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Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen: Secret Wedding!

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen: Secret Wedding!

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen married in a small, private ceremony at the St. Monica Catholic Church on Thursday (February 26) in Santa Monica, Calif.

According to People, the New England Patriots quarterback and the Brazilian supermodel wed around 6pm. Brady‘s son with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, was also present.

According to Us, Gisele and her three dogs were dressed by Dolce & Gabbana, who most recently dressed Fergie for her January nuptials to Josh Duhamel. Tom wore an Ermenegildo Zegna suit.

The ceremony was so secretive that even the guests did not realize they were there to attend a wedding. Instead, they “thought they were going to a christening at a church.”

Tom, 31, and Gisele, 28, got engaged last month and have been dating since Christmas 2006. .

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • hello

    shes a litlle manly. but congrats

  • jesl

    who cares?

  • ihavenolife

    that’s a short engagement. but congrats to them, great looking couple!

  • keri

    jesl @ 02/27/2009 at 1:29 am

    obviously you do otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on this thread.

    i think they will have beautiful children. best wishes!


    Congrats! Great to hear his son was present.

  • Dora

    If it’s true


  • katarina

    many congrats.Poor Leo.. I think he stay now in the shock and feeling pain becous he was loved her.

  • SofiaRocket

    She’s obviously in a hurry to marry before Leo..dogs and exes present at a wedding? Khm…

  • Jen

    hope they last

  • Gemini24

    Congrats to both of them…

    I really admire couples who still believe in marriage, instead of just living together…

  • OMG

    Almost all the VS supermodels are either married or have kids!!!



  • KF

    i am sooo happy for them and couldnt be anymore excited to see what the future holds for these two. Congrats to the happy couple!

  • urbanprincess93

    she denied all engangement rumours and then she went on and got married!!good for her….congrats…shez georgeous

  • Halli

    Jared, PopSugar is beating you right now. Don;t lag behind the competition. Your sites still the best!

  • FB


  • caro

    congratulation! nice to have his son at the wedding! hopefully beautiful baby!

  • Sara

    Congratulation! :-)

  • Abbie

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So these rumors of a Xmas engagement were totally true, then!!! I am very happy for them.!/

  • janaina

    I wish luck to Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, I love Gisele, she is very beautiful and supermodel, I hope they have a happy family.

  • moo

    Didn’t she recently say she wasn’t interested in marriage? Anyway, best to them any all other married couples.

  • me

    I hope he don’t mess this one up like he did the last one. He maarird her because she don’t want any kids right now.Just see how long this last. But congrats to her not him.

  • Maria

    Good for them!! They’re gonna make some pretty babies!!

  • bobbi

    Congratulations to the both of them. Many years of happiness. :)

  • bobbi

    Umm, # 21–exactly how did he “mess up” the last one. They broke up. Incompatible. End of story.

  • bobbi

    Oh and she tried to entrap him. I forgot. ;)

  • lana

    hottest couple on the planet…!
    Congratulations to them!

  • Erin

    I see divorce in their future… sounds horrible but it seems he’s not the monogomous type and seriously, engaged and married within a month. What’s with the rush jobs.

  • lollipop

    Nobody traps anybody….If he doesn’t want a baby then maybe he should have used a few braincells and keep his glove on but no he didn’t and birth control is never ever 100% and THAT IS WHY SO MANY GIRLS GET LUCKY WITH THE PREGNANCY CARD. :-) Duh!

    And also many girls get SCREWED so its really a wild card situation for any girl.

  • sara

    Nice ! They are son in love and both are very fidelity people.

  • Ro

    Man!!! what a gorgeous couple…
    If all this is tru, I am very happy for them!

  • Dunny

    Their female children will be ugly. Yikes. What’s with models getting married now? Adriana Lima and now Gisele Bundchen.

  • bobbi

    Oh. My. God. :) Err, yeah, women have been known (when the relationship is coming to an end) to NOT use their own birth control. No idea what Tommy and Moynahan were using of course but I’m sure they weren’t using the catholic cycle method.

    Bridget got what she wanted–a kid and Tom is paying for life for it. Please, don’t give me this “she was on birth control and it didn’t work bullshit.”

