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Rachel Bilson's Engaging Errands

Rachel Bilson's Engaging Errands

Newly engaged actress Rachel Bilson is seen out running errands with her mother Janice Stango before stopping by a hospital on Tuesday (February 24) in Pasadena, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress, who wore a charcoal Brian Reyes t-shirt and red Miu Miu bag, was spotted over this past weekend covering up her hand with her sleeves at LAX. JJ then revealed the first look of Rachel‘s engagement ring that was spotted wearing while she went grocery shopping on Monday afternoon.

Hayden Christensen, 27, and Rachel were reportedly engaged over the holidays.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson‘s engaging errands…

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rachel bilson hospital engagement ring 01
rachel bilson hospital engagement ring 02
rachel bilson hospital engagement ring 03
rachel bilson hospital engagement ring 04
rachel bilson hospital engagement ring 05
rachel bilson hospital engagement ring 06
rachel bilson hospital engagement ring 07
rachel bilson hospital engagement ring 08
rachel bilson hospital engagement ring 09
rachel bilson hospital engagement ring 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • jacinth

    S I C K L Y P U K E !!!

  • 1

    go to Canada talentless toad and take your talentless recluse with u

  • unreechy

    SHE is the kind of celeb equivalent of cotton candy fluff, completely lacking substance & intellect. Fairly irrelevant with the depth of a kiddie pool. She is of mediocre talent but has survived due to her moneyed showbiz family & the marketing skills of her dozen PR gurus. How can someone get so much media mileage out of a supporting role on an abruptly axed teen show? Her days as a supposed “IT” girl are clock-ticking already w/ the arrivals of the newer & better looking studs & tarts from Gossip Girl, those Disney talents and the Twiligth cast. Hopefully, she’ll take her cliché stunt acts, get a pony and ride into the fading sunset… SOON.

  • if its true

    I believe its true, but why have desiring hayden not announced it?

  • 1

    she has the ugliest legs in all HW.

  • giz

    they were a great couple with adam brody

  • saudia

    they don’t need to announce it.. I love them as a couple

  • anne

    I like the shawl collared long sweater vest she is wearing.

  • unlawful_thruth


    Either they dont believe unless its officially coming from HC or they are now in “comatose”!

  • reedley

    She looks WHOREndous as always as she’ll ever be!
    JJ stop mentioning someone who is always visibly NOT around (or more like feeling-ashamed right now). A media-ho would always be a media-ho at any given time no matter what she’s doing, where ever she is & whomever she is with.

  • Dimitri


  • Bubbaness

    Beautiful ring.

  • rick

    Hayden has seen better legs on Sienna Miller and Natalie Portman.

  • emilee

    I love her

  • Annabel

    I don’t think she’s faking the engagement, but I do think that she’s milking the publicity she’s getting from it for all it’s worth. It’s kind of funny in a pathetic sort of way.

  • Katie

    love her outfit

  • hmmmm…

    I`m not surprised if she get knocked up.

  • rick

    the back is tacky, the outfit is deathly, bad legs exposed, no taste

    the ring is nice for a regular housewife, nothing special for Hollywood.

  • rick

    sorry, the BAG is tacky, not the back, misspelled.

  • rick

    she is doing Star Wars hairdo for Hayden so he would think that she measures up to Natalie, it will not help.

  • Katie

    She’s so beautiful

  • celebhores

    ok how do they get pics of this nobody? they catch her doing the most mundane things.

    wonder how money she spends on paps?
    sad when there are so many people loosing their jobs, people that make the country function!

  • celebhores

    why did she change boots? her mom looks really old, almost didnt recognize her….well hayden thats what u have to look forward to =)

    she playin you like a fiddle! ur too blind and naive to see it because of your gullable, insecure self loathing nature.

    hayden has joined the darkside. he here falls our tragic hero; forsaking ALL for “love”

  • anne

    Rachel fans, are you proud of her? This is all she’s going to be known for. Not for her acting, but as the girl who wears nice clothes, shops all the time and snags her costars.
    Jared may think he’s helping Rachel but it will backfire on her. The more JJ overexposes her, the less people will take her seriously as an actress.

  • s

    Maybe she`ll end up being a housewife and mother, what is wrong with that?

  • celebhores

    nothing wrong with that BUT she lovs the limelight, she will media whore her kid out. we all know this. she isnt the type to just fade out to a nobody.

    im just shocked he ended up with a Valleygirl. how can he stand her voice? and ditzy comments?

  • s

    He can take her to Canada and live there most of the time.

  • @26

    he is an idiot himself and this engagement proves it

  • rick

    HC had dreams, he had hopes, he went for the hottest girls in Hollywood, but after they turned him down one after another, and I mean first Natalie did not want him, and than Sienna used him to get Jude Law back, Hayden broke completely and got himself a stupid house wife.

  • s


  • bleh

    I love her miu miu handbag

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I’m sure those people don’t care much about america’s future.
    NOW THEY DO IT AGAIN, folks!!

