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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balcony PDA!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balcony PDA!

Orlando Bloom and model girlfriend Miranda Kerr can’t hide their love for one amother, sharing a sweet smooch on the balcony of their hotel in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (February 26).

Orlando, 32, and Miranda, 25, couldn’t keep their hands off each other as soaked in the Sydney sun.

Orly, who was seen putting his shirt back on, is soon leaving Sydney to fly home to Los Angeles.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr‘s balcony PDA…

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orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 08
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253 Responses to “Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balcony PDA!”

  1. 1
    gemini24 Says:

    You guys should get married and stop all these pda…

    Look at mama gisele and mama adriana, both got knocked up!

    It’s your time now miranda to be knocked up!

  2. 2
    Janelle Says:

    That’s kinda cute. I’m happy for them. I think they’re a beautiful couple.

  3. 3
    fyj Says:

    stage whorez

  4. 4
    lyneth Says:

    I don’t care if it’s pda…

    They have the right to, and everyone has the right to, especially if both of you are very good looking, and the pictures make you feel like you want to hug your special someone right now!

  5. 5
    Jealous Says:

    Cradle robber !

  6. 6
    lyka Says:

    Orlando… please marry me!

    I’m as pretty as miranda!

  7. 7
    BB Says:


  8. 8
    i luv music Says:

    so this is what happens AFTER they do it…

  9. 9
    @9 Says:

    Do what?

  10. 10
    SofiaRocket Says:

    This demonstrative happiness looks kinda false. I mean he may be in love, but she isn’t. As soon as she gets someone more suitable, she’ll dump him without remorse, mark my words.

  11. 11
    so sweet Says:

    They look so in love and happy, and no wonder, Miranda is stunningly beautiful and Orlando is so hot, what a gorgeous couple!

  12. 12
    e! Says:

    F**K YEAH!! :D:D:D:D

    ohhhhh the sexy time!

  13. 13
    @11 Says:

    Jealous much!

  14. 14
    paps Says:

    The hotel they’re staying at looks directly over the harbour so the photographer must have been on a boat with a long range lens, very sneaky!

  15. 15
    nik Says:

    They are cute but it looks really staged. Who acts like this on the balcony, really. I don’t like that this couple try to promote themselves that much. It looks like the movie stills not the candids.

  16. 16
    cheryl Says:

    oh so cute!

  17. 17
    smart head Says:

    OOOOh They are loveable, perfect sunny couple.OOOooh How they are so sweet couple !! Mmmmff mmmfff =looooove in Autraaaalia

  18. 18
    Halli Says:


  19. 19
    beka Says:

    They look great together, I really hope they do settle down together.

  20. 20
    hmmm Says:

    Is anyone else seeing that he seems to be more into her than the other way round?

  21. 21
    WELL Says:

    I hope they hurry up and get married. The divorce will be so much sooner then. I mean come on guys, how many HOLLYWOOD type marriages work for long anyway :/

  22. 22
    emma Says:

    They are gorgeous

  23. 23
    FFS Says:

    oh dear me, Bloom IS a terrible actor……. he cant even manage to aim a kiss right……

    its like romeo and juliet’s balcony scene….. only with many, many invited paps….

    i think they should get married, imagine the number of photo calls they could get with that…..

  24. 24
    rebel Says:

    # 9
    i luv music @ 02/27/2009 at 2:51 am
    so this is what happens AFTER they do it…

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ur totally right

  25. 25
    rossy40 Says:

    Periodically I read posts of different actor’s threads thinking that a nice change will occur. It just seems to get worse instead of better. Where do all the nasty people come from?
    What century is this, huh? Do some of you know how backwards you sound? – “You guys should get married and stop all these pda…” & “This demonstrative happiness looks kinda false. I mean he may be in love, but she isn’t. As soon as she gets someone more suitable, she’ll dump him without remorse, mark my words.” How self-righteous you sound. Ever heard of tolerance, freedom to live as you please?
    I must say that a lot of immature people posting here are making fools of themselves, & thank God they (celebrities) don’t know any of you exist. If they did… they’d back off as quick as the Bubonic plague swept through Europe in the 1340′s.
    So much for civility & respect for other people… What’s it like to be perfect & God-like?

  26. 26
    kay Says:

    Haven’t you guys noticed that all these VS angels got knocked up one by one?

    Ang this is the most number, imagine in a week, two got knocked down…

    But if they’re happy, that’s the most important thing!

    Orlando, you should still marry me LOL

  27. 27
    Cri Says:

    oooh, they’re so cute <3

  28. 28
    aleyn Says:

    I’m so loving the pics right now, but sadly, it reminds me of those happy days with my boyfriend!

    They really look cute and beautiful together!

  29. 29
    nicole Says:

    what is PDA? the long term

  30. 30
    loon Says:

    Damn, i’m outta here..

    I’ve already explained my side earlier..

  31. 31
    @nicole Says:

    PDA = public display of attention that usually happens between couples…

  32. 32
    carl Says:

    I don’t have anything to back this up, but imo, they’re already married or secretly engaged. And will just tell the public in the right time, or when miranda gets pregnant!

  33. 33
    nicole Says:

    hahaha gee thanks man

  34. 34
    @rossy40 Says:

    Are you one of the shippers? LOL

    Happy viewing!

  35. 35
    @nicole Says:


    public display of affection not attention! sorry lol

  36. 36
    OMG Says:

    Look at orlando’s abs!

    They really look so cute together!

    I was looking at the pic of gisele and tom, they’re also a lovely couple, but orlando and miranda are just overflowing with cuteness.

  37. 37
    rei Says:

    She really has a talent for looking right down that lense doesnt she?

  38. 38
    famewhores.on.parade Says:

    The Whorely and the Ho Show goes Down Under!!

    They’re not even bothering to hide how staged this photo op is!

    Everyone look at the camera, smile, and say FAMEWHORES!!

  39. 39
    Sara Says:

    To the people who criticise them for their kissing…Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend? Or were you born already married?
    They are just KISSING like every normal couple in the world! And by the way, #21, you don’t get married with kisses and anticonceptionals do exist, nowadays.

  40. 40
    loon Says:

    So orlando went all the way to oz to have pda with his girl, an have sex?

    That’s too shameful! He could’ve invited miranda to his house in la and have sex every night!

    Orlando, you really downgraded yourself to a ****!

  41. 41
    Jaded Says:


  42. 42
    lola Says:

    there’s more pictures on fashionspot…man, they look sooooo in love. especially the photos of miranda buttoning up his shirt for him. i hope they announce the engagement soon!!!! :)

  43. 43
    SofiaRocket Says:

    If she gets pregnant and has his baby I’ll be VERY VERY surprised. IMO she’ll never do that, it’ll damage her career and he’s just a step in a stairway she climbs.

    BTW when I wrote last year that Drew Barrymore and her man (what’s his name) will not last, there was also a lot of spittle splashed over the monitors by pathetic celebrity worshippers but I was right!

    So stop swallowing everything media stuffs into you, try to think by yourselfs and analyze! Using brains can be fun, you now.

  44. 44
    beka@21 Says:

    I didn’t say they have to get married now, in fact I said nothing about marriage. A couple doesn’t have to be married to be ‘settled down’.

    I just think they look cute together and Miranda is my favorite VS model and she frequently says in interviews she’d love to start a family in a couple of years.

    What’s with all the hate? Also, what’s with the weird formatting and grammatical errors? If you want to argue with me, fine, I can handle my own, but at least write in a way that makes sense.

  45. 45
    lola@loon Says:

    hey loon, the photo of orlando pointing at the camera and them both laughing is dedicated to you. orlando would hate you if he ever knew of your existence. (which he never will). in fact, i’m pretty sure you would disgust both orlando and miranda. he would rather cut off his man-parts than look at someone who is as ugly as you – inside and out.

  46. 46
    Acasha@lola Says:

    I agree with you girl…

    They really look good together, and hopefully they’re relationship will last!

    I don’t want to hate or argue anymore with nasty comments, cause it’s tiring now, and i learn to appreciate things now.

