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Katie Holmes & Paul Dano: 'Extra' Rehearsals!

Katie Holmes & Paul Dano: 'Extra' Rehearsals!

Costars Katie Holmes and Paul Dano film their upcoming comedy, The Extra Man in New York City on Wednesday (February 25).

Mass transit riders, be on the lookout! If you ride the M42 bus, you might see Katie and Paul reading through their lines!

Katie finished her run in the Broadway play All My Sons last month and began filming The Extra Man earlier this month.

Scarf by Marc Jacobs, Flats by Azzedine Alaia, “Talya” sunglasses by Oliver Peoples.

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katie holmes paul dano rehearsals 01
katie holmes paul dano rehearsals 02
katie holmes paul dano rehearsals 03
katie holmes paul dano rehearsals 04
katie holmes paul dano rehearsals 05
katie holmes paul dano rehearsals 06
katie holmes paul dano rehearsals 07
katie holmes paul dano rehearsals 08

Credit: Mejia / Asadorian; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • b chick

    she is ugly.

    looks like a man


  • Savannah

    She’s gorgeous. Love her.

  • ck

    Those glasses are not for her.

  • LolaSvelt


  • Ingrid

    I guess we have to get used to seeing pictures of her everyday AGAIN.

  • One Word:


  • Yar

    I think she’s a beautiful woman but lately she’s looking awful and so tired, like she needs years of sleep.

  • mona

    loved her outfit much better than last time with Wide pants , cold looking

    its a Miracle She Smiling ear to ear at last

  • serena

    Love ur shoes katie!! ur styles come a long way!! Paul is adorable and a sweetheart!! Can’t wait to see this movie~

  • meg

    PLEASE!!!! Not more pictures of media ho Katie. I used to really like her. I even forgave her for hooking up with Crazy Tom. But more and more Katie is showing she is in this for the photo ops and the money. Tom’s money and it’s so not cool. Showing off EVERY SINGLE DAY what you can buy with your billions of dollars is just pathetic in this era of economic depression. Showing some compassion and using SOME of that money in a charitable way would send a positive message. Unless your Katie who is ONLY interested in herself.
    Oh and I’m not jealous just a thought.

  • simone

    I think she needs some rest too, but her acting is getting better. I liked her in The Gift:

  • grannah

    Hey, it’s just a matter of time before she pulls out Suri for more media attention. Cannot believe how much Katie has changed since Tom. And most of it not in a good way!!

  • fed up WITH KATIE

    What happened did she pull out her perfect teeth. She looks horrible
    now. And where is Suri!!! Her dad was on Jimmy Kimmel on Sat
    doing a Mission Impossible skit. with a house on fire..!

    Every day photo op what is the difference between this and seeing
    Violet and Jen everyday at the same place.?? What tomorrow
    retitle tomorrow like the Oscars THIS IS WHAT YOU DO BEHIND

  • weeds

    which one’s the dude?

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    She is adorable!

  • boogie

    like her shoes.

    interesting…..she is no longer wearing those 8 inch spikes like she used to coming and going from her play.

    and…….no Suri!

    who is going to potty train Miss Suri? Hopefully her nanny or Tom’s mom? lol

  • thats_right

    Is her nose melting under her sunglasses whats going on with her nose? looks weird wow she is a mess MAMA MIA I guess make up can do wonders, Katie is a live proof of that.

  • sonia Wu

    Do you notice that girls in the background in thumbnail #5 looked way better than Homely the Beard?
    And from the previous thread, one poster mentioned that she’s the 6th co-star in the movie.
    I don’t have much problem with that but I think she’s not playing the girlfriend, instead, she may play the cross-dressed Dano.
    By assigning Homely the part, the make-up and wardrobe department will have a well deserved break.
    Homely is looking more and more like a middle age man.
    Could you believe she’s not a day over 65!

  • Sonia Wu

    Oh, Boogie, please don’t spoil the freak show!
    Why potty train Suri? Why do they have to follow the normal guideline to raise a publicity pawn?
    I enjoy watching how Homely carry Suri like a puppy to flash Suri’s 10 gallon diaper to the whole world.
    That’s rich!
    And you sure know they can offer diapering Suri all her life and there’s no peer pressure issues either, for the make believe freak show princess will be isolated in the cult.
    So just relax and enjoy!!!!

