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Rachel Bilson is Century Plaza Pretty

Rachel Bilson is Century Plaza Pretty

Newly engaged Rachel Bilson keeps it cute in a white Brian Reyes t-shirt and Chloe chain strap bag as she arrives for a meeting at Century Plaza Hotel on Thursday (February 26) in Century City, Calif.

The 27-year-old O.C. actress recently was at the Brian Reyes show during NY Fashion Week. She shared her fave look from the runway, saying, “The dress with the marble-type print. All the prints were amazing, but the one that was cream and brown, the detail!”

10+ pictures inside of Century Plaza pretty Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson century plaza hotel 01
rachel bilson century plaza hotel 02
rachel bilson century plaza hotel 03
rachel bilson century plaza hotel 04
rachel bilson century plaza hotel 05
rachel bilson century plaza hotel 06
rachel bilson century plaza hotel 07
rachel bilson century plaza hotel 08
rachel bilson century plaza hotel 09
rachel bilson century plaza hotel 10

Photos: INFdaily, WENN
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  • maryanne

    Daily?? Really Jared? REALLY?! Sick.

  • !

    twice a day ! i cant wait for the candid when we see her crapping!

  • pinky

    Daily? You mean hourly. This is nauseating. And what’s so pretty about her, she looks like an old hag.

  • Emma.

    I love her. Congrats on the engagement! So pretty.

  • what?

    You should seriously change the name of this site to JUST RACHEL.

  • fake couple

    same old same old. oh sorry new bag why?. and where is the fiance’ he must be somewhere. yes we know you are enaged.

  • meagan

    All the poor people in the world, all the starving children, and she has nothing better to do with her money than shop and pay to have her picture wh*red out. So pathetic.

  • fake couple

    back to wearing the tight jeans that show of her saddlebags(again) at least it will stop the pregnant rumor’s again. no baby for her still thinks she is going to a a-list actress.not and if she is going to a meeting you would dress a lot smarter than that its all lies. my god said it before she does read the comments on jared.


    Love her. Thanks Jared

  • kroq

    JUST RACHEL! *lol*

  • cheryl

    well, at least this one don’t have any ‘ring’ on the title.

  • lakers fan in boston

    love u rachel!!!!
    what a cute girl =D
    love her outfit, even if it’s a pretty simple thing
    i hope ur happy with anakin, u deserve 2 be happy rachel =]
    more rachel!
    @2, i no i wanna watch =D lol

  • Carrie

    OMG look it’s Rachel again. OMG!!! OMG!!! I was waiting the entire day hoping that Jared will post pictures of this hag again this afternoon doing nothing as usual. She just lives the greatest life. I wish I could be just like her and pay this lovely man named Jared to post my pictures on the web for all to see how relevant I really am. Jared you are the greatest!!!

  • zoe

    you cnat be serious every freaking day a new post for that d lister?

  • what?

    No, no Zoe, you’re mistaken, *several* posts per day of this D-lister. Please get your facts straight.

  • Actually bored

    Hmmblblblllflb, Rachelllbbilsooon doing nothing, again and again and again, even the haters can get bored. I leave this stuff.

  • OH MAAAn

    you bitches are right. I like Rachel Bilson… think shes super cute, but this is just insanity. Seriously.. cute girl, but who HONESTLY cares? Enough .. shes not even at an event, not dressed up, NOT IMPORTANT.

  • also

    I feel like I really dont like “lakers fan in boston” your posts annoy me.

  • ashley

    she is cute. i hope she’ll play in another show

  • nina bella

    Stop posting pics of her already!

  • nayden skywalker

    I rather see pics of sexy Hayden……well, at least he used to be hot and sexy, especially as Anakin in Revenge of the Sith. Since hooking up with this Bitchinson, the poor guy has lost not only his weight and muscles but also his confidence and sanity. Natalie was such a great influence on him. He was soooo much happier when he was around Natalie.

  • ana

    Jared, you’re going to ruin what’s left of her career by posting too many pictures of her on your site. Stop overexposing her.
    The oversaturation is not good for her in the long run.

  • anne

    I love that green handbag.

  • toni

    Newly engaged? I thought the story they were spinning was Christmas.
    The OC went off the air last year or the year before. Not sure didn’t watch it. Anyway why still use that, wouldn’t Jumper actress be more recent even if the movie was terrible.
    Does anyone else find it strange that all her business meetings seem to take place at hotels?

  • maryanne

    Haha, good point toni.

  • celebhores


  • jenna

    Keep the comments coming and maybe Jared will post Rachel articles 3 times a day. Website revenue is all about the traffic.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    An american celebrity?
    well, DRESS LIKE A TRAMP!!

  • emileee

    omgoshh ! you guys are pathetic
    just leave rachel and just jared alone
    they do what they want !
    if you hate her so much than why
    are you looking at the post just jared puts up.
    its just stupid to me
    you dont like the person, dont look at the article !

    i love her outfit :)

  • janice

    I agree with u emilee..haters, can you please stop whining?


    ok rachel got her job on the movie jumper because doug liman knew gaher from the oc and her best friend is married to josh schwartz the creator of oc and know i didn’t know this chris brown was on the oc and also made a movie with hayden sounds like a triva game .

