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Orlando Bloom: Bikes & Bana

Orlando Bloom: Bikes & Bana

Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana get in some guy bonding together at Deus Ex Machina, a custom motorcyle design and construction shop located in Sydney, Australia on Monday (February 23).

Orlando‘s girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr, is also in Australia and made an in-store appearance at David Jones earlier in the week.

With fellow VS model Adriana Lima now married, could Miranda and Orly be far behind?

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom hanging with bikes and Bana

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orlando bloom eric bana 01
orlando bloom eric bana 02
orlando bloom eric bana 03
orlando bloom eric bana 04
orlando bloom eric bana 05
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orlando bloom eric bana 07
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Credit: ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • nonymous

    he’s looking mighty fine. loving the earring and the hair.

  • ‘Mandise

    yeah he sure is damn fine. sexy dare I say. Noooooo, I don’t want him to marry that model, she’s not …..enough for him LOL. But I bet they’ll do! since all the VS models are getting married and havind kids! wow, I can’t get over Orly’s sexiness

  • OMG!
  • beriawen

    Orlando surely is having a great time in OZ..

    And it’s really great to see that he’s catching up with his costar!

    Wonder if he plans to stay there for good LOL

  • yummy

    Eric is certainly a man’s man. Just gorgeous.

  • loon

    Why is orlando still in OZ, isn’t he supposed to be still filming his latest movie?

    Don’t waste your time there orly with the cabbage girl!

  • @ beriawen

    “Wonder if he plans to stay there for good”

    Please don’t get my hopes up like that. If this is the same beriawen from OLove hope all is well over there. Used to be a member myself, over there, but had my profile deleted. No longer had the time, but thinking about coming back on, now that things have financially turned around for me, job wise, etc… hope it was okay to ask if you are from OLove.

    Take Care and Best Wishes.

  • cris

    Both gorgeous men!

  • http://gemma Gemma

    He`s super handsome!!!

  • elsbeth

    This is a picture of a very happy man, in my lowly opinion. Whatever it is or whoever it is that is making him seem more relaxed and happy then I have seen him in awhile I really dont care all I can say is it’s working. Keep up the good work.

  • Orlando’s fan

    From Delphi forum:
    “From: DeBoville Feb-23 10:17 pm
    To: Alegria24 (67 of 70)

    198.67 in reply to 198.64

    PATHETIC! How sad do you have to be, to post on JJ -use peoples names from here- even though they are spelt wrong – DUUHH whoever it is is fighting a battle as if its a war- NEWSFLASH- IT ISNT A WAR!! Miranda Kerr is a d-list mall model that people will dislike from time to time for whatever reason- its not jealousy- why would anyone be jealous of THAT freaky face? Now if we were talking someone with the looks of Charlize Theron or Rachel Weisz then yep- they ARE GORGEOUS, so its not the looks- ORLANDO? Nah why have a guy who is a wank? a guy who looks aged and looks like he stinks, a guy who sells out his relationship -and yes the shippers thats right, he has done that by turining a telethon into a farce- NO RESPECT! Famewhores! Now an Actor that I WOULD like – how about a handsome, down to earth, charming actor who has worked solidly and honestly for the past 15+years in TV FILM AND THEATRE in the UK (who cares about effing hollywood?? yawn)? Yep give me Joe Mcfadden anyday- and if you dont know who he is- good, you arent meant to, but thats whos career I’m following right now- and boy does it feel good to like someone the opposite of Orlando “I’m a joke to the general public”Bloom.

    So get your facts and spellings right before you jump to conclusions about the people on here- I ve seen some of the people on here and they certainly arent fatjellustoothlessh8rs- far from it, they are beautiful, intelligent and humourous professional women- sorry to dissappoint on that- so for insults at least the change the record kay? thxbai!


    So, why these negative persons called their forum as “Orlando Bloom” forum? They are not fans, it’s clear now. They create a forum with the only purpose to criticize Orlando, so sad people!

  • http://JUSTJARED freaks

    The loons have the nerve to call them selfs fans but history shows they are just nasty people .I wish they would at least have the honesty to not call them selfs fan.Anyway Orlando looks happy happier than I have seen him in a while that is all that counts to a fan like me .

  • jade

    he’s a hottie ♥

  • mouche

    Orlando is a cutie and Bana is simply gorgeous…. of course they look happy -boys and their toys lol lol lol

  • myka

    Orlando has been spending a lot of time in OZ.. Wonder what’s he been up to there.. Probably a movie!

  • yummy…..

    Eric Bana is very hot and such a cool guy. How nice that he and Orlando have remained such good friends. Orlando seems like he’s loving his time is Oz, I guess it’s only natural considering an Aussie holds his heart!!

  • @12

    No you’re right No. 12, Orlando can do no wrong – he deserves unconditional support for all that hard work he’s been getting up to recently, not to mention his prodigious talent and the fact that he seems to be getting progressively better looking with each day – i mean, you look at Legolas and think ugly f**ker………

    shit, what AM i saying…..

  • makes sense to me

    @ 12

    You must have ran out of gel pens and glitter, huh? I’m pretty sure there’s a bedpan somewhere that needs changing.

    This thread was moving along nicely until you had to bring up teh jellus fat h8terz! We’re not going to shut down just because a couple of obsessed fans who think OB’s shit don’t stink don’t like what we have to say. The sooner you shippers realize this, the sooner you can enjoy the delicious milk and cookies that the Delphi Welcoming Commitee has set aside for you. Besides, we’re h8ters, we love that the shippers are trying to kick us out the fandom! Good luck with that though.