    Oh, and umm Tom and Moynahan WERE split when he met Gisele. ;)


    Love them, such a beautiful couple. But then all Gisele’s men are beautiful.

  • jaye

    Wow you mean she was LYING when she denied that they were engaged. I”m sooooooo surprised. Yeah right!

  • jaye

    correction. she said they WEREN’ T ENGAGED.

  • lollipop

    As to what’s the rush??? How much you want to make a bet this tool got her pregnant as well? LOL That would make sense for the rush because women know he isn’t too bright, so he definately will be as gullable if not more with the next one.

  • Anon2009

    bobbi, if he knew she wanted kids, and he did not, then why did he not wear a condom? He’s “paying for life” for it- umm, he’s obligated to pay this thing called child support for the next 18 years. Big deal.

  • BoPo

    For all you “Know it alls”. It was not a quick wedding! They got married just when it was predicted they would! AND they did it the way they said they would! You haters are so busy finding fault! And if you hate them so much why do you come on this site just to let us all know how much you hate them. That is sick. AND take a look at all the positive comments from their fans. Bet that must make you mad huh??Get lost losers and take Bridget Monynahan with you. She got what she wanted (Tom’s child) and they got what they want (each other). Go away and hate on another site.

  • bobbi

    1. She didn’t lie. She wasn’t engaged. They had no engagement ring wearing period–they just got married.

    2. Yeah, I get the whole child support thing idiot. I was merely stating a fact. The guy isn’t a dead beat dad.

    3. Oh, some couples don’t want kids and some men think the woman IS on birth control.

    Have a lovely day. I’m over and out on this topic.

  • julia

    I’m from brazil and I’m so happy for them!

  • Naima

    What a gorgeous couple, Gisele always said she thought Brady was cute back in the day, glad to see them together. Only goes to show that Leo is an absolute immature fool, I’ve worked with Gisele a couple of times, and while she’s all business, she’s a very intelligent and down to earth woman. They make a fantastic couple, I’m sure Leo is feeling the blunt of this blow, and all he’s got is some idiotic 12 year old whose using him when he could have had a mature woman whose career was established and who genuinely loved him. Congrats !!!

  • Anon2009

    I know that too Bobbi. But men should wear condoms just to be on the safe side even if they do think the woman is on birth control. That way there’d be a lot less of these “trapping” accusations.

  • lollipop

    Any man who doesn’t wear a condom is never trapped by a woman. He is ONLY trapped by his own STUPIDITY.

    How nieve are men these days? “Honey, Im on the pill.” If you believe that sh*t, you deserve to be taken for a fool. The pill is never 100% and for that matter neither is a condom.

    Do you know how many men out there say she TRICKED me??? Since when? Did she pull a rabbit out of her head? Stupidity runs rampant.

  • Jazz

    Im not gonna lie…i still carry a torch for Leo and Gisele even though Leo wasn’t smart enough to hold on to one of the best things he’s had in his life. I’m hoping that one day that they realize they were perfect for each other and act of it.

  • lakers fan in boston

    congrats if it actually happened
    twice already its been rumored they r engaged and no conformations
    so i dont believe this story so much

  • camerondiaztwin

    If Gisele had been The One for DiCaprio, I’ve no doubt he would have married her. She wasn’t, so he didnt’.

    That’s just a fact.

  • Robby rob rob

    It would be a great and funny irony if they had ugly children..I would laugh. Though, they will likely have some gorgeous kids, even better looking than Brad and Angelina’s will become.

  • anon

    1) How long until she announces her pregnancy?
    2) how long till divorce!
    3) smart move on Tom’s part, marry a rich woman, hope she had a prenup- football career is dying!

    Fact; very few marry for the right reasons nowadays!

  • Stacie

    Who gets married on a Thursday afternoon….can you say KNOCKED UP!

  • laughing

    Her dogs were at the wedding(in church)??

    Wearing D&G speically designed flora collars?!

    So which dog barked when the priest said,”Do you take this woman…….. to have and to hold, definitely for richer until…(insert own words)”.