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Jennifer Aniston is a Balenciaga Babe

Jennifer Aniston is a Balenciaga Babe


Jennifer Aniston gets costar Owen Wilson‘s shoulder to lean on at a photocall for their latest dramedy, Marley & Me, at the Hotel Bristol on Thursday (February 26) in Paris, France.

Aniston, who celebrated her 40th birthday earlier this month, paired her Balenciaga wrap dress with brown suede shoes from Christian Louboutin.

Don’t you just love how Marley & Me in French is Marley & Moi? Loves it!

15+ pictures inside of Balenciaga babe Jennifer Aniston

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jennifer aniston balenciaga 01
jennifer aniston balenciaga 02
jennifer aniston balenciaga 03
jennifer aniston balenciaga 04
jennifer aniston balenciaga 05
jennifer aniston balenciaga 06
jennifer aniston balenciaga 07
jennifer aniston balenciaga 08
jennifer aniston balenciaga 09
jennifer aniston balenciaga 10
jennifer aniston balenciaga 11
jennifer aniston balenciaga 12
jennifer aniston balenciaga 13
jennifer aniston balenciaga 14
jennifer aniston balenciaga 15
jennifer aniston balenciaga 16
jennifer aniston balenciaga 17

Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
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253 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston is a Balenciaga Babe”

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  1. 151
    gigi Says:

    I think the dress doesn’t work and Jen looks very masculine here. The hair is great but it really emphasizes her chin.

  2. 152
    hyde Says:

    she’s related to the horses on Camila Parker Boyle’s stable more like it. I heard the horses there tried to mount her when she passed by thinking she’s a horse in heat haha.

  3. 153
    Yada Says:

    Sorry but so boring

  4. 154
    rionemesis Says:

    just GORGEOUS; love that dress is so herthanks for more Jennifer post jared!! The Trolls love them! cant live without them!

  5. 155
    You/Me Says:

    Awww, for a while there I was hoping they would hook up :-)
    Jen’s got style, that dress is gorgeous….and I’m glad to see Owen looking happy.
    I think it’s crazy how jealous people can get about Jen, wth can’t she just have a happy life?? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I bet Brad & Angie hate all their so-called fans who constantly feel the need to insult Jen. Brad & Angie would probably be totally happy to disassociate from you guys.

  6. 156
    Priceless Says:

    To the EVER – DELUTIONAL Jenhens :
    How come X only gets some SIDE KICK roles ? and NEVER – EVER a LEAD ROLE in a feature films ?

  7. 157
    p Says:

    on 4th photo she is doing blowjjob! hehehe
    it shall be so nice!

  8. 158
    God bless the J.P FANS Says:

    Hello J.P fans Ilove all you … FROM Brazil god Bless the J. P family and all YOU fans. Eu acho maravilhoso vcs defenderem uma mulher interessante, bonita e que ajuda a tantas nações como a Angie ela é incrivél… e para os X fan’s vcs ñ teriam tantos de nós postando nos artigos dessa inutil, infantil e sem talento se vcs ñ tivessem em primeiro lugar acusado a Angie de roubar o Brad dessa velhota chorona sem talento. Ninguém rouba outra pessoa a ñ ser sequestrador … o Brad largou ela pelos motivos dele … e ela sabe quais são mas prefere se fazer de vitima… vcs ñ tem nem como defender essa otaria pq a unica coisa que ela tem é cabelo, corpo e rosto de PATETA… ALÉM DE SER CLARAMENTE INCAPAZ DE FORMULAR UMA FRASE INTERESSANTE EM QUALQUER ENTREVISTA… I LOVE ALL U GUY’S FANS OF THE J.P the wonderfull family and HOT Mamma and Daddy, u guys make my day light up and i gigle so hard with u coments TEAM Jolie-Pitt forever sorry my poor english Kisses from Brazil taht Love J.P

  9. 159
    Priceless Says:

    Hugh Heftner is calling… Quick… Quick.. do that NU*DE thing….
    before your NON-CHILD- friendly boobs sag to the floor.