  • Orlando’s fan

    you look like one of the Delphi fanatic, don’t you?
    No one here says that Orlando can do no wrong, but for you he can do no right. If you need to criticize him all the time, stop calling you “Orlando’s fan”, because you’re not and you need to find out some other celebrity nearer to your standards

  • wiseman

    Yey orlando’s fandemonium is on a roll again.. Keep em coming!

    It’s quite entertaining to read..

    And let’s keep it to orlando alone being the greatest slime in the history!

  • knightsintodreams~

    i like the expression he’s making with his lips on the bike~ :D its like “fufufufufufufufu >:{ DETERMINED”

  • JObs

    I did not hear any Orlando Bloom’s name in the Oscar. I am right to think he did not qualify to any categories?

  • maika

    eric bana is so sexy and hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrsOrlandoBloom

    Orlando is too sexy for Miranda and she is not that nice of a girl that she makes out to be.
    If you want a new girlfriend orlando just call me on my web site. I will answer right away.

    See you there Sexy

  • @ knightsintodreams~

    “its like “fufufufufufufufu >:{ DETERMINED””

    so what word exactly do you think he is trying to say? let’s see what words start with “fu” that he would be saying while riding a bicycle?

    if not a word, then what do you think the “fufufufufufufufu >:{ DETERMINED” means?

  • @orlando’s fan

    well thanks for that razor sharp observation! Quite a few months have passed since I’ve thought of myself as fan of Orlando’s – you need to be talented at more than looking pretty in my book, mind you, he seems to be failing at even that nowadays…. ouch!

    (BTW i think you might of missed “proud” on the front of your posting name??)

  • @jobs

    Mwwwahahahahaha very funny indeed…. i know, how shocking is that…..

    in fairness though…If his next project actually gets released, i’m sure he’ll be up for another Razzie…..

  • http://JUSTJARED wow

    Two of the sexiest man on the planet I am soooooo happy they such close friends

  • MrsOrlandoBloom

    People who just keep picking on other people are just jelous of them because they are bord with their lives. Im I right?

  • @30

    well i’m bored with my job today and feeling crabby…. thats why i’m picking on OB,

    well that and i find it entertaining……

  • MrsOrlandoBloom

    Orlando is not just good looks @Orlando’s Fan. He helped out in the VIC fires by raising money and not all celebs would give up their time to do that, when they are not even Australian.
    He is very talented too. I would think after breaking your back in four different places and just a year from it that your doing all your own stunts and acting in lord of the Rings.

  • @32

    You’re right..

    I’m just curious, when are you gonna announce your supposed to be engagement! LOL

  • Orlando’s fan

    Well, Orlando is talented, but evidently you need one new movie every now and then to remember this.
    And yes, I’m a proud Orlando’s fan…you’re not? So, why are you here?

  • @32

    of course he did get some excellent publicity with it too…..

    still i’ll hand it to him that a good deed is still a good deed, whether or not it comes with benefits…

    there.. satisfied – you’ve gone and made me say something nice about him :(

    BTW I want to know when you are announcing your engagement too …

  • LOL

    eric bana is really eric bananovich…….

    does anyone else find that funny, i can’t quite move away from the Bananaman cartoon – in disguise his name was eric too……

  • Orlando’s fan

    You’re right, he is talented and caring about the others, and some people should learn something from him

  • @34

    to be entertained my dear :D

    (BTW how do you know Orlando is proud – do you know him personally??)

    To be fair, i thought LOTR inspired and some of his smaller movies showed promise,

    and then he went and did Elizabethtown…….. i still haven’t managed to sit through the whole of that movie, far too painful ……

  • Orlando’s fan

    do you understand better if I write: proud fan of Orlando? Do you need spelling? LOL

  • Orlando’s fan

    do you understand better if I write: proud fan of Orlando? Do you need spelling? LOL

  • @38

    no sweetheart, but i do think you might need some English grammar lessons…

    yes, your new way of writing gets rid of any confusion – thanks :D

  • Orlando’s fan

    thanks for your advice about English grammar lessons

  • Orlando’s fan

    Btw, I’s nice to see Orlando looks happy in these pics, spending time with his friends

  • @42

    You are most welcome :D

    Amazingly though, i do agree with your post no. 43……..

    – it is nice to see him happy…..

  • MrsOrlandoBloom

    Im not Miranda Kerr I Sky Turner. And they are not engadged.

  • MrsOrlandoBloom

    Im just a 15 year old girl that looks up to Orlando no matter what ppl say or what he does I love him and care for him. He means every thing to me.

  • @46/47

    Well, dear don’t dream no more cause orlando is already taken by a cabbage girl!

    Don’t worry you’re prettier than cabbage girl!

  • MrsOrlandoBloom

    Miranda has said over and over that they are not engaged.

    Well if you find it hard to watch ElizabethTown try Haven its harder.

  • MrsOrlandoBloom

    Thanx, but Orlando is not really taken. He’s not taken until they both say I do.

  • theone

    I’m so jealous of miranda..

    I really love orlando! Guess #48, we have same feelings for him!

    I hope he breaks up with miranda! So we can have all a chance with him!

    Besides, miranda is not good for him, she will not take good care of orlando, cause it seems that orlando is the one who needs to look after her!