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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balcony PDA!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balcony PDA!

Orlando Bloom and model girlfriend Miranda Kerr can’t hide their love for one amother, sharing a sweet smooch on the balcony of their hotel in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (February 26).

Orlando, 32, and Miranda, 25, couldn’t keep their hands off each other as soaked in the Sydney sun.

Orly, who was seen putting his shirt back on, is soon leaving Sydney to fly home to Los Angeles.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr‘s balcony PDA…

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orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 07
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  • Meredith

    The haters are all, obviously, brain dead fatties. Repulsive.

    Someone like Miranda Kerr must make them want to kill someone. Their tiny little brains must explode with jealousy.

    I imagine Loon to be the most heinous of them all. She would kill for Miranda’s facial features, bone structure, glowing flawless skin, long brunette main, crystal blue eyes, amazing lips and size 4 figure.

    Everyone hates you, take a minute from your binge eating and grow up. you may not be blessed at all, but at least pretend to have a life.

  • @200

    Please stop. You’re giving me a headache with your language problems. I usually appreciate the fact that so many will make a true effort to communicate in a language not their own, but you are giving those people a bad name. You end up sounding like an illiterate Yoda.
    At least try to make your posts relevant. None of us, prior to your last post, called you “fat/jelluz/haters from delphi!”. 201 came after your last rant. And we have all refuted your claims about Miranda. You are just ignoring our answers. But, really there is no reason to defend her against the claims of people like you, who admit that they lie to stir up trouble. That “lawyer” had you running scared, didn’t he? You sure were quick to admit that you are a liar. But I guess being known as a liar is OK, as long as can keep coming here to insult someone so far above you. Right?

  • LOl@202

    Is that the best you can come up with?

    Pinpointing somebody to be that someone…

    Anyways, goodluck for supporting a fameho liar! I’ll be the first to applaud her if she’ll be as successful as the shippers want her to be!

  • observer

    Is it just me or does anyone notice that miranda is trying to push him away and extrememly awkward? Orlando on the other hand, looks absolutely enamored. Or he is just acting?

  • @204

    Yeah, her wrapping her arms around him, and holding his face in her hands, is TOTALLY pushing him away.

  • Togetherness

    I’ve always suspected that he’s more ‘besotted’ with her than the other way around. I could be wrong of course but I do think she takes advantage of the fact that he’s very enamored. To me she seems like a beautiful, decidedly-ambitious young woman who is probably not adverse to using sexuality as one method of manipulating others (i.e. men) to achieve something she wants. I’ve always believed she’s very appreciative of the publicity and added attention she extracts from this relationship and aware of the benefits she derives as a result.. Doesn’t mean I don’t like her. I think she’s smarter than many people give her credit for. I also think her ‘eye is always fixed on the prize’ – so to speak. I’m not saying she doesn’t have genuine feelings of affection for Orlando – but I do think he seems more invested, from a purely emotional standpoint, than she is. As long as both get what they need from the relationship, it most likely will continue to work. Just my own opinion based on observations of them as a couple. (And for the record – I DO think they make quite an attractive couple!)

  • @206

    Yes, in most couples one is usually more invested than the other. It usually depends on how they handle relationships in general (not just romantic ones). We’ve known for a long time that Orlando throws himself fully into friendships. All you have to do is look at him when he is with his friends to know that. I’m not saying that he is gullible or clingy, but I think that when he trusts someone with his friendship, he is a friend through and through. I imagine he is the same way with the girl that holds his heart in her hands. Miranda may have been burned before by people who claimed to be her friend, and the fact that her childhood sweetheart was killed in a car accident may have made her build a bit of a shield around her heart. But I do believe that she loves him, and that he loves her. Who knows if they will always be happy together, but they sure are happy now. The way that they look at each other speaks volumes.

  • meh

    At the middle of this year, their relationsip will surely come to a halt!

    I bet 1$ to that lol

  • @207

    Well said 207 – and I think you’re ‘right on’ about how Orlando commits himself to friendships. I’m sure that same wholehearted commitment would extend to romantic relationships as well, once he really believes he’s ‘fallen.’ In other words, in spite of what some of his worst critics want to believe, I don’t think he approaches relationships (friendships or romantic ones) in a ‘superficial’ way. He always appears so earnest and sincere – his emotions are written all over his face and it shows in his eyes. (He’s always had a very expressive face.)

  • OMG

    What is it on the other site that they’re talking about miranda’s contract not going to be resigned by VS? And they are saying that emanuela de paula will be the newest angel!

    My gosh, if that happens, VS will totally loose it’s class.

    Who is that girl by the way? Can any miranda fans confirm this pls.

  • http://justjared stiles

    I’m not sure where people are getting the idea that Orlando cares for Miranda more than she cares for him. I’m not attacking anyone for their opinions – I’ve just never had this impression. If anything, I’d say it’s the other way around. In many pictures I’ve seen of them, Miranda is smiling and holding his arm while Orlando is looking away, seemingly distracted. Also, Miranda has usually been the spokesperson for both of them (some obvious exceptions do apply, of course) which makes me think that whatever the nature of this relationship may be, she is enjoying it more.

