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Jennifer Aniston is Cologne Cute

Jennifer Aniston is Cologne Cute

Jennifer Aniston and costar Owen Wilson attend yet another photo call to promote their latest doggy flick, Marley & Me at the Hyatt Hotel on Saturday (February 28) in Cologne, Germany.

In German, the movie title is Marley & Ich. Ich!!!

Jen, 40, wore another classic black ensemble, opting for a pair of Bernaz Kanani peep-toe platforms and Balenciaga dress (you can only see the details of the dress in this picture). Owen, 40, donned another dapper Burberry suit.

10+ pictures inside of Cologne cute Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson

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jennifer aniston cologne germany 01
jennifer aniston cologne germany 02
jennifer aniston cologne germany 03
jennifer aniston cologne germany 04
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Photos: Florian Seefried/Getty, WENN
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  • gold

    who cares about jen.she is pathetic and her movies suck!!!!

  • Mela

    What is with jennifer aniston’s upper lip area?

    Whenever she smiles, and even when she doesn’t, I noticed her lips tug into a weird position.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    botox around the smile lines maybe?

  • exotic

    Mela, u r right, she is plastic allright!

    a talentless rich woman who is the apple of eyes of tabloid media

  • DeeDee

    Why is her hair ALWAYS in her face? It’s so annoying! How can she go through every day like that? Her stylist had enough sense to pull it back and fasten it away from her face for the Oscars.

  • lol

    please where are the fan in all the country she has been or is it only in US she have psycho fan that can see to stay 24/7 on blogs.

    Jennifer Aniston was recently described as “fiercely private.” But everyone knows her story by now. What does it take to be considered not private?

    Whoever spewed that cliché about Jennifer Aniston being fiercely private is wrong. There are no private celebrities. Period. Not even Harrison Ford, with his grumptastic interview style, or Beyoncé, who won’t publicize her love life except through pop singles that get international airplay, or Gwyneth Paltrow, who has no problem sharing special family moments via her GOOP blog. (All three have been dubbed fiercely private.)

    So then why do reporters use that tired phrase when describing everyone from Johnny Depp-who’s had no trouble telling the press about how he met Vanessa Paradis-to Sacha Baron Cohen? Actually, it’s a kind of code, and I’ve got the translation…

    According to gossip reporters who would know, fiercely private doesn’t mean the star won’t talk about love or kids or family. (How many times have we heard Aniston blab something about Brangelina, fueling what’s turning out to be the 30 Years War of Hollywood?) What the reporter is really saying is that the star is currently being, or has recently been, a profound pain in the ass. High maintenance. Difficult to interview or draw out at that very moment when the reporter wants something juicy.

    “They don’t share often, or enough,” says Matt Donnelly, senior writer at Celebuzz (as well as a former B!tchling of mine). “That doesn’t mean they aren’t reclusive-look at Prince-but that’s very different from private. People who want privacy don’t become entertainers.

    “But in the celeb journo world, private means high maintenance.”

    In other words, highly controlled about his or her public image.

    So whoever wrote that about Aniston was probably noting that she holds her hands up and covers her face during some paparazzi encounters, or didn’t feel like giving that particular reporter an exclusive sit-down with herself and John Mayer.

    In this town, fiercely private is a phrase that is never, ever to be taken seriously.

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  • cosi

    High-wattage ever since she confronted her nemesis full-on @ the Oscars. Good for her, tho the whole ‘performance’ was stiff, and she made a move that involuntarily betrayed her state of mind… With ALL the possibilities in jewelry out there, her choice of a solitaire diamond when seeing her ex and his missus for the first time spoke volumes.

  • Besane

    Miss Aniston is a shining example of how a very ordinary woman can look good with the best grooming at the top price. Even for a brief time she was able to be married to Brad Pitt, although that was an over reach.

  • salle

    Another day, another photo op of couger Jen and a miserable looking Owen. Poor Owen, he is so not into the whole Jen flirting to get noticed. He looks so sad. Jen is such a rag-ho and her movies really do suck so bad!!!

  • Lara

    She looks cute. Love the shoes.

  • Jasmine

    Love the dress, love her healtht hair and her shoes.


    where is peeboy de boytoy ooo they have split. Peeboy will call a press conference tomorrow through the formal channel he used to dumb her TMZ.

    Mummy boy will pea on another person
    Waiting for the news hope the maniston fan will not commit suicide.

  • Jasmine

    I meant healthy haha!

  • Jasmine

    Why are people so angry these days??