  47. 47
    3 Takes!!!! Says:

    Looking at the timestamps on over 100 pictures of this “Balcony Scene,” Orlando goes back into the room 3 different times. Each time he comes out he’s shirtless and they redo”the help with the buttons”! I love it. I hope this is an audition for something, Orlando. You need to get some more work!

  48. 48
    lola@loon&delphis Says:


    Orlando hates you. He is laughing at you all. This photo is dedicated to you all. He has Miranda, the most gorgeous woman in the world and understands why you are all so jealous of her and jealous of his love for her but he thinks you are all a pathetic joke and hopes you all get a life. You all disgust him.

  49. 49
    lola Says:

    you rule, acasha! :D

  50. 50
    MIRA@49 Says:

    He had to hide her engagement ring. Duh.

  51. 51
    SofiaRocket Says:

    Hey, get your hatred back, you fat old cows! I’m happily married and I know a good couple when I see one. None of you isnt, I’m sure.

    I pity poor things like you, you have no life of your own so chew you hamburgers, stare at the monitor all day long and go on hating people with normal life and independent views.

    I will not read any more of your comments, they are not worth it. So whatever you write, stays with YOU.

  52. 52
    ayj6m6l Says:

    cute! I kinda like Orlando.his face is so cute!

  53. 53
    mouche Says:

    They are a cute couple…..but if you are Orlando Bloom and step out on the balcony ..taking you shirt off, and smooching you GF _ ROTFLMAO – of course you know that you will be all over the papers! Imo he loves it – but I still think he is cuteLOL LOL

  54. 54
    ayj6m6l Says:

    I really missed Brangelina’s kissing in public.I sometimes forget that they can even do it…..cuz I’ve rarely seen them kissing their children or eachother.come on guys.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it would be sooooooooooooooooooo hotttttttttttt

  55. 55
    3187 Says:

    he looks happy. that’s nice, there was a period where it seemed like he was never smiling.

    good for him for finding someone that makes him smile.

  56. 56
    MIRamay Says:

    my god, miranda is so gorgeous in this video. she’s interviewed on a set with her mum and the interviewer is asking her about her ex-boyfriend jay lyon without realising they had actually broken up by then and she looks quite embarrassed but she handles herself soooo well. what a stunner. her accent is phenomenal.

  57. 57
    @loon Says:

    I think that Delphi needs to elect a new representative. You seem to not be able to make any sense at all, and are just re-enforcing everyone’s opinions that only idiots can tolerate Delphi.
    Judging from the graininess of the pictures, they were taken with a long range lens. The time stamps show that they were taken over a period of an hour. In another thread, someone echoed exactly what I was thinking. The ones where he is wearing his necklace were taken first. In those we get the PDA, which leads them to going inside for almost an hour. He took his necklaces off for whatever activity they performed. ;)
    They are a two people who are obviously smitten with each other. They don’t have to get married to prove their love, but I hope that they are heading in that direction.

  58. 58
    talan Says:

    They are so fake. It is painfully obvious that both of them are posing for the paps. Looking directly to the cameras. Miranda hair is in photo shoot position , and her body too. It is all so visibly fake. His undressing on the balcony?! Why didn’t he take off all of his cloths ? Paps would appreciate that. And Mirandas dress could slip from her boobs, that would be nice too. Somebody said that he looks more into her then she into him. Of course, he is an actor- he can act , so he can pretend better. I used to think they have real relationship. After this parade on the balcony, I am beginning to think they are just fame whores. Hiding all the time in OZ, even on her show, very few photos together and then, at the end of their stay, big show for public on the hotel balcony. With the room behind their back?! Keeping privacy? Going low profile? Shawmance one hundred percent.

  59. 59
    Sighs4l Says:

    Love the chest peekage and his smile.

    Please pass the cheesy popcorn.

  60. 60
    @60 Says:

    Actually, neither one of them is looking directly at the camera. If you expand the picture, you can see that she is looking slightly to the left of the lens.
    And that balcony overlooks the harbor. It’s not like they were doing this on a public street.
    And “Miranda hair is in photo shoot position”??? What? On top of her head? It looks the same as it always does.
    I think that you are grasping at straws, BB.

  61. 61
    awwww Says:

    Such pretty people in post coital bliss.

  62. 62
    sasha Says:

    Isn’t it funny how two people being happy make so many other unhappy? I think that says more about the unhappy ones than it does about these two.

  63. 63
    lillu Says:

    they’re so CUTE!!!

  64. 64
    @sasha Says:

    ia 100% girl.

  65. 65
    loon Says:

    Yuck miranda is so disgusting!

    Letting everyone know that she and bloom are always having sex…

    Is this the kind of image she’s trying to portray? Clean living, clean image, writing a book to help young girls etc. when she herself is very close to becoming a prostitute…

    I wonder if VS, DJ etc allow this kind of behaviour from their models..

    Miranda is by far the sluttiest among VS models, have some shame girl, or at least minimize the effort of your trying to know the public about your sordid affair with bloom, and that includes oversex!

    I bet this girl is a carrier of some kind of STD YUCK

  66. 66
    lol Says:

    How old they are 13, 14? Until teenagers has more dignity and education!

  67. 67
    laura Says:

    they are sooo cute…love them!!

  68. 68
    100 photos, 3 takes Says:

    ahh so natural and unforced -

    because whenever i feel the need for a PDA with my boyfriend, i hot foot it onto a balcony, call the paps and then make them reshoot three times to get it just so…

    I really want them to marry each other, they seem like they have shared values which is so important in any relationship…..

    I do think they have missed an opportunity though, i would of thought that if they had got naked they would of got even more opportunity for retakes….. its not like the world doesn’t know what the pair of them look like naked anyway!

  69. 69
    NativeNYker Says:

    That is one lucky girl! I’d break a toe to be on a balcony with a shirtless Orlando!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  70. 70
    loon Says:

    I bet miranda is a carrier of some std’s..

    How many men had she slept with?

    This girl really needs some proper manners training..

  71. 71
    tag Says:

    His mother must be very PROUD of him. Her very intelligent and classy boy.

  72. 72
    talan Says:

    Not only her hair, but everything on this photos looks like shooting for the magazine. Or audition for some movie. Is Miranda going to become actress?
    The winner photo is number 4. I like this one very much. Their hug and smiles in the air…. Both faces clearly visible. But not smiling to each other – they are smiling to sky and birds… To life itself…. Or maybe they are making a cover for the love novel book. How sweet. Nothing is spontaneous on that balcony. They are posing and smiling like for the fashion catalogue. Maybe Orlando is going to become mail underwear model ? As I told before, it would be much better if he took off all of his clothes. I forgot to mention the last photo. So natural position, so common for showing attention. You are doing it every day? Like tango dance figure. Spontaneous hanging .Yes, for the bets.

  73. 73
    blair Says:

    Miranda is a cheap panty model *****!

    She looks like a wasted prostitute!

  74. 74
    vanessajonas Says:

    i hate this cabbage pach face:S
    orlando can do better

  75. 75
    they look... Says:

    …so happy and in love.

    Let’s remember, it’s their balcony and we’re the “classy” ones looking at them.

    I’ve had similar experiences on private balconies overlooking a body of water – fortunately or unfortunately, nobody wanted to see pics of me though. lolol

    They’re not posing – they’re ravishing each other – probably pre- and post-coital. Sorry, you’re going to have to deal with it.

    It’s been well over a year that some of you have been singing the same old song – they’re just doing it so you can see them doing it. It’s time to find a new tune.

  76. 76
    talan Says:

    But they ARE doing it so that we can see them doing it.

  77. 77
    disgusting Says:

    These two are really disgusting for trying to show the world a peek of their sexlives!

    I couldn’t believe that orlando has stoop himself this low!

    And miranda, stop acting like you’re a model to young girls! The right term for miranda is a high class *****!

    VS and DJ should be ashamed to have a model like STD queen miranda!

  78. 78
    disgusting Says:

    These two are really disgusting for trying to show the world a peek of their sexlives!

    I couldn’t believe that orlando has stoop himself this low!

    And miranda, stop acting like you’re a model to young girls! The right term for miranda is a high class *****!

