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Gwyneth Paltrow Defends GOOP

Gwyneth Paltrow Defends GOOP

Gwyneth Paltrow squeezes into a pair of J Brand “9612″ pencil leg jeans while meeting up with a few businessmen on Thursday (February 26) in New York City’s Financial District.

At the Bent on Learning charity event on Wednesday, she explained her vision for her holistic lifestyle website GOOP. “I’m not trying to be the next Martha [Stewart],” Paltrow said.

“I think the people who are criticizing it or criticizing the idea of it, don’t really get it, because if they did, they would like it,” Paltrow, 36, said. “I think that people like people to stay in their ‘box’ – they like people to stay how they are comfortable seeing them.”

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  • Anna

    I don’t get why everyone is getting so nasty about her site… if you don’t like what she writes about then don’t read it.

  • curoiousaboutthis

    I really do not see what all the fuss is about. I actually get her newsletters and they are not bad at all. I agree, if you don’t like what she writes then don’t read it! You know there are millions of web sites out there with far far worse things but no one is making a big deal out of that. Poor Gwyneth, just leave her alone

  • Claudia

    I think people get it. It’s not a very complex idea. It’s just a boring website that’s gotten much more attention that its deserved.

  • toonces

    Love Gwyn’s boots. She really isn’t that pretty, huh?

  • intuition

    I honestly can’t believe this is the same girl from Shakespeare in Love. Age really is the great equalizer.

  • NativeNYker

    She is right! Even in these uncertain times most folks like to see things stay the same for fear of change. I say comfort zones be damned! Do your thing Gwyn!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • ashley

    I don’t understand why anyone cares about her Goop. If she weren’t famous, I doubt she’d be getting all these plugs. Gwyn doesn’t even write the articles. The Times had a writeup about it that confirmed she has editors who write that stuff for her, so blame the editors if you don’t like it.

  • nyro

    Rough looking for a young woman.

  • Steph

    Gwynnie should never put her hair back, as it really shows how square her face is which is a downside. Sorry, but she’s got some harsh features.

  • Lovely

    So sweet but Gwyn needs to get…a new hair color & style.

  • twilight fan

    Are those the same boots she wore to the Two Lovers premiere?

  • brwyneyes

    I like her bag, but she has such a man jaw.

  • smitten kitten

    I read that article and she also went on to brag about her “amazing, super, fortunate, life.” Gwyn is marketing this all wrong and rubbing people the wrong way. She needs a new pr team.

  • River

    GP is plain as hell. No wonder she dresses half naked all the time to get attention. No one would look twice at that face otherwise.

  • bag lady

    The bag is by Tod’s.

  • Lea

    All these gossip sights go around spewing hatred and criticizing female celebrities for not being perfect and no one complains…Gwyneth is trying to put out some positivity and people are bothered by her having an ego???? I think she’s great. Also–to the people saying she looks bad in these pcitures, She’s not wearing any makeup at all and has her hair pulled back, I think she looks damn good.

  • Matilda

    It feels like she has been 36 for years.

  • Bubbaness

    She looks fine. It’s her attitude and how out of touch she is with the everywoman that’s her downfall.

  • Karlie

    All Gwyneth Paltrow is doing is trying to sell a chain of gyms and a cookbook. Her newsletter, why do they call it a blog btw?, is an obvious tie-in to those ventures. Buyer beware. Her business partner, Tracy Anderson, still has lawsuits pending against her in several states and has ripped off many former business partners and clients. Funny how that fact gets little-to-no press attention.

    In those photos, Gwyneth looks like a man in heels. I’ve never understood why the media tries to force her upon us like she’s some ideal standard of beauty. Most women are not 5’11 and 115 lbs.

  • Mrs. M.

    She is not a natural beauty but how many really are? To me her looks are highly dependent on the right camera angle, lighting, hair & makeup.

  • hello

    I like goop! made the turkey meatballs. yummy.

  • sweet pat

    Gwyneth had her own look before, now she looks a bit like Taylor Momsen.

  • forever

    average face. great body and hair.
    if you like goop, you can get the same recipes at epicurious. she’s not doing anything special.

  • Dirty

    i heard she used to treat her stuff like s*** on the sets.
    maybe she’s doing all this cause of karma hahahahahhaha

  • top shop

    She dresses nice but always looks a bit masculine.

  • YORK


  • Soulie

    How can such an attractive woman always look so unkept?

  • Calvin

    She is wearing makeup in those photos. She has her hair pulled up so she appears kinda messy, but she’s definitely wearing makeup.

  • true blood

    Talk about tone death, if she was just a little bit less annoying I would actually feel sorry for her.

