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Chris Brown Takes Anger Management Classes

Chris Brown Takes Anger Management Classes

Rihanna will head back to Los Angeles for Chris Brown‘s March 5 court date.

A source tells the Daily News that she has to testify and that if Chris is convicted, he won’t face jail time because the Feb. 8 altercation was his first offense.

Meanwhile, per the suggestion of his crisis PR rep Michael Sitrick, Chris attended his first anger management class Monday afternoon in Glendale, Calif. The 19-year-old singer has not been ordered to go, but the effort might help him look better to the public and in court.

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  • viol


  • zecklira


  • erin

    still a douche.

  • Lillianne

    He’s not going to look better to me. You just don’t hit women or children.

  • Jana

    He’s just TRYING to save his career! I want to see a public apology to Rihanna, the who felt the hurt and pain.

  • bohe_MIA

    dickwad, he might as well start pitching ideas to VH1 cuz hes dunzo !

  • jaye

    It seems that he doesn’t think he needs to go, he’s just using it to help his case. His friends are as stupid as he is.

  • bleh


  • Alex

    He should be behind bars! What a jerk!


  • danz

    No matter his reasons for doing it, I sincerely hope it helps him because he obviously needs it. Unfortunately for him, it’s going to take a very very long time for people to get over this offence.

  • VNY

    Too bad hardly anybody is gonna forgive him after this.
    But at least he’s getting the help he so desperately needs.
    You just don’t hit women, Chris.

  • q


  • Anon

    So Charles Barkley goes to jail for a DUI, and Michael Vicks goes to jail for dogs, but Chris Brown doesn’t go to jail for assault? Huh.

    BTW: Rihanna does not have to show up in court to testify against him for this hearing. This is a hearing to charge him. They have enough evidence. They don’t need her. She is represented by the D.A.

  • sos

    some woman actually like violent guys…maybe rihanna is one of those woman since shes a violent girl too..throwing glass in your brother’s face is crazy. She admitted that herself in a interview…check it out

  • Ants

    Hopefully Rihanna won’t take him back.

  • Sonia Wu

    IMO, chris brown belongs to the jail, not some anger management sessions.

  • Blah Girls

    i don’t think even anger management classes will help save his image!

  • best believe

    It seems odd that he wouldn’t get jail time – first offense or not. What does it say to broader society, that we each get one chance to beat someone before really being punished. If true this seems really unjust.

  • joanna

    Chris Brown is an A-Hole? But why is he the only one being crucified? RIHANNA HIT HIM FIRST, she admitted to that.

    As much as it’s wrong for a man to hit a woman, a woman should never hit a man.

    Way to set an example to the world, People. Sympathy for someone who is also an abuser….

  • you can hate me now

    Whatever, Rihanna isn’t represented by the DA. The DA decided to go forward with the case. Rihanna herself isn’t pressing charges and so doesn’t have to show up.

    Notice also, that it’s no longer classified as domestic violence, but as an “altercation”, which to me shows that Rihanna and Chris Brown got into a fight, in which both parties were at fault. The state decided to charge Brown because of Rihanna’s injuries, which haven’t yet been concluded the fault of Brown. Brown can present evidence that the injuries were not caused by him, but by something else, e.g., her forehead hitting the dashboard when he hit the breaks.

    Knots on your forehead are generally caused by one’s head hitting a hard surface, e.g., a dashboard. Most people when throwing a punch try to avoid a hard surface like a forward hit, because that sh*it hurts your own fist!!!!

    I say all this to say that Brown and Rihanna are both at fault for acting foolishly. Don’t forgive Brown if you don’t want to, but stop putting Rihanna on a pedastal as Domestic Violence victim of the damn year!

  • Anon

    joanna u r crazy. U need to go to some classes too. But you aren’t the only one. I don’t care if Rihanna did hit him. It is irrelevant. She was beaten. As in, hit many times. BEATEN. They have pictures. This was beyond the girl friend/boy friend spat.

    This as an assault. It was a crime. Wake up. Quit rationalizing. You need to get your head on straight. Some of you are fools. Too many people always blame the vicitm, as if there is something they can control. Some of you really need to go down to the police station and talk to someone. Better yet, go to one of the shelters for women who are domestic violence victims.

    This isn’t some high school B.S. This is assault. A crime. Please understand what happened here. All this nonsense about who started it, what caused it, it is all irrelevant. This wasn’t a smack, this was a beating. Chris Brown committed a crime. Get your head around it. Deal with it.