  • @210

    Miranda is less than one year into a three year contract, and they just featured her on the cover of their Swim catalogue. She recently filmed another commercial for VS, and just flew to the Caribbean for another photo shoot.
    Don’t listen to the haters. VS loves her. If another Angel has really been signed, she is to replace one of the other girls, not Miranda. My guess would be that Karolina has eaten her way out of her contract.

  • Justsayin’

    I really loved Orly and Kate together, and at first couldn’t stand him and Miranda together. But now, they are my favorite celeb couple! The obvious love and affection they have for each other has really won me over. I really think that Mirand and Orly are made for each other.

    And Miranda is an amazing model, there is no way that VS would cancel her contract – whoever is spreading that rumor is crazy!

  • yumm

    AHHH, his tummy is nice and flat again! I generally do not care anything about models but the loons have made me like Miranda, hope they do marry and have kids LOL!

  • @213

    Maybe Heidi is leaving? She has a lot going on in her life besides VS, and she is getting older. It seems that they have been grooming Adriana to take over as ‘lead’ angel, which I think is a mistake. She isn’t that great a model, and her personality is a bit lacking. She’s stunning, but IMO, not the best choice for spokesperson, I would like to see Alessandra in that role. The just did their tote bag featuring Marissa, Alessandra and Miranda. Doutzen is gorgeous. Probably the prettiest angel, but she isn’t very good on the runway, and her ‘sexy face’ poses make her look mildly retarded. She needs to work on that. REALLY work on that. She also needs to watch her weight. She doesn’t want to be the next Karolins and bust the seam of your runway outfit, and have to be safety pinned together just to get you on stage for the final line up. Miranda looks fit and healthy. And she has a more normal girl sex appeal, instead of the bomb-shell sexiness of Adriana. They have gotten very positive feedback from their customers. They seem to be able to relate to her. And as much as VS seems to love Miranda, she isn’t going anywhere. No matte how much the haters wish her ill.

  • @212

    Thanks for clearing that!

  • OMG

    I wish VS will resign miranda’s contract once it expires. She’s really my top fave model. The situation that got me a bit worried about was how VS dropped their angels recently like izabel, karolina, and selita!

  • lana

    i know for a fact that these bikini runway photos were the first time orlando saw miranda and he says he fell in love with her straight away. he actually rang his agent and made him find out who she was. he then started pursuing her. in fact, it was orlando who was behind the new york hotel set-up (the very first time they were photographed together.) miranda was dating jay lyon at the time and refused to give orlando her phone number until she eventually ended her relationship. orlando loved how she played hard to get and respected her so much for making him wait. so cuuuuute! :D

    these are the photos. it’s quite obvious he fell for her so hard. miranda is so beautiful it actually hurts. :) Especially the second one. Aaaah! Too bad fashion designers try to cover that cute mole on her bum.

  • @218

    You’re right! If miranda didn’t play the hard to get game, she’ll end up as one of his flings.

    IMO Miranda is smart for doing that, and hope she succeeds more!

  • @218

    You’re right! If miranda didn’t play the hard to get game, she’ll probably end up as one of his flings.

    IMO she’s smart for doing that.

  • farted right now -what?

    oooooooooorlando pleaase be a nice person and marry me.

  • slime

    Orlando is one of those talentless actors who relies on publicity to keep his career going. Too bad, but imo that’s the truth.

    Miranda, on the contrary should find a man that will take her seriously, and i still think that she could do better than him.

  • alex

    Miranda won’t mind whether orlando is cheating on her or not. As long as he gives her the publicity she always craves, the show must go on.

  • @224…

    WOW, you must be phsyic to know exactly what Miranda thinks and feels, what a gift you have……… or maybe just a case of Miranda envy???

  • @224

    @224… @ 03/02/2009 at 11:38 pm WOW, you must be phsyic to know exactly what Miranda thinks and feels, what a gift you have……… or maybe just a case of Miranda envy???

    WOW! You are talking to yourself! And it’s psychic.

  • mikey

    miranda is the most beautiful and gorgeous woman i have ever seen in my life. wow.

  • @225…

    Regardless of spelling, I notice you didn’t answer the comment, a psychic or Miranda envy, I’m guessing the latter….lol.

  • @227

    Neither actually. lol
    I just thought it was cute the way the post came out is all.

  • VSfan

    IMO Once miranda’s contract with VS is over, they’ll sign up emanuela as their new official angel!

    And that sucks big time cause the girl is really unknown to many, as well as to fashion industry.

  • MrsOrlandoBloom

    Loon Im sick and tired of hearing you downgrade Orlando and Miranda!!! AKA Someone who has nothing better to do and someone that is jealours of Orlando beening with Miranda.

    I love Orlando very much and one day I wish for him to marry me.

    To all you ppl who think Orlando just likes looks on weman like (loon
    Acasha@lola lola@loon&delphis and others) he dones not just care about looks gees, its like you guys dont even know Orlando.

    karibikqueen who do you know that Orlando had sex when he was 14??? I know just about every thing about Orlando and I have never heard that?

