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Jennifer Aniston is a Balenciaga Babe

Jennifer Aniston is a Balenciaga Babe


Jennifer Aniston gets costar Owen Wilson‘s shoulder to lean on at a photocall for their latest dramedy, Marley & Me, at the Hotel Bristol on Thursday (February 26) in Paris, France.

Aniston, who celebrated her 40th birthday earlier this month, paired her Balenciaga wrap dress with brown suede shoes from Christian Louboutin.

Don’t you just love how Marley & Me in French is Marley & Moi? Loves it!

15+ pictures inside of Balenciaga babe Jennifer Aniston

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jennifer aniston balenciaga 01
jennifer aniston balenciaga 02
jennifer aniston balenciaga 03
jennifer aniston balenciaga 04
jennifer aniston balenciaga 05
jennifer aniston balenciaga 06
jennifer aniston balenciaga 07
jennifer aniston balenciaga 08
jennifer aniston balenciaga 09
jennifer aniston balenciaga 10
jennifer aniston balenciaga 11
jennifer aniston balenciaga 12
jennifer aniston balenciaga 13
jennifer aniston balenciaga 14
jennifer aniston balenciaga 15
jennifer aniston balenciaga 16
jennifer aniston balenciaga 17

Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
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  • bet

    I love the flower dress. it is very classy at the same time sexy . that gorgoues dress on gorgeous woman.

  • Team aniston

    She does look better now than she did when she was younger, her plastic surgen did a fantastic job on her nose! I love her!

  • Joanne

    WOW that is a great look for Jen, love that dress.

  • Lore

    She looks great more than ever for sure, she keeps getting better! She has so much class and is a sweetheart, and I still get surprised how much people bash on her. People will love on the bad and hate on the good.

  • just me

    To a previous poster on this page; I’m 5”5(and have perfect figure),brown green eyes, that most people asume are brown, naturally blond hair, that I just colored brown and I actually prefer it that way…and most people think I’m a knockout and say so as don’t have to be blond and blue eyed to be beautiful..allthough Jen’s eyes are actually blue, you moron!!!It’s so sad to see the pathetic, jealous hatred on these blogs…and I think it was smart of her to do the Oscars…It shoud shut everybody up!

  • just me

    To number 8…

  • anon

    I agree about negative posters because the overwhelming majority are negative so if you don’t comment she doesn’t get the comments and perhaps Jared wouldn’t post about Aniston any and every time she moves. Stop posting comments and we won’t see that much of her. Use the Speidi strategy, it worked.

  • boogie

    I like the dress. It brings out her blue eyes.,

    don’t like the stockings.

  • anon

    58, her fake blue eyes you meant to say?

  • gerard Vandenberg

    “A REAL LIFE FUNERAL”, starring o. wilson as dead body, folks!!

  • Grace

    Not her best look, but I’m sure she’ll make up for it at the premiere. Jennifer is usually one of the best dressed actresses.

  • Linda

    They really would be a cute couple IMO. Why is she with Mayer and why is he with Hudson? They are both (Mayer and Hudson) too young, immature and trampy for them. If they don’t hook up they still need to find differant partners IMO.

  • Cool Babe

    For a moment I thought it was Kristen Wiig of SNL. Alas, it’s the unfunny, unattractive, untalented, and low class version of Kristen.
    Aniston’s fans all sound like the same person. Either it’s one fanatic who pretends to be many people or she clearly attracts only ONE kind of fans.

  • kk

    She gets prettier with age. I love this lady!!!

  • truthteller

    Jen has BROWN eyes, BROWN hair and is 5’4″.

  • Christine

    Haven’t you heard? 40′s are the new 30′s! Age is just a number…my mom says “age is an attitude!” I think she’s right! Go Jen! You are beautiful & people who say otherwise are just jealous of your success. Blessings always!

  • Not impressed by JA

    How come that ALL of her facial features are more masculine than Owen’s ? Is it because of the male hormones she ingested for tears ? She wasn’t that masculine looking years ago…

  • n.o.l.a

    I am so tired of this PR whore and her lame dick music boyfriend.

  • Dora

    Terrible choice of outfit!!!

    The dress is kinda pretty, but it made her look wider…

    the shoes and the stockings are horrible!


