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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balcony PDA!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balcony PDA!

Orlando Bloom and model girlfriend Miranda Kerr can’t hide their love for one amother, sharing a sweet smooch on the balcony of their hotel in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (February 26).

Orlando, 32, and Miranda, 25, couldn’t keep their hands off each other as soaked in the Sydney sun.

Orly, who was seen putting his shirt back on, is soon leaving Sydney to fly home to Los Angeles.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr‘s balcony PDA…

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orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 08
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 09
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 10

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  • gemini24

    You guys should get married and stop all these pda…

    Look at mama gisele and mama adriana, both got knocked up!

    It’s your time now miranda to be knocked up!

  • Janelle

    That’s kinda cute. I’m happy for them. I think they’re a beautiful couple.

  • fyj

    stage whorez

  • lyneth

    I don’t care if it’s pda…

    They have the right to, and everyone has the right to, especially if both of you are very good looking, and the pictures make you feel like you want to hug your special someone right now!

  • Jealous

    Cradle robber !

  • lyka

    Orlando… please marry me!

    I’m as pretty as miranda!

  • BB


  • i luv music

    so this is what happens AFTER they do it…

  • @9

    Do what?

  • SofiaRocket

    This demonstrative happiness looks kinda false. I mean he may be in love, but she isn’t. As soon as she gets someone more suitable, she’ll dump him without remorse, mark my words.

  • so sweet

    They look so in love and happy, and no wonder, Miranda is stunningly beautiful and Orlando is so hot, what a gorgeous couple!

  • e!

    F**K YEAH!! :D:D:D:D

    ohhhhh the sexy time!

  • @11

    Jealous much!

  • paps

    The hotel they’re staying at looks directly over the harbour so the photographer must have been on a boat with a long range lens, very sneaky!

  • nik

    They are cute but it looks really staged. Who acts like this on the balcony, really. I don’t like that this couple try to promote themselves that much. It looks like the movie stills not the candids.

  • cheryl

    oh so cute!

  • smart head

    OOOOh They are loveable, perfect sunny couple.OOOooh How they are so sweet couple !! Mmmmff mmmfff =looooove in Autraaaalia

  • Halli


  • beka

    They look great together, I really hope they do settle down together.

  • hmmm

    Is anyone else seeing that he seems to be more into her than the other way round?

  • WELL

    I hope they hurry up and get married. The divorce will be so much sooner then. I mean come on guys, how many HOLLYWOOD type marriages work for long anyway :/

  • emma

    They are gorgeous

  • FFS

    oh dear me, Bloom IS a terrible actor……. he cant even manage to aim a kiss right……

    its like romeo and juliet’s balcony scene….. only with many, many invited paps….

    i think they should get married, imagine the number of photo calls they could get with that…..

  • rebel

    # 9
    i luv music @ 02/27/2009 at 2:51 am
    so this is what happens AFTER they do it…

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ur totally right

  • rossy40

    Periodically I read posts of different actor’s threads thinking that a nice change will occur. It just seems to get worse instead of better. Where do all the nasty people come from?
    What century is this, huh? Do some of you know how backwards you sound? – “You guys should get married and stop all these pda…” & “This demonstrative happiness looks kinda false. I mean he may be in love, but she isn’t. As soon as she gets someone more suitable, she’ll dump him without remorse, mark my words.” How self-righteous you sound. Ever heard of tolerance, freedom to live as you please?
    I must say that a lot of immature people posting here are making fools of themselves, & thank God they (celebrities) don’t know any of you exist. If they did… they’d back off as quick as the Bubonic plague swept through Europe in the 1340′s.
    So much for civility & respect for other people… What’s it like to be perfect & God-like?

  • kay

    Haven’t you guys noticed that all these VS angels got knocked up one by one?

    Ang this is the most number, imagine in a week, two got knocked down…

    But if they’re happy, that’s the most important thing!

