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Rachel Bilson's Engagement Ring: FIRST LOOK!

Rachel Bilson's Engagement Ring: FIRST LOOK!

After days of covering up her left hand, former O.C. actress Rachel Bilson shows off her engagement ring as she does some grocery shopping at the Mayfair Market in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (February 23).

JJ previously reported that Rachel, 27, and Hayden Christensen, 27, were engaged over the holidays.

A few times, RB went out without her ring. Other days, she covered up her left hand with her sleeves!

CONGRATS Rachel – the ring is beautiful!

15+ pictures inside of the first look of Rachel Bilson‘s engagement ring…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 01
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 02
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 03
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 04
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 05
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 06
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 07
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 08
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 09
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 10
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 11
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 12
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 13
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 14
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 15
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 16
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 17
rachel bilson engagement ring surfaces 18

Credit: Shinn; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • john shinn iii

    Around 3:30 pm today, Monday, Feb. 23, I was able to take some pictures of Rachel Bilson and a female friend when they went grocery shopping. And guess what? RACHEL WAS WEARING HER ENGAGEMENT RING! Watch out for pics here at JJ tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 24.

    Or you can click on the link below for a sneak preview:

  • joss

    wow! im happy for her! she so deserves it!

  • ihavenolife

    don’t know who she is but that’s a nice, classic solitaire.

  • Gueststar

    PLease she can where whatever who said he truly gave this to her and why bother showing now a ring too late lady to me this is still a farce

  • Gasol_fan16

    Alas The Ring Finally appears! About time! Second thought. The ring don’t look like mine. Mine is better! :D

  • celtic

    Rephrase that Shinn her want to be engagement ring funny how she is all show and tell now and PARADING it all over the place but, nothing the last week and were is the “MAN” still a no show with her and gee we see him alone and looking as if he was ready to bitch slap her for doing this to him. Well good luck both have nothing career ahead of them and both are known liars.



  • Elle

    Perhaps now they will act like a normal couple and actually go out in public together. Sorry..But they are just weird, well their behaviour is.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Yeah!!!! @ Celtic!
    Oh yeah!! I cannot agree with you more. I see Rachy is shopping with her buddy that just recently got hitched. Making wedding plans are next on the agenda in jj for sure. Total sell out’s. I don’t care one way or the other man. I say, “Good luck with that!” Cuz that is all they have now is relying on the media. BARFBUTTTASTIC YA’LL! Be prepared for more cr*p on this engagement thingie. This will be a real trip. To me. A lot more laughs in the future! :lol: :lol: :lol: Maybe, Rachy is funny after all. LOL! :D

  • whizbang

    JJ you should re-titled your post as “THe HOBBITCH AND THE RING… its more catchy – lol

  • Kristen

    Of course she is showing it off with the classic Hollywood side sweep of the hair.. other than that…. nice rock!

  • Gasol_fan16

    EEwww!! She bought Pepsie!! Not good on the complexion of a blushing bride! Oh! Probably for Hayden! ROTFLMAO! :lol: Pepsie is cr*p! Pau Newman’s pink lemonaide is the bomb or diet Snapple iced tea. Yummy!

  • jolierocks

    i don’t care about the ring…tell me more about the purse!!!! hahha

  • nina


  • Diana

    You go girl! She has fabulous taste in men. First Adam, now Hayden. Damn, she’s good!

  • sarah may

    they’re such a cute couple. woo hoo!

  • nofreedomwithoutmoney

    surely a nice chick, prolly a nice ring, when is the wedding?

  • Frank

    Lucky guy!

  • missme

    I had to see it to believe it…now I believe it!

  • SportsPage

    Damn! Christensen sure leads a charmed life. The guy is plucked from obscurity to star in the biggest movie franchise of all time. Gets to date the most coveted women on the planet. And now he’s marrying Rachel Bilson! He should go to Vegas. He’s on a roll!

  • ‘Mandise

    ya, as if she’s such a superstar to be hiding this ! boohoo

  • ‘Mandise

    I have to say that I’m kinda jealous of her too………I’ve had a crush on Hayden ever since I saw him in Star Wars Ep2 =)

  • jules

    JJ maybe thinks he’s helping Rachel out with her career by always putting her on his blog but in the long run he’s just turning Rachel and Hayden into jokes. This overexposure is not good for either of them

  • fardous

    lucky here con

    i still like with brody

  • beatriz

    sound so freaken pathetic!
    get a life!

  • Gasol_fan16

    My salute to the happy couple! LOL!

  • Gasol_fan16

    Oh! I think this is more fitting since, Rachel Ray looks like Rachel’s older sister!

  • fake couple

    did she buy the ring herself?. and where are the so called happy couple not even together. very strange. maybe he’s back on the farm already. dont fall for this rubbish.

  • voice of reason

    Hayden maybe working, why she choose to display the ring now-no idea but I do know this, it ends the debate, get over it they are together.

    Geez Gasol for someone anti-Hayden you sure spend alot of time posting about him.

  • emma

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! No.

  • fake couple

    dont you all think its strange how this john shinn!!! who has posted at @1 has been the first to say that rachel was spotted wearing her ring? has he not tacken pictures of rachel and hayden before?. and now she choose’s to make a show now. how very convenient.

  • emma

    Btw does it seem as though she is purposefully lifting her hand up to her face to show off the damn thing? Seriously Rachel you either stop hiding it under your sleeve, fling it around at the cameras, or better yet, you could just act naturally….

