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Freida Pinto Covers Vogue India

Freida Pinto Covers Vogue India

Slumdog Millionaire beauty Freida Pinto (in Louis Vuitton) graces the March 2009 cover of Vogue India.

Photographer: Regan Cameron, Makeup: Gucci Westman. Do you think Freida will soon grace the US cover of Vogue?

Slumdog picked up a whopping eight Oscars on Sunday, including the Academy Award for Best Picture of 2008. The Pussycat Dolls just did a remix of the movie’s hit song “Jai Ho.” The remix was composed by A.R. Rahman and produced by Polow Da Don.

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  • sweetie

    beautiful! :-)

  • Halli

    Friedo will go nowhere fast. Woody Allen isn’t a “star maker” anymore.

    This sudden burst of stardom doesn’t last if you don’t have raw-talent.

    She was hardly in this movie and has a noticeable accent.

    She’ll do well with Bollywood only if she can dance her butt off.

  • lynn

    shes gorgeous!

  • WOW

    she really is a beauty.

  • Lover

    aw look Halli is jealous.

  • meh

    Wow, India has a Vogue? Never knew that. Sorry, but don’t think she’ll be appearing on US Vogue just yet

  • Damien

    it depends i guess, if she “hot” enough throughout 2009, maybe Ms Anna will consider it.

  • english rose

    meh – I’m not surprised, you yanks barely know anything.

  • The Pundit

    Yeah Halli, because we all know how much a “noticable accent” can hold an actress back, right?. Just look at how much it has harmed OSCAR-WINNER PENELOPE CRUZ!

    Freida is stunning. There is no reason she can’t be on American Vogue, depending upon Anna’s mood, of course.

  • yuck

    I ate how Vogue made her skin so much lighter than she really is. nothing wrong with beautiful dark skin!

  • yuck

    I hate how Vogue made her skin so much lighter than she really is. Nothing wrong with beautiful dark skin!

  • zoe

    she looks nice but i prefer a cleaner natural look. she looks good…so whatever. hopefully, she’ll have a successful career!

  • Johanna

    Wow she looks beautiful, but they definetely whitened her skin in photoshop..

  • giz


  • nyob

    I think she is beautiful, but she looks bad on that cover. Her beauty is a very nature, almost innocent looking beauty that is anchored by a killer smile. She looks like a drag queen in this picture.

  • ivy

    Too much makeup but she’s still pretty.

  • Abby

    Lovely. They should put her on the cover of US Vogue. They always use the same, bland looking actresses.

  • pashy

    Most beautiful girl in Hollywood.

  • skaur

    frieda pinto rocks she is a beautifuol girl flying the flag 4 all us gorgeous asian ladies!! bought time indian talent got recognised in hollywood. Halli maybe a bit jealous

  • Lyla

    GORGEOUS girl….and the sick part is she actually looks better with out the makeup!! She has gorgeous bone structure and features and a great smile.

  • Dolce

    beautiful and classy!

  • hypocrite

    Slow down, Pinto. People are already starting to get sick of your face and you haven’t even been in the spotlight a year! Slow your roll – and take in the spotlight gradually. The media is going to eat you up and everyone is going to get sick of your face constantly being shoved down their throats. Your manager and agent may want you out there as much as possible, but it’s only because they make more money the more times you are on a magazine or on the red carpet.

  • Lana

    She will soon be forgoten

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    shes ugly, there are SO many beautiful Indian actresses but they will never see the light of day except on Zee TV

  • becca

    she is SOOOO beautiful!!!

  • http://justjared tan

    Pretty, pretty.She’ll be on Vogue US before you know it

  • Natalie

    she is beautiful, but on this picture her face looks deformed somehow.

  • good_luck_freida

    She’s beautiful and I think she would have a better career in Hollywood than Bollywood, she stands out here among the crowd but in India she would get lost among the thousands who look just like her trying to make it as an actress.


    She’s really pretty but I highly doubt she’s going to become the next big star of Hollywood.

  • brown girl

    @yuck. Her skin is not photo shopped. Indians are mostly brown, but come in all shades – from almost white to darkest black and plenty of East Asian chinese looking people and a mix of that as well.

    Brown is not black. In this photo she looks no fairer than halle berry. Plus brown skin reflects light in a very different way. I have seen Freida look light in Vanity Fair and very dark in Arena, to a lovely caramel in Maxim. I don’t believe these were photo shopped. That is the magic of brown skin – too bad photographers have not discovered it yet. Look at the Milan photos, natural candid shots.

    try And learn about brown skin. And why is it that you irritating westerners say “oh she is westernised, skin lightened” any time you see a pretty, beautiful Indian girl. Is it because our features are essentially in the same family as ours – not distinctly, different like the chinese and the blacks?

    But we are prettier – our beauty perception contains a vivacious personality, great smile, expressive eyes. Not so much bone structure,because we are not used to the hard western bony faces. I need to be told that kate moss is beautiful. Indians may like pale skin, but we dont like white skin or faces. too hard. Arab or greek ideals of beauty are more understandable than gwynneth, kate or that pug ugly spiderman girlfriend.

  • Megan

    brown girl is retarded. take your brown ass & suck it.

  • SHAAN09

    I think she looks good. Like the saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” so if I think she looks good, doesn’t mean everyone else in the world is going to. It’s okay for people to say she’s not cute. She might look ugly to one person and beautiful to the next. Just remember that’s exactly how people view your husband/wife too. People may wonder how YOU got soo lucky.

  • fireandice

    she is not sooo beautiful as the people on top say….but she is good….i mean….without the makeup….she is gorgeous…

  • Suppress your appetite

    Beautiful! =]]

  • queen

    yes we have chek umeed-e-jahan dot com

  • Sure

    She definitely has that model look to her. The makeup, the dark lipstick, the clothes, and the pose make her look like royalty.

  • Sure

    @ Megan lol just because someone is telling the truth doesn’t mean you have to get mad. She practically owned all of you racist fags with that comment, so why don’t you take your skinny,anorexic,ghostly,bony face and go somewhere else.