    VS and DJ should be ashamed to have a model like STD queen miranda!

  79. 79
    Fifi Says:

    IMO, Orlando is gay..

    He’s just dating everyone he could, so he could put up a macho image, but the truth is, he’s gay!

    And miranda should better find a real, and rich man who will make her happy.

  80. 80
    mia Says:

    On the first and fifth photo Miranda is asking paps do they see her and OB good enough, or they have to move a little. Posing liars.

  81. 81
    loon Says:

    Where are the shippers?

    Miranda needs you to defend her from all her stupidity, and whoring!

  82. 82
    tag Says:

    OB and MK should be ashamed to sold themselves for fame.

  83. 83
    yawn Says:

    she is beautiful, but it does look like a photo-op.

  84. 84
    #80 Says:

    Orlando Bloom has told the world that Miranda has his heart in her hands, no matter how many vile nasty things you say about her nothing is going to change the fact they are a couple in love and happy.

    They don’t know you exist and even if they did, do you think they care what an anonymous poster on a blog says about them?
    Get over your irrational jealousy and move on, you’re making a fool of yourself!!!!

  85. 85
    Jen Says:

    i think they look cute, very happy

  86. 86
    @86 Says:

    I’m just telling a mere fact..

    Who in their right minds will do these kind of malicious acts?
    As if they’re selling sex!

    And miranda should put some consideration to the companies she’s modelling with.. she’s acting like an oversexed *****.. have some respect for yourself girl!

    What will happen if they break up, i bet all the people will be laughing off their asses, moslty on miranda’s part!

    It’s a shame when you’re trying to be a role model, and acting the opposite!

  87. 87
    lana Says:

    so sweet! they look so happy…

  88. 88
    disgusting Says:

    Shippers are hiding cause it’s hard to defend a foolish and slatte acts
    of their idol!

    I bet, a sex video is next!

  89. 89
    karibikqueen Says:

    I think they looks happy,but Miranda looks so skinny what is wrong with her?

  90. 90
    @loon(atic) Says:

    OK, I know that you are a 35 year old woman who has never had a boyfriend, but just to let you know, boyfriends and girlfriends do sleep together. Hopefully they sleep together often. It doesn’t make either one of them a bad person.
    When your balcony overlooks the water, you assume some privacy. Kissing in public is not a horrible thing to do. It’s not like he threw her down and took her outside. They moved inside for that.

  91. 91
    @92 Says:

    How are you shippers going to defend her from giving a shameful act to the companies she’s modelling with?

    I think this is the first time i saw a model selling herself so much by sex…

  92. 92
    @93 Says:

    So being in love and showing affection for the man that you love is “shameful”?
    That’s one of the stupidest things you have said yet. And you’ve said a bunch of stupid things.

  93. 93
    @94 Says:

    Those things are not stupid.. it’s a fact!

    Maybe for you it’s not stupid, cause you’re like miranda who is stupid sorry..

    Maybe VS will axe miranda cause she’s giving the company a bad reputation! LOL

  94. 94
    usg Says:


  95. 95
    @95 Says:

    A company that relies on sexy models is going to axe her for being in love?
    Oh, and please look up the word “fact”. You obviously don’t know what it means.

  96. 96
    loon@97 Says:

    You shippers are so blinded that you can’t even see the truth..

    I’m outta here..

    Enjoy with your stupidity like your ***** idol!

  97. 97
    @98 Says:

    That’s your best come back?
    You promised to be “outta here” a couple of times.
    Please back up your words with action.

  98. 98
    loon@99 Says:

    So are you a thread guard/keeper of slatte miranda?

    I’m going back to delphi now, and i mean it!

    My friends there have more sense than you and your slatte idol!

  99. 99
    What???? Says:

    So, we live in 2009, women have fought many battles for their rights, and you criticize one of them because she kisses and hugs her boyfriend in public??? Or because she has sex with him? Wow, I don’t know we are returning in Middle Age!!

  100. 100
    delphidian Says:

    Get us down? Oh, no, not at all. Get us laughing? You betcha! What is the dingho smiling about? Smiling because she’s modeling for a JC Penney in Oz, smiling because she can’t draw a crowd to the mall, or smiling because she’s a loser who thought she could manipulate a gig with V Australia by planting rumors until Richard Branson said on camera that he had never heard of her, or smiling because she had to save face with more articles making excuses (lies) for why V Australia would have nothing to do with her? This latest round is all just damage control for the humiliating trip to Oz she just had. They re-did the same scene on the balcony 3 times (that’s not going to improve the perception that Orlando is a bad actor) and then held them for release until after her latest FAILURE with the V Australia lies hit the presses to try and distract from that bad PR that she had created for herself. The obviousness of what they’re doing and the depth of desperation are completely hilarious. This is just a bad, cheesy comedy, one that you wouldn’t pay money to see but is good for some cheap laughs when you can watch it for free on cable. This is why we always have popcorn ready

  101. 101
    @Delphidiot Says:

    You just must make things up as you go along, don’t you. Facts be damned, full speed ahead.
    “she’s modeling for a JC Penney in Oz”
    Fact: with the high end merchandise it carries, David Jones is more like Bloomingdales.
    “she can’t draw a crowd to the mall”
    Fact: they were turning people away form both all of her workshops. The seating area was smaller. But I guess you didn’t want to hear that, did you
    “she’s a loser who thought she could manipulate a gig with V Australia by planting rumors until Richard Branson said on camera that he had never heard of her,”
    Fact: as reported by real journalists (not anons on a blog), VAustralia was in negotiations with IMG to have Miranda as their ‘face’, but David Jones has exclusivity with Miranda in Australia. They stopped it from happening. Branson knew full well who Miranda was, and what his company was doing. He just couldn’t say anything that would impact the negotiations. It’s funny that one minute you people claim that she is nothing, the next minute you are claiming that she is so influential that she can force real journalists to “lie” for her. Please make up your minds.
    You’ve been making every other post for hours, and you are calling someone else thread guard?
    I’ll quote another poster….

  102. 102
    TGS Says:

    “So, we live in 2009, women have fought many battles for their rights, and you criticize one of them because she kisses and hugs her boyfriend in public??? ”

    For SHOW and MANIPULATION? yes!!!!!!!!!!

  103. 103
    Suzanne Says:

    So cute!

  104. 104
    #101.... Says:

    Don’t take anyone notice of her as she is one of the Delphi loonies, right now their forum is in melt down after looking at the balcony pictures showing Orlando and Miranda so happy and in love.

    Their seething with jealousy and Miranda envy and trying to come up with a new conspiracy theory to explain the pics.

    The hotel overlooks the water and it looks like the photographer must have been in a boat with a long lens, but the loonies instead will make up story that it was all a “set up for the paps”……lol.

  105. 105
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    Yes!! This is what a happy and In love couple look like. They look adorable!! :D

  106. 106
    @103 Says:

    You’re genius girl!

    When are these delphidiots going to stop?

    I think they have some mental and emotional problems for hating someone so much. How old are they by the way?

    I bet they’re the same fans who were fighting about carrots longtime ago on a tv show LOL

  107. 107
    love is in the air! Says:

    Pic no 9 is my favorite, so passionate and romantic, what a gorgeous couple!
    I wonder why JJ didn’t post the whole set of photos available, as some of them are really sweet.

  108. 108
    she's smiling... Says:

    …because she’s making out with Orlando Bloom.

    And, if she is as evil as some of you say she is (which I doubt), she’s smiling because it’s gotten your panties in a wad.

  109. 109
    bettedavis Says:

    those pics are insanely beautiful, look at the second one ! waouwww, it s sweet, simple, yet it has something strange to it, a perfect moment in time. Pic 8 him standind behind her, like a shadow, a stare.

  110. 110
    TGS Says:

    Bad location, bad actors, bad script, bad performances EVER!!!

  111. 111
    @all shippers Says:



  112. 112
    TGS Says:

    Open your eyes shippers!

  113. 113
    @113 Says:

    Such a class act.
    I guess that the haters didn’t have any real response for #103, so they resort to this.
    My eyes are wide open. Maybe the haters need to open their closed little minds.