    Brown was wisely easing himself into Hollywood. First came a recurring role as a band geek on The O.C., followed by small parts in Stomp the Yard and This Christmas. Most recently, he had completed filming on Bone Deep. A mid-budget heist drama with a porny title, Deep boosted Brown’s marquee value with a supporting role alongside T.I.—unlike Brown, the rare pop star who can actually act. But the part didn’t require Brown to carry the movie, or even be particularly good: Its more experienced stars—Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen—would do the heavy lifting, their combined, unidimensional-actorbot talents sure to render Brown’s line-readings relatively nuanced by comparison.

  • grace

    Rachel got the job on Jumper because they needed an actress at the last minute. because the original actress was replaced. The other actresses who were offered Millie (Evan Rachel Wood is one) all turned the role down. Doug Liman had directed Rachel in the OC pilot and he offered it to her.
    Both Hayden and Rachel were last minute replacements for the original leads.

    Rachel got her job on New York I Love You through Hayden. She got her job in Chuck through Josh Schwartz, the OC’s creator, who is also married to her friend Jill.

  • grace

    To help Rachel out, Josh Schwartz even rewrote the OC script in season 4 to cut down Rachel’s role on the show and and allow her the time to film Jumper.


    seems Josh Schwartz is keeping rachel in the biz ,all comes to who you know right??

  • urbanprincess93

    shez just weird to me…she denied rumours of datin hayden and den hid her ring by wearing full sleves!!! .i mean why??if youre engaged then u shud be happi.then she showed it off by “accidentally” touching her hair….good lord!!now she has her hand in her pocket again…srsly no one give a s*it now!!i love her but shez actin real weird……


    does this bring back memories??

  • emiliano Scavante


  • joelle

    I’m french and I appreciate see photos of Rachel every day if it is possible. She’s a good actress of series, she’s nice and simple.
    Sorry for my english. Thanks.

  • christine

    Rachel looks great…
    Thanks for the photos Jared…

  • Lara

    i still think she might be pregnant =)

  • emily

    Funny RB BR Rachel Bilson Brian Reyes :)
    Love her style and everything! My idol :) She’s a sweetheart! Wish them all the best!!
    ********Thanks JJ for Rachel pics!!!!!************

  • emily

    Wish Hayden&Rachel all the best of course :)
    Rachel ROCKS!

  • 1

    @ Nayden skywalker #21

    I so agree with you, he looked hopeful, confident, Natalie brought out the best in him, he was running around trying to make Shattered Glass, he has aspirations and in my opinion was completely in love with NP, but not only that, he respected and admired her. it is a pity she turned him down, but she knew him better than we do obviously. HC now managed to cement his image not only of a bad actor but an insecure man who will settle for a woman he does not love. I hope their children look like him not her.

  • Erin

    Seriously, as others have said, wtf it is with the Rachel posts.

    What has she actually done to warrant this attention? She’s not all that great looking nor that great an actress, hasn’t been in anything significant in ages, and these every day pap pics are boring to boot.

    As for those whining about us whining. Well how else is the delusional Jared going to get that the majority of us are JUST NOT INTERESTED.

  • congrats

    What an adorable couple! Best wishes to them both!

    To #44–if people stop posting on them so much, they probably would not be on here so much, and if you and others were not interested in them, you would not bother to read and post on them. They do not need to pay for PR, the posters repeating themselves endlessly bashing these two are what is paying for the constant posts on both of them here!

  • Gasol_fan16

    You foreigners are weird! Sorry to say that. What do you see in Rachy that us American’s don’t? Rachel sounds like a Dimwitted dingbat. She is short but, kind og cute but, LARGLY forgettable. She is a is classified as a C-lister actress so, why do you follow that? Unless you don’t know better? Come on! I thought Europe was more up on things then us American’s!

    Dumb teenage girl’s by what it sounds like. Rachy could be preganant BTW! She looks more fuller to me and is wearing shirt’s out and jacket’s. It could be as to why Hayden decided to marry the idiot. Hayden is a good enough guy to me and would do the right thing and marry Rachy. Hayden is reminding me of a Marc Hamill. Seriously. Hamill married Marylou right away when she told him she was pregnant and it probably was not even his baby. There was no preternity testing in the late 1970′s! Marylou was nothing but a Playboy bunny and wanted some of Marc Hamill’s stardom and fame. I think same with Rachy too.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Yep! I see another Mark Hamill in the making. A shame. Mark Hamill could have won an Oscar without having to deal with Marylou! Same with Hayden. I can see it happening.

  • pinky

    THIS is what a happy and in love couple looks like:

    Not like Hayden and Rachel look all the time, like they’re headed for the gallows.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Don’t get me wrong people! I do like the European’s!! Ummmm……

  • 1

    Rachel Bilson is the Hollywood embarrassment:

    no looks
    no talent
    no brains