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Jamie Foxx - "Blame It" Music Video

Jamie Foxx -

Check out Jamie Foxx‘s new “Blame It” music video, the latest single off his album Intuition (out now).

The 41-year-old singer was joined by celebrity guests Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, Samuel L. Jackson, director Ron Howard, Cedric the Entertainer and Quincy Jones.

The vid was directed by Hype Williams, who most recently did Kanye West‘s “Heartless” and Coldplay‘s “Vida La Vida.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jamie’s new music vid — HOT or NOT?

Jaime Foxx feat T-Pain – “Blame It” Music Video
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  • jez

    Oh dear.

  • n.o.l.a

    Jaime Foxx actually has a good voice but this song SUX!

  • oceana

    didn’t like it. I was expecting something really awesome.

  • 1

    yep, it sux

  • Ivana

    Jakey G. doesn’t fit to this spot..
    same with Ron Howard…

    Song???. hmm I don’t know…

  • Carole

    Not the song nor the video !
    I expected something along hte lines of Vida La Vida. The is AWFUL!

  • Lachick25

    Love the song and the video my new jam.

  • ari brazil

    Definately hott
    and i love this song too

  • ooookkkkk

    hahaha ron howard is my master after this video!:]

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..i love how jamie foxx (a black man) gets a small caption pic to his own song. LOL and jake gyllenhaal (a white man) who makes a lil ole cameo.. get a nice big pic.
    where’s al sharpton… rosa parks sat down for nothing! obama in office and nothing changed! hahaha

  • Ms

    What’s up with the FURRY??????? LOL!

  • Danz

    I usually don’t like Jamie Foxx but I kinda like the song, it’s catchy. Sounds like a total T-Pain song though. lol i find the scenes with Ron Howard and Jake Gyllenhaal so incredibly funny and i can’t stop laughing. They just look so out of place!

  • parisgirl

    ITA with #10. It’s kinda sad really =/

  • STFU

    that’s bad…

  • Heidi

    Well it was definitly different to say the least! Me personally think Jake G. is the hottest and sexiest man alive so I think he looked smokin’. But this is not what he is suppose to be doing he actually looked out of place in this video.

  • slambang

    All those celebs, and they didn’t do a darn thing! FAIL.

    Jake looks gorgeous, as always, though. <3

  • gogo dancer

    #10 did you know watch the video, Jamie Foxx and TP got full video coverage throughout the video… you’re just trippin for no reason

    Aside from that, the video sucked overall, the characters namely Samuel, Jake, Howard, Forrest we’re all pointless…. i get they were trying to send the message that we can all get down and party together no matter who you are or WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE (howard)

    but i i just found it all to be one big mess of something that could have had potential.
    Foxx i dunno he’s overrated just saying

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    the title should read : Jake Gyllenhaal – “Blame It” Music Video Cameo.
    jake got the main pic like it’s his song/video. might as well have the headline too. hahahaha

  • Sarah

    It doesn’t suck, IDK it’s day one when I hear it in a club it will be different I guess.

  • Delaware Movers

    Alot of big names

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    “day one”? if you haven’t heard this played in a club yet.. you must not have been to a club in a long time. LOL

  • Mary

    Jake, get up and dance!

  • Jen

    Loved it and I love this song!

  • Dirk

    Jake Gyllenhaal: token white guy
    Ron Howard: token bald white guy

  • andrea

    ahahahahah #24

  • x

    I like Jamie Foxx like actor and singer but I hate this kind of song. I prefer him singing Ray Charles songs…

    To me the best thing in this music video is Jake who is hot as always but he almost doesn´t appear so I will never see this video again…

  • Complaint_depot

    Hot Wreck
    Not feeling the vid Sorry!

  • maritza

    Jake and Ron do not belong there! And the song is stupid, blame it on the AAAAAAAAAchohol! please! just what the world needs!

  • violet

    Yawn !!!

  • Ivana

    Jake & Ron look like they jump with parachute in middle of song…


    Ehh this wasn’t so hot. I think Jamie needs to realize he’s 41, not 21 and can’t act like a playa in his video’s anymore.

  • Mila

    Oh,my oh,my! This vid looks ridiculous, what are these guys doing there, c’mon, they don’t fit in the song at all, Jake and co. look completely out of place, this is a joke,right?Ridiculous and stupid.

  • Mary

    Song and video are COOL

  • B


  • ramodier

    Great song, great video, hands down, this is the summer anthem right here. Jamie has another hit. Big Up.

  • nnn

    yes they look out of place, but I think that’s the whole point. Jamie is just being funny.

  • 59

    Midlife crisis. Old guys need to stay out da clubs.

  • q-bayy

    bitch you flaw
    dis song isz da shit

  • glamourstylediva

    lets get one thing correct the name of the song is “BLAME IT …” meaning anything you may do just blame it on the alcohol. Therefore if you catch howard, whitaker, jackson, gyleenhal, cedric and jones in the same club blame it on the alcohol. Also take note that Foxx is a 41 year old individual who may prefer to kick it with people around his own age who make the same kind of money he makes. EXCELLENT VIDEO. Another thing to look at is it was obviously a guys night out because they all have spouses of some sort and they probably needed to get away and who better to have fun with than Jamie and a clown better known as T-Pain. Speaking of T-Pain he should’ve felt out of place because he probably makes the least amount of money compared to other stars in the video, just a FYI.

  • http://n/a babYg5656

    LOVE IT!!!! One of the best videos. Jamie Foxx Love it .
    LOVE U BABYG5656

  • mz.rere


  • sportygirl

    I think its hot love jamie foxx

  • ms.independent