  10. 160
    babybabybaby Says:

    WOO-HOO, another Jen thread! I welcome the haters to keep on posting, because the more posts her threads get, the more threads Jared will put up on her! Jen is riding high and at the top of her game right now, more power to her.

  11. 161
    Jill Says:

    Besane @ 02/26/2009 at 11:53 am
    Is she related to Camilla Parker Bowles?

    Now you know you are wrong for that! ROTFLMBAO!!

  12. 162
    Jill Says:

    Annie @ 02/26/2009 at 12:03 pm
    She looks nice and I love the dress and the shoes just not together…..

    Where the hell is her stylist? The dark tights are all wrong with that dress and the shoes are just klutzy.

  13. 163
    Not impressed by JA Says:

    Jennifer Anniston looks 50. Her fans think that lying about her fast aging process would make the lie a truth. Too bad. Jennifer skin and droping facial mucles state looks 50. She can use botox in between as much as she wants, she looks every bit of her age and much more

  14. 164
    Jen & Owen on French TV Says:

  15. 165
    Jill Says:

    Liza @ 02/26/2009 at 12:01 pm
    haters go to the brangelina threads! no one needs you here. obessed with jen?!!!!

    We’re just making observations based on the photos. She’s clingy. Every time she is in a photo with a guy, she hangs onto him like a barnacle. Doesn’t she feel secure enough to not hang onto people? No wonder she gets dumped. Insecurity and neediness are not sexy or attractive.

  16. 166
    Jill Says:

    debra77 @ 02/26/2009 at 4:42 pm
    I will be honest and say first off .. I am not a Jennifer fan..
    I know that many posters here are.. I have a question. Where are the John Mayer fans that are supporting this relationship.

    They aren’t supporting this relationship. That’s the problem in a nutshell.

  17. 167
    Jill Says:

    oknow @ 02/26/2009 at 2:01 pm
    yeah, Jen has to promote Marley again since Benjamin Button now outsells it by $113 million dollars!

    Yeah, I noticed the hags aren’t talking much about Karma any more :lol:

  18. 168
    babybabybaby Says:

    I’m not sure why people are so obsessed with her eye color, but her eyes are naturally blue. Not brown. B-L-U-E. Everyone say it with me…bluuuuuuueeeee.

  19. 169
    lilly Says:

    After seeing this, I had to go look up Angelina’s age. She is 33 ? Wow she is not aging well. Jennifer is 7 years older than her and looks MUCH better.

  20. 170
    ewww Says:

  21. 171
    yuckie poo Says:

  22. 172
    ellie Says:

    Jill @ 02/26/2009 at 7:12 pm oknow @ 02/26/2009 at 2:01 pm
    yeah, Jen has to promote Marley again since Benjamin Button now outsells it by $113 million dollars!

    Yeah, I noticed the hags aren’t talking much about Karma any more
    Jill who gives a crap with you with this movie sh it. we don’t care. Why the comparison all the time. Jen had 2 hit movies. get over it already.. I could care less. Your the only one that brings up the Karma crap. Your obsessed with Jen more then Angie.
    On Angies site you all also speak badly about Jen you Angie fans talk more about Jen on any site . Move on. Jill are Angie & Brad happy? I think so . I also know Jen & John are happy. So whats your problem already with Jen ? Go read her lesbian relationship already.

  23. 173
    patty Says:

    Angelina has been looking so matronly lately with the ugly dresses she’s wearing out. Jennifer on the other hand, has an athletic build and is just totally youthful. Jen – beautiful face, body, outlook, and heart. Angelina – ok-looking but over-rated, unattractive figure, and most of all, unattractive character.

  24. 174
    noooooo Says:

  25. 175
    boogie Says:

    oh well….I tried to post a link showing Jennifer as a very young teen with brown eyes and hair!

    Did not realize she had on blue contacts!

    Guess Jared needs to check my link or something

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