    FYI Loon Miranda has only gone out with two guys one beening Orlando and it’s not bad beening caring towards your boyfriend, even if it is in pudlic long as there is not lil kids around.
    Like come on what are you supposed to do with your boyfriend if your not caring about him, kissing him, having sex with him and loving him. If you did not do that he would be just a friend. Plus why can’t you passonatley kiss your girlfriend or boyfriend with out having sex???? I know thats what you usually do but why can’t you?

    But what would I know im just a 15 year old, Australian country girl like Miranda that has not eva had a boyfriend.

    PS Im not Miranda Kerr and they are not engaged its been all ova the internet and Miranda and Orlando have both said that they are not engaged!!!!!

  • @230



  • @231

    Uhmmm, how can she not sound like an Australian, but then sound like Miranda….who is Australian? Just wondering.
    And yes, that was written by a very young and naive girl (or someone pulling our leg), but what she said makes more sense than anything ‘loon’ has posted.
    PS: you complain about someone’s grammar, when you have major issues with sentance structure. Pot/kettle
    Miranda’s contract won’t be over for more than two years. You don’t have anything to ‘worry’ about.

  • VSfan@232

    If that’s true, i’m happy for her. Maybe they extended her contract when she officially became an angel last year.

  • lindsay


    UNFAIR!!!!!!! Why do some girls have everything?


  • juno

    I do feel sorry for miranda that the deal with branson didn’t go through.
    David Jones stores here are filled with pics of Megan Gale, who could also be considered their “face” in Australia. Instead, they managed to get the unknown former dj “what’s her name”, really funny.

  • @232

    Miranda’s contract won’t be over for more than two years. You don’t have anything to ‘worry’ about.

    Guess you haven’t heard the one about how contracts are made to be broken. There is also such a thing as a buy out, if they feel she could be damaging their image.

  • @236

    Let me guess. You think that she could damage the image of a lingerie brand by *gasps* kissing her long term boyfriend, who happens to be a famous actor with a reputation for being a good guy. Is that it?
    I think that Doutzen looking like a hooker while posing without clothes and holding a cig would be more damaging to their “image” than anything Miranda has done. Especially with those horrible tan lines. Tacky. Just tacky.

  • VSfan@237


    You got it right!

    IMO some posters at delphi keep on coming back here to contradict everything about miranda. If that makes them happy, let them be!

    But sorry to tell you guys, VS doesn’t set any limitations to their contracted models. As long as the angels are moving units, and giving them continuous fame, they get to keep the job.

    In the case of izabel, karolina, and selita, the perceived reason was they’re not helping the company in terms of sales and popularity, aside from the makeface reason of personal decision.

  • co0ftroy

    I sooo agree with you, SofiaRocket @ 02/27/2009 at 3:00 am. It all looks so staged and Orlando for sure is in love, but Miranda, not so much. Check out the photo with her all alone on the balcony, and him inside. They both have such melancholy expressions. I agree when a hotter more famous guy comes along Miranda will be gone and Orlando will be heartbroken and pathetic. Stay tuned.

  • news

    Miranda is the new face of XOXO brand:

  • cm

    XOXO is a cheap brand that’s appropriate for miranda!

  • @241….

    cm your jealousy is showing……Orlando told the whole world twice live on
    national tv that Miranda holds his heart in her hands… matter how many cheap remarks you make about her nothing will change that fact…..get over your Miranda envy and move on!!!

  • http://orlandobloomimagini alexa

    orlando e super…e un actor extraordinar si as vrea sa stiu daca va face un film in romania sau se va lasa de actorie…acum in legatura cu revistele sar putea sa vina presa unei reviste din romania si te rog sa nu ii refuzi daca vor sa iti ia interviu nu o faci pentru mine o faci pentru fani tai din romania iar printre ei sunt si eu mi-a placut foarte mult filmul elizabethtown si stapanul inelelor iar in legatura cu Miranda Kerr nu te potrivesti cu ea asta e parerea mea de fan sper sa iei in considerare si sfatul meu dar daca esti fericit cu miranda atunci e ok.Multumesc ca mi-ai citit comentariul si ca a fost bun.

  • Orlando is mine!

    @MrsOrlandoBloom: Yeah sure ure not Miranda

  • Orlando is mine!


  • Mrs.Bloom

    Orlando Bloom, marry me!!!!! i prettier than miranda kirr!!!!

  • Victoria

    Aww Orlando and Miranda looks so sexy and cute together, they should get married, I love them so much together!! :)

  • Santa

    @Jealous: The term is Cradle snatcher

  • Industrydrivenlook

    In regards to looks. Most people would have regarded the looks of Miranda Kerr as that of a person with cross eyes & Down syndrome about 10 years ago.

    Nothing wrong with her just people like you and me being cultured as to what is good and what is ugly. If you dress up an ugly duck she to can eventualy be beautiful it has all got to do with exceptance.

    Her looks are that of a very plastic and industry driven image.

    When people are very slowly cultured by image you can make people like anything you want to sell them. It’s a many years old industry trick. Have a good think about that.
    Our existence is a 100thousand year’s old Chinese whisper every time something gets told it gets changed a little.


  • Industrydrivenlook

    Yep I agree extremely tacky> i supose they think that is art.Pfft.