  114. 114
    TGS Says:

    Maybe your brain don´t work!!!

  115. 115
    @116 Says:

    Maybe your education “don’t work”.

  116. 116
    chelsey Says:

    Most people dont know that shes has said openly that she is a virgin, so not a lot was going on in that hotel room lol

  117. 117
    @118 Says:

    Wrong model.
    And even that statement (from Adriana) was misquoted.
    Nice try.

  118. 118
    Blah girls Says:

    Adorable or trying too hard? IDK you decide.

  119. 119
    karibikqueen Says:

    @118 how many years is this a go that she said she ist a virgin.I said they have sex,orlando is 32 years old man and he have his first sex with 14 years and jet with 32 years he have no stupid and crazy is this.that give no sense. for me

  120. 120
    poor loonies Says:

    Oh it’s so hilarious……the Delphidiots are in such a rage because all their conspiracy theories have been shot down in flames.

    First when Orlando tells the world that Miranda is his girlfriend and then not once but twice says she holds his heart in her hands, and there was nothing they could do to spin the story as it came directly from his own mouth.

    Then he supports her while she is working, clapping and cheering her on the runway, takes her on picnics and goes to visit her family and now of course the photos showing them passionately kissing, laughing, having fun like any normal couple in love.

    Even if Orlando told them to their faces they still wouldn’t believe they have a genuine relationship because their so filled with irrational jealousy and Miranda envy…….lol.

  121. 121
    Me Says:

    I don’t get why some of you guys think this is staged. First you complain because they don’t acting loving enough in public, then you call it fake when they do, when they don’t know people are watching and taking pictures of them. To me it looks like how a normal couple would act, playfully kissing, touching, and laughing. Just get over it already, would you? They seem extremely happy.

  122. 122
    Me Says:

    I don’t get why some of you guys think this is staged. First you complain because they don’t acting loving enough in public, then you call it fake when they do, when they don’t know people are watching and taking pictures of them. To me it looks like how a normal couple would act, playfully kissing, touching, and laughing. Just get over it already, would you? They seem extremely happy.

  123. 123
    Oh please Says:

    OK, two people who obviously care quite a bit for each other (which has got to be obvious to all but the ‘diehard haters’ and ‘conspiracy weirdos’ among you) kiss and cuddle and are generally very AFFECTIONATE with each other while standing on a hotel balcony in front of their room overlooking the bay/harbor. Wow – isn’t that awful! Why it’s downright sinful and immoral! I mean how DARE they show that they care about each other so openly! (Really. How old are some of you -12?) BTW, both of them remain fully clothed – except for a few brief moments when he is seen shirtless (Oh the horror!) and we’re exposed (or treated, however you prefer to see it) to a few quick glimpses of bare chest (his). Now they certainly weren’t caught ‘doing the deed.’ They were simply being affectionate and obviously having some fun with it too. How bloody awful of them for being so affectionate – and playfully so at that! Please. Lighten up people. Are some of you so joyless that seeing others happy and openly showing affection toward each other makes you miserable and bitter? It certainly seems that way.

  124. 124
    Ryan Says:

    I would like to say “Oh My God! they are so cute! I’m so happy for them” But i’m feeling so sad, so sad to see the perfection like him: he has a carreer, a beautiful girl-friend and he’s one of the most sexy men in a world.

    But I’m too nice even just for a unknown comment so…. OMG ! They are so cute! I’m so happy for them.

  125. 125
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    lol i find it pretty cute =D
    and yes this looks like a moment right after they have done it =p
    she’s a very cute girl tho, i always compare this relationship to bar and leo
    when the hell does leo ever hold his girl like this?
    she maybe a butter face but she’s still a nice girl, bad leo

  126. 126
    lalal Says:

    for some reason i think these pics look really posed/staged…but then again in interviews they always try to play down their relationship and dont want to talk about it, so im guessing theyre not
    he looks hottttt though :)

  127. 127
    who am i? Says:

    Just sitting here thinking how great it would be to be this in love! :-)
    They look so happy!

  128. 128
    kate Says:

    Sooo this is what they did for valentines day.

  129. 129
    @123 Says:

    Well said #123. I swear I will never understand the hate. There are celebs who I don’t like or get on my nerves, and guess what? I don’t read about them nor follow their careers. Oh well, what can you do? I just tend to skim over the hate, it’s the same ol’ same ol, anyway.
    I thought these pictures were very cute and down right yummy.
    And to the people that made it sound so dirty, man, talk about being uptight with sex. And to those that say they have SDTs, shame on you.
    Furthermore, if they were a set up or photo shoot, the pics would not have been so grainy.

  130. 130
    @130 Says:

    You know. People go to Hell for telling lies that hurt others. You think that this is a game. But you will have to answer for your words of hate.

  131. 131
    @131 Says:

    I have proof!

    Ask some of miranda’s closest friend’s, and they willl tell you the same..

    She’s still actually on medication for the syphilis she acquired years ago!

  132. 132
    @132 Says:

    And please do some medical research before saying something that stupid, again.
    L I A R

  133. 133
    @130 Says:

    What an awful thing to say about someone. Talk about creating bad karma for yourself. I’d hate to be in your shoes when you’re given a taste of your own medicine for maligning someone that way. Not – nice.

  134. 134
    @133 Says:

    Of course you won’t believe cause your a die hard fan!

    My question is, how well do you know miranda?

    As for the medical records, are you silly that something damaging like this will be shown?

    I’m not asking you to believe this, i’m just telling you!

  135. 135
    delphin Says:

    Miranda seems to be stuck at 14 years old. She never does seem to know how to act her age. I makes me wonder if she ever will grow up. I can honestly say I’d hate to be her, having to use a famous actor to help her career, and still even after thet she still can’t seem to make it big. Well I guess it is just part of karma. You can’t do a lot of horrible things and expect to get away with it. It will come back to haunt you sooner or later, and it appears to be coming to Miranda a lot sooner than she expected.

    The longer this mess goes on the nastier it becomes. It is like a soap opera, that doesn’t seem to know that it should’ve ended long ago. This show is just too darn predictable.

  136. 136
    @135 + Says:

    You have been here all day, repeating the same things over and over. give it up. You are just sounding more desperate that you already were.

  137. 137
    kris Says:

    they’re so cute :)
    next to zanessa they’re my fav. couple :)

  138. 138
    @Delphidiot Says:

    It’s funny that your group constantly talks about Karma, but then proceed to say hateful things about someone that hs never done anything to you. You are also wishing that bad things to happen to others. Do you not understand the word Karma that you are so fond of throwing out?
    H Y P O C R I T E

  139. 139
    @135 Says:

    I think that you are a liar and are going to hell, too. But the person said to do your research before posting such stupidity, because “syphilis” is curable. IF she had acquired it at a young age, it would have been cured long ago. That’s what they meant by doing research.

  140. 140
    Anonymous Says:

    It is so obviously staged. I guess couples who are so madly in love pose like this for the paps all the time. And if they are such a private couple like they claim to be why did they continue to stay out on the balcony after they knew the paps saw them? I don’t care whether they stay together or not, or whether or not this is real but why all these constant poses for the paps? I mean Orlando is not as popular as he used to be and he never was hounded by the paps like Brad Pitt, so they can’t be all coincidences that the paps just happen to run into them. Why claim to be so private when it’s obvious they’re not? I am not going to say whether they real or not, because no one knows for sure except them. Just because they look happy together doesn’t mean they are happy, and even when they look angry it doesn’t neccersarily mean that they are angry at each other either. Who really cares one way or the other.

  141. 141
    @140 Says:

    At least you admitted that miranda had one!

    That’s what you get for sleeping with countless men ayt..

    Too shameful for orlando that his current girl is one of the slatt in oz!

  142. 142
    @143 Says:

    English isn’t your first language, I know. But I never said that she had one, I said IF she had one. I was pointing out how stupid you were for telling that lie.

  143. 143
    @143 Says:

    English isn’t your first language, I know. But I never said that she had one, I said IF she had one. I was pointing out how stupid you were for telling that lie.