  • boogie

    sonia wu- you are bad. LOL

  • me

    God, she is gross! Spend some money on your nasty teeth, honey!!!

  • fed up WITH KATIE

    Has she ever heard of a toothbrush and whitening toothpaste ..

  • eva

    I hope this doesn’t affect Paul Dano’s credibility as an actor. Depends on how bad she is, she might be bad enough to ruin the whole movie or just bad to affect her own character but not everyone else’s.

  • Sonia Wu

    As the 6th co-star? don’t think much about the odds to ruin the movie.
    Homely’s never that talented to steal any scene from anybody.
    But it would be fuuny to see her carry one of the world’s most expensive prop, aka, Suri, day in day out to maintain her notoriety on the tab blogs while the really stars in the movie stay very low keys.
    “All my sons”, deje vu, anybody?

  • `*HoT PiNk PrInCeSS*~

    She’s gorgeous. Love her.

  • medic


  • checkers

    talented,classy,nice and all around talent

    love her shoes

  • http://77 aloha

    # 1 FIRST? How silly! She’s a hag, she’s ugly? Boy, i’d KILL to see YOUR face & others calling this doll these names.Jealous, Jealous, and more Jealousy.
    # 10, really? I’d rathe see her and her adorable daughter then see non stop pic’s of angie and messy haired kids coming out of Lees Art store, No one complains about THOSE NYC pictures, do you? Hmmm..Guess if your not a crazed JP fan, all other celebs are ugly, bratty, and just shouldn’t see the light of day! Grow up!!
    Besides, she’s not SMUG like Angie now is, and boy, is she!

  • musical

    Beauty inside and out…….a very sweet graceful person….traits
    trashy trolls can learn from……
    thanks jared

  • ^_^


  • thanks jared


  • 2009

    I love her and her outfit. Looking like Jackie O.

  • http://77 aloha

    # 27 your have a brain! Classy with a capital C. Never disgraces herself, elegant, fashion plate which other actors can learn from, and as for the TEETH comments, her teeth are perfect, this is the picture, what moronic comments. Sometimes you have to wonder if you posters who post such stupid stuff are on the level – or on medication!

  • ssa

    Amazing cast and Im curious about Katie’s role. Maybe the widow?

  • deb

    Aloha, why don’t you “aloha” to go get your head examined and eyes checked.

    Katie has nasty, rotten looking teeth!! I can’t see how any man would kiss that nasty mouth…it’s probably the herpes that got out of control?

  • zzzz

    Haha…um, I have to agree about the teeth. And all of the above positive comments are obviously written by one person, so let’s not get our undies in a bunch, fellow ‘trolls”. We all know who’s writing these, because they’re always the same no matter how hard he tries to make them look different.

  • Julie

    zzzzz – you crack me up.

    One word…….veneers

  • Georgette

    krazy robot is barefoot on the freezing NYC again.

  • rona

    classy as usual

  • kit

    I want her sunglasses and shoes. Thanks a lot JJ.

  • dabu

    #32 2009 This is from another thread and well worth reposting::

    tim gunn @ 02/24/2009 at 12:04 am

    There is no, was no, and never will be any resemblance between this young Holmes woman and Jacqueline Kennedy at any age of her life.

    Let us deal with the physical first, Kennedy was wide eyed, with a perfectly sculpted (natural) Roman nose, a full round jaw, and a sensual mouth, her eyes were exotic and sphinx like, and her natural coloring beautiful without make-up. Her hair was thick, wavy and dark auburn, her body petite, a natural size 2, her body toned and strong from years of riding. Her arms and leg were beautiful, her posture perfectly straight from years of ballet, her walk graceful, her manner composed and tranquil at all times.

    The most important factor of Mrs. Kennedy’s life was her children. Her favorite quote, “She stated, ” if you bungle raising your children nothing else much matters in life. …” . Mrs. Kennedy made it her life’s work to have children of good character, intellectual minds, athletic bodies, perfect manners, and egalitarian, but old world values.

