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Megan Fox is Out of the Green-house

Megan Fox is Out of the Green-house

Transformers hottie Megan Fox and fiance Brian Austin Green have reportedly split. (And single guys cheer!)

According to an UsWeekly source, “The relationship had run its course. It’s completely amicable, and they are remaining friends.”

The couple has tattoos of each other’s names, so it looks like someone’s getting laser removal! The pair met in 2004 and got engaged three years ago in 2006.

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64 Responses to “Megan Fox is Out of the Green-house”

  1. 1
    amina Says:


  2. 2
    amina Says:

    awwww…that sux i guess…<3 MF wish her the best!

  3. 3
    amina Says:


  4. 4
    shialove!! Says:

    now she can have my shia :P

  5. 5
    mju8 Says:

    sorry but this was bound to happen

  6. 6
    ddlebg27 Says:

    that sux, they’ve been together for 5 years now. best to both of them!

  7. 7
    Naiade Says:

    i hope she is okay!

  8. 8
    shialove!! Says:

    poor brian

  9. 9
    Melissa Says:

    I felt like this was coming. I hope she finds whatever/whomever she is looking for and is happy. She is sooo pretty!

  10. 10
    palvasha Says:

    lol what a surprise…..rolling eyes!!! she is s-l-u-t #1 how is she gona settle for one man lol thats funny, that guy actually thought she wud marry him

  11. 11
    Joanne Says:

    That’s so dumb, she should know never have a tattoo of a significant other

  12. 12
    anon Says:

    Isn’t she rumored to have a tattoo of his name on her vajayjay…yikes thats going to hurt coming off.

  13. 13
    palvasha Says:

    slitttty gilr, no surprise here, he was a fool to think he was going anywhere with her. now who is gona pull his ding-dong in the public…. maybe paris hilton?

  14. 14
    palvasha Says:


  15. 15
    Savannah Says:

    Yessssssss. Megan, Now is your chance to start over and you can have anyone you want. ;] Shiaaaaa! Haha. Just putting it out there.

  16. 16
    whatever Says:

    HA! yeah like nobody saw that coming. Their both gross.

  17. 17
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    yeah, thats why you should never get a tattoo of someone’s name on you, especially on your pu$$y, total turnoff to the next guy…..
    im glad she’s left him, she could do so much better
    tbh i have a feeling she will either go with zac gayfron or shia
    im sorry vanessa, it looks like u may lose ur man
    u no megan has been eying him….=p

    i kinda feel bad for him but at the same time happy for her =D

  18. 18
    brie2009 Says:

    What ever you do and no matter how much you love someone. You do not ever get your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/husband/wife name tattooed!!!

  19. 19
    lisa Says:

    thats sucks…they actually look cute together!!!

  20. 20
    Matt Says:

    Well, gee whiz – I didn’t see THAT one coming.

    Of course it wasn’t going to end well. Did you really think this sexpot bimbo starlet was going to get married and settle down and raise Green’s son at such a young age….and be a wife? Uh-huh.

  21. 21
    Neil Says:

    I feel sorry for him. I think Megan is kind of special and not just because of her supreme hotness. C’est triste!

  22. 22
    me Says:

    Didn’t see it coming but i knew somrthing was going with her and him last year. But things happen and wish them the best anyway. Rachel and hayden next line for a broken whatever you call it.

  23. 23
    Hmmm Says:

    So when does the megazac relationship start?

  24. 24
    Jill Says:

    Ten will get you twenty Mayer the Player dumps Aniston for this bimbo.

  25. 25
    e Says:

    I hope she really goes for shia now

  26. 26
    Hmmm Says:

    Shia, Zac, or… Mayer? I don’t think so. Zac and Megan all the way. Can you imagine the drama Zanessa fans would start?

  27. 27
    uhh Says:

    I know a Megan/Zac relationship would be very interesting it could be the younger Aniston/Pitt/Jolie thing lol

  28. 28
    Jessica Says:

    Ehh, kind of saw this coming after they broke off their engagement.
    I wish both of them the best, though.

  29. 29
    rose Says:

    why do certain people always want an on screen couple (shia and megan) to shack up? i don’t get it… is something wrong with your brains, just cause an onscreen couple look good and are friendly dont mean they should date.
    IF true it sucks, but oh well the world continues.

  30. 30
    lola Says:

    ew Zac are you kidding me? Megan is 22 years old an Zac is like 18, and looks like a gay boy. Megan is not a teenager like you, I’m sure she doesn’t find anything sexy about Zac Gayfron.

  31. 31
    Lisa too Says:

    It would be nice if Brian went back with Vanessa Marcil again since they have a child together some day.

    Megan will have plenty of guys wanting to go out with her. Maybe Brad will trade Angelina for a “younger Angelina”…. ha haa

  32. 32
    E! Says:

    It’s abt time! Gd for you Megan! What horrible egotistical bf wouldn’t accompany his gf to the Golden Globes just cos he KNOWS he’s a has-been. He also made some loser comment abt being at the MTV awards and people asking him something like who are you?

  33. 33
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    this bish could have lil boy efron is a second!
    vanessa’s 15mins are almost up.

  34. 34
    Tealeaf Says:

    Freida Pinto x10 prettier then this plastic face

  35. 35
    jamin Says:

    dude, she’s kind of loony, always talking about being a transvestite and a man and how she hates herself. i can’t see any dude with a brain wanting to be with this chick. only dudes who want one night stands.