  144. 144
    wandane Says:

    Once orlando dumps the shipper’s “supermodel” wannabe idol, she’ll be back again to anonymity!

    Funny, that even dating an actor couldn’t help her drowning career!

  145. 145
    Good for him Says:

    Who the hell cares if it’s ‘real’ or not. They make a hot couple and they certainly seem to enjoy being together. I’m an Orlando fan who was really tired of seeing him in a state of semi-depression most of the time. He has a wonderful smile and laugh which he should practice using more just as he’s doing here. Looks like he’s really enjoying life again. I say good for him!

  146. 146
    Parish Hellton Says:

    That’s hot!

  147. 147
    BB Says:

    The pics looked very staged.

    I just thought she’d have a little more dignity or something.

    Oh miranda!

  148. 148
    miles Says:

    I’m not sure if it’s staged or not..

    The only thing i’m kinda sure of is,,

    this is orlando’s way of telling that they’re a couple who love and care for each other!

  149. 149
    john Says:

    I now have 2 IP addresses which I will be using, in conjunction with my private investigator, to press charges against someone who is destroying my client’s reputation with blatant lies and character assasination. You know who you are and will be hearing from me and my representatives soon.

  150. 150
    @25 Says:

    I must say that a lot of immature people posting here are making fools of themselves, & thank God they (celebrities) don’t know any of you exist. If they did… they’d back off as quick as the Bubonic plague swept through Europe in the 1340’s.
    So much for civility & respect for other people… What’s it like to be perfect & God-like?
    Report Abuse

    Pot kettle

  151. 151
    @150 Says:

    That actually sounds quite serious…but fair enough.

    I think if I was Miranda or her management I would hire someone to sue the person posting these horrible lies too. It’s not only God you’ll have to answer to – scary. My advice would be to retract your lies about her having the STD and hope she doesn’t pursue this further.

    I’ve heard of management and agents sueing over stuff said on the internet. Usually celebrities don’t care but saying she has an STD is the lowest of the low.

    FYI – type “Miranda Kerr” into google news and this thread pops up. It’s obvious that Miranda’s people have sumbled across this site. :(

  152. 152
    Lisa @ 150 Says:

    Good for you! Sue that poster for damages! I have a feeling it’s that Loon person, but now Miranda’s laywers have traced the IP hopefully they’ll be able to get justice for such a damaging lie.

    Daaamn, I wouldn’t wanna mess with the Kerr and Bloom legal team. Miranda’s management IMG and Chic have sued successfully before over damaing lies about some of their clients on a blog and won substancial damages. :D


  153. 153
    Agree Says:

    I too hope this is for real and they do pursue some sort of legal action. Not liking a particular celebrity is one thing – but some of these hatemongers just go too far! Some are too eaten up with vitriol to know when they’ve crossed the line.

  154. 154
    Meredith Says:

    I study law. Miranda’s management definitely has grounds to sue the person who will be traced by that I.P address. Karma.

    I say, kudos to them. The person who said she has an STD has got problems. Imagine how he/ she treats people in their own life.

    No-one deserves to have someone spread such a lie about them.

  155. 155
    Anonymous Says:

    Sorry miranda has no std..

  156. 156
    Anonymous Says:

    I retract my claim..


  157. 157
    Anonymous Says:

    Please don’t take this anymore further!

    I’m sorry again!

  158. 158
    lol Says:

    You may study law, but I actually practice it. Slander and libel are almost impossible to prove. They would literally have to dig through the girls life to make sure that what is being said is not true. And then libel and slander are tried very differently in the States than it is in the Commonwealth. It is much easier to prove it in the Commonwealth, but much harder in the US. From what I understand JJ is a US based site, so I would guess the case would be tried in the States, and if that were the case, than poor Miranda would probably not want her whole life spread out for all to read about. IT sounds as though someone is just throwing words about lawsuits, and really has no idea what he is talkiing about. IF they call her a ****, he would have to prove she has not led a life of hopping in and out of bed with men, witnesses please. Has she ever had an STD, there will be medical proof if so, does she really want that out there. That is why most celebrities swallow this kind of stuff, they know that what could come out, would be much much worse.

  159. 159
    Anonymous Says:

    What i said about miranda having STD is NOT TRUE.

    It’s just for the sake of fun! I know it’s demoralizing, and again, i’m really sorry!

    I don’t want to get this topic any further!

    But #159, thanks a lot for that! I really appreciate it!

    I also thought of that limitations, that’s why i thought it’s my advantage to post that stupid comment about STD.

    But there’s no truth about what i posted miranda having STD. SORRY

    Again #159 THANKS

  160. 160
    @159 Says:

    Thank you. Still brains here, good to know.

    Taking legal actions? Where? That’s not Star Trek, people. We don’t have a federation that’s responsible for the whole f*cking EARTH! Geez. This is a GOSSIP blog of all places! No file sharing network, nothing linked with Al Quaida, not even a ‘news’ station or the website of some rag like the National Enquirer! It’s a BLOG! And #150 – encouraging yourself for your false claim with the next 5 comments within half an hour (obvious much?) won’t make anybody with a working brain believe any of your shizz.

    Psst! I think Miranda HAS a reputation for being a wh*re that jumps to bed with various men – being in a relationship or not! There! I said it! What ya gonna do now? HAHAHAH!

  161. 161
    cory Says:


  162. 162
    @159,161 Says:

    You guys really are genius..

    I think someone is scaring someone!

  163. 163
    Sighs4l Says:

    @159 LOL – Thanks for your post. I was also going to post something about 150 trying to scare the poster who accused CPK of having an STD. I work in the court system and I know libel and slander are difficult to prove but if you’re in the public eye, it’s going to be darn near impossible to get a serious hearing on it.

    Now 150, about that impersonating an attorney – THAT’LL get you into some serious shiz…

  164. 164
    Orlando fan Says:

    I agree with who said that Orlando hasn’t been looking happy in a while since his whatever it was with Penelope Cruz ended .Now he seems to enjoy life more and he worked again and has many more projects in the near future this trip seems to have done wonders for him he looks so happy it’s a shame they left Australia because he seems to be really happy there I really hope in the summer he will do this movie they are talking about the Cross .TO THE DELPHI LOONS YOU LOOK PATHETIC PEOPLE WITH NO LIFE I PITY YOU.YOU NASTY PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HELL FOR YOUR HATE TOWARDS A STRANGER WHO HAS DONE NOTHING TO YOU AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO SPREAD LIES ABOUT HER AND WISH HER DEATH YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED

  165. 165
    @159 161 164 Says:

    Kudos to all of you…

    And who the heck would dig miranda’s life/relationship/medical status? she aint gisele, she aint that famous, and she aint that important!

    And who the heck would take JJ seriously eg. the court?
    It aint a respectable site, but rather a gossip site where everyone can post their opinions. Lastly, JJ would be the one to be blamed for that matter cause it allows freedom of posts without serious reviewing/screening!

    Now #150, get your act better next time, cause you don’t want to be sued for impersonating a lawyer, cause you aint one but a shipper in the ass…

    Nice try though that you scared that poster, but it aint gonna work for someone who knows the rules. Besides, IP’s are so hard and impossible to trace, there so much legalities involved, and it aint be given to your private investigator in a snap of fingers! I know that one cause i used to work for a telephone company.

  166. 166
    LOL!! Says:

    I LOVE the fact that the idiot (loon) who kept posting over and over fell for that trick! At least it got her to admit that she was lying about “the truth”.
    Shows how pathetic some of these haters are. They are so consumed with hatred for this woman that they have never met, that their brains have stopped functioning.
    LOVE IT!

  167. 167
    just thinking Says:

    If one sues one another…

    JJ will always be involved in the process!

    Meaning no more press for miranda anymore, as JJ is the main site that gives her PR outside OZ! HAHAHAHA

    Now everyone, GET OVER IT!

    No more STD’s ok!

  168. 168
    just thinking Says:

    Why is it that miranda is the most hated model in the history of fashion industry? Anyone..