  • cherry blossoms

    Nice boots and bag! Her face is too full to be flattered by such a severe hairstyle. She looks better with some volume in her hair.

    For a vegetarian, she sure shares a lot of meat recipes.

  • susan

    Goop is just self-indulgent nonsense…I have never read one of her newsletters nor visited the site (and never plan to either)…but the excerpts that have been posted everywhere seemed utterly pointless…

    She is so hung up on the idea that the media is fixated on her and her husband…if they walked a red carpet together, who would care? They are both self-absorbed and fail to realize that no one really cares about either one of them!!

    If I need advice, I think I’ll go elsewhere rather than rely on Gwyneth’s little blog (who would seriously take her advice such as buying a cake cutter for $150.00 or starving yourself like she does to lose weight and really think “um, great idea there Gwyn”)…

  • andré

    I like Goop.
    Of course it’s not a necessary thing or whatever but it’s nice..the recipes are godd generally, the texts are godd too.
    people just need to hate on everything nowadays..if you don’t hate or have a ironic opinion about everything is like you’re dumb or something like that.

  • CR30.01

    I don’t have any problem with the website. It’s her thing now, so let her be.

    But her argument to defend GOOP is poor and childish. So, people don’t like it because they don’t understand it? How pretentious and patronizing is that?

  • jdkw

    Do people really write that stuff for her? She must be using interns because the text is dull and reads like it was written by someone in high school.

    There are celebs with great blogs but you never hear about them like you do with this one.

  • Nellie

    Love Gwyneth’s Goop!! love the fact that she’s sharing her great lifestyle with us. She has great taste in everything, lives a healthy life and has a positive attitude..she’s sharing with us info and tips from all the great connections she has…Thanks Gwyn.

  • anon

    I have a holistic lifestyle like most people around the world. I think she goes about it the wrong way on her site.

  • marissa

    Agree with you# 33, I think Gwyneth doesn’t understand how she’s perceived so she automatically puts down anyone who criticizes her. Classic defense mechanism.

    Is she really sharing interesting tips? Most of her recommendations sound like something out of Zagat or Frommer’s travel guide. I think there could be a genuine market for a website/newsletter from a star with great taste and inside connections. I don’t think Gwyneth’s accomplished that…yet.

  • anon

    Also she needs to start thinking as a businesswoman. She needs to hire a PR flack for her site and make it more diverse. A PR person would have told her that she and her approach towards the public is what’s wrong.

  • TCAM


  • Lillianne

    I checked her website once to see what all the hooplah was about. She had a recipe for Garlic Bread. Seriously. Bread – Butter – Garlic. I’m so glad she took time out from her fabulous life to pass that recipe on.

  • bonzo

    she’s such a loser

  • jr=nobody’s sweetheart

    What a mess!!! Who would have thought when she was with Brad Pitt she would turn out to be such a walking disaster?

  • Susie

    I read Gwyneth’s comments about “thinking outside the box” and how if the public “understood” the column they would like it. Yes it does sound patronizing – rather like an aristocratic English woman speaking about one of her “poor” servants from the countryside. Yes, we peasants don’t know “anything.” My life has not been “fabulous” but I learned a long time ago to “think outside the box” and really don’t need Paltrow to tell me and others how to live. You don’t need money to be able to think.

  • bral

    I love her. She is soo hot in her last released movie (Two Lovers):

  • bra

    I love her. She is so hot in her last released movie, Two Lovers:

  • bral

    Love her. She is so hot in her last movie, Two Lovers:

  • lola

    Okay jared, so bral can post the same stupid comment three times but my comment is still awaiting moderation? I didn’t even say anything bad!

  • jj

    I guess one of the reasons people dislike her website is because it’s a view into a world of things that are perceived as inaccessible to the average Joe/Jane. I ‘m neither poor nor rich. Still, I make sure I indulge in something grand occasionally, and I have stayed at the Ritz Paris for one night for a very special occasion and it IS fantastic – Gwyneth is absolutely right about it in her latest newsletter. If she wants to give the heads-up on some great places she’s stayed/eaten in the world, or gab on about clothes and other things out of the average price range, I say let her – I don’t have the time or money to check them out for myself. It’s such a harmless little newsletter.

  • Reality bites

    I think Gwyneth is an incredibly beautiful woman, as well as a good actress. She isn’t, however, the smartest person on the planet. She had to be tutored to get through Spence, and she didn’t manage even one semester of college before dropping out. Is she the most appropriate person to offer lifestyle advice, including reading lists? I guess that depends on who you are and whether the site appeals to you. I think, however, that there’s a misperception that Gwyneth is a brainiac, when she’s actually not the most highly educated person.

  • brenda

    What a difference a few days makes. Gwyn’s proof make up can do wonders to a plain girl.