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Nadya Suleman's Ex-Boyfriend Seeks Paternity Test

Nadya Suleman's Ex-Boyfriend Seeks Paternity Test

Nadya Suleman, mother of the octuplets, takes some of her older children to the park on Sunday, and is also spotted returning home after hospital visit on Monday (February 23) in Whitter, Calif.

Denis Beaudoin, who dated Nadya Suleman for three years in the late 1990s, alleges she asked him to donate his sperm on three occasions. “I kind of thought it was unusual,” he said of Suleman‘s request, but “she really wanted to have kids.” He also said he “cared for her,” he told GMA.

Nadya could be kicked out of her home in less than two weeks, which is set to be auctioned off on March 5. She also made up the father’s name, David Solomon, on her children’s birth certificates, UsWeekly reports.

10+ pictures inside of Nadya Suleman at the park and hospital…

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  • giz


  • Debbie

    who cares. She just wants free publicity to get money.

  • shoes4life

    Jared with all due respect I know this is your site but can you please stick to real celebs and not this trocious money pandering piece of mess! I mean I think we all have seen enough her for the rest of the year and years to come. She is using her bad decison to make a living and nothing more!

  • yoyo

    Fugly woman who makes fugly kids! Hooray!!

  • palvasha

    hay guys give the woman a break. its her choice what she wana do with her life. u all suport gay marrige and all that so y making big issue of this. and dont say u care abt the kids pls cos u clearly dont. im not her suporter or anything but its funny how americans talk of freedom and liberty and womens rights, all thats shit and then picks on certain individuals.

  • sAMMY


  • ayj6m6l

    sick. omg. that woman is sickkkkkkkkkkk

  • lady

    It is obvious she likes attention – i think she is beautiful and probably was more beautiful before she messed with her lips…

  • cute as a bug

    #5 The issue that most people have with this woman is that the goverment and tax payers are paying for her kids she’s not. So I don’t think we are picking on her it’s just most hard working american are tired of paying for people who do nothing! She has no job and no home of her own she has no business having kids if when she can’t support or provide for them. It’s not responsible parenting!

  • Jaguar

    Has anyone approached Angelina about doing this woman’s life story? She did such a bang up job with Marianne Pearl.

  • lisa

    sketchy woman

  • Mad_Hatter

    I love how people attempt to defend this moron!
    And JJ I am in agreement with some of the others, there is no need to glorify this women.
    She is no a celeb, she’s just a fame whore who’s out to make a buck.

    I feel sorry for those children.
    My deal is if you can not afford that many children on your own and have to suck of the government and the charity of others then you should have never had any.

  • amen

    This highly disturbed woman has created her very own black hole of financial devastation. Not only that, her poor children will create havoc wherever they show up. When they enter a school system they will create tremendous drain on that system because so many of them MAY have special needs that cost school districts millions to accommodate. And I can imagine that when this woman and her children are involved in any school activities, they will drain all the oxygen out of the room – insofar as attention and possible paparazzi coverage – they will follow her for years…. it’s already starting. Of course, none of this is the fault of the little innocents – but it will happen none the less.
    To those who say “leave her alone” I say – her first – if she leaves the taxpayers of this state and nation alone, then she deserves her privacy. If she needs to have her CHOSEN LIFE bailed out by taxpayers, she’s fair game for criticism (not her children though).

  • Meg

    Please don’t post about her. Don’t give her what she wants; attention. Just ignore her!

  • Bananas

    You should seriously consider removing this story, and stay away from any future references of this woman. She does not deserve attention and you’re just feeding into her. This woman is unstable and irresponsible. She should not be followed by the papparazzi. It’s beyond ridiculous.

  • margie

    I see she has more money than me at the moment…( I have 3 kids..) She’s getting her nails done, a pedi, and looks like fast food is doing a body good. She’s disgusting

  • Tealeaf

    She looks terrible with all that plastic surgery…I wish she would go away and the babies will be given to good families

  • Marta

    don’t post about this psycho woman!

  • amen

    LOL Margie – I know it’s beyond silly on my part, but when I saw the manicure I got really mad cause I can no longer afford such an indulgence. I would be so ashamed if I had to ask taxpayers to pay for my lifestyle.

    JJ I support those who call for removal of this thread. Love this site – but she really does seem OT for this celeb venue. You’re better than this :-)

  • http://justjared tan

    Oh dear god this woman is not a celebrity!! She is a just a physco Angelina fan that’s all.

  • Mother Goose

    I was also going to say please stop showing pictures of this woman and her poor, unfortunate children(for having her as a mother). She is not a celebrity though she clearly thinks she is for all the wrong reasons.

  • Cathey

    Why are you spending any time reporting on this woman? Her 15 minutes are up!

  • dee

    Please don’t post about her. Don’t give her what she wants; attention. Just ignore her!

    Jared, I’m surprise that you would give her an oz of attendion

    PLEASE STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • agree

    Well I agree with all those who noticed her painted toes — she has the time and the money to get that done – not me. Also, I have yet to see her wear the same clothing twice on any of these photos that are taken – she must have a large wardrobe also – not me.

