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Freida Pinto Covers Cosmopolitan India

Freida Pinto Covers Cosmopolitan India

Slumdog Millionaire beauty Freida Pinto (in Blumarine) takes the March 2009 cover of Cosmopolitan India.

“The baffled look Jamal (Dev Patel) had when he won the money (in the film) is pretty much my expression any time I see an A-lister on the red carpet,” laughed the 24-year-old actress. “I’m just trying to enjoy it as much as I can, because it happens only once in a lifetime. It’s a blessing and I need to learn to relish and savor each moment, so that’s what I’m doing. And, most importantly, breathe!!”

Pictured below: Freida modeling a fringe Christian Dior minidress for Cosmo. She also took the March 2009 cover of Maxim India.

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  • yuck

    The Maxim cover is kinds raunchy but the other covers are nice.

  • lexi

    i’m thinking Freida will be like the next Aishwarya Rai (i think that’s how you spell her name) their both very beauitful and talented women.

  • Maria

    #2. While I agree with you, Aish is just drop dead gorgeous. Freida has a way to go before she catches Aish. LOL

  • mike

    she really is beautiful!

  • eov


  • lexi

    #3, your right Aish IS drop dead gorgeous! she REALLY gives Angelina Jolie a run for her money (i actually think Aish is prettier than Angie) but I still LOVE Freida

  • Old Bombay

    At least she looks like a typical East Indian woman and not like an Afghanistan woman. Most of the Bollywood actresses dye their skin white or they are only half Indian.

  • RE Old Bombay

    Who cares about afghan women. Why did you even bring that up? Not everyone has the money like Michael Jackson to dye their skin white. Stupid

  • chuck

    are u retarded old bombay? so indian women can never be light?? u ignorant little thing. they dont “dye” their skin white LOL u moron! india has all kinds of ppl….light and dark..the reason why some of the ones u saw in the movie were dark is cuz they are always out in the sun and its frgn hot in india. if they “dyed” their skin white, there would never be a dark skinned person in india…rich or poor. i cant believe how ignorant ppl are and how little they know abt india. is this the only reason why u like freida..cuz shes dark and she looks “indian” LOL how lame. and i agree freida has a long way to go b4 she can be the aishwarya rai!

  • jaime

    why does it even matter how dark or light their skin is? if they have talent then that’s cool

  • Marieme

    I’m sorry I’m already sick of everyone from this movie. Egads. That’s what Hollywod does if you allow it – overexpose, overexpose, overexpose. Ugh. Enuff already!

  • Sabrina

    FREIDA!!! <3 i love her.

  • ryan

    i agree with MARIEME!

    Frieda did nothing for the movie and has no acting talent but JUST JARED seems to be obsessed with posting about people with no talent on this site…thats why other sites are way better.

    JJ just goes on and on and on and on about Frieda.

    Oh and Aishwarya Rai is about 1000 TIMES MORE TALENTED AND PRETTIER THAN FRIEDA! frieda will never come close…she is just using up her 15 minutes of fame!

    so sick of hearing about her…why not post the little children in the movie Just Jared???…thats right, you only post people who walk around in designer dresses and mediocre talent…

  • walker

    Here’s another teaser ala Megan Fox. Didn’t this little wh***leave her husband, fiance whatever as soon as this movie took off. Opportunistic little B***.

  • beautiful

    Lovely lady

  • shialove!!

    in slumdog was unbeliavable pretty…but in magazines is kinda weird ..

  • Enough

    Enough already. So she’s covering the covers of India’s magazines, why are you posting them on your site JJ, lets just leave it to the media in India to flaunt themselves like they are right now. She’s seriously riding the fame of Slumdog which really happened because of the child star cast, not her and Dev. The cover of Maxim, that’s just wrong and indecent for someone who claims to be a simple traditional indian girl, but really she’s just getting ahead of herself right now and the media is really not helping.

  • thats_right

    She looks like Octomom she is not pretty at all

  • Go_freida

    Good for her! She looks beautiful.