  • Smilehexe

    I would not call RB the typical “housewife”. Shouldn’t a “good” housewife like to stay at home and actually do some household, and be more modest in general, there for her hubby and later a whole family?
    This girl we see: shopping, fashion hunting, shopping again, hanging out with friends wasting even more money, traveling, and surely never feeding her man who seems to have to live from yogurt and cigarettes in the meanwhile which also is to see by how slim he is and how bad he looks in general. She obviously does not care for him which I would call the basic “duty” of a real housewife. Nor does she have a job to get some money back into the household. Not to talk about giving a man love and making him satisfied and respecting his wishes and not let him look like a fool in public. All these basics seem to be non-existent in this relationship. Just a thought…
    To her being stupid I totally agree, but yet she knows how to get what she wants. Of course this needs stupid counterparts in her life as otherwise this would not work, and obviously she has found too many of them.

  • celebhores

    her whole “success” has been luck. No skill what so ever.

    her daddy was a director. she met and had access to directors, actors…etc……she has NO life skills what so ever. i cant see her living on a farm..LOL. nor can i see her raising a kid!! she acts to juvenile.

    I swear sh reminds me of this girl I know. sh gets what she wants by playing the sympahy, cutsie routine. then uses people for all she can get. people are often blindsided by her but keep going back to her like a sucker.

    I remember her saying she met hayden at a party years before they worked together. she only said hi to him thats it.

    they both seem desperate.

  • s

    But she goes shopping like she is feeding a whole army…

  • Smilehexe

    @#35 – s
    Yep, she does. And probably puts the stuff into the fridge until it’s running to seed? I surely cannot imagine her cooking, neither HC himself. And both look like they don’t eat (enough) anyway.
    Maybe it are food cans for ThurmenMurmen only, who knows? Those she doesn’t even have to heat. ;-)

  • Mary

    She reminds me of Rachel Ray

  • celebhores


    i hope mean looks wise because Rachel Ray is a great woman!! she donates all the proceeds to animal charities.

  • celebhores

    if i were a celeb, i would use my fame to endorse charities i believed in. Kind of like what Sarah Mclauchlin, Amy Grant, rachel ray, and bradgelina do..

    i cant imagine sitting idely by like RB and just shop spending thousands on purses,boots…etc.

    she loves fashion, why not start a new charity and be a spoksperson…..teens for jeans dont count, that was all JUMPER publicity crap!!

    but she wont, she is wrapped up in her little world where she gets what pleases her no one else.

    hayden gave up his career, his family, his interests all for this wench who keeps him under lock and key.

    anyone know what became of the fan intrviw online? bet he aint allowed online because 1st girl he sees is a threat to RB…lol

  • Smilehexe

    #39 – celebhores
    Forget that interview with Jen, okay? Gosh, he did not even know her name anymore after having spent three hours with her only a few months before!!! What do you expect from such a guy? He probably said “yes” to this at the moment, simply to have his peace, and never meant to actually do it. Forgot it the minute he turned around I could imagine… and this is HIS fault, and only his, and has nothing to do with RB at all. He made the (false) promise, not she did. He would not even have met Jen the first time if not his own mother (!) would have suggested so. Forget this guy and his promises. :roll: He despises fans and treats them exactly like that, even his #1 fan who does so much for him… why she still goes on with all that work on this site is something I will never understand.

    What does Sarah McLachlan do for charity purpose? You talk about the Canadian singer & songwriter, right? I simply love her music, but it’s hard to get information about her where I live. Here she’s totally unknown.

  • Mary

    I also love Rachel Ray, I watch her shows all the time. She’s the best!!

  • celebhores

    WOW RB your plan worked. On imdb haydens pop % was down 4% but this last week brought it up 176%


  • dont do it hayden!

    is she trying to convince us this is the real deal? we wont be fooled. has not tacken her long to get back into normal mode. having her picture tacken all this from some one who likes to be private. hates all that stuff. only at the hospital to start new rumors that she is pregnant or trying. hence the cover up of the clothes.

  • me

    this outfit is simply…………ugly!!!!!!

  • fake couple

    what is the deal with her? its not like she doing anything. oh sorry i was wrong she goes shopping,walks her dog oh and uses her fince’ if and when its gets her more attention.

  • toni

    We get it – you’re engaged. Let’s see some pics of the happy couple. They would be much more fun to talk about than Rachel just showing off her ring.

    I think this is the first time JJ has not mentioned Rachel’s mom is a sex therapist.

  • celebhores

    RB paid JJ to mention her mom is a sex therapist in order to give her mom some business. maybe she didnt pay him this time?

  • celebhores

    anyone know where Jenn got those pics of Hc leaving robeks from the other day?
    i visited wikio (site that shows all other sites that mentioned hc) and have found nothing.

  • celebhores

    lola skye
    random girls at clubs
    rachel bilson

    …..see a pattern?

  • celebhores

    i will admit of that list of brainless tramps….i can see hc settling for her because she takes care of him because she is insecure and will do all his chores. i cant see sienna doing laundry,cooking etc….i can see the other women beng more bitchy. so looking at his experience…..she is best choice sad to say. though he could do a million times better if he would look OFF set!!