  • Anon

    Chris had no injuries. Except his knuckles were red from hitting her.

  • susanist

    He will not face jail time!!! isn’t this the same place which went out of its way to put Paris Hilton in jail? Where’s the anger of the LA Prosecutor who spared no expense in embarrassing Paris Hilton before the nation and the world to teach her the lesson that celebrities are not exempt? What sort of message is this sending? That an abuser can offer apologies and take anger-management classes, go before possibly the same idiot judge who sentenced Paris and get scolded?

    OK, its the law, now the question becomes, who will avenge Rihanna? Is there any Knight who will do the right thing and greet Chris with an applause of hands and feet? If Rihanna does or does not press charges, Chris Brown goes free? Women then cannot rely on the courts to defend them. Its almost as if she’s being punished again by TMZ and now the feeble law.

    Understand. These are the same people, who made it a prioriity to punish Paris Hilton. Like her or not she was victim of an illegal Inquisition by renegrade Catholics abusing US law. There was even a statement from The Vatican during her trial about ‘celebrity responsibility’ which is evidence of their hidden hand.

    However Chris Brown goes free for deliberately trying to ruin the beauty of Rihanna. This is typical of Misogynist law and don’t we dare accuse the Taliban of such without looking at ourselves.

    If the LA courts do not sentence Chris and there is no Knight who will defend Rihanna’s honour, then we as a people ain’t worth a she-it.

    And it s not about Rihanna alone, thus spells doom for all those who will now be victimised in anonymity because their fake thug hip-hop ‘boy’ friends have just been given the Green Light.

  • k

    these sources are sketchy. Rihanna isn’t required to show up to his court date. The DA is filing charges not Rihanna. Since his initial hearing hasn’t occurred, no one knows what he’ll be charged with aside from the DA and investigators therefore these sources can’t have a clue what his punishment would be. Sure, being a first time offender is helpful but that won’t eradicate jail time nor is it the only factor a judge will consider.

  • BellA

    I still love Chris brown
    And always will support him because everyone makes mistakes.
    But Chris brown wouldn’t off just lashed out and hurt rihanna.
    Rihanna must have provocet that fight in some way,
    So i still Chris&Rihanna

  • move along

    Rihanna doesn’t need any salvation or defense. She’s not afraid of Chris Brown. They got into a fight, which is something they’ve done in the past. If she could take him back she probably would, but it all got leaked to the press so she’s going to wear the victim card until other women realize she’s not their representative.

    Get over it ladies. This isn’t the domestic abuse case you think it is.

  • susanist

    Yeah, thanks for giving us the usual Misogynist viewpoint. This is the reason he should be in prison because there’s too many people like you milling around. Fight? Shut up.

  • jayne

    Actually I am glad that Chris is taking some kind of classes and I hope it is sincerely done so to help him to calm down and regroup, if such a thing is about to happen again he can think clearly before he acts and not let a booty call control his emotions, personally he was thinking with his other head at the time he got so supposedly agitated because he could not find the keys to the car.

    I kinda feel sorry for him somewhat, although I myself called him every name in the book – this is just an emotional rollercoaster for me because I liked them both as a couple. Just have to wait and see what happens and I am sure Chris did not think this would have gotten so far and deep and that it would affect his career the way it did – I am sure he will learn from this for sure.

    I wish both Chris and Rihanna good luck in the future.

  • susanist

    26 its clear you have no honour and so yes, you say this is not the first time but its the worst time. You wouldn’t know domestic abuse anyway. Yes, we are quite aware she may drop the case and take him back as the result of at least 2000 years of training women to accept physical correction from a male authority figure. Its what too many Americans accuse Muslims of being. This is not just about Rihanna. The message must be delivered to people like you the days of this Misogyny have ended.

  • office fan

    joanna #19….
    Rhianna admitted to hitting Chris first? When did she supposedly admit that? Not that it matters, because he should have NEVER laid his hands on her even if she did, but I’m just curious where you got your information.

  • susanist

    Here’s the US Justice Dept/s deinition of ‘Domestic Violence’
    And it addresses a 2000 year pattern of misogynist assault
    on women formerly with the sanction of church and state.

