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Jennifer Aniston Eats a Doggy Treat

Jennifer Aniston Eats a Doggy Treat

Marley & Me co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson promote their new pooch flick on German TV show “Wetten Dass…” at Messe Duesseldorf in Germany on Saturday (February 28).

During the show, there was a bet to see if a woman who owned 28 huskies could name some of them just from the sound of them slurping from their water bowl.

Jen bet that she could do it while Owen bet that she couldn’t. The woman identifed four dogs and Jen won the bet! Since they were promoting their dog movie, the Germans made Owen eat a doggy treat. Jen also took a bite of the biscuit in support of Owen.

BTW, it wasn’t really a dog biscuit. It was just a cookie! Just watch the video below!!!

Jen, 40, wore a Givenchy dress and some killer Bernaz Kanani heels.

Jennifer Aniston Eats a Doggy Treat
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jennifer aniston doggy treat 01
jennifer aniston doggy treat 02
jennifer aniston doggy treat 03
jennifer aniston doggy treat 04
jennifer aniston doggy treat 05
jennifer aniston doggy treat 06
jennifer aniston doggy treat 07
jennifer aniston doggy treat 08
jennifer aniston doggy treat 09
jennifer aniston doggy treat 10
jennifer aniston doggy treat 11
jennifer aniston doggy treat 12
jennifer aniston doggy treat 13
jennifer aniston doggy treat 14
jennifer aniston doggy treat 15
jennifer aniston doggy treat 16
jennifer aniston doggy treat 17
jennifer aniston doggy treat 18
jennifer aniston doggy treat 19
jennifer aniston doggy treat 20

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  • K.G.

    funny story!

  • j.j

    shees great

  • Denise

    Thanks, she looks great!

  • Have lots of fun

    Sooooo pretty! God bless you Jen.

  • blue

    Jen looks really pretty :) :) :)

  • lalalalalala

    One UGLY mug she’s sporting. Thought she’s the mastiff dog hahaha

  • Taylor

    How funny! Jen looks great as always!

  • vmars111

    Oh God, Jared! Why did you have to post that title???

    Now all the Aniston Haters (this means you Angelina-holics) are going to make about 250 stupid comments and fail to attempt a dog joke.

  • so true!

    Oh My God… She looks awesome, beautiful, fantastic. Just gorgeous!

  • pinkrose

    Great legs, but an AWEFUL. AWEFUL outfit.

  • maja

    Jen is so fun! Love her faces, she’s so natural, always herself!

    I absolutely love how she looks in that dress, Givenchy’s one of my fave designer!

  • I love jen!

    She looks beautiful. She’s just seems like a fun person and friend. Unlike some snooty and angry looking celebrities…no names will be mentioned, as this site seems to favor one in particular.

  • butthenagainsoisshe

    WTH why is this dog looks like a tranny horse?

  • x

    i LOVE her legs!! :-)

  • lowsawim

    Once again, she looks great, beautiful and gorgeous. Hope she can has her baby as beautiful and as adorable as her soon. If I am a man and compatible to her. Then I would definately wants her to be the mother of my kids. What a beautiful gene! Love to see her .

  • Not impressed by JA

    Juvenile outfit for the cougar.
    This is something Miley Cirus should have put on not an aging Cougar 2.5 times her age who wants to emulate the teen idole.

  • lisa

    this funny story!

  • anon2

    Jen looks great! I really think that her standing in front of Brad and Angie at the Oscars was a great relief for her and she can now put everything behind her. Not that she was not moving on, but she stood up for herself (literally) and confronted her deamons. Can you imagine your significant other of 7 years leaving you and immediately starting a family with someone else…and in front of the whole world? I wouldn’t have handled it as well as she did. I wish her continued happiness :-)

  • Vladameer Lennon

    dog treats are for dogs…keeping eating them jen.

  • ellie

    Jen once again you have great style, Your gorgeous, amazing , loving & funny. I love your smile, I’m sure it can light up the whole place where ever your at.. Love that Jen..

  • udmar santeal

    love owen

  • udmar santeal

    love owen

  • ellie

    Oh Jared thanks again for the beautiful photos. I always enjoy seeing such a happy Jen..

