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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balcony PDA!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balcony PDA!

Orlando Bloom and model girlfriend Miranda Kerr can’t hide their love for one amother, sharing a sweet smooch on the balcony of their hotel in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (February 26).

Orlando, 32, and Miranda, 25, couldn’t keep their hands off each other as soaked in the Sydney sun.

Orly, who was seen putting his shirt back on, is soon leaving Sydney to fly home to Los Angeles.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr‘s balcony PDA…

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253 Responses to “Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Balcony PDA!”

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  1. 151
    @150 Says:

    That actually sounds quite serious…but fair enough.

    I think if I was Miranda or her management I would hire someone to sue the person posting these horrible lies too. It’s not only God you’ll have to answer to – scary. My advice would be to retract your lies about her having the STD and hope she doesn’t pursue this further.

    I’ve heard of management and agents sueing over stuff said on the internet. Usually celebrities don’t care but saying she has an STD is the lowest of the low.

    FYI – type “Miranda Kerr” into google news and this thread pops up. It’s obvious that Miranda’s people have sumbled across this site. :(

  2. 152
    Lisa @ 150 Says:

    Good for you! Sue that poster for damages! I have a feeling it’s that Loon person, but now Miranda’s laywers have traced the IP hopefully they’ll be able to get justice for such a damaging lie.

    Daaamn, I wouldn’t wanna mess with the Kerr and Bloom legal team. Miranda’s management IMG and Chic have sued successfully before over damaing lies about some of their clients on a blog and won substancial damages. :D


  3. 153
    Agree Says:

    I too hope this is for real and they do pursue some sort of legal action. Not liking a particular celebrity is one thing – but some of these hatemongers just go too far! Some are too eaten up with vitriol to know when they’ve crossed the line.

  4. 154
    Meredith Says:

    I study law. Miranda’s management definitely has grounds to sue the person who will be traced by that I.P address. Karma.

    I say, kudos to them. The person who said she has an STD has got problems. Imagine how he/ she treats people in their own life.

    No-one deserves to have someone spread such a lie about them.

  5. 155
    Anonymous Says:

    Sorry miranda has no std..

  6. 156
    Anonymous Says:

    I retract my claim..


  7. 157
    Anonymous Says:

    Please don’t take this anymore further!

    I’m sorry again!

  8. 158
    lol Says:

    You may study law, but I actually practice it. Slander and libel are almost impossible to prove. They would literally have to dig through the girls life to make sure that what is being said is not true. And then libel and slander are tried very differently in the States than it is in the Commonwealth. It is much easier to prove it in the Commonwealth, but much harder in the US. From what I understand JJ is a US based site, so I would guess the case would be tried in the States, and if that were the case, than poor Miranda would probably not want her whole life spread out for all to read about. IT sounds as though someone is just throwing words about lawsuits, and really has no idea what he is talkiing about. IF they call her a ****, he would have to prove she has not led a life of hopping in and out of bed with men, witnesses please. Has she ever had an STD, there will be medical proof if so, does she really want that out there. That is why most celebrities swallow this kind of stuff, they know that what could come out, would be much much worse.

  9. 159
    Anonymous Says:

    What i said about miranda having STD is NOT TRUE.

    It’s just for the sake of fun! I know it’s demoralizing, and again, i’m really sorry!

    I don’t want to get this topic any further!

    But #159, thanks a lot for that! I really appreciate it!

    I also thought of that limitations, that’s why i thought it’s my advantage to post that stupid comment about STD.

    But there’s no truth about what i posted miranda having STD. SORRY

    Again #159 THANKS

  10. 160
    @159 Says:

    Thank you. Still brains here, good to know.

    Taking legal actions? Where? That’s not Star Trek, people. We don’t have a federation that’s responsible for the whole f*cking EARTH! Geez. This is a GOSSIP blog of all places! No file sharing network, nothing linked with Al Quaida, not even a ‘news’ station or the website of some rag like the National Enquirer! It’s a BLOG! And #150 – encouraging yourself for your false claim with the next 5 comments within half an hour (obvious much?) won’t make anybody with a working brain believe any of your shizz.

    Psst! I think Miranda HAS a reputation for being a wh*re that jumps to bed with various men – being in a relationship or not! There! I said it! What ya gonna do now? HAHAHAH!

  11. 161
    cory Says:


  12. 162
    @159,161 Says:

    You guys really are genius..

    I think someone is scaring someone!

