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Michelle Obama is Tracy Reese Ravishing

Michelle Obama is Tracy Reese Ravishing

First Lady Michelle Obama takes the latest cover of People. Here’s what the 45-year-old mom had to share:

On asking the White House staff not to do too much: “People want to make your life easy, and when you have small kids – I’ve explained this to the staff – they don’t need their lives to be easy. They’re kids.”

On spending quality time as a family: “We have dinner as a family together every night, and Barack, when he’s not travelling, tucks the girls in. We haven’t had that time together for [years], so that explains a lot why we all feel so good in this space… [But] I don’t want anybody to think it’s that easy. It works because we really work at it. … We have a strong marriage, but it’s not perfect.”

On naming the First Dog: “Oh, the names are really bad. (laughs) You listen and you go – like, I think, Frank was one of them. Frank! Moose was another one of them. Moose. I said, well, what if the dog isn’t a moose? Moose. I’m like, no, come on, let’s work with the names a little bit.”

Michelle is wearing a $395 pink lace “Kimono” Tracy Reese dress.

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  • joyce

    love them (:

  • sweetie

    beautiful :-)

  • YoYo

    What a STUNNER! This cover beats the Vogue one. This woman continues to inspire every day. She makes me proud as a black woman.

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    She looks great. Love that we have a fit, Princeton, Harvard, smart First Lady! Hooray for Michelle! Love the dress!

  • Gino

    Most Gorgeous first lady ever. Hands down. She looks great.

  • releka

    Love Michelle!!!!

  • Halli

    She is FIT.

    Did anyone see her at the speech last night? Gorgeous. Her hair looks weird here though.

  • Jaguar

    I’m not usually huge on politicians and their families but she seems cool. She sounds like she wants her kids to remain low key and still have the same responsibilities they had before all this. She’s on her way to raising some well-adjusted, level headed adults, and gawd knows this planet needs more of those.

  • Amy

    Did she cut her hair or what?
    She looks amazing!! <3 her

  • Twilight

    She does look fit!

  • kathy

    wow! i want her body!!!!

  • Adam

    she looked better with longer hair.

  • Rebecca

    Her hair is pulled back. Did you not all see the Presidential address last night? She was there. Her hair is just pulled into an updo for this picture.

    I love Tracy Reese clothing. I get them at Antropologie.

    I’ve seen better pictures of her though.

  • gmt

    The lesbo cut doesn’t suit her.

  • uh oh

    she looks angry.

  • sonia

    What is up with the Obama’s do they think they are celebrities or politicians, damm these two are about the most self absorbed people in the world, they even have Hollywood beat. Every week they’re on the cover of a weekly or gossip mag blathering about some trivial meaningless aspect of their lives, and if it’s not enough to see them taking over the news stands, ever minor insignificant thing they do is filling up the air ways , enough I’m already sick of them, have these two ever heard the saying ‘ keep them wanting more’,

  • YoYo

    Sonia, you sound very bitter sweetie. You are whinning about nothing. Is it their fault that they freaking sell and everyone want a piece of them? HELL NO! Get over it. or better yet go burn your tv, radio and don’t go outside where you won’t see anything relating to them. Rather yet go do something productive with your time rather time going on celebrity blogs where everyone i talking about the Obamas you sad bitter lady.

  • mike

    I sick of the Obamas the country is in finance HELL and there take vacations every weekend and were paying for them.

  • Xenulovesme

    Looking great.

  • ej

    So classy and beautiful!

  • ej

    Mike, President Obama focused on education in his speech Tuesday. I think he was speaking directly to you – You might want to learn to spell before posting again…you butchered that sentence…geez!

  • Moo

    Hooray for America! We have hope! They are a beautiful family.

  • aida

    Love the family!

  • Bumpxp

    She is ugly. Her lower jaw sticks out to much. She is not the prettiest first lady ever. That was a stupid comment.

  • Bumpxp

    Very true Sonia. YoYo you must be black.

  • Bumpxp

    Very true Sonia. YoYo you must be black.