    Blah Blah Blah….she is still just very very sad…..her movies suck….she needs to go back to daytime tv

  • They are cool !!!!

    She looks beautiful and happy! She is on the top of her game lately now. Her movies are top in the box office and she got a guy who has 7 Grammy awards.
    She does not show any age and always smiling. Not many people can have a life busy with work, making lots of money, socializing with rich social status people.
    All the negative comments are most from Angie’s fans who always rush to the thread and do bashing. That behaviour is childish and degrading.
    Ask yourself if you will ever have millions and a million money making boyfriend from music industry and when you can make yourself sound a little more human than just knowing how to insult people.

  • whatever

    I love that outfit….she’s looking great and happy.

  • jade

    Jennifer looks beautiful in everything she wears. I like her dress and shoes. She looks lovely as always. I’am glad Owen is there with her.
    I know she misses John,but she’ll see him soon!
    JARED, thanks for this new thread.

  • Melissa

    love you Jennifer you look great, you are great.

  • reality bites

    the shoes.. 2die 4

    love love love the shoes. the dress not too much. it makes her look very pale and does not accentuate whatever curves she has. Its too high on the knee erhaps if the hem were at the actual knee with a slight slit it would have worked better. Eva Mendes does these dresses better she wears them at the knee and it makes her look even more curvier and slender.
    Jen needs to let go of the high hemlines already.

  • maryrowery

    they look better together than she looks with this Jonh guy
    nice dress

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    my eyes! those flowers! too early for this. sad.

  • fiona

    she looks great!! i think she is 30 years old!!! but with more experience!!!

  • hello

    Nice hair. Nice dress. Nice Rolex gold watch. I don’t like the new fashion with these big hefty shoes though.

  • Princess79

    She is so pretty!!!!!

  • a realist

    She is so unfortunate looking, and so very insecure. She hangs on to everybody she takes pics with.
    Such an insecure unfortunate looking woman.

  • jane

    # 21
    b chick @ 02/26/2009 at 12:02 pm

    she is really really pretty
    and she definately doesnt look 40.

    It’s tens of thous of plastic surgery, by dear. She has had lots of work.

  • fed up WITH KATIE

    What happened to her other movie Just not that into you stopped
    promoting that one. Since this one has been out since January.

  • dianel

    Jennifer sure does’nt look 40 she is very pretty and always dresses well and I hope she and John get married soon so they can have a beautiful baby

  • just guessing

    She is 5’5″ and 110 pounds.

  • Kay

    She looks great!!! and she’s actually 5’6″, and Owen and Jen are great friends, he loves Jen so much!! And Owen is dating Kate again.
    Jen is very affectionate, you guys don’t hug or hold your friends???

  • !


  • danielle

    poor ugly Jen, she has has thous of dollars of plastic surgery, and till looks homely

  • oknow

    yeah, Jen has to promote Marley again since Benjamin Button now outsells it by $113 million dollars!

  • teresa

    she hangs on to people for dear life. what a sad pathetic girl

  • Looking pretty in Paris

    MARLEY & MOI. That’s funny.

  • Denise

    Wow, Jen should take stock in the botox industry. She uses it so much. With her homely ass.

  • Jillian

    Jennifer Aniston= shallow, superficial, plastic, insecure, needy, phony, botoxed.

  • naomi

    you all are pathetic, her eyes are not fake, just look back at all of her photos

  • Denise

    # 94… Jen’s eyes are brown. I have seen her early photos. Go research her early pics and you will see. Do the research.

  • anonymous


    a realist @ 02/26/2009 at 1:52 pm She is so unfortunate looking, and so very insecure. She hangs on to everybody she takes pics with.

    danielle @ 02/26/2009 at 2:00 pm poor ugly Jen, she has has thous of dollars of plastic surgery, and till looks homely

    Lets see how unfortunate and homely both of you look like.

    We all could use a laugh from you 2……….BOZOS

  • Uncle

    She looking like an old soccer mom with too much botox. I see them all over this town and they look just like her with the same tude. husbands are cheating on them left and right.

  • James

    #96..she is homely, even after all those cosmetric procedures…lol

  • naomi

    I have done the research, have been a fan of hers for years and her eyes are not brown.

  • James

    that should be “cosmetic” procedures