  13. 163
    Sighs4l Says:

    @159 LOL – Thanks for your post. I was also going to post something about 150 trying to scare the poster who accused CPK of having an STD. I work in the court system and I know libel and slander are difficult to prove but if you’re in the public eye, it’s going to be darn near impossible to get a serious hearing on it.

    Now 150, about that impersonating an attorney – THAT’LL get you into some serious shiz…

  14. 164
    Orlando fan Says:

    I agree with who said that Orlando hasn’t been looking happy in a while since his whatever it was with Penelope Cruz ended .Now he seems to enjoy life more and he worked again and has many more projects in the near future this trip seems to have done wonders for him he looks so happy it’s a shame they left Australia because he seems to be really happy there I really hope in the summer he will do this movie they are talking about the Cross .TO THE DELPHI LOONS YOU LOOK PATHETIC PEOPLE WITH NO LIFE I PITY YOU.YOU NASTY PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HELL FOR YOUR HATE TOWARDS A STRANGER WHO HAS DONE NOTHING TO YOU AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO SPREAD LIES ABOUT HER AND WISH HER DEATH YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED

  15. 165
    @159 161 164 Says:

    Kudos to all of you…

    And who the heck would dig miranda’s life/relationship/medical status? she aint gisele, she aint that famous, and she aint that important!

    And who the heck would take JJ seriously eg. the court?
    It aint a respectable site, but rather a gossip site where everyone can post their opinions. Lastly, JJ would be the one to be blamed for that matter cause it allows freedom of posts without serious reviewing/screening!

    Now #150, get your act better next time, cause you don’t want to be sued for impersonating a lawyer, cause you aint one but a shipper in the ass…

    Nice try though that you scared that poster, but it aint gonna work for someone who knows the rules. Besides, IP’s are so hard and impossible to trace, there so much legalities involved, and it aint be given to your private investigator in a snap of fingers! I know that one cause i used to work for a telephone company.

  16. 166
    LOL!! Says:

    I LOVE the fact that the idiot (loon) who kept posting over and over fell for that trick! At least it got her to admit that she was lying about “the truth”.
    Shows how pathetic some of these haters are. They are so consumed with hatred for this woman that they have never met, that their brains have stopped functioning.
    LOVE IT!

  17. 167
    just thinking Says:

    If one sues one another…

    JJ will always be involved in the process!

    Meaning no more press for miranda anymore, as JJ is the main site that gives her PR outside OZ! HAHAHAHA

    Now everyone, GET OVER IT!

    No more STD’s ok!

  18. 168
    just thinking Says:

    Why is it that miranda is the most hated model in the history of fashion industry? Anyone..

  19. 169
    Too Bad Says:

    Kinda pathetic how everyone rushes in to ‘defend’ the scumbag who posted that garbage in the first place. It’s a shame nothing can really be done legally to upset that punk’s applecart. People like that deserve a right hard slap imo (figuratively speaking of course).. Maybe Life will deliver a wake-up punch. Here’s hoping.

  20. 170
    Sighs4l Says:

    @just thinking – Nice try Hon but nah.

    She only wishes she were that noteworthy.

  21. 171
    @169 Says:

    The haters can deny the real reason all they want, but the ONLY reason she is hated is because she has the nerve to date Orlando Bloom. If she wasn’t dating him, they wouldn’t give a damn what she did in her life or career. Just ask Kate Bosworth. She can tell you all about it, since she went through the same thing.
    Oh, she will get what’s coming to her.
    Karma can be a real b!tch.

  22. 172
    Too Bad Too Says:

    Kinda pathetic that shippers can’t defend all about the lies, manipulations, etc miranda has done and continuously doing. It’s a shame that it’s all coming back to her now.

    People like miranda deserve a right hard slap imo (figuratively speaking of course).. Maybe Life will deliver a wake-up punch. Here’s hoping.

  23. 173
    @Sighs41 Says:

    My pleasure.. Thanks

  24. 174
    @173 Says:

    Since she hasn’t done anything wrong, what is there to defend?
    The ” lies, manipulations, etc “, only exist in the tiny little overactive minds of the haters.

  25. 175
    @172 Says:

    Oh, so typical.
    “Loon” a hater, came on here and told a LIE, that she claimed over and over was “the truth”, until she was afraid that it would come back to bite her in the butt. She then recanted, and claimed that it was “just for the sake of fun”. Some fun, hmmm? Trying to ruin someone’s reputation is a blast, isn’t it? As long as someone isn’t doing it to you, right? Then it is a HORRIBLE thing to do.
    Then the haters continue to claim that MIRANDA is the liar. Huh?
    Just another day for the Delph-hypocrites.

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