  • sillyme

    Just another publicity puppy in the White House. If they were so interested in getting their daughters a puppy, they would have done so years ago and not said they’d only get one if they moved to the White House. So, what would have happened if Barack had lost? Sorry, girls, no puppy.

    Also, re her comment about not wanting to make her daughters’ lives easy…does she realize where she lives and where her girls go to school? It doesn’t get much easier than that.

  • cupcakes

    The dress looks cheap.

  • mo

    what the h.e.l.l. is Mo wearing? a slip? her outfit is abusurd and inappropriate, on top of which she is ugly.
    why is she commercializing herself, it’s cheap.
    would you ever before see a first lady in a slip on a magazine cover?
    now we have, she looks nasty, that smirk of hers, she does look

  • dana

    They take vacations evvery weekend? Hello..he might take the weekend off, probably likemost people do, but it is not a vacation. yes, we pay for it, like we have for every single president since the beginning of time. It is one of the benefits of the job. Get over it.

    The reason no dog in chicago was that they lived in the city, not the best place for a kid and a dog, no yard really. The White House has a huge yard. GREAT place for a dog.

    I think it is great that these kids still make their beds, clear their plates from the table. They have a ton of domestic help and the fact that their parents are really trying to keep the kids grounded is refreshing.

    honestly, if Obama can get this country out of this mess that we are in, I could give two s^%ts where he vacations and would be more than happy to pay for one myself.

  • Bumpxp

    He is not helping this country.

  • james

    she’s in every page of magazines these days. i think the husband entered the wrong career. this family should be in show business instead………maybe a talk show after 4 years?…..hmmmmmm

  • Anon

    Michelle is a stunningly beautiful woman. She has height, too. But I have to say. I’m tired of all the sleeveless dresses and the sweaters with the sleeves half pushed up. Michelle Obama is a lawyer who worked in a professional law firm and then at a high position for a hospital corporation. She knows how to dress professional and business like.

    I thought her dress when she went to hear the President’s speech the other night needed a jacket. I think they told her not to wear suits, but she should. I thought Jill Biden had a more appropriate outfit. Maybe they want Michelle to look softer instead of stronger because they don’t want to intimidate people. Michelle looks “unpolished.” I think she can dress better. She needs to not have rough edges. And for that state dinner with the governors she work a drapy grey gown. It was awful…and also sleeveless. Like a housedress/muumuu.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    prettiest & best dressed first lady – ever.

  • Tinaverse

    She is the first lady of the United States and should dress that way. She looks like she is wearing a slip (undergarment for a dress.) I hope she polishes up her act and stops dressing like a runway model and dresses like the other classy first ladies before her. Also, I didn’t think she should have worn a sleeveless dress to the president’s speech in the middle of winter. Come one Michelle, your intelligent and beautiful. Don’t sell yourself out to the trashy fashion designers. The world is watching you.

  • Dani

    Take a look at Jackie Kennedy at JFk’s state of the union address. it was the sixties and so much more conservative dress. so all should hush!{61BCCF17-14BF-4950-8DA2-24D6870BC2AC}

  • Lily

    dana “The reason no dog in chicago was that they lived in the city, not the best place for a kid and a dog, no yard really. The White House has a huge yard. GREAT place for a dog.”
    That reasoning would be ridiculous. In 4-8 years they’re going to be moving back to Chicago, and their dog will be going with them. They probably waited to get a dog until the girls were old enough to help care for it, as a lot of parents do.

  • Frida

    I really like the Obamas and Michelle seems so down-to-earth. Good choice America =)

  • The Pundit

    dana @ 02/26/2009 at 9:06 am “The reason no dog in chicago was that they lived in the city, not the best place for a kid and a dog, no yard really. ”


    Gee, Dana, their $1.65 million dollar Chicago MANSION seems to have a pretty big yard to me. _3.htm

    And let’s not forget that they EXPANDED that yard by purchasing the lot next door in a questionable land deal with CIONVICTED FELON Tony Rezko, when they somehow managed to get a $625,000 plot of land for only $104,500. I’m fairly certain that a plot of land that large provides enough room for a puppy to romp.,CST-NWS-obama05.article

    The election is over, so no need to continue to sugarcoat the Obamas’ history. Also no need to call the “dog” thing anything other than what it is — a “dog and kids” stunt for PR mileage. ALL politicians engage in this behavior, so no need to pretend that Obama is any different simply because he is black. There’s nothing wrong with being honest about these simple political truths.