  169. 169
    Too Bad Says:

    Kinda pathetic how everyone rushes in to ‘defend’ the scumbag who posted that garbage in the first place. It’s a shame nothing can really be done legally to upset that punk’s applecart. People like that deserve a right hard slap imo (figuratively speaking of course).. Maybe Life will deliver a wake-up punch. Here’s hoping.

  170. 170
    Sighs4l Says:

    @just thinking – Nice try Hon but nah.

    She only wishes she were that noteworthy.

  171. 171
    @169 Says:

    The haters can deny the real reason all they want, but the ONLY reason she is hated is because she has the nerve to date Orlando Bloom. If she wasn’t dating him, they wouldn’t give a damn what she did in her life or career. Just ask Kate Bosworth. She can tell you all about it, since she went through the same thing.
    Oh, she will get what’s coming to her.
    Karma can be a real b!tch.

  172. 172
    Too Bad Too Says:

    Kinda pathetic that shippers can’t defend all about the lies, manipulations, etc miranda has done and continuously doing. It’s a shame that it’s all coming back to her now.

    People like miranda deserve a right hard slap imo (figuratively speaking of course).. Maybe Life will deliver a wake-up punch. Here’s hoping.

  173. 173
    @Sighs41 Says:

    My pleasure.. Thanks

  174. 174
    @173 Says:

    Since she hasn’t done anything wrong, what is there to defend?
    The ” lies, manipulations, etc “, only exist in the tiny little overactive minds of the haters.

  175. 175
    @172 Says:

    Oh, so typical.
    “Loon” a hater, came on here and told a LIE, that she claimed over and over was “the truth”, until she was afraid that it would come back to bite her in the butt. She then recanted, and claimed that it was “just for the sake of fun”. Some fun, hmmm? Trying to ruin someone’s reputation is a blast, isn’t it? As long as someone isn’t doing it to you, right? Then it is a HORRIBLE thing to do.
    Then the haters continue to claim that MIRANDA is the liar. Huh?
    Just another day for the Delph-hypocrites.

  176. 176
    DIGITI Says:

    This is really cute! Is that wedding bells I hear in the near future??!!

  177. 177
    Too Bad (Take Three) Says:

    How clever of you to ‘parrot’ my remarks that way. Soo creative! How’s about a little more originality? As in, come up with your own damn material dumbass! And oooh, we’re back to that old tried-and-true label/insult you garbage-spewers always fall back on when intelligence fails – “SHIPPERS!” Yippee! So clever! Hmmm – I’ve got a couple for you losers who love/live to hurl insults/spread malicious rumors/lies — how about ‘sewer crawler?’ Or ‘hate freighter?’ What a sorry bunch of soul-dead pathetic losers.

  178. 178
    hot Says:

    Love this couple they are hot and look happy
    I also love how in pain the haters are analyzing every single picture to prove their point PATHETIC .It’s been more than a year and a half it’s time to let go but the haters have no life
    so how would they pass their time if not by bashing this couple
    and being negative

  179. 179
    emma Says:

    OMG! they look so cute together!

  180. 180
    seems that Says:

    Kerr’s reputation started way before she met Orlando. Can’t blame Delphi for these posts.

    And has anyone proven that the poster here saying the same things about the STD is actually from Delphi? Just askin’.

    Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006 @ 12:58am

    desiree (Uncertified *******)
    Miranda, has no class at all… She cares about no one but herself and treats people like ****,… She has become a bit of a primadonna of late and thinks that she is gods gift. Beauty is only skin deep sweetheart.. Take Note, I think she should start telling guys about her STD’s before she sleeps with them…. Look out guys… She might look hot but when you leave her from a steamy night of passion the only hot thing will be the rash between your legs..xx

    Monday, June 26th, 2006 @ 1:35am

    CATHY R. (Uncertified *******)
    WHAT A ******* *****,****,***** AND ****. I ******* HATE HER.

  181. 181
    to too bad and the legal eagle Says:

    Too Bad: Well said, so well said someone had to paraphrase your words. :-)

    And to the legal eagles out there a question to ponder! You never know it may be on the bar exam.

    Althought suing under the libel laws may be difficult to prove, would the celebrity have a cause of action under “HIPPA”

  182. 182
    to too bad and the legal eagle Says:

    Too Bad: Well said, so well said someone had to paraphrase your words. :-)

    And to the legal eagles out there a question to ponder! You never know it may be on the bar exam.

    Althought suing under the libel laws may be difficult to prove, would the celebrity have a cause of action under “HIPPA”

  183. 183
    just thinking Says:

    Have anyone noticed that miranda was doing more than well before started dating bloom?

    And now that she’s dating a hollywood actor, her star/model status should be on the rise above everyone else in the fashion industry!
    But the exact opposite is happening right now. LOL

    Maybe that’s what you get from lying, cheating, manipulating, using others just to get ahead! KARMA

    Let’s see how long this charade will last.

    P.S: Can anyone explain to me why her supposed to be ad campaign for maybelline new york didn’t last… wherein her fellow VS angels have an ongoing contract with maybelline or loreal…

  184. 184
    @184... Says:

    Just thinking if Karma will come back to bite people who use the terms “lying cheating manipulating’ about a person they don’t know and never met…….mmmmm!

  185. 185
    yak yak yak Says:

    she is wierd looking..her eyes are too close together or something. Sometimes she looks good, other times really bad. Heard she is a real idiot .

  186. 186
    @185 Says:

    Most friends of mine think the same way about her being an idiot!

    It can be proven by most of her interviews, and acts especially when dealing with papz and releasing pr LOL

  187. 187
    @181 Says:

    What is HIPPA?

  188. 188
    Miranda is only getting better Says:

    I find Miranda has improved her interview skills and will only get better.
    I find them a great pair and wish them the very best.

  189. 189
    @188 Says:

    I find other models from non speaking english countries have more sense than her in interviews!

    I find them a great pair of media seeking attention wh*res and wish them the very best for bringing us the ultimate LOL

  190. 190
    @186 and 189 Says:

    Ah, well I see that ‘Loon’ has returned.
    We can expect another slew of repetitive posts with the same syntax problems.
    How pathetic.

  191. 191
    @187 Says:

    How I’m Pretending to be a Prosecuting Attorney.

  192. 192
    just thinking@190 Says:

    Why so affected by that poster, if you claim over six figure digits that miranda is not guilty of any of those accusations by the “haters”?

    Or is it the other way around?

    Let’s see if she’ll become a supirmudel, or she’ll just vanished from anonymity once VS axed her.

    You see, no other designers/companies that like to hire her aside from DJ(supporting cast) and VS(supporting c/d team). LOL

  193. 193
    Meredith Says:

    ^ she’s doing a lot better than you ever will.



  194. 194
    Seeker Says:

    Even a brain-dead would know that discrition and class is necessary for serious models and actors. These two are plain and simply media whores, they’ve always been. Orlando is basically a media made celeb. Neither talent nor gravitas to hold his own. Photo-ops like these are a necessary ruse to keep their names out there. It works. As we see, for the stupids, it works.

  195. 195
    LOL! Says:

    It seems like only the illiterate haters are on-line right now.
    C’mon guys. You can do better than that.

  196. 196
    @195 Says:

    It seems like only the illiterate shippers (wait are there anymore?) are on line right now. C’mon guys. You can do better than that.

  197. 197
    LOL! again Says:

    Oh, the clever parroting. So original *rollseyes*
    And even then, showing problems with syntax.
    This is great!
    Keep it coming.

  198. 198
    How true Says:

    (LOL) You beat me to it #195! My sentiments exactly. And these same illiterates who don’t know how to spell or construct complete sentences have the gall to call Miranda an idiot! It really would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic. Self-righteous pinheads.

  199. 199
    Polly want a cracker? Says:

    Guess they’re not only ‘pinheads,’ they’re also ‘bird brains’ endlessly repeating what the smart folks have to say!

  200. 200
    just thinking Says:

    Funny, how the literate/degree/phd holders(???) shippers couldn’t even know how to retaliate the oh so supirmudel career success of their idol without resorting to fat/jelluz/haters from delphi!

    It’s difficult to weave reasons when the fact is out there, right?

    And it’s also pain in the ass if the fat/jelluz/haters (the shippers are so keen of labelling) could see the real score of their wannabe supirmudel!