  • palvasha

    she said in her interview she dont take gov’s money and her father pays for this, she also got some money left from compensation for somthing. anyhow i think plenty of ppl take gov’s money and yeh i think thats bad but she is not the only one if she is and also those kids will one day provide for the country and will pay tax like evryone else. the gov is not paying for her, its paying for the kids!!!!!

    i think she is mad but thats not an excuse to attack her!!!! also its the paparazi who follow her n take the pics, its not her fault, they r makig her into celeb

  • ihavenolife

    psycho mom more like.

  • benny mars

    You guys suck. First thing you cry over gov money. Go cry over washington because there spending your money over this useless spending bill.

    Also shes not the only one who has like 10 kids. Go watch TLC. All of you live in a rude and disrespectful lives.

    She never had plastic surgery. You think every celeb has plastic surgery.

  • Sean

    JJ, please don’t blog about this woman…Obviously, she’s nuts

  • office fan

    Umm…she is so NOT a celebrity, lol.

  • ihavenolife

    benny mars @ 02/24/2009 at 11:48 am
    the other families u speak of support their own kids. she is not a celebrity, she is a leech. have u seen past photos of her? she did not look like this so it’s natural to conclude that she has had cosmetic surgery.


    amen @ 02/24/2009 at 10:35 am

    To those who say “leave her alone” I say – her first – if she leaves the taxpayers of this state and nation alone, then she deserves her privacy. If she needs to have her CHOSEN LIFE bailed out by taxpayers, she’s fair game for criticism (not her children though).
    This comment bears repeating.

  • Anon

    Hey! This woman isn’t responsible for all the problems in the world. If your life is so awful right now, deal with it. Don’t blame her. If every single person waited until they could afford it to have kids, most of us would have never been born. And we all “live off the government” in some way at some point. The kids are here. The woman is crazy. We have to deal with the situation as it exists, not what “should” happen, but what did happen. We can’t punish the kids. They need help, and so does this crazy woman. I think we need to stop kicking her in the butt.This is not the way to be good Christians.

  • JANE


  • gerry


    Angelina Jolie!

  • fed up

    So who do you think is paying for the new home of Kate and Jon plus eight. Do you think they should be off the air too. Don’t help anyone.

    Her mom should of told her to move out with her six kids. Seeing how
    great it is that social services have not stepped in yet.!

    Now that the so called father wants a paternity test lets have another
    Anna Nicole Smith like they talked last night on Showbiz Tonight.

  • sandie

    She seems to enjoy the attention.


    Please Jared. Do not blog about this woman. She is nuts and an attention whore. You’re just feeding her ego.

  • notacelebrity

    Your blog is about celebrities and shes obviously not.

  • Kiri

    Yes, adorable Jared….please stick with the true celebrities and leave this mother of 14 for TMZ!!!!

  • Rachel


  • lakers fan in boston

    1. i hope she gets kicked out
    2. i hope she loses her kids
    3. i hope they r his to make this story even more crazier
    4. she’s a crazy bitch
    5. angie wannabe

  • Morgan

    She’s getting exactly what she wants. She’s an attention seeking nutcase.

  • Marieme

    Can you believe how this stupid, delusional b**ch spoke to her own mother? Now I agree that mom is a total doormat and she’s being run over and played by her grotesque, manipulative and ungrateful daughter, but how DARE SHE battle with her? So respecting the rights of these babies to be born is somehow more important than respecting her own mother who actually PAYING FOR ALL THE EXPENSES WITH HER OWN RETIREMENT FUNDS? What a sick and ungrateful, dumb B**ch! I’m livid. In that clip we see the REAL person and not this fake Mary Poppins she presents to the media. I can’t believe anyone would want to contribute to this witch! Take those kids away I say.

  • jjsurly

    Hey PALVASHA….

    “its funny how americans talk of freedom and liberty and womens rights, all thats **** and then picks on certain individuals.”

    I’m curious. What about the “rights” of children? Do they not exist or apply?? I’d like to think that children have the right to be in a stable home, with a mother who will take and HAVE the time to care for them, and clothe them, etc. etc. etc.

    I guess that “liberty and womens rights” as you call it are more important than the lives of these kids.
    You know…. it’s a fact that there is a SMALL chance that all (if any) of these kids will grow up without physical, emotional, psycological or social disorders.

    To celebrate her “RIGHTS” as you put it, is to celebrate something else. The rights that these children DONT have.

  • jilli

    Ten bucks says this idiot gets a show. You guys(not you commenters but people like Jared and Good Morning America, etc) are giving her what she wanted, publicity, if we all ignored her, because she’s definitely not worth ANYBODYS time she’d probably realize what an idiot she was for putting those kids through this type of hell.

  • ice

    Does she really think she’s a celeb? What’s with the huge sunglasses

  • rrrr

    An attention w***re, just like her idol with exactly the same disgusting fish lips.

  • callin’it

    She is a one woman sucking black hole of dysfunction. If we allow her to inflict herself into our lives and our culture – then we deserve it. She should be relegated to the ash heap of pop culture while the rest of us go to work extra hard to pay more taxes to support helpless skanks like this.
    Her poor mom was the #1 enabler tho – that’s where it started.

  • ann

    it is funny, but she reminds me of Angelina Jolie