  • The Pundit

    Dana, THIS is the Obamas’ Chicago mansion:

    It would have to be a pretty big puppy is THIS were not enough land for it to romp.

  • jerrylovesadriana

    i love adrianaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • la

    First Lady Michelle Obama IS HOT! And brilliant! A true representation of what all American women can obtain.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i had no idea she was 45, not that bad tbh
    i think that she is ok as a 1st lady

  • Hunh!

    What’s so wrong with the First Lady or President Obama giving us as American citizens or the world insight into who they are. It’s being done for a reason. Sadly enough the reason it’s being done is far more insidious than the fact that they are so often in the public eye would imply, especially to those who don’t seem to understand or realize the vast differences between being “reassuring, openly accessible” and simply “seeking celebrity”.

  • campushookup

    The first thing I noticed about her yesterday was that she has big guns on her biceps. I don’t know if she works out a lot of is just muscular, but she’s built. I think she played volleyball in college

  • Janet

    It is true, she is not a good looking woman, however, when she speaks you see beyond the face. The woman is very intelligent, its very rare you get the two, beauty and brains.

  • Chris


  • malibumom

    The truth is they can’t be intelligent enough, pretty enough, articulate enough, poised enough, or beautiful enough for some people. The people who criticize are the same ones telling welfare moms and criminals to get an education, work hard and take care of your family so you can be a productive citizen. Yet, when they have an insight into the lives of a black family (and there are millions more) who do all the above, well, uhh, still there’s just something else that’s not quite good enough. It’s the same rationale when a black doctor comes in to assess your symtoms in the ER. It’s the same rationale when you walk into the classroom and a black teacher is before you. It’s deep seeded, hate fueled, Godless disdain -It’s very unfortunate for us all.

  • izzib

    Some say the dress is cheap, but if she wore a more expensive outfit, many might say that she is not sensative to difficulties many families are facing financially.
    The Obama family seem overly expose because they want the American people to know they care and feel confident everything will eventually work out right for America soon. The silence and inaction of George Bush was not good. Think twice and try volunteering your time for a good cause instead of talking hate.

  • kly

    YOYO cool it loser, talk about the pot calling the kettle black ( no pun intended LOL) . And were do you get they sell out mags, every time they are on the cover of one, there are always tons of them left on the shelves, like day old bread. And if you knew how things worked you would know that the publisher who owns US and Rolling Stone is a hugh Obama supporter and a hack liberal, There are reasons the liberal entertainment industry and liberal national media want to keep the Obama’s friendly and more like celebrities with a cult following instead just a pol people voted for to make their lives a bit better, so when Obama budget and agenda pass that will make France look like a capitalist country next to what Obama wants to do to America, and when Americans start seeing the economy worse not better, when they see every time Obama sets out a policy the stock markets goes down even further, when they see the damaging effects of the Cap CO2 and Trade policy he is proposing which is just a massive tax on people and companies, when they see that instead of lowering the deficit or the national debt of 12 trillion or dealing with entitlements with baby boomers retiring, the budget he purposed has 1.5 trillion in new spending, a trillion dollars in new taxes and that doesn’t include capping CO2 taxes, and instead of dealing with entitlements and spending he is doubling non-defense spending and increasing Medicaid and Medicare entitlements and when Americas realize in the next year , year and half or 6 months that not only isn’t Obama going to save America he’s going to give it one big push loser to the edge, they want you to remember how cool and how much you like Obama and not on what his policies are doing to your wallet, the economy or the country.