  36. 36
    anonymous Says:

    She’s too trashy for Zefron…come on a her ex-boyfriend’s name tattooed on her bush? Tattoos and obvious plastic tits. Zac is too much of a class act plus he seems to be head over heels for Vanessa. That’s fairly obvious. Now John Mayer…that’s a different story. He doesn’t care if this chick is f*(())king nuts (which she is). He’s a misogonist who salivates at the blog time he’ll get. She’s probably already slept with Shia. So look for a Mayer hook-up complete with drama and her completely trashing him for his misdeeds by the next awards show.

  37. 37
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    I’m a single guy.
    But I ain’t cheering.
    WHY NOT?
    ……….she has a HARE-LIP “downstairs”, folks!!

  38. 38
    Mandy Says:

    I’m actually glad they broke up megan can do so much better shes gorgeous…#30 zac is 21 not 18 and yes megan fox does like him she was totally flirtin to him at the golden globes…

  39. 39
    Kat Kat Says:

    This was bound to happen. Just like “Zannessa” can’t wait for those two to break up. >)

  40. 40
    uglysexy Says:

    attack of the zombie mannequins….is botox in the tap water
    or evian in l.a. these days??

  41. 41
    jess!! Says:

    Oh goodness….poor Vanessa Hudgens…her heartbreak is about to begin. Megan has always been frank about her crushing on Zac. Did you see the picture of her w’ Zac and Vanessa at some other award show….she seemed all up in Zac while Vanessa just stood there watching it unfold. I would’ve been..***** need to step away..or I’ll TRANSFORM your ass….hahahahahah

  42. 42
    Mandy Says:

    I’m not suprised…glad they broke up Megan is way to pretty for him!!
    Watch Out Vanessa!!

  43. 43
    sienna Says:

    not so surprised. seeing her unhappy pictures with brian and his son…

  44. 44
    Lisa too Says:

    You know who she woud be good with is Mario Lopez! They would make a good looking couple and he is a “player” that could handle her.

  45. 45
    liz Says:

    she would look so good with rob pattinson.

    ahahaha rob fans are going to kill me.

  46. 46
    holly Says:


  47. 47
    Player Says:

    Brad pitt you’re up man!!

  48. 48
    oenone Says:


  49. 49
    Mary Diamond Says:

    Isn’t this the second time they’re calling it quits? I remember this story running few months back as well.

  50. 50
    AJ Says:

    Bound to happen… she’s slutted on him in the past and with all the fame she wouldn’t settle down. Rumor has it she’s pretty psycho too, but who knows.

  51. 51
    shialove!! Says:

    shia is for her,,,,not zac…

    zac and vanessa is a dreamy couple!!grrr

  52. 52
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    vanessa can be the new aniston. hahahaha

  53. 53
    mars Says:

    So when they met, he was 31 and she was 17? engaged when he was 33 and she was 19? and while he had a three year old?

    they met 5 years ago and his son with Vanessa Marcil is only 6 1/2.
    he must not have wasted anytime.. I saw Brian and Vanessa on Dr. Phil when Kassius was close to 2. ( trying to get him off the bottle or something) – and they were still together.

  54. 54
    Lisa too Says:

    mars #53

    What was the reason that Brian and Vanessa broke up? Was it his drinking?

    When you mentioned the age difference, Megan was a minor still then. It’s kind of disgusting when you think that she was just a little girl when they met and started dating even though she looks much older than she really is. I guess when these other posters on here talk about she and Zac hooking up, he is age appropiate for her. When I look at her though, she looks like she is in her late 20′s.

  55. 55
    Hum Says:

    Shes not a ****! :(
    I dont think they were good together.. i was expecting them to break up soon, she needs to hang out with friends more and he doesnt want her to have a life… i think :)

  56. 56
    shialove!! Says:

    aniston is ugly vanessa is not…they will not break up with zac
    behave people….they are in love!

  57. 57
    mrsefron. Says:

    ZAC’s 21 !!


    ZEGAN!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!! <3333

  58. 58
    = ] Says:

    VANESSA 15mins of fame are almost over.

    when they break up she’ll be on a couple of mag covers cying because she lost the best thing that will EVER happen in her life time!!!!!!!!!!


    “zanessa” fans start your drama.


  59. 59
    DIGITI Says:

    That’s depressing. They’ve been together so long..why stop now?

  60. 60
    somp Says:

    omg, she’s really beautyfullll =)

  61. 61
    rar Says:

    oh my! be careful Zanessa..the girl is free now and who knows what could happen :S

  62. 62
    holly Says:

    vanessa ANISTON

  63. 63
    4398534 Says:

    to #30.
    I dont like the idea of megan and zac, and i dont think they will get together, but dont call him gay seriously? who are you to judge. Btw he’s 21!

    NEWS; NÈWS! They are not splitting. Look on the new post of megan leaving Kassius school, and she had been seeing leaving Brians house earlier in the morning. its just gossip. They are happy, so leave them alone.

    WOW, people are really judging in here. Cool off, if they are happy, dont spread negativety, and judge them, they are normal people. And obvisouly they want to be together, and love eachother, just let them.
    And they are not going to read you stupid comments anyway. I dont think either one of them cares what you think.

    I think they are good together, i wish them the best!

  64. 64
    Megan Fox puutarha Says:

    I want her dress!!!!!!!!!!!!

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