    At a time when the assassination made her the most famous woman in the world and the paparazzi was invented solely to pursue her and her children she held fast to privacy. Very few photos exist of her children before they graduated from Ivy League grad schools. Very few.

    Mrs. Kennedy eschewed fame and publicity, she never ever gave a single interview, nor did she pose for photos. As a junior editor at apublishing house in NYC she took the subway to work and had no bodyguard as she thought it pretentious. Kennedy did however keep a secret service guard for each of her children.

    Regarding her appearance, Mrs. Kennedy was foremost known for her impeccable grooming.

    The definition of grooming for a generation who is unfamiliar which such a term is being groomed. Having clean perfectly coifed hair, perfectly applied make-up, perfect nails and perfect posture based on perfect disciplined habits and health. To take it further, one looks natural and as if one did not try.

    Mrs. Kennedy was also always impeccably dressed from the youngest of ages until her death. Her clothing was always perfectly fitted, tailored, maintained , and perfectly matched, her accessories were restrained and matched her clothing in style and function.

    Her ensembles were appropriate for the activity. She wore flats for walking to work in NYC. She wore boots in winter and sandals in summer. She wore casual side zippered stretch capris (she invented them) and ballet slippers to play with her children in the park. She wore riding boots to ride. Trench coats for bad weather. She wore sweaters for warmth. She never followed trends or anything “new”. She hired designers to make her dresses after she drew simple shapes that fir her body type and her needs. She relied on good quality fabrics, classic shapes, and perfect workmanship. When Mrs. Kennedy wore a dress, you only saw the woman, not her clothes. She never dressed for attention. She never ever wore a trend or a designer name. She wore her own clothes and we copied her!

    Mrs. Kennedy was a lady. A lady who became engaged, then married in a church, St. Patrick’s cathedral by an Archbishop to be exact. There was no pre-nup, no contracts, no pay out, no baby at a fake wedding without a real officiant at a rented castle. The Kennedy marriage was a holy union until death they did part. No live in or past lovers in the tabloid press. Jacqueline attended Vassar, a college graduate who attended the Sorbonne, a journalist in Washington DC who fell in love with a young Harvard attorney.

    Kennedy saw to it that children attended schools and mixed with all incomes, races, and religions. They were not home schooled in a cult made up be a drunk science fiction writer. They did run around the streets with uncombed hair in their eyes, wearing thousand dollar dresses and eating on the streets. They had their balanced meals at home at the appropriate times. Ladies never eat on the street or while walking!

    Caroline curtsied and said hello in French at age 2, she ate with a napkin on her lap, she rode a pony like a proper littler girl, she used a fork, and she was toilet trained. She walked on her own and she went to school.
    JFK, Jr was 3 at his father’s death; can anyone imagine Suri standing still, polite, dignified, and quiet for a three hour state funeral?

    No, there is no resemblance between these two women, and there never will be any resemblance.

  • Julie

    #41 Thank you , thank you, thank you!

  • Rosy Johnson

    I wish Tom and Katie would adopt me!

    I spend day and night on this blog defending celebrity moms!

  • Denise in NJ

    Luv the shoes!!!!


    How many posts are there going to be about stupid Katie Holmes and her stupid new movie, The Extra Man?? Come on Jareddd.

  • Megan fox rocks

    she’s cute

  • Lolipop

    I LOVE her sunglasses.

  • Raphael

    That makes no sense, #24. Right now you;re seeing and have been seeing Suri Cruise-less pictures of Katie Holmes thereby proving she’s famous enough on her own.

    The cast in All My Sons weren’t staying low key. People simply didn’t acre to photograph them!

    When they stop being popular, #45

  • hurl alert

    Eww, HOMELY is an effing eyesore. Her acting su*cks too. I hope she quits trying to act and never returns to nyc.

  • lakers fan in boston

    really nice outfit, especially the trench coat =]
    i cant really say she looks nice, she looks kinda weird
    she’s starting to get that tired look on her face =[