    Orlando, you should still marry me LOL

  • Cri

    oooh, they’re so cute <3

  • aleyn

    I’m so loving the pics right now, but sadly, it reminds me of those happy days with my boyfriend!

    They really look cute and beautiful together!

  • nicole

    what is PDA? the long term

  • loon

    Damn, i’m outta here..

    I’ve already explained my side earlier..

  • @nicole

    PDA = public display of attention that usually happens between couples…

  • carl

    I don’t have anything to back this up, but imo, they’re already married or secretly engaged. And will just tell the public in the right time, or when miranda gets pregnant!

  • nicole

    hahaha gee thanks man

  • @rossy40

    Are you one of the shippers? LOL

    Happy viewing!

  • @nicole


    public display of affection not attention! sorry lol

  • OMG

    Look at orlando’s abs!

    They really look so cute together!

    I was looking at the pic of gisele and tom, they’re also a lovely couple, but orlando and miranda are just overflowing with cuteness.

  • rei

    She really has a talent for looking right down that lense doesnt she?

  • famewhores.on.parade

    The Whorely and the Ho Show goes Down Under!!

    They’re not even bothering to hide how staged this photo op is!

    Everyone look at the camera, smile, and say FAMEWHORES!!

  • Sara

    To the people who criticise them for their kissing…Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend? Or were you born already married?
    They are just KISSING like every normal couple in the world! And by the way, #21, you don’t get married with kisses and anticonceptionals do exist, nowadays.

  • loon

    So orlando went all the way to oz to have pda with his girl, an have sex?

    That’s too shameful! He could’ve invited miranda to his house in la and have sex every night!

    Orlando, you really downgraded yourself to a slut!

  • Jaded


  • lola

    there’s more pictures on fashionspot…man, they look sooooo in love. especially the photos of miranda buttoning up his shirt for him. i hope they announce the engagement soon!!!! :)

  • SofiaRocket

    If she gets pregnant and has his baby I’ll be VERY VERY surprised. IMO she’ll never do that, it’ll damage her career and he’s just a step in a stairway she climbs.

    BTW when I wrote last year that Drew Barrymore and her man (what’s his name) will not last, there was also a lot of spittle splashed over the monitors by pathetic celebrity worshippers but I was right!

    So stop swallowing everything media stuffs into you, try to think by yourselfs and analyze! Using brains can be fun, you now.

  • beka@21

    I didn’t say they have to get married now, in fact I said nothing about marriage. A couple doesn’t have to be married to be ‘settled down’.

    I just think they look cute together and Miranda is my favorite VS model and she frequently says in interviews she’d love to start a family in a couple of years.

    What’s with all the hate? Also, what’s with the weird formatting and grammatical errors? If you want to argue with me, fine, I can handle my own, but at least write in a way that makes sense.

  • lola@loon

    hey loon, the photo of orlando pointing at the camera and them both laughing is dedicated to you. orlando would hate you if he ever knew of your existence. (which he never will). in fact, i’m pretty sure you would disgust both orlando and miranda. he would rather cut off his man-parts than look at someone who is as ugly as you – inside and out.

  • Acasha@lola

    I agree with you girl…

    They really look good together, and hopefully they’re relationship will last!

    I don’t want to hate or argue anymore with nasty comments, cause it’s tiring now, and i learn to appreciate things now.

  • 3 Takes!!!!

    Looking at the timestamps on over 100 pictures of this “Balcony Scene,” Orlando goes back into the room 3 different times. Each time he comes out he’s shirtless and they redo”the help with the buttons”! I love it. I hope this is an audition for something, Orlando. You need to get some more work!

  • lola@loon&delphis


    Orlando hates you. He is laughing at you all. This photo is dedicated to you all. He has Miranda, the most gorgeous woman in the world and understands why you are all so jealous of her and jealous of his love for her but he thinks you are all a pathetic joke and hopes you all get a life. You all disgust him.

  • lola

    you rule, acasha! :D

  • MIRA@49

    He had to hide her engagement ring. Duh.