  • finalcount

    she needs to grow up

  • de Cosmos
  • pop86

    Like the shoes and the dress.

  • kibbles and bits…

    Kibbles and bits, kibbles and bits… I’ve got to get me some kibble and bits..

    I love how her fans will try and put a cute spin on anything she does. Let this have been Angie.. oh and the outfit is awful. This is not her style at all. she looks awkward and not comfortable. Why did she change her usual fashion choices for this trip. She has NEVER dressed this way at all. The shoes belong on Gwenny, SJP or JLo.. Not a Jennifer “girl next door, America’s sweet heart look’

    Eating the dog food so funny… but not for the reason she wanted…

  • um


  • flake

    Seriously… She is so pretty in here…

    For the Haters.. go away… u wish u look like her

  • You/Me

    That’s hilarious! :-)
    For a second there I was like, “a dog biscuit? and they ATE it !!!??” …lmao…they are good sports….
    Jen’s shoes are killer, they kick a s s. She and Owen look so d a m n great!

  • K.G.

    I find it funny that the people who hate Jen(Brangelina freaks) are among the first people to comment on her posts.

  • dianad1968

    For heaven’s sake, she does not look gorgeous, or amazing, or any other superlatives you all could think up. She looks OK. The shoes are awesome, I will give you that, but that outfit has too much going on, and makes her look short and bulky. And the next fool who starts criticizing Angie’s veins in her arms, you better think again, because your girl has just as many veins, and her hands are beginning to look her age.

  • reality bites

    Jen …if you are reading this.. just in case you didin’t notice that dress makes you ass look big…bad choice.. and enough with trying to wear things that clearly belong on a twenty year old. call courtney she give some clues… hell call anyone your age..

  • dianad1968



    OH STHU, It goes both ways. The people who, 4 years and 6 kids later are still calling Brad and Angie all kinds of names, nad still bemoaning the fact that Brad left Aniston, are ALWAYS first on any Brad and Angie’s thread. Payback is a bi*ch, ain’t it.

  • emma

    Man she looks spectacular

  • Pella

    Awww. Jen is such a sport! She looks so pretty and like she is having a great time.

  • angiefan

    She is looking pretty hot!

  • dianad1968



    OH SHUT UP!! it goes both ways. The idiots who, 4 years and 6 kids later, are still bi*ching and calling Brad and Angie hateful names, and bemoaning the fact that Brad left X, are ALWAYS first on any JPs thread. Payback is a b*tch, ain’t it.

  • jade

    Hi ellie,dear
    Jen looks lovely and not a bit tired. Owen looks good too. They were having a good time on this program and it shows. They are going to a different city every day and looking great.
    ellie,I hope you had a nice time with your family today.
    Jared,thanks for the new thread!

  • dianad1968

    Sorry for the double post. But then again, NO I am not sorry. I think what I said needs to be repeated as often as possible.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    man!ston got the nuts rapped around her little fugly fingers.

  • A

    She is so pretty!

  • Lovin the legs

    vavavavoom! Jens got some nice gams!!!

    Way to go Jen – just keep on keepin on. You always keep a smile and have such a good spirit about you. How can anyone continually trash this lovely lady? She is a sweetie and lets it show all the time.

    Love her sense of humor it is one of the best of female actresses that I have seen.

  • #32 Diane

    Since your brining up Angie’s bulging veins all over her arms and hands – dont forget the gigantic one that runs down her forehead.

  • Ana

    She tries way too hard. You would never guess that she and Ownen do even like each other.

  • alexanderina

    Jared, you are making the Jenloonies very happy with all the threads about Aniston. They are pissing in their panties gushing all over her lol. Some funny sh*t on here. The only think that look good on Aniston, is the shoes

  • Bout Time

    Jared, thanks so much for the past few Jennifer threads. It is great to see her doing well, celebrating the success of her film and the continued success Internationally.

    I get tired of seeing snob celebrities that are just TOOO good for the press. Thanks for the Jen pics

  • arf arf!

    dog treats for a dog-faced woman!

  • bral

    Wow! She looks great! HOT like in The Break-Up:

  • Dan

    Jen A. does have nice legs but her face looks like Dustin Hoffman.