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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balcony PDA!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balcony PDA!

Orlando Bloom and model girlfriend Miranda Kerr can’t hide their love for one amother, sharing a sweet smooch on the balcony of their hotel in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (February 26).

Orlando, 32, and Miranda, 25, couldn’t keep their hands off each other as soaked in the Sydney sun.

Orly, who was seen putting his shirt back on, is soon leaving Sydney to fly home to Los Angeles.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr‘s balcony PDA…

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orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 08
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 09
orlando bloom miranda kerr balcony pda 10

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253 Responses to “Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balcony PDA!”

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  1. 126
    lalal Says:

    for some reason i think these pics look really posed/staged…but then again in interviews they always try to play down their relationship and dont want to talk about it, so im guessing theyre not
    he looks hottttt though :)

  2. 127
    who am i? Says:

    Just sitting here thinking how great it would be to be this in love! :-)
    They look so happy!

  3. 128
    kate Says:

    Sooo this is what they did for valentines day.

  4. 129
    @123 Says:

    Well said #123. I swear I will never understand the hate. There are celebs who I don’t like or get on my nerves, and guess what? I don’t read about them nor follow their careers. Oh well, what can you do? I just tend to skim over the hate, it’s the same ol’ same ol, anyway.
    I thought these pictures were very cute and down right yummy.
    And to the people that made it sound so dirty, man, talk about being uptight with sex. And to those that say they have SDTs, shame on you.
    Furthermore, if they were a set up or photo shoot, the pics would not have been so grainy.

  5. 130
    @130 Says:

    You know. People go to Hell for telling lies that hurt others. You think that this is a game. But you will have to answer for your words of hate.

  6. 131
    @131 Says:

    I have proof!

    Ask some of miranda’s closest friend’s, and they willl tell you the same..

    She’s still actually on medication for the syphilis she acquired years ago!

  7. 132
    @132 Says:

    And please do some medical research before saying something that stupid, again.
    L I A R

  8. 133
    @130 Says:

    What an awful thing to say about someone. Talk about creating bad karma for yourself. I’d hate to be in your shoes when you’re given a taste of your own medicine for maligning someone that way. Not – nice.

  9. 134
    @133 Says:

    Of course you won’t believe cause your a die hard fan!

    My question is, how well do you know miranda?

    As for the medical records, are you silly that something damaging like this will be shown?

    I’m not asking you to believe this, i’m just telling you!

  10. 135
    delphin Says:

    Miranda seems to be stuck at 14 years old. She never does seem to know how to act her age. I makes me wonder if she ever will grow up. I can honestly say I’d hate to be her, having to use a famous actor to help her career, and still even after thet she still can’t seem to make it big. Well I guess it is just part of karma. You can’t do a lot of horrible things and expect to get away with it. It will come back to haunt you sooner or later, and it appears to be coming to Miranda a lot sooner than she expected.

    The longer this mess goes on the nastier it becomes. It is like a soap opera, that doesn’t seem to know that it should’ve ended long ago. This show is just too darn predictable.

  11. 136
    @135 + Says:

    You have been here all day, repeating the same things over and over. give it up. You are just sounding more desperate that you already were.

  12. 137
    kris Says:

    they’re so cute :)
    next to zanessa they’re my fav. couple :)

  13. 138
    @Delphidiot Says:

    It’s funny that your group constantly talks about Karma, but then proceed to say hateful things about someone that hs never done anything to you. You are also wishing that bad things to happen to others. Do you not understand the word Karma that you are so fond of throwing out?
    H Y P O C R I T E

  14. 139
    @135 Says:

    I think that you are a liar and are going to hell, too. But the person said to do your research before posting such stupidity, because “syphilis” is curable. IF she had acquired it at a young age, it would have been cured long ago. That’s what they meant by doing research.

  15. 140
    Anonymous Says:

    It is so obviously staged. I guess couples who are so madly in love pose like this for the paps all the time. And if they are such a private couple like they claim to be why did they continue to stay out on the balcony after they knew the paps saw them? I don’t care whether they stay together or not, or whether or not this is real but why all these constant poses for the paps? I mean Orlando is not as popular as he used to be and he never was hounded by the paps like Brad Pitt, so they can’t be all coincidences that the paps just happen to run into them. Why claim to be so private when it’s obvious they’re not? I am not going to say whether they real or not, because no one knows for sure except them. Just because they look happy together doesn’t mean they are happy, and even when they look angry it doesn’t neccersarily mean that they are angry at each other either. Who really cares one way or the other.

  16. 141
    @140 Says:

    At least you admitted that miranda had one!

    That’s what you get for sleeping with countless men ayt..

    Too shameful for orlando that his current girl is one of the slatt in oz!

  17. 142
    @143 Says:

    English isn’t your first language, I know. But I never said that she had one, I said IF she had one. I was pointing out how stupid you were for telling that lie.

  18. 143
    @143 Says:

    English isn’t your first language, I know. But I never said that she had one, I said IF she had one. I was pointing out how stupid you were for telling that lie.

  19. 144
    wandane Says:

    Once orlando dumps the shipper’s “supermodel” wannabe idol, she’ll be back again to anonymity!

    Funny, that even dating an actor couldn’t help her drowning career!

  20. 145
    Good for him Says:

    Who the hell cares if it’s ‘real’ or not. They make a hot couple and they certainly seem to enjoy being together. I’m an Orlando fan who was really tired of seeing him in a state of semi-depression most of the time. He has a wonderful smile and laugh which he should practice using more just as he’s doing here. Looks like he’s really enjoying life again. I say good for him!

  21. 146
    Parish Hellton Says:

    That’s hot!

  22. 147
    BB Says:

    The pics looked very staged.

    I just thought she’d have a little more dignity or something.

    Oh miranda!

  23. 148
    miles Says:

    I’m not sure if it’s staged or not..

    The only thing i’m kinda sure of is,,

    this is orlando’s way of telling that they’re a couple who love and care for each other!

  24. 149
    john Says:

    I now have 2 IP addresses which I will be using, in conjunction with my private investigator, to press charges against someone who is destroying my client’s reputation with blatant lies and character assasination. You know who you are and will be hearing from me and my representatives soon.

  25. 150
    @25 Says:

    I must say that a lot of immature people posting here are making fools of themselves, & thank God they (celebrities) don’t know any of you exist. If they did… they’d back off as quick as the Bubonic plague swept through Europe in the 1340’s.
    So much for civility & respect for other people… What’s it like to be perfect & God-like?
    Report Abuse

    Pot kettle

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