    You guys need a hug lol

  • lmao

    Lara @ 02/28/2009 at 2:34 pm

    She looks cute. Love the shoes.

    if you have 100 of million without commitment surely you will look good as the ex girl friend of Vince, Paul, grip boy and on&off again boyfriend.

  • lara

    love her dress! she looks sooo beautiful, I have a serious crush on her and I’m straight!

  • Mina

    has anyone noticed that she greatly resembles Cristina Applegate?

  • Jason

    Great body. Too bad about the face.

  • time for plan b

    Mayer is somewhere drunk and getting his balls licked. In private aniston must have him on c o c k block lol
    I bet he is celebrating that pot is legal on 13 states now! no jenjen near allowed for that lol
    Mayer must be happy that once again is alone without controlling freak like Maniston

  • bet

    love the the dress, the leg she look fantastic.


    everone knows her life, becuase there are number enough people who just wait for article or picture like this to appear and spit hate on her thread. May be that is the reason why people knows her every detail of her life. there are people who are forcing themself to hard to know as much as posible. Even her appear in Oscar make a big deal and become big news, people would sit down and analyse her walk , her face movement , how her eyes move. But she did not do nothing extra from what other people industry did . she did not force anyone to do that , the country force themself to know about her detail of her life.Even her coughing become news. there is nothing she can do about that. If people obessed with her what can she do ? except to sit down and laugh about losers.

    She did not talk about bragnlina too many time , she only did it once and she ask them to shut up about the private matter to private. what more one can tell you to undersand loonies

  • fiona

    great! more news of her! the movie is a success! congratulations!

  • lalalalalala

    Is JJ under Huvane’s payroll now?

  • lakers fan in boston

    love aniston!!!
    she looks great and that dress is sexy on her
    @17, tbh i think her face is pretty good for some1 her age
    i love angie, but her face sometimes looks horrible
    i just kinda dont like aniston’s cheeks, they look kinda weird

  • hyde

    shi.t my dog howled when he saw Maniston’s close up photo on my computer screen. Do us a favor and don’t put Miss Ed’s photo like that, some of us still need to eat and don’t want to barp.

  • urbanprincess93

    she is sooo prettyy!!!!!i love her…..rite frm the time i used to watch friends!!shez so adorable…XD

  • Jennifer

    shes hot. body is rockin.. why is everone calling her plastic? what has she had done? still has that weird nose.. thats it..

  • soi

    Enough pictures of these two, where are the photos of Kate Hudson?

  • KV

    The mold was broken when this inside/outside beautiful girl-nextdoor with a heart filled with sunshine was born! Best wishes to Jennifer Aniston in having come through a challenging personal three-year-period of her life nearly unscathed….nobody can ever call her a liar and cheat unlike some others.

  • soi

    “bet” needs to go back to school!

  • plez

    Wow she needs to rest. This trip is showing her age. The dress looks like a bathrobe.

    No more closeups Mr DeMille.

  • plez

    KV @ 02/28/2009 at 3:05 pm

    The mold was broken when this inside/outside beautiful girl-nextdoor with a heart filled with sunshine was born!
    That’s just too funny. Go to Bravo’s Housewives of OC and see lots of women that look like Aniston and are as shallow as she is.

  • Love

    Jen! She is amazing!!

  • Love

    Why was my comment not posted?All i did was say good things about Jen?

  • soph

    she’s awsome!!!

  • bet


    if you call that shallow, let me be like her shallow be one of the smartess woman in the businuss and make money from Zero to 200 million worth of capital. that is on hell of shallow woman. You know her very well . ha ha ha ha ha

  • Agelina is a dandy woman

    Angelina Jolie is the most beuatiful woman of the world and Manjen is the average woman of the world. Jennifer never will be like Angelina, Angelina will show more performance, show and action yet, but Jennifer will sit at home and be jealousy like a dog. Jennifer is older than Angelina and I don´t know what Jennifer thinks about herself, she thinks she is epicentrum of the world ? Jennifer hasn´t for it. She will be jealousy of Angelina in future yet more because Angelina will go proper action like a dandy woman. I bet movie Marley&Me is average movie like this title of movie.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Why is she only wearing the top of her pijama ?

  • annie

    I like her outfit but why must it be black?? I want her in more color

  • plez

    bet @ 02/28/2009 at 3:16 pmsmartess woman in the businuss

    Her money comes from Friends. So there are five other people that make as much. So shut up about her being so smart person. She was lucky to fall into a role. Actually Cox is smarter than Anisotn. She has a production company, a furniture company. endorse a make up and makes the same amount of money as Aniston. The only difference is she was not dropped by PItt. Thus the pity party love was not available for Cox.

