sruti

    In response to LolaSvelt (#10), I think she didn’t win for just her performance in “The Reader”, but for all the great performances she did in all her other previous films as well. I know it’s kinda unfair, but that’s the Academy for you. I doubt if any contest can be strictly objective anyway.

  • sruti

    In response to LolaSvelt (#10), I think she didn’t win for just her performance in “The Reader”, but for all the great performances she did in all her other previous films as well. I know it’s kinda unfair, but that’s the Academy for you. I doubt if any contest can be strictly objective anyway.

  • lizzie

    this woman is greeeeeeeeeeat and deserved it !

  • Ceci

    Kate is the one who deserved the Oscar. I am glad she won it. :-)

  • CR30.01

    You go, Kate! Hands down, the best performance of the year! Super ultra hiper mega deserved!

  • marie

    i think that the reader was not oscar worthy. 90min, about a naked woman having sex with a child. also, who are the people that decide on who gets the oscars. sean penn, give me a break. milk and the reader are both flops. you guys picked losers.

  • christine

    Kate is a gorgeous woman and an amazing actress..she totally deserved the award!!!!

  • liy

    she is amazing woman she looks like a normal woman like all of us, she is modest, simple so smart and very wonderful.
    i cried when she won. I’am sure that she will won another oscars maybe not next year but I’am sure that she will have anothers because she is wonderful actress.

  • K.G.

    The reader was an Oscar worthy preformance because Kate made me feel spympathy for Hanna her character even though I was disguested by her and she gave a believeable preformance playing an old woman. She DID deserve it! Plus Anne Hathaway didn’t deserve to win all she did was yell and try to act like an addict, even though I like her.

  • lakers fan in boston

    once again congrats kate, u deserved it imo
    and in her plain clothes she honestly does not look that bad, altho her face doesnt look that great without makeup, she’s still a beautiful woman =]

  • mery

    Kate deserved it, and Sean Penn too. His Milk is terrific.
    Penelope Cruz don’t deserved to win. I don’t understand her award. Marisa Tomei or Viola Davis are much better.

    Congratulations, Kate!

  • K.G.

    Mickey Rourke shoulda won best actor and kate is a natural beauty!

  • Hedda

    I whooped when they read out her name – yay for Kate!

  • pump it

    zk……..lets just get one thing straight right away. “Kate the Great” is reserved for Cate Blanchett and Cate Blanchett only.
    OK, i’m so happy for her and loved her speech. That moment between her and her dad was really lovely. In an auditorium full of people it was such a personal and connecting moment for them both. That need for something real and familiar is something we all need in times that are so surreal. And her hair!!!! Perfection.

  • pump it

    And how does she look so fresh???? If that where me, i’d look like death warmed up with a side of rat sh*t. She must have been going slow and steady.

  • Jupi

    The Academy seems to reward only those who play in a holocaust film or something gay or lesbian. I find Kate to be a piece of trashy work!

  • KATE WINSLET IS amazing!!


  • K.G

    Explain how she’s trashy. Yeah, I thought so! She’s full of class low-life hater!

  • from canada with love

    Is anybody else still amazed she never won the award for Titanic?

    This is a well-deserved award that took too long to arrive.

    Kate should be on her 3rd Oscar by now.
    Kate should have won for Sense & Sensibility and Titanic.

    Congratulations, Kate. You are a star among stars and bring so much love to the world with your craft. So many adore you. So many appreciate you and the way you touch viewers with your heartfelt loveliness.

    From Canada With Love!

  • Hannah

    Kate is amazing! She is a fantastic actress and truly deserved that oscar. She looks great, so fresh. She has become my favourite actress and she is far from trashy. I mean come on!

  • libby

    AGREED about the third Oscar by now, Canada (#30). “Sense and Sensibility” is my favorite movie, and it is absolutely because of the perfect pairing of Kate Winslet with her ‘older sister’ Emma Thompson. Kate was an absolute revelation in that movie, and she was only 20 years old.

    If you haven’t seen “Sense and Sensibility”: Rent it. It looks like it might be a stuffy costume picture, but every straight man I’ve ever shown it to has LOVED it, too.
    “Heavenly Creatures” is totally worth it, too. Because of Kate. Nobody has her energy and intensity.

  • Patsy

    She was great in Rev. Road too. After all those nominations, I’m glad she won an Oscar, finally!


    She is so amazing. I could not be happier for her..the award was well deserved.

  • Macbeth

    Overrated actress. Sympathy Oscar. Nuff said. Now, will she shut up about the awards? Many people are so sick and tired of her whining.

  • K.G.

    Not a smypathy and certainly not overrated. She’s barely in the headlines. Her preformance in The Reader was ah-mazing and she won the Oscar yet everyone is still talking about Jen and Angelina. They’re overrated, not Kate.

  • Diana

    To K.G. and her fellow Winslet fangirls-Many people think this actress is overrated. You wanna know why? Because every time someone mentions other actresses as being great it always has to be about Winslet. The way the fans act when Winslet’s name is mentioned in a less than perfect light they have panic attacks! Listen, she’s not the Second Coming. I can think of 10 actresses working nowadays who are better than she is at everything she does but don’t get the proper credit because Winslet is always in the spotlight. And half the time I find her “emoting” overacting and OTT, it doesn’t feel real to me. Now, don’t go there with your catty little fangirl responses of “well, you don’t know anything about acting” or “everyone loves her I guess you’re in the minority”. I don’t wanna hear it, I share a different opinion than yourself. Deal with it.