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Britney Spears - "If U Seek Amy" CD Cover

Britney Spears -

Britney Spears posted the artwork for her latest single “If U Seek Amy” on her official website.

“If U Seek Amy” is the third single to be released from Brit‘s sixth studio album Circus. The track was co-written and produced by Max Martin, who also wrote previous hits for Brit Brit, including “…Baby One More Time” and “Oops!… I Did It Again”.

Earlier this month, Brit shot the music video for the song.

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  • mike

    my favorite song on the album!!!

  • -


  • Kevin

    this looks nice, I’m glad they/she didn’t use one of the circus album photoshoot pictures
    I really like this cover :)

  • annie

    there is foundation powder on her eyebrows.
    not cute.
    neither is this cover
    like the song though..

  • lida

    Cant waIt for the VIDEO and TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dont care..

    can’t take care of her finances,
    herself or her children but she can
    go on tour for one of the worst cds
    of the year.. yay? [ note: the sarcasm. ]

  • Kate & Xtina 4ever!

    I love britney! She’s ond of the greatest!

  • rafa

    shes GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 cant wait to the video gooosh!

  • to the lame haters.

    BRITNEY IS ICONIC. Shes a poop GODDESS..and she has made a great impact on society whether you like it or not… be one with it. This song is waaay hot, like Britney.

  • to the lame haters.

    pop goddess.. but Im sure you guys will have fun with that one ; )

  • whatever

    God, she is just a simple, stupid, dirty, Sk ANK!

  • ashley

    really pretty

  • $$$$$$


  • ******


  • montana mike

    there’s a good chance that she may never be happy again. there’s a real saddness in her face


    5:47 You nailed it!!!There keeping her busy to keep her sane but she can’t work like this forever what kind of a life would this be for her boys I bet there already working on her next CD.

  • koko

    notice the cover of her album the letters U, S and A are in caps ..
    add that to the meaning of if u seek amy (f-u-c-k me)…. = USA fuck me / fuck me USA… :P just speculating.

  • koko

    notice the cover of her album the letters U, S and A are in caps ..
    add that to the meaning of if u seek amy (f-*-c-k me)…. = USA fuck me / f*ck me USA… :P just speculating.

  • slambang

    #17 – The “I” is also capitalized…Those letters are capitalized because they are the first letters of the words. That’s how you write a title. Sorry to break it to you. LOL

  • elizabeth

    is that song about fucking her?

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol i guess jared hasnt figured out the
    f**************u******** c********** k**************

  • ……………

    lakers fan in boston @ 02/26/2009 at 8:21 pm lol i guess jared hasnt figured out the
    f**************u******** c********** k**************

    It does NOT sound like that! What are you 10? Tell me WHERE there is an “S” sound in the phrase f………u…………c………..k There is NONE you freaking little kids are pathetic.

  • uh,

    to: “…………..”
    uh, it goes like this: If (F) you (U) seek amy. if you say “seek amy” fast, it sounds like “C-K ME”
    duh, tard.

  • darrell

    wow this picture is really old. its from a photoshoot they did in like december they just cropped her head. the whole picture she has her hand to her throat and she is like leaning against something. still pretty though

  • ihavenolife

    work seems to do her good.

  • Remus

    She looks………… do I say it delicately???? Um…………..

  • dont care..

    To All..Britney Lovers( ha what a joke.) ;
    You are delusional, she isn’t Iconic for her
    music but for how much of a screw up she is..
    just like the old saying, “Money can’t buy class.”
    She’s a redneck with more money than brains..
    she’ll always have money because her “fans”
    blindly buy anything she sells. everyone who
    isn’t a britney follower buys music from real singers.
    who actually have good music and a stable life.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I’m really not curious where amy nor britney is.
    although they have one thing in common.
    ……….BEING A LOSER, folks!!

  • Lisial

    The Script has a song If You See Kay…

  • Just say’n

    Comments sit for 7 hours waiting for moderation here? What’s the point of having a comments section? No other blog does this, perhaps that’s why the visitor count is low here.

  • brie2009

    YAY!!!! So glad she used such a nice pic. I really love this song. I wonder how it will sound on the radio since it has been all over the news about the lyrics changing.

  • Hello_Stranger

    i love her so much.

  • emily

    i love britney

  • taylorlautnerhasmyheart

    This is my fav song from the album! So glad its gonna be a single!

  • Blah girls

    Love the song, love the cover! Go Brit!

  • Disco Stu

    She looks like a zombie. Why can’t this cow give it up, she’s obviously too screwed up in the head. Can’t keep her kids, can’t keep a man, her tour will probably be a huge disappointment to the idiots who still believe in her. What a waste of a life.


    There is definetly a hidden message in this song.

  • Karen

    A loooooooot better than the cd cover for the Blackout album and even the cover for Circus