  • MARK

    She’s so beautiful!
    My friends and I all have crushes on Jennifer Aniston. She’s everything a man would want in a woman. She’s such a lady.
    I understand why so many girls hate her though. It’s like the popular girl at school who every dreamed about and every girl criticized and hated, but wished to have at least one thing she had. Money, looks, fame, whatever.
    I’m also not surprised that she’s probably one of the most famous women on earth. Many love her, many hate her. Even Bret Michaels who likes the Angelina-type has a crush on Jennifer Aniston.

    I love and admire Angelina, but I honestly can’t compare them. The only thing they have in common is Brad Pitt and Hollywood; but Jen is something else, she makes me want to know more and more about her.

    I think she’s a talented actress, and we follow her movies and also her beautiful process of aging with style and not losing who she is.

    Brad Pitt, John Mayer and all the guys who have loved her and spent their lives with her are very lucky.

  • plez

    You can tell Aniston is not a major star. No European premiere. Also she is second fiddle to Owen Wilson on the movie poster. Oh but of course Jared and other put her first because Aniston has the pity party love gene. Which basically is lowering the bar for anything Aniston does so she looks good.

  • bet


    Honey from what ever it comes , it reached 200 million , that is telling something about her.

  • plez

    MARK @ 02/28/2009 at 3:38 pm

    Mark try writing like a man next time you want to pretend you are a man. LMAO

  • alexkziel

    Where is the screaming, the fans, the big media, the pandemonium…?!!!
    oh forget it , its Jennifer Aniston….

  • mana

    gold @ 02/28/2009 at 2:13 pm

    who cares about jen.she is pathetic and her movies suck!!!!
    and you are here on aniston thread why?

  • bet


    right now she is a major star in US by kicking Ass you know who?

    Like mark said , just people are so obessed with woman. anything she does become obesstion with the country. She does do any major thing that make her notice but the whole world obessed with her move. The only thing she does , just doing her job. but there a lot of lover and a lot of haters.

  • chin can’t act

    plez @ 02/28/2009 at 3:37 pm

    chiniston got a movie career thatnks to brad. she was nothing before brad. i dare any chiniston fan name one box office hit before she met brad. after she married brad she got more movie offers but all those movies that were box office got vince, ben, jim, and now owen. she will always play supporting rachel green role never a lead role.

  • plez

    Bet she is not worth 200 million. Even if you believe she was worth 150 mill when she go divorce you can’t think she made 50 mill in 4 years. Please honey grow up. She purchased a home, started a business plus investments for everyone has gone down.

  • bet

    last i read that what she worth.

  • The REAL Aniston

    From a 2000 article that neither Aniston nor her mouthpiece has ever denied. Remember, this is a woman who responds to every negative utterance (Kim Stewart’s comment; Anne Hathaway’s comment), so if this story of her horrific treatment of her mother WASN’T true, why didn’t her reps deny it?



    FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston’s strained relationship with her mother Nancy hit a new low when her mom was stricken with life-threatening double pneumonia — and cold-hearted Jennifer refused to help!

    It was apparent there was bad blood between the two after Jennifer failed to invite her own mom to her wedding to Brad Pitt last July. But even close friends were shocked that she let Nancy seek medical attention at a dingy public clinic that treats the homeless and destitute.

    “Jennifer can afford to pay for the best treatment at the best hospital, but she didn’t lift a finger to help,” says a friend of the older Aniston.

    “Nancy had to go to a clinic for indigents because she had nowhere else to turn.”

    Heartless Jennifer’s shocking disregard for her mom’s health came just days before a scandalous interview in which she described her mother as “a disease.”

    But the star’s callous behavior has friends worried that Jennifer is sick, too — mentally. They’re afraid she’s cracking up, say sources.

    “How else could a daughter turn her back so completely on her mother?” ask worried pals.

    Nancy, 64, was near death’s door with pneumonia, a friend tells Star. “She was stricken with double pneumonia. She was pale as a ghost, and the pain and the congestion in her chest was awful.”

    Jennifer’s mother had so much trouble breathing that she was forced to seek medical treatment March 28 at the North Hollywood Health Center, a shabby building with peeling white paint, where people are asked to pay whatever they can afford for their care.

  • Lindsey

    Jen always look so great. I’m a huge fan of her style. I wish I looked half as good as her! :)