    Let’s just see if the wannabe supirmudel’s career will last.

  201. 201
    Meredith Says:

    The haters are all, obviously, brain dead fatties. Repulsive.

    Someone like Miranda Kerr must make them want to kill someone. Their tiny little brains must explode with jealousy.

    I imagine Loon to be the most heinous of them all. She would kill for Miranda’s facial features, bone structure, glowing flawless skin, long brunette main, crystal blue eyes, amazing lips and size 4 figure.

    Everyone hates you, take a minute from your binge eating and grow up. you may not be blessed at all, but at least pretend to have a life.

  202. 202
    @200 Says:

    Please stop. You’re giving me a headache with your language problems. I usually appreciate the fact that so many will make a true effort to communicate in a language not their own, but you are giving those people a bad name. You end up sounding like an illiterate Yoda.
    At least try to make your posts relevant. None of us, prior to your last post, called you “fat/jelluz/haters from delphi!”. 201 came after your last rant. And we have all refuted your claims about Miranda. You are just ignoring our answers. But, really there is no reason to defend her against the claims of people like you, who admit that they lie to stir up trouble. That “lawyer” had you running scared, didn’t he? You sure were quick to admit that you are a liar. But I guess being known as a liar is OK, as long as can keep coming here to insult someone so far above you. Right?

  203. 203
    LOl@202 Says:

    Is that the best you can come up with?

    Pinpointing somebody to be that someone…

    Anyways, goodluck for supporting a fameho liar! I’ll be the first to applaud her if she’ll be as successful as the shippers want her to be!

  204. 204
    observer Says:

    Is it just me or does anyone notice that miranda is trying to push him away and extrememly awkward? Orlando on the other hand, looks absolutely enamored. Or he is just acting?

  205. 205
    @204 Says:

    Yeah, her wrapping her arms around him, and holding his face in her hands, is TOTALLY pushing him away.

  206. 206
    Togetherness Says:

    I’ve always suspected that he’s more ‘besotted’ with her than the other way around. I could be wrong of course but I do think she takes advantage of the fact that he’s very enamored. To me she seems like a beautiful, decidedly-ambitious young woman who is probably not adverse to using sexuality as one method of manipulating others (i.e. men) to achieve something she wants. I’ve always believed she’s very appreciative of the publicity and added attention she extracts from this relationship and aware of the benefits she derives as a result.. Doesn’t mean I don’t like her. I think she’s smarter than many people give her credit for. I also think her ‘eye is always fixed on the prize’ – so to speak. I’m not saying she doesn’t have genuine feelings of affection for Orlando – but I do think he seems more invested, from a purely emotional standpoint, than she is. As long as both get what they need from the relationship, it most likely will continue to work. Just my own opinion based on observations of them as a couple. (And for the record – I DO think they make quite an attractive couple!)

  207. 207
    @206 Says:

    Yes, in most couples one is usually more invested than the other. It usually depends on how they handle relationships in general (not just romantic ones). We’ve known for a long time that Orlando throws himself fully into friendships. All you have to do is look at him when he is with his friends to know that. I’m not saying that he is gullible or clingy, but I think that when he trusts someone with his friendship, he is a friend through and through. I imagine he is the same way with the girl that holds his heart in her hands. Miranda may have been burned before by people who claimed to be her friend, and the fact that her childhood sweetheart was killed in a car accident may have made her build a bit of a shield around her heart. But I do believe that she loves him, and that he loves her. Who knows if they will always be happy together, but they sure are happy now. The way that they look at each other speaks volumes.

  208. 208
    meh Says:

    At the middle of this year, their relationsip will surely come to a halt!

    I bet 1$ to that lol

  209. 209
    @207 Says:

    Well said 207 – and I think you’re ‘right on’ about how Orlando commits himself to friendships. I’m sure that same wholehearted commitment would extend to romantic relationships as well, once he really believes he’s ‘fallen.’ In other words, in spite of what some of his worst critics want to believe, I don’t think he approaches relationships (friendships or romantic ones) in a ‘superficial’ way. He always appears so earnest and sincere – his emotions are written all over his face and it shows in his eyes. (He’s always had a very expressive face.)

  210. 210
    OMG Says:

    What is it on the other site that they’re talking about miranda’s contract not going to be resigned by VS? And they are saying that emanuela de paula will be the newest angel!

    My gosh, if that happens, VS will totally loose it’s class.

    Who is that girl by the way? Can any miranda fans confirm this pls.

  211. 211
    stiles Says:

    I’m not sure where people are getting the idea that Orlando cares for Miranda more than she cares for him. I’m not attacking anyone for their opinions – I’ve just never had this impression. If anything, I’d say it’s the other way around. In many pictures I’ve seen of them, Miranda is smiling and holding his arm while Orlando is looking away, seemingly distracted. Also, Miranda has usually been the spokesperson for both of them (some obvious exceptions do apply, of course) which makes me think that whatever the nature of this relationship may be, she is enjoying it more.

  212. 212
    @210 Says:

    Miranda is less than one year into a three year contract, and they just featured her on the cover of their Swim catalogue. She recently filmed another commercial for VS, and just flew to the Caribbean for another photo shoot.
    Don’t listen to the haters. VS loves her. If another Angel has really been signed, she is to replace one of the other girls, not Miranda. My guess would be that Karolina has eaten her way out of her contract.

  213. 213
    Justsayin' Says:

    I really loved Orly and Kate together, and at first couldn’t stand him and Miranda together. But now, they are my favorite celeb couple! The obvious love and affection they have for each other has really won me over. I really think that Mirand and Orly are made for each other.

    And Miranda is an amazing model, there is no way that VS would cancel her contract – whoever is spreading that rumor is crazy!

  214. 214
    yumm Says:

    AHHH, his tummy is nice and flat again! I generally do not care anything about models but the loons have made me like Miranda, hope they do marry and have kids LOL!

  215. 215
    @213 Says:

    Maybe Heidi is leaving? She has a lot going on in her life besides VS, and she is getting older. It seems that they have been grooming Adriana to take over as ‘lead’ angel, which I think is a mistake. She isn’t that great a model, and her personality is a bit lacking. She’s stunning, but IMO, not the best choice for spokesperson, I would like to see Alessandra in that role. The just did their tote bag featuring Marissa, Alessandra and Miranda. Doutzen is gorgeous. Probably the prettiest angel, but she isn’t very good on the runway, and her ‘sexy face’ poses make her look mildly retarded. She needs to work on that. REALLY work on that. She also needs to watch her weight. She doesn’t want to be the next Karolins and bust the seam of your runway outfit, and have to be safety pinned together just to get you on stage for the final line up. Miranda looks fit and healthy. And she has a more normal girl sex appeal, instead of the bomb-shell sexiness of Adriana. They have gotten very positive feedback from their customers. They seem to be able to relate to her. And as much as VS seems to love Miranda, she isn’t going anywhere. No matte how much the haters wish her ill.

  216. 216
    @212 Says:

    Thanks for clearing that!

  217. 217
    OMG Says:

    I wish VS will resign miranda’s contract once it expires. She’s really my top fave model. The situation that got me a bit worried about was how VS dropped their angels recently like izabel, karolina, and selita!

  218. 218
    lana Says:

    i know for a fact that these bikini runway photos were the first time orlando saw miranda and he says he fell in love with her straight away. he actually rang his agent and made him find out who she was. he then started pursuing her. in fact, it was orlando who was behind the new york hotel set-up (the very first time they were photographed together.) miranda was dating jay lyon at the time and refused to give orlando her phone number until she eventually ended her relationship. orlando loved how she played hard to get and respected her so much for making him wait. so cuuuuute! :D

    these are the photos. it’s quite obvious he fell for her so hard. miranda is so beautiful it actually hurts. :) Especially the second one. Aaaah! Too bad fashion designers try to cover that cute mole on her bum.

  219. 219
    @218 Says:

    You’re right! If miranda didn’t play the hard to get game, she’ll end up as one of his flings.

    IMO Miranda is smart for doing that, and hope she succeeds more!