  • Hemal

    Freida is more real than Aish who doesn’t look like East Indian woman.

    98% of East Indian woman have black hair and black eyes and not like Aish who have brown hair and green eyes

    Freida is what East Indian woman usually look like.

  • Hemal

    Freida is more real than Aish who doesn’t look like East Indian woman.

    98% of East Indian woman have black hair and black eyes and not like Aish who have brown hair and green eyes

    Freida is what East Indian woman usually look like.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    A FOOD-PUBLICATION instead of clothes?

  • http://deleted Jasmine

    Aishwarya Rai’s personality is completely artificial. Freida is immensely likeable and natural. And she has that indefinable quality of charm, which Rai simply does not. Sure, it’s not a big role in Slumdog but she did justice to it, which is more than I can say for Rai’s turn in Pink Panther 2.

  • ayj6m6l

    lol ! lmao ! stfu a s s w h o l e ! stay away from my Angie ! lol

  • J

    wtf did they do to her neck on the cover pic and the yellow dress pic? looks like her head was pasted on crooked…

  • urbanprincess93

    to whoever sed that ash is prettier than angie:WRONG!!!angie is the most beautiful……as for freida she was there for like 15 mins of the movie and she got more fame than the actual stars of the movie-the lil kids….and now shez planning on moving to nyc….btw all the movies ash has done in hwood have got no fame at all…..i hope freida dosent suffer the same fate!

  • janaina

    i believe this film competed for the Oscar political issue, the film has nothing,I believe it is a form of coming to india, because it is not a country, seems the world has many people in india, and clear that Americans want more movies with dinherio public, we have to think about this crap that was the oscar. she has a beautiful face looks Indian,, ohhhhhhh she is Indian, good luck. you are now being seen by the world. bye

  • Joshua

    She looks sexy!
    I hope she goes a long way… and as far as comparing Freida with Angelina is concerned, I guess she is far better than the fish lips Angie…

  • BHavdeep

    Hey guys… enough of this discussion on beauty of Freida, Ash and Angelina..

    All I can say is that, Freida has a Captivating Screen Presence and this will surely help her in her career. She was wonderfully restrained and very effective in her role. And am very happy that she has been signed by a director like Woody Allen for his Untitled 2010 London Project.

    I mean wow. Chears to Freida and All the Best.

    By the way, I also love Ash and Angie… and they all have different personalities and a positive too. All stand in the crowd and you cannot compare them.

  • janaina

    angelina is beautiful at all, it really is a woman of character, it’s all good.i love you angelina jolie.

  • Jason

    RE Old Bombay michael jackson didn’t do shit to his skin he has vitiligo he can’t help it so get your facts straight.


    I dont see the big deal about this girl, she has a really bad body! she is annoying as hell in the interviews. She cant even pose!

  • Love Dior

    Old Bombay knows what he’s talking about. Most Indian actresses in India do bleach their skin. It’s almost mandatory. Pinto was rejected by Indian movies because of this. I do think it’s great, she’s dark and sleek, well dressed and articulate and not some pudgy, bug eyed, dressed like a train wreck, roll my eyes around in my head Aishwarya Rai. Got news for you Pinto has already passed her with just one movie. Rai was just the token white washed Indian. Pinto’s going to be the real deal.

  • chuck

    @ 33


    She’s on pretty much ever single freaking cover in India.

  • jO

    Freida ROCKS!!

    There is something about her.. her energy.. her million dollar smile .. her gorgeous hair.. her zest ……………

    Beauty comes in all colors… and Frieda is a reminder of that!

  • Jason

    Don’t make me laugh Love Dior.

  • jamca ia

    My friends Freida Pinto have arrived! Aishwarya Rai is still trying…… to impress the world……Hollywood is more than just a fake smile and a lovely face. You have to have a certain buoyancy + talent to match. Ms Pinto is for “real” and she is so adorable and does it so effortlessly.