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Hugh Jackman & Robert Pattinson: Karaoke Details!

Hugh Jackman & Robert Pattinson: Karaoke Details!

Twilight stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner attend a press conference at Ebisu Garden Place on Friday (February 27) in Tokyo, Japan.

At around 10PM on Wednesday (February 26), Rob joined Australia star Hugh Jackman, director Baz Luhrmann and producer John Palermo at a karaoke bar near their hotel, as first reported by E!. Here’s the connection: On Sunday, Rob presented at the Oscars, Hugh ably hosted the swank event, John created the flashy opening number, Baz choreographed the “Musicals Are Back!” number and everyone wound up taking the same flight to Japan together.

A Tokyo journalist confirms to that the foursome (plus friends) sang for a few hours before Rob‘s costars Kristen and Taylor joined in on the fun. Photographers caught them leaving bar around 3AM.

Jackman and Palermo are in town promoting their much-anticipated superhero flick Wolverine as well as Australia, which will break the $200 million mark this weekend.

FYI: Kristen is wearing Paule Ka’s black leather mini dress with white origami detail at the skirt.

20+ pictures inside of karaoke crew Rpattz, K-Stew and Taylor

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hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 01
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 02
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 03
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 04
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 05
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 06
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 07
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 08
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 09
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 10
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 11
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 12
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 13
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 14
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 15
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 16
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 17
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 18
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 19
hugh jackman robert pattinson karaoke 20

Photos: Kiyoshi Ota/Getty
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    OMG everybody is talking about rob pattinson i know that he is hot but girls he needs calm from your´s annoying sounds and i think that taylor is hot too but more cute :)…but whatever i am just fun and that´s all but maybe at next time i´ll be an actress :D… I LOVE YOU GUYYYS FROM DRAMATIC ART!!! YOU ARE THE BEST! AND YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU :-*

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    Kristen looks amazing! All the talk about Rob, and we leave out Kris and Taylor, who both look just as good.

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    Awww…sounds so fun, I want to karaoke with them :) And Rob is just simply hot in these pics, love him, and the Edward hair is back, yay.

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    Rob <3

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    I wish the media would just start to report matter-of-factly what everyone already knows: Hugh’s “producing partner” John has also been his boyfriend for years. It’s not exactly a secret within the industry.

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    I’m a HUGE Rob and Kristen fan, and reading your comment just made my little supporter heart flutter! I’d like to have been a fly on the wall in that karaoke bar. Any juicy deets to share? If not, that’s understandable. If yes, e-mail, maybe? Either way, thanks for sharing that info and confirming to us that KStew was indeed there!

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    If you don’t mind,can you share Rob-Kristen karaoke details with the me as well ??

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  • rebecca

    Rob looks incredible. You can tell he’s hanging on waiting for her to ditch Oregano. Hurry up Kristen you are being such a b*tch. Rob’s too good for her really.

  • sam

    Rob should play James Bond

  • Fugward

    Robert Pattinson looks like a foot. He’s fugly and the only reason why brainless fangirls love him is because they think he’s Edward McSparkles brought to life.

  • ali

    taylor lautner is loveee!

  • Ming

    Yep they were both there and Kristen let’s just say she looked like she didnt have a boyfriend.

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    UR my hero! If you don’t mind, can you share the Rob and Kristen details as well? my e-mail is:

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    i love all of them Hugh too :)
    Rob looks good with his hair like that

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    You’ve got me completely intrigued. I HAVE TO KNOW the so-called juicy details of Rpattz and Kstew. So whenever possible, would you be so kind as to e-mail me your juicy tidbit of information? If so, I’d be much obliged…

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    fugward….oregano is dat chu?????

  • lostintranslation

    FUGWARD…Oregano,is dat chu????lol

  • lostintranslation

    FUGward….Oregano is dat chu?????lol

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    Rob looks so goood!

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    WOW, Rob looked so great. I’m simply speechless.

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  • Beth

    Ming’s comments dont surprise me at ALL. Rob and Kristen have been into each other for a year and the more she says”oh there’s nothing there” makes me believe there IS . Rememeber Brad and Angelina?? ‘oh nothing happened on set.” They are totally having eye
    sex in some of those pics. Rob is gonna nail her and soon.

  • Beth

    Forgot to add: Rob is SMOKING HOT in his suit. He gets hotter every single day.

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    Love Kstew!

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    Please tell me too, Ming :)

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    rob is always amazing and he has a great voice i really wish i can hear him sing live that would be great .love you rob keep up the good work.

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    no one has to say what the exact details are but did anyone get an email from Ming and was there really anything good in it.

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    i think rob is so handsome and kristen is beautiful i absolutely love her stunning green eyes i wish they could stay green in the movie

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