  • anne

    Rachel’s friend the one who is married to Josh Schwartz doesn’t seem to have any other job but to accompany Rachel on shopping trips

  • csxyz

    I’m not sure it’s as intentional as it looks, though I might be wrong.
    I mean, she probably made ONE movement like this and the paps took 20 pictures of it. The rest of the time she probably was acting “naturally”. *shrugs*

  • very weird

    Isn’t it kind of weird to be seeing her one day pull her sleeves past her fingers and then the next day flaunting her hand? It’s like, one day she’s sneaking by the paparazzi hoping no one will notice and then next thing you now she sweeps her hair off her face and touches her face with her hand that has the ring? I don’t know about this whole Hollywood stuff..maybe everyone in that industry does that. But it seems to me that it’s still way too PRish. It’s just very unusual and not very natural, it’s maybe because of her bad acting. It seems as if that ring is too big for her’s like slipping and sliding. Well anyways, best of luck to this couple. Hopefully this marriage will last more than a year =]

  • Smilehexe

    @#29 – voice of reason
    No, the debate is not over. And God forbid – RB would cry hot tears if it ever was as this is all she still has left. Where is HC, um? One would think that after a whole week being separated they would spend every minute together now when both are in L.A., wouldn’t they? Guess a usual couple would for sure.
    Of course they are together, if as real couple or only as media whoring “buddies in battle” in the trial to save their dead end careers is not important. In any case they are totally alike and have deserved each other. And this ring proves absolutely nothing. She could have bought it for herself, or her daddy paid for it, as usual, or she got it by HC indeed. Question is, who cares? The talk about this whole silly affair goes on, and that’s all they both want. Just her bad behavior last week was showing once again who she is: A media obsessed person who would do anything to stay in talk. She was hiding her hand all the time, how silly is that? And got more attention than other people who would have been far more worth it than her – on fashion week as well as around the Oscars. Why do you think RB, HC and their PR-team chose exactly this particular timing to come out with the “news” already present since December 2008? Disgusting, that’s what they are, and so very despicable!
    And VOR, stop claiming that HC is “too busy” or “working” as you only make a fool of yourself by always trying to imply that you would be knowing exactly what’s going on between them. You have no clue, just like the rest of us. You’re not living in L.A. anywhere near them, gosh, not even in the USA! Yet you always try to play “Mrs. Know-it-all”.
    And HC is working on what – IYO? Do you really think that just one director or producer is left who would still want to have that lazy, lacking of talent, always miserable looking and yet arrogant (for nothing) idiot involved in any of their projects? Are you kidding me? Guess you saw the last pics of him from Sunday – out again, looking like the last homeless? This guy is SO over, when will you ever be ready to see that?
    And BTW, you didn’t answer my last reply to you on the other thread – guess I hit a nerve there with you and you simply cannot answer as I was right about you?

    @#32 – emma
    Good wish of you – but “being natural” and RB don’t go together from what I have observed. She feels the need to initiate every “random” event in her life in order to use it for her own purpose.

  • verity

    And thats another heads-up from the media dog’s paparazzi dog. So “dutiful & well-played”. And they might really end up w/ each other since got no career to speak of at all but all just about their reality-TV life – media freak losers!

  • fake couple

    @33- is it jill? it should be rachel being her lackey not the orther way round. her husband is josh schwartz.. supposed to be a hollywood power player. why she tolerrate’s her i dont know seeing who her husband is. still cant get a job even on gossip girl. even all that creeping up to her is doing her no good at all.

  • verity

    @ #36


  • jade

    Rachel is ok! She trys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • palvasha


  • palvasha


  • adriana

    Love her

  • fake couple

    up to now anyway no orther web site has post’ed these pics of rachel and her ring. maybe they have seen the light. on this show romance.

  • http://JUSTJARED Hot couple

    I like them I am happy if it’s true .

  • fitzroy

    Cant wait for a Mutt & Jeff look-alike upcoming wedding (if its going to happen?) That could hilarious & wacky; and should be telecast to “World’s Funniest Home Videos”!

  • john shinn iii

    Ok…’s the scoop:
    The reason why Rachel did not want to show the ring until today, Feb. 23 was that she wanted to tell her dad—and mom—herself that they are already engaged. She didn’t want her parents to know about it in the tabloids….I guess she only told them about the engagement over the weekend (Sunday). hence, now she can actually wear the ring in public….
    i hope this helps……

  • emiliano Scavante

    Publicity, publicity and publicity!!! Rachel needs that, cuz she doesn’t have any other things to do in her life, but only shopping, making crap movies and sleep all day long on the Saturdays. Please Rachel, if you love yourself and your fans, stop making a show of all of this story, cuz no one’s going to believe it.

    Emy from Italy

  • crapshack

    @#36 – No, the debate is not over…
    Agree – that was just a wishful thinking! They’re like just like the d-listed & ostracized version of the Brangelinas, they’ll be continue to get mocked & condemned till they suck-out into their well-deserved obscurity. And its quite happening now, NO big-time movie producers & projects are lining up on them, even on the legit Hot HW couple surveys, they were always missed-out. But when it comes to trashy tabloid reports, its the only thing that just keeps coming in. And that’s pathetically sucks!

  • healing

    Just admit already, it is pure jealousy so you can move on.