  220. 220
    @218 Says:

    You’re right! If miranda didn’t play the hard to get game, she’ll probably end up as one of his flings.

    IMO she’s smart for doing that.

  221. 221
    farted right now -what? Says:

    oooooooooorlando pleaase be a nice person and marry me.

  222. 222
    slime Says:

    Orlando is one of those talentless actors who relies on publicity to keep his career going. Too bad, but imo that’s the truth.

    Miranda, on the contrary should find a man that will take her seriously, and i still think that she could do better than him.

  223. 223
    alex Says:

    Miranda won’t mind whether orlando is cheating on her or not. As long as he gives her the publicity she always craves, the show must go on.

  224. 224
    @224... Says:

    WOW, you must be phsyic to know exactly what Miranda thinks and feels, what a gift you have……… or maybe just a case of Miranda envy???

  225. 225
    @224 Says:

    @224… @ 03/02/2009 at 11:38 pm WOW, you must be phsyic to know exactly what Miranda thinks and feels, what a gift you have……… or maybe just a case of Miranda envy???

    WOW! You are talking to yourself! And it’s psychic.

  226. 226
    mikey Says:

    miranda is the most beautiful and gorgeous woman i have ever seen in my life. wow.

  227. 227
    @225... Says:

    Regardless of spelling, I notice you didn’t answer the comment, a psychic or Miranda envy, I’m guessing the latter….lol.

  228. 228
    @227 Says:

    Neither actually. lol
    I just thought it was cute the way the post came out is all.

  229. 229
    VSfan Says:

    IMO Once miranda’s contract with VS is over, they’ll sign up emanuela as their new official angel!

    And that sucks big time cause the girl is really unknown to many, as well as to fashion industry.

  230. 230
    MrsOrlandoBloom Says:

    Loon Im sick and tired of hearing you downgrade Orlando and Miranda!!! AKA Someone who has nothing better to do and someone that is jealours of Orlando beening with Miranda.

    I love Orlando very much and one day I wish for him to marry me.

    To all you ppl who think Orlando just likes looks on weman like (loon
    Acasha@lola lola@loon&delphis and others) he dones not just care about looks gees, its like you guys dont even know Orlando.

    karibikqueen who do you know that Orlando had sex when he was 14??? I know just about every thing about Orlando and I have never heard that?

    FYI Loon Miranda has only gone out with two guys one beening Orlando and it’s not bad beening caring towards your boyfriend, even if it is in pudlic long as there is not lil kids around.
    Like come on what are you supposed to do with your boyfriend if your not caring about him, kissing him, having sex with him and loving him. If you did not do that he would be just a friend. Plus why can’t you passonatley kiss your girlfriend or boyfriend with out having sex???? I know thats what you usually do but why can’t you?

    But what would I know im just a 15 year old, Australian country girl like Miranda that has not eva had a boyfriend.

    PS Im not Miranda Kerr and they are not engaged its been all ova the internet and Miranda and Orlando have both said that they are not engaged!!!!!

  231. 231
    @230 Says:



  232. 232
    @231 Says:

    Uhmmm, how can she not sound like an Australian, but then sound like Miranda….who is Australian? Just wondering.
    And yes, that was written by a very young and naive girl (or someone pulling our leg), but what she said makes more sense than anything ‘loon’ has posted.
    PS: you complain about someone’s grammar, when you have major issues with sentance structure. Pot/kettle
    Miranda’s contract won’t be over for more than two years. You don’t have anything to ‘worry’ about.

  233. 233
    VSfan@232 Says:

    If that’s true, i’m happy for her. Maybe they extended her contract when she officially became an angel last year.

  234. 234
    lindsay Says:


    UNFAIR!!!!!!! Why do some girls have everything?


  235. 235
    juno Says:

    I do feel sorry for miranda that the deal with branson didn’t go through.
    David Jones stores here are filled with pics of Megan Gale, who could also be considered their “face” in Australia. Instead, they managed to get the unknown former dj “what’s her name”, really funny.

  236. 236
    @232 Says:

    Miranda’s contract won’t be over for more than two years. You don’t have anything to ‘worry’ about.

    Guess you haven’t heard the one about how contracts are made to be broken. There is also such a thing as a buy out, if they feel she could be damaging their image.

  237. 237
    @236 Says:

    Let me guess. You think that she could damage the image of a lingerie brand by *gasps* kissing her long term boyfriend, who happens to be a famous actor with a reputation for being a good guy. Is that it?
    I think that Doutzen looking like a hooker while posing without clothes and holding a cig would be more damaging to their “image” than anything Miranda has done. Especially with those horrible tan lines. Tacky. Just tacky.

  238. 238
    VSfan@237 Says:


    You got it right!

    IMO some posters at delphi keep on coming back here to contradict everything about miranda. If that makes them happy, let them be!

    But sorry to tell you guys, VS doesn’t set any limitations to their contracted models. As long as the angels are moving units, and giving them continuous fame, they get to keep the job.

    In the case of izabel, karolina, and selita, the perceived reason was they’re not helping the company in terms of sales and popularity, aside from the makeface reason of personal decision.

  239. 239
    co0ftroy Says:

    I sooo agree with you, SofiaRocket @ 02/27/2009 at 3:00 am. It all looks so staged and Orlando for sure is in love, but Miranda, not so much. Check out the photo with her all alone on the balcony, and him inside. They both have such melancholy expressions. I agree when a hotter more famous guy comes along Miranda will be gone and Orlando will be heartbroken and pathetic. Stay tuned.

  240. 240
    news Says:

    Miranda is the new face of XOXO brand:

  241. 241
    cm Says:

    XOXO is a cheap brand that’s appropriate for miranda!

  242. 242
    @241.... Says:

    cm your jealousy is showing……Orlando told the whole world twice live on
    national tv that Miranda holds his heart in her hands… matter how many cheap remarks you make about her nothing will change that fact…..get over your Miranda envy and move on!!!

  243. 243
    alexa Says:

    orlando e super…e un actor extraordinar si as vrea sa stiu daca va face un film in romania sau se va lasa de actorie…acum in legatura cu revistele sar putea sa vina presa unei reviste din romania si te rog sa nu ii refuzi daca vor sa iti ia interviu nu o faci pentru mine o faci pentru fani tai din romania iar printre ei sunt si eu mi-a placut foarte mult filmul elizabethtown si stapanul inelelor iar in legatura cu Miranda Kerr nu te potrivesti cu ea asta e parerea mea de fan sper sa iei in considerare si sfatul meu dar daca esti fericit cu miranda atunci e ok.Multumesc ca mi-ai citit comentariul si ca a fost bun.

  244. 244
    Orlando is mine! Says:

    @MrsOrlandoBloom: Yeah sure ure not Miranda

  245. 245
    Orlando is mine! Says:


  246. 246
    Mrs.Bloom Says:

    Orlando Bloom, marry me!!!!! i prettier than miranda kirr!!!!

  247. 247
    Victoria Says:

    Aww Orlando and Miranda looks so sexy and cute together, they should get married, I love them so much together!! :)

  248. 248
    Santa Says:

    @Jealous: The term is Cradle snatcher

  249. 249
    Industrydrivenlook Says:

    In regards to looks. Most people would have regarded the looks of Miranda Kerr as that of a person with cross eyes & Down syndrome about 10 years ago.

    Nothing wrong with her just people like you and me being cultured as to what is good and what is ugly. If you dress up an ugly duck she to can eventualy be beautiful it has all got to do with exceptance.

    Her looks are that of a very plastic and industry driven image.

    When people are very slowly cultured by image you can make people like anything you want to sell them. It’s a many years old industry trick. Have a good think about that.
    Our existence is a 100thousand year’s old Chinese whisper every time something gets told it gets changed a little.


  250. 250
    Industrydrivenlook Says:

    Yep I agree extremely tacky> i supose they think that is art.Pfft.

  251. 251
    imi Says:

    please no

  252. 252
    Mildred Tanski Says: has the best window film in orlando

  253. 253
    iram khan Says:

    this is not good couple i dont like miranda .if orlando and keira knightley can become a couple then it is the best

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