    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.—The term ‘domestic violence’
    includes felony or misdemeanor crimes of violence committed
    by a current or former spouse of the victim, by a person with
    whom the victim shares a child in common, by a person who
    is cohabitating with or has cohabitated with the victim as
    a spouse, ……

    Chris violated this law but its not just about Rihanna. She’s famous enough to get us talking about it. There’s others who suffer more but who are anonymous. Chris freedom gives their abusers license and sets a bad example. Consider your sentiments where you see nothing wrong and actually blame Rihanna.

  • Claire-issa

    I don’t approve of what CB did, who would. But you are all like he should go to jail like you know what you are talking about. The guy is fucking 19 years old. You obviously don’t know what jail is like. He made a huge unforgivable mistake and he needs to be punished for it but you don’t send someone that young in a place like that unless he has a history of violence or killed someone well actually they do but i think they shouldn’t because this probably is a traumatic experience for someone that age. and btw i don’t think he’s career is over but i could be wrong.

  • shaniece

    Some of u guys are really idiots, he is trying to make up for what he did and u all are just being so hard. If God was like u guys everyone would be in hell by now…… Thinks about it …. If it was u or you father or brother or uncle….how would you guys like them to be treated…. would you guys be so hard on the would you guys like them to be so hard on you……. have pity on the boy for Christ sake

  • Yar

    So he’s not getting any jail time? What does he has to do? Kill someone?

  • H@Nn@h

    nope not 2 me ill never like him agian this is unforgiveble ,sorry NOT!! HA ,u can’t hit someone and say sorry for it what an @$$!!

  • H@Nn@h

    your dead 2 me..

  • janaina

    the CHRIS BROWN could buy a fight with amy maybe he would think twice before attacking a woman,Rihanna beautiful,you can take the man want, girl will kiss in the mouth, then you soon forget this crazy.

  • Shakira

    Chris, let’s get this straight. It does not matter if your girl friend yells at you or has a temper or throws your keys. YOU DO NOT RESPOND WITH PHYSICAL VIOLENCE, EVER!!! There is NO excuse. Nothing Rhianna did or said “provoked” you. The CHOICE to be physically violent was YOURS and YOURS alone. You are the one who has to learn NOT to respond violently to anything anyone else says. It is a criminal offense. Learn that and then teach it to others. That’s right, NOTHING the other person does or says provokes you.

  • Ann

    Are you kidding me?! No jail time!? Well, his career is over anyways though that’s not nearly enough of a punishment.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol this guy is funny =p
    alot ppl hate u, why add insult to injury
    pretty stupid imo

  • Dina p

    look chris you shouldnt have hit rihanna . but if she hit you first i wouldt blame you i would hit her back but one time THATS IT thats all i need .
    riri if oyu hit chris i just have to ask what in the would you would hit a man who is 6’2 ,and a giant who can might knock someone ass out are you o.k. i would never hit a man unless he put his hand i would whoop his ass like im mama . and i dont take that from nobody
    well XOXO
    Dina P

  • james

    JAIL is the answer

  • Ummm it is bad

    Anyone who defends Chris is just as bad as he is…there is no exception for something like this everyone fights, me and my husband fight, but he has never laid a hand on me…You NEVER hit a woman… Even if Rhianna did hit him, she didn’t beat him to a pulp!!
    I have been around people that have been beaten by their boyfriends and what it does to the families and the person in question is devistating… And yes the people have been given jail time and had restraining orders….So it shouldn’t be any different for Chris… no 41# you need serious #33 if it was my brother, father or anyone close to me…. I would say they need jail time too… i don’t care it’s just not on…

  • cairom

    y’all in here, stop pointing fingers, first we all know that chris is not retarted to start hitting rihanna like he did, something had been going down……and ofcourse the domestic violence part was omitted meaning they were both involved in the fight, just say rihanna is a girl and could not fight off a man like chri who is obviously stronger than her…and she got bit….

  • delusional

    This picture aint right! Ri-ri preggars?!

  • Lauren

    at least hes taking responsibility for what hes done.. if you are a hater y should u ppl even bother reading this or comment on it. like seriously just leave them alone ae

  • hello

    I don’t think they have enough evidence for criminal charge. I don’t think they can prove that he “threatened her life”. She’s only 19 and this violent. Money can’t change the true colors……

  • >.Lanz.

    guys there is always 2 sidez to a story….
    so u kno wat if it was self defense (LoL RANK)

  • elda

    Chris is so stupid! no excuse will justify the action of hitting a lady. that is just wrong.

  • lylian

    Glad he is doing anger management classes. Hope it helps him.